Thursday 28 May 2015

Fuschia Rose Natural Handmade Soap Review

Natural handcrafted soap is a luxurious tool in keeping your skin healthy. With its creamy lather, wonderful fragrance, and now affordable prices, pampering yourself has never felt so good. Its popularity is growing rapidly as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps.

And when you get to try a purely natural soap that is beautifully scented of crushed rose petals, you cannot miss to boast of awesomeness n luxury added to your bath n body care routine. I like sweet smelling products which give me feminine feel somehow. The rose fragrance is one of them which I find really lovable.  

When I noticed a Rose based Natural Handmade Soap in Fuschia's soap range, I could not resist giving it a try since it looked so glorious. This soap belongs to Designer Soap range of handmade soaps. And you may easily acknowledge why... Just look at the beautifully crafted Red Rose on the pearl white soap.

The soap comes neatly packed in a transparent film, unlike most of Fuschia soaps which have an outer covering of handmade sheet around the soaps and I like the idea of not covering this soap, coz this beauty deserved to be exposed ;)    
The description on the soap bar misses the ingredient list and shelf life which makes me feel low. Because every buyer doesn't access the online info on the site to know about the product details. So I wish the brand should make a point to provide key constituents on the soap bar specifications.

The soap bar gives you a high as you hold it in your hands. Its a softer textured soap than commercially available soaps. The captivating scent of fresh roses prompts you to take a deep breath as you sniff it. My li'l son felt so excited to bathe with this soap that he didn't bother about what time of the day is that ;)

I was curious to test whether this cute red rose will remain fixed within the soap bar after few usage and I am happy to share that after almost 2 weeks of daily usage, it has not even lost its shape :)

The soap produces enough lather and feels creamy soft on skin. I have used the soap on entire body other than face. It makes the skin feel squeaky clean and doesn't take away natural oils from skin. But for my dry skin, I always use a body lotion after the shower. I believe oily to normal skin people may skip moisturizing it.

The soap doesn't melt very quick, but I still take care of giving it a quick rinse and leave it to dry on the soap-dish to make it last longer.

I cannot comment on its effectiveness on common skin disorders as I have no such issues. But it gives a cool soothing feel to itching skin due to sweat etc.
Qty: 100 gms.
Price: 225/-

1. Made with natural ingredients, fragrance and Essential Aroma Oils.
2. Offers Healing & Curative Properties - common skin disorders like acne, eczema and psoriasis can be treated.
3. Contains Anti-Oxidants.
4. Based on Glycerin” that is a natural humectant / moisturizer.
5. Luxurious Look.
6. 100% Vegetarian (but not edible)
7. Doesn't melt excessively.
8. Causes no skin allergies.
9. Soothes the itching of skin.

1. Widely available online, but may not be seen at offline stores easily.
2. No ingredients mentioned on the packaging.

Fuschia Rose Natural Handmade Soap is a soap makes its presence felt in my washroom as the entire area remained fragrant all the time. The moment you step in, you are compelled to give it a look ;) It is wonderful bath luxury to try, specially in summers to enjoy a fresh start of the day :)

Hope you find the review helpful..Do let me know your views on the same...

Monday 25 May 2015

Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub with Pomegranate Pearls Review

Our skin outermost surface tends to come in contact with so many impurities in daily life. The softness and purity of the skin is lost to greater extent if we don't make an effort to exfoliate it regularly. The usual practice of ripping off the dead skin layer is an essential part of routine skin care for face as well as body. Exfoliation is required because it removes those cells that are clinging on top layer, so that the fresher, younger skin cells produced below are revealed for a youthful look. Today I am reviewing Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub with Pomegranate Pearls.

Why Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub with Pomegranate Pearls:
Enriched with Pomegranate ( punica granatum ) extract, a rich antioxidant, this scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores, detoxifies & moisturizes skin. Delays fine signs of ageing making the skin feel younger. Free of parabens, petroleum base, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes.

