Sunday 19 July 2015

D Tan Scrub from Aroma Essentials


I am quite fond of natural home remedies. They have great potential as compared to readymade products and give long lasting benefits. But the problem again is the time to make the right composition of each remedy, because the optimum result can be achieved only when the ingredients are mixed in right proportion.

I was suffering from sun tan on my face and arms, so wanted to get rid of this tough tan and to get glowing and bright skin back using some home remedy. But the ready to use D-Tan scrub from Aroma Essentials came to me at right time and I was spared of prepare one for me t home. So lets read further how it fared for me..

The D-tan scrub is packaged in a simple plastic tub container that is transparent and has a screw lid. The label on the packaging gives information on its salient features. I wish there should be detail description of ingredients, price, qty etc printed on label.
Orange peel powder, Oats, Rose powder, Lemon peel powder, Papaya, Lentils

Price: Rs 375 for 150 gm
Shelf Life: 6 months.

My Experience:
The D-Tan scrub is a dark brown colored powder. The powder seems quite coarsely ground with some rose petals visible in it.  The scrub has lovely aroma that you may smell as soon as you open the container. In the first glimpse of the product, I had a feeling that the granules seen in the scrub will be too harsh to the skin because it is not a fine-milled powder. But since I had been trusting Aroma Essentials for its careful preparation of products, I could not resist myself using it.
This D-Tan scrub is to be mixed with water to make a moderately thick paste out of it. I applied a thin layer of the paste on my face, neck & arms and left it undisturbed for almost 10 minutes until it got dried. I kept smelling like a fragrant flower till it was on my face and even afterwards.
After 10 mins or so, I washed the scrub with cold water gently scrubbing it off like an ubtan. To my sheer surprise, I found the scrub so soft on skin without causing any rashes or irritation. The D-tan scrub gave my skin instant brightening and lightened the skin tone while exfoliating it. I became its fan in very first application and have been using it regularly on severely tanned areas to cure them. The scrub has actually smoothened my skin to great extent due to its natural ingredients. Though the scrub doesn't dry out the skin, but I applied the moisturizer afterwards.

Where To buy: Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272 to order.

Lovely fragrance.
Finest natural ingredients.
Chemical Free.
Gentle granules.
Dermatologically tested.
Exfoliates gently.
Feels smooth on skin.
Effective on tanned skin.
Suitable to all skin types.

I wish the ingredient details should be labelled on packaging.

Final Word: 
D Tan Scrub from Aroma Essentials is extremely decent formulation to battle sun tanning. It can be safely used even on sensitive skin and won't aggravate any skin issues. The feel of homemade scrub and the goodness of nature-based ingredients make Aroma Essential D Tan Scrub one of the finest choice.


  1. Omg !
    The one mixed with water seems to be like melted dard chocolate.
    I am quite impressed with the review and I think I should give this product a try for my badly tanned arms. :D Thank you for sharing.

    1. ha ha .. it looks like chocolate, but doesn't taste like that ;)
      But for sure, works for the stubborn tan.


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