The Health Benefits of a Body Scrub
Just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. That turnover process slows as we get older. By removing the dead skin cells, you’ll avoid splotches and dark spots, especially around your knees and elbows. Body scrubs are also great for removing self-tanner from your body.

As you massage it over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin, and the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. Plus, after all that deep cleansing in the shower, your post-wash moisturizer will be better able to soothe and hydrate your skin. Another important benefit of using a scrub is how good it can feel in the moment. Being mindful of the refreshing texture against your skin and captivating scent that fills the shower allows you to enjoy the treatment as it’s happening—an experience that can lift your mood and affect your outlook as you continue your day or evening.

How to Use a Body Scrub
If your skin is healthy and firm, you can use a shower scrub up to three times a week. But if you have sensitive or thin skin, limit a good buffing to once a week.

Hold off on running the water in the shower and spend a few minutes using your hands or scrubbing tool to rub your scrub in circular motions onto dry skin for full and longer-lasting coverage. Turn on the water and rinse, using your hands to help remove any remaining granules. If you’re short on time, massage the scrub all over your body and rinse during your normal shower routine.

Be careful not to over scrub. Though your body skin is heartier than the skin on your face, it is susceptible to irritation. Always moisturize after you’ve dried off for smooth, nourished skin.

When Not to Use a Body Scrub
If you have a sunburn or are experiencing a rash or other skin condition, give the body scrub a rest. Some of the ingredients and the actual rubbing can further irritate your skin. You should also skip it after shaving.

Price and Qty: Rs 450 for 100 gms.
Shelf Life: 30 months.

My Experience:
The Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub with Pomegranate Pearls comes in a cute plastic jar which is transparent and shows the content. I actually liked the tumbler like shape in first look. The jar has a tight screw cap that makes the packaging spill proof and travel friendly as well. The packaging gives no details about the active ingredients.

The scrub is of girly baby pink color that may attract any female instantly and bring a smile on her face. The scrub smells absolutely yummy like a fruity dessert. Though I somehow could relate the fragrance more with strawberry rather than pomegranate. (it may not be same with everyone though). Before I could touch the scrub, I was wondering whether its a normal massage cream or a scrub, because I could hardly notice any granules in it. The scrub looked so soft and smooth like freshly whipped cream. The consistency is just the appropriate.
As I took little quantity to scrub on my face, I realized that the scrub has got very minute granules discretely scattered over the content. I believe the brand has intentionally formulated the product this way, so that it doesn't itch our soft skin. I found the scrub quite effective to slough off dead skin. You may not only use it on your face, but its a perfect remedy to be used on the tougher n rougher parts of our body like elbows, knuckles, heels etc. to reduce dryness of skin caused by varied reasons.

Though its recommended by the brand to moisturize the skin after scrubbing, but the best thing about the Pomegranate Pearls scrub is that it didn't cause me any skin dryness and I decided not to apply any body lotion to check its effect on my skin. If my excessive dry skin can stay hydrated after using this scrub, then I am damn sure the normal skin people would find it much better.


  • Free of parabens, petroleum base.
  • No artificial tints. 
  • No synthetic perfumes.
  • Travel Friendly packaging.
  • Soft, creamy texture.
  • Causes no itching or reaction.
  • Smells sweet.
  • Effective on all body parts to remove dead skin.
  • The packaging doesn't list ingredients list rather is accompanied with little cards which cannot be kept handy forever.
  • I wish it was a tube packing for more hygienic experience.
  • Expensive. 
The Fuschia Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub with Pomegranate Pearls works towards skin repair in gentle manner and gives bright skin tone afterwards. It can be included in routine shower regime with mild scrubbing or can be used as a weekend skin care therapy, depending on the requirement of your skin.

Sunday 24 May 2015

What I Wore on A Leisurely Outing

I got to celebrate this longer weekend after much hectic schedule for past 3-4 months. So I wanted to make the best out of the time I got to spend with my lovely family. And we got ready to seize the moment and left for a looooong drive to Kasauli yesterday. And I dared to play up with my style in a rather novel way... After thinking not more than twice, I got myself dressed casually in a Denim Bandage Dress gifted by hubby few days back.

Its been the first ever experience that I overlooked my usual desire to style myself in ethnic ensemble
and pronounced a distinct presentation. 

Here are some not-so-pro clicks of my yesterday's OOTD ... 

Denim Dress: Hugo Chevaz
Footwear: Carlton London
Clutch: Gap
Wrist Watch: Citizen
Sunglasses: Polaroid 
Lipcolor: Avon

So how did you find my newly tried dressing style? Share your views and let me know :)

Winners for #PlumAndMum Mother's Day Giveaway


Thanks to everyone who shared pictures of their special moments in our mother's day giveaway sponsored by team Plum . We loved each and every emotion captured in the pics. The cute babies stole the limelight actually with their innocent expressions.

Now, before we announce the lucky winners, we wish to remind every contestant to read and follow the rules with great care, coz a near-to-win entry sometimes miss topping the chart because of being incomplete. We would have loved to select every participant as winner, but we have to go with the terms ;)

Excited to know who won this Mother's Day Giveaway?? So lets congratulate the lovely ladies---

The prize for "Cutest Pic" goes to Ms. Nehal Roy for the li'l dimpled cheek princess ;)

The prize for "Best Answer" is bagged by Ms. Snehlata Jain for not only expressing herself nicely, but also keeping the word limit in consideration.

The prize for "Maximum Interaction" goes to Ms. Kavita Nayak (who happened to win second time on this blog) for giving voice to her honest feelings about posts in best possible manner. (Though there was another contestant who had been frequently interacting, but sadly she didn't follow the contest rules properly and could not be selected.)

I request the winners to DM their complete postal details with contact no. within 24 hours, so that we may forward it to the brand for quick dispatch of their prize.

We expect the winners to acknowledge receiving their prize n post a picture on our page after they receive the same.

Those who didn't win, keep their faith alive. Because there is no end of hope at Alive n Kicking..

Friday 22 May 2015

Click Your Pick - 'Color Blocks' Vs 'Prints'

The fashion world is one of the most dynamic & happening place. The must-have styles of yesterday vanish the very next day and yet another flattering trend is sought after every few days. But there is something that prevails its existence and makes its presence felt in fashion world forever. In today's fashion world, that signifies 'anything-goes-well' kinda attitude, still few universal styles keep trending with little or no change...

This season, I have gone all crazy for Color Blocks. The idea of creating sharp looks by wearing striking combinations without making them complicated gives me a feel of DIY ;) The outfit that exhibits a palette of two or more colors sports great effect when multiple solid colors are layered; else some excellently designed colorblocked masterpieces are readily available for your flawless look.

The solid colors locked harmoniously in an ensemble look equally chic for daytime and evening looks. In my outfit, I wanted to bring out the brightness of cobalt paired with a darker shade of red to make it look appropriate for not-so-cooler months. And this Wine Asymmetric Colour Block Top from Zovi did the trick.
For the male look as well, my man decided not to overdo the weird color combos and stayed loyal with some relaxed tones of mustard yellow and navy for that stand-out color mixes with perfectly fitted Mustard Seed Yellow Solid Henley T-shirt.
To play with colors in the right way, the only thing one needs to realize is to understand the tones properly and perk up the ensemble either with complementary / monochromatic / neutral or analogous colors quite wisely, so that it comes out as a pleasing arrangement of colors that engages the eyes and heart sensuously.

But regardless of whether these combinations fit into the technical specification of color harmony, Color Blocking will always reserve a special place in my wardrobe with endless possibilities... Bcz I enjoy having fun in experimenting to know what works best for me. :)

Then there are days when you wanna take your fashion sense to whole new level by gracing dream-like prints on everything from sweatshirts and dresses to shoes and everything else. Frankly speaking, most of the prints including inspirational images, funny fonts, nature-inspired scenes, animal or floral prints are so cheer-inducing that may de-stress a person effortlessly.

I am pleased to be in this lovely Blue On White Overflow Print Cotton Kurta that lets me have 'fun in the sun' with cool colors n prints.
The freshly coined prints are always welcome, but for me Paisley prints are enough of a statement. And when you team it up with contrasting trousers, it really does justice to your tasteful fashion sense. It's been a memorable experience for me when ever I spot n buy these artistically twisted teardrop prints outfits and let the pattern do the talking! Just see, how elegantly this Retro Paisley Print Sheer Top from Zovi collection is adding a charisma to my persona.
Hey, the prints are not exclusive rights for women ensemble... Even men can definitely rock this print outfit trend and make their look as versatile as women can. The men casual t-shirts and vests with quirky one-liners and graphic prints are making a place on the cover page of many fashion magazines and are actually all the rage these days. This No Rules Green Graphic T-shirt worn by my man is indeed an apt choice to add a refinement to casual look.
To sum up, I would say its the voice of your heart that influence your choices. So craft your own ensemble and carry it with a confident approach. No one in the world can write a rule-book for you. So just show everyone, how worthy are you to walk on this runway of fashion world!!

I would love to know what your heart yearns for - Color Blocks or Prints? Do share your views on how did you like the post :)

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Ethicare Remedies Seren Extra Mild Shampoo Review

Summers are taking a toll on us and I have been working on my favourite personal care products since last many days i.e. hair care products. Because summers may cause havoc on your prized possession. So everybody needs great care of his/her hair to avoid damage.

Today I am reviewing Ethicare Remedies Seren Extra Mild Shampoo.
Product Claims:
Mild & gentle cleansing with additional conditioning & moisturizing.
Cleansing with nourishment & protection.
Gives luster to hair.
Increases manageability.
Compatible with all hair growth medicines.

Ingredients: Polycot-10, Blend of conditioners and moisturizers, UV filters.

Price: Rs. 126 for 100 ml.

Shelf Life: 36 months.

Seren shampoo comes in a black plastic tube that can be squeezed softly to ooze the shampoo out. I liked the idea of using the tube unlike most bottled shampoo packings. Infact, in the first look, my family members took it as a facewash ;) ;) The flip open cap shuts tightly. Infact, a new packaging of Seren shampoo is sealed on its cap with a plastic sheet and bears a monogram sticker of the brand as well.  

My take on the product:
The Seren shampoo is a milky white liquid shampoo. The shampoo is a bit thin in consistency as compared to many others that I have so far. But the texture is quite silky n smooth. I used this shampoo on non-oily hair during the first usage and it produced really enough creamy lather. The shampoo has capability to remove dirt n grime from the hair length n scalp properly. There is mild perfume added to the shampoo that one may not like instantly, but then it feels gentle to your nose. The fragrance doesn't last trapped in your hair for much longer and fades away very soon. Now it may or may not be a positive aspect for many of you. But its all right for me. 
I tested the shampoo of oily hair as well and it gave me no reasons to complaint. It works well on oily hair, just with little extra quantity that means you may repeat yet another application after rinsing once.

I apply Trichoz hair serum after every head bath for making detangling easier and giving a lusturous look to my lovely hair, which I followed after using Seren shampoo too.

Lastly, as the shampoo claims to have UV filters, I believe its working to provide my hair a protective shield from harmful sun rays.

Mild on hair.
Can be used for children.
Suitable to all hair type.
Gives through cleansing.
Pocket friendly price.
Doesn't sting to eyes.
Produces rich lather.
Enriched with UV filters

A little thinner consistency that runs out of the tube quickly into cap.

Overall, I liked Seren shampoo as it gives squeaky clean hair, adds bounce n volume to hair and doesn't add up to your existing hair issues. 

Monday 18 May 2015

SaND for Soapaholics Yellow Submarine Shampoo Scone Review

How would you like a cascade of strong tresses rippling against your shoulders as you take a stroll in the sunshine?

I am referring an excellent hair care product from a recently discovered brand 'SaND For Soapaholics' and that is Yellow Submarine Shampoo Scone. 

Product Details: SaND For Soapaholics has concocted a combination with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Neem Oil, which not only enhances your prized locks with renewed gloss and volume, but also liberates them from those dreaded dandruff flakes. And wait, that’s not all! The addition of Jojoba Oil and Walnut Oil gifts your scalp with an everlasting soothing affect. Finally, the revitalizing properties of Geranium Essential Oil and Turmeric leave your hair with the bounce you always craved for!

Recommended for: All hair types. Especially beneficial for sensitive & problem scalps.

Ingredients: Every 10gm contains Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (74.50%), Vegetable Glycerine (7.78%), Oil mix of Neem Seed (Azadirachta indica), Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma longa) & Walnut Fruit (Juglans regia) (3.11%), Phenoxyethanol (1.00%), Ess.Oil blend of Geranium (Pelargonium Odorantissimum) & Tea Tree Aerial part (Melaleuca leucadendron) (0.62%), Extract of Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma longa) (0.23%)

Directions to use: Wet your hair; rub the bar through the hair few times. Give the bar a quick rinse and keep aside. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Weight n Price: Rs. 430 per 65 gms.

My experience with the product:
Before I could get my hands on this shampoo scone, I was not aware of any herbal personal care brand making these solid shampoos too, other than liquid ones. During my exploration of the SaND For Soapaholics collection, I was enticed to give it a try because the scones reminded me of yesteryears when mom used to have shampoo bars at home and trusted them like anything. Frankly speaking, I had my apprehensions of using the scones as I have completely forgotten about ages old system of shampoo bars and found it inappropriate for today's self care system. But at the same time, I expected that so much of advancement in crafting these chemical free products must have got something special in it.

Finally, here is how I felt about a shampoo scone after its usage. I received Yellow Submarine Shampoo Scone which is a lovely bright yellow shampoo cake cut in triangular shape.
Pic taken from official website 
(The pic above is taken from official website, as my shampoo scone got broken into pieces during transit.)
The first glimpse of the scone and everyone was like its a dessert ready to be tasted ;) It looks so tempting I swear and you need real courage to resist your craving to take a bite.

The scone is infused with divine scent. As I smelt it, it was quite strong fragrance that remained there on my fingers for next few minutes. The fragrance gives a feel of something pure and natural, not weird as chemical ones.

I was extremely excited to try the scone on my hair, so tried it the very next morning. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked on my tresses. It took no time to produce rich lather as I rubbed it on my wet hair few times. I never realized that its a solid shampoo cake in use. The creamy lather felt soft n smooth on hair.

Another plus that I experienced using the scone was quicker shower as it eliminated the need of using a rinse-off conditioner after the head bath. I was so happy with the outcome that the shampoo scone was no longer stripping my hair of all it’s natural oils and I won't need to walk around with unclean hair.

The fragrance which I found strong as I sniffed the bar, doesn't actually linger on for long but a mild effect is left behind in your locks. The hair length as well as the scalp is nourished with revitalizing properties of excellent ingredients and natural oils gone into the scone.

Uplifting Scent.
Cute Color.
Rich Lather.
Gives optimum hair cleansing.
Easy to rinse off.
Enriched with premium oils

Very Expensive
Not easily available.

Sunday 17 May 2015

Vedantika Herbals Lemon Grass Shampoo Review


I have been using Vedantika Herbals product since long and found most of them working really fine for me. So as I got to know about their herbal shampoo, obviously I was excited to try it on me. So after a few usages, here is the review for their Lemon Grass Shampoo.

Vedantika Herbals Lemon Grass Shampoo is a very gentle on the hair and scalp. The active ingredient of the shampoo is lemongrass. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair without drying the scalp and hair shaft. Palm rosa and aloe vera soothe and heal the scalp. They deeply moisturizes the hair from the root to the tip. The shampoo restores the moisture of the hair and replenishes essential nutrients adding volume and health to the hair. It controls excess oil secretion and thus reducing itching and dandruff. The shampoo strengthens and nourishes the hair, reducing hair loss and breakage. Honey acts a natural conditioner making the hair soft, smooth and easily manageable. Regular use will make the hair soft, healthy and lustrous. For a revitalizing and rejuvenating experience use Vedantika Herbals Lemon Grass Shampoo.

Key Features:
Anti Fungal, Anti bacterial shampoo
Reduces sebum
Powerful Gentle hair cleanser
Soft, Silky & Gorgeous Hair

Form of product: Liquid Gel
Net Wt. & Price: : Rs 185 for 200 ml 
Main Ingredients: Lemon Grass Oil, Palm Rosa Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Honey, Mild shampoo base, Spring Water

Shelf Life: 24 months
Directions for Use: Apply on wet hair, massage gently. Rinse off with water
Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature
Buy Here: Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon, eBay
Packaing: The product comes in transparent plastic square bottle. The bottle bears a screw cap and an inner cork cap. The screw cap gives slightly lose grip due to its material. But the inner cap helps to prevent leakage. The bottle has every detail printed on it.
My take on the product:
Lemon grass shampoo by Vedantika Herbals is a liquid gel of light yellow color. The color of shampoo is lighter than the one seen in the bottle when you pour it on your palm.

The lemongrass smells wonderful and gives fresh citrusy feel specially during summer season. The smell is quite gentle and fades away after some time from your hands as well as hair. The consistency of the shampoo is absolutely perfect; neither very diluted nor very thick. The smooth textured shampoo gets spread easily on wet hair. The lemon grass shampoo generates rich lather in quite less quantity and thoroughly cleanses my long hair. So I expect this 200 ml bottle will last quite long even with regular usage. The shampoo comes off without any fuss when you rinse it. Even I used it on oiled hair and it worked fine. The only thing is that I needed to use a bit extra quantity of shampoo. My hair felt soft, shiny and bouncy after the application. Right now, this shampoo is just 3-4 usage old with me and I cannot comment on its effect on hair fall, may be because my hair fall is already under control. I specially adored the shampoo due to its anti-fungal properties because during summers its quite possible to get mild infections due to sweating n dirt etc. So this lemon grass shampoo is a perfect remedy for the same. It also does not take away natural oil from the scalp and doesn't cause irritation due to dryness. This shampoo is mild enough to be used everyday and can be applied by children too because it does not sting their eyes. Needless to say, I found this shampoo suitable for gentle hair care for whole family.

Herbal ingredients.
Not chemical based.
Refreshing fragrance.
Cleanses the hair n scalp perfectly.
Gives shine and softness to hair.
Keep the hair moisturized.
Lasts longer.
Rich Lather
Can be used everyday.
Not stingy.

I wish the bottle cap should be of somewhat better material that may give tight grip.

Friday 15 May 2015

How My Airtel App Supports My Lifestyle

Bloggers are the busy bees and I am one of them too. The hustle bustle of my life needs a relief from maddening professional & personal assignments. I am tech-savvy so you cannot expect me to do everything manually, rather most of my interaction occurs online on varied gadgets. In the era of smart devices, the Mobile Apps are catching up with their multipurpose interfaces. I have downloaded many useful apps for making my life easy, and I am capitalizing on this new mobile technology in the best possible manner. Recently I downloaded the Airtel App on my smart phone to check whether it may connect me perfectly to the internet services that are more commonly accessed by me on my desktop or notebook computer... So here is what I found most impressive about Airtel App ...

I am a lazy bone who cannot handle clutter in my mind at all. The same goes with my gadgets too. When I want to work peacefully, I set my priorities for whatever I wish to do next. As I was exploring the Airtel App, the feature that caught my attention in first scroll itself was the "I Want To" feature. This feature is incorporated in the App to set up a list of frequently done tasks by the user and display it on the Home Screen itself as shortcut. The tasks may include everything possible you may think of , like getting the recharge done, view balance, record any programme etc... oh my god!! this is something I can clap for.

The next big thing on my mind was how to rely on this app as I am gonna use my bank account for various transactions for example while making bill payment etc. But Airtel App comes with
PCIDSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) certification that handles all major payments services with utmost safety and security :) Not only the interface has been kept simple and user friendly but it keeps the account details stored for faster check out and saves those precious few minutes.

And now comes the most interesting feature that everybody would have loved like I did. Airtel App rewards the subscribers with 'Airtel Surprises' coupons with every recharge that is done on the app. And the coupons involve the most popular brands like PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC and many more. These coupons can be redeemed by the user while making payment for categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment. 

I know I am blessed with a companion that has the potential to reach through most devices supporting internet apps and its going to create a world of greater possibilities for every individual who values time and money.

STill wondering where to downoad the Airtel App from, here you go #MyAirtelApp

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Winakki Off White Gathered Dress For Your Rose Princess

Dressing up little babies and toddlers is such a fun thing for mommies. Every mommie makes sure that her kids' clothes are as charming as their personality. And the fun doubles up when a li'l princess is at home. To me, it gives wings to my imagination while dressing up a baby girl and cutely accessorizing her. Which mommy doesn't want to let her little princess look the coolest in the bunch of friends in her smart dresses ;) With similar thought in my mind, to let my sweet niece flaunt all the jazz she has, I wanted a gorgeous dress and I unexpectedly stumbled across an unheard name Winakki.

The name reverberate something special to my heart and I decided to get into the details of how & who nurtured this lovely brand. So I explored and felt so good to know that its an entrepreneurial venture of Ms. Archana Kale, a mom to two toddlers Winnie and Akki who specializes in the creation of special dresses for toddlers and girls between the age group of 2- 8 years.

A cute sleeveless cream color dress with beautiful red flowers attracted me in the first glimpse and I ordered the dress in excitement and started waiting eagerly to receive it.. When I received the dress, I was just mesmerized ...see how beautiful it is !!

This Winakki Off-white girl's dress is woven fit and has neatly done gathering. The sleeveless flare dress with pinkish maroon accent and round neck makes the wearer feel like a princess in her own world. A rosette detail on the left shoulder is an adorable embellishment inspired from freshness of roses.

The contrasting overlay with pleated detail on the waist, a layer of net over shiny satin with rosette details and scalloped hem on the front lends a punch of color to this adorable outfit and will make my doll put her best foot forward when she confides to walk on his own :)

A concealed zip closure with tie-ups on the back keeps the innerwear of the baby hidden and covered properly unlike the buttoned closure. So its a better design from this view point also. 

Those who are wondering how to make your delicate doll wear this satin dress in summer...worry not!! The dress has attached lining inside with fine interlocked stitch that will give a feather-like touch your gals's sensitive skin. The fabric used is child-friendly and the design has been kept fuss-free for not troubling the child.

I would team this Winakki dress with a matching pair of ballerinas & a floral headband for a sweet and memorable look for my cutie's next special occasion. 

Summing up the Dress Details once again here:

Color: Cream, Pink
Length: Knee Length
Age Group: 24 - 36 months
Pattern: Solid, Sleeveless.
Ideal For: Party and Special Occasions.
Fabric: Satin and Net.
Type: Gathered.
Fabric Care: Preferably Dry Clean, Hand Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Hang To Dry, Warm Iron (If Required), Exclusive Of Trim
Available at: Winakki Kids, FlipkartMyntra.
Price: 799/- onwards

So you too can dress your little lady in the liveliest looks in this vibrant dress that she'll love to wear.