Saturday 29 December 2018

Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Elixir Primer & Long Wear Mineral Foundation Review

For 40 years, Giordani Gold has strived to create beautiful, premium products infused with the world’s most exclusive raw ingredients. The quest for craftsmanship and perfection reflects brand's desire to help us live our life beautifully.

Giordani Gold range includes all sort of cosmetics viz. fragrances, lipcolours, body sprays, eye makeup and creams etc. I've been using many of the products since months and those are really exclusive in terms on quality. 

This time I'm in for two 'face makeup' items which I honestly prefer using on occasions or may be when in mood, but not on daily basis. So after trying and testing these two products for couple of weeks, here is my review of  Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Elixir Primer and Long Wear Mineral Foundation.
Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Elixir Primer is a luxurious product from Oriflame for a beautifully luminous, youthful-looking complexion. This silky skin perfecting serum intensively hydrates, perfects and illuminates the skin for a perfectly luminous and youthful-looking complexion.
It comes in a transparent glass bottle in pump dispenser format. I like the gold and black cap to give the packaging a royal look and feel.
The formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Skin Perfector Complex, White Tea extract and the iridescent beauty of rose and gold micro pearls.
Most women prefer using a primer as a base to achieve flawless makeup and this one does a great job covering up imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles and concealing the pores. I personally apply the primer after moisturizer, so that my dry skin can absorb the moisturization before the primer places a layer on top of it. Spread a few drops of the primer on your moisturized face n neck and gently massage into the skin with the fingertips. It's light-weight and non-greasy formula doesn't take time to absorb. When worn on its own, it gives a natural youthfully radiant complexion. I've been using it all alone without makeup for last few days and like the flawless finish it gives. It's suitable for all skin types.
The 30ml bottle is priced at 999/- but a little goes a long way, so this one bottle might last for months depending on usage frequency.
Give your skin a perfect finish with Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation. This foundation comes in a tall glass bottle with a pump top to take out the product. The packaging is as classy as others in Giordani range.
This foundation is infused with skin revitalising Italian Volcanic Minerals and offers SPF 15 as an added bonus.
Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation comes in four shades - Light Rose, Natural Beige, Light Ivory and Rose Beige. I got myself the Rose Beige one. Looking at the foundation from outside the bottle, I felt it's not a perfect match and is darker for my skin tone. So one of the tested trick to fix the shade is to mix your foundation with a moisturizer. It might bring down the coverage to little lighter, but gets you proper shade that blends with skin tone nicely.
You may apply the foundation with a makeup brush, sponge or even with the fingers. Just start by applying less foundation than you think you need to. You can always add a little more if needed. Just make sure to blend it carefully around the jawline and hairline for a flawless finish. It gives a long-lasting coverage and conceals imperfections for a brightened complexion.
The product is priced at 1299/- for 30ml.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Striking Bra Trends for Gutsy Women

Gone are the days when bras were worn under clothes to make a girl feel less-exposed. A new phase has taken over where the gorgeous piece of lingerie is put on a show by layering it on the 'top' of women's ensemble. While women around the world are still loyal to practical and realistic styles, these super versatile bras for women are catching-up for 'inside-out trend'.

I personally don't rely solely on fashion trends rather prefer to pick lingerie that gives my body all the support and shaping I need, but a sneak peek of what's trending in the lingerie world would definitely be of interest of many. So let's dart a glance at the curated choices of fanciful bra trends-

Bold Bralette:
You can wear them under your sheer, mesh tops to make things more interesting. A bralette peeking out of a broad front or back neck outfits is sure to heat things up even when it's cold outside. ;) The bralette fetish doesn't stop here. How about flaunting a striking party ensemble in contrasting lace slip worn over a sassy bralette!!
Ravishing Racerbacks:
Racerback bras are the best bet when you want to proudly show unique straps starting in the center of your back and slipping over your shoulders. Simply style these with ribbed tank tops or a loosely fitted sweater with a scoop back and amp up your outfit. Isn't this quirky enough for that bra-flashing moment ;)
Sensuous Strapless:
It's fairly apparent to believe that most women have experienced the annoying moments of ruining their prettiest of outfit looks because of ugly bra straps peeping out. An easy way to secure your look is to transition your strappy bra with a strapless one. The sticky silicon lining on the cups and band neither lets your bra nor your self-confidence slip down. And hey! you’re guaranteed to find a fit for all body types.
Brilliant Bandeau:
One of the comfiest numbers in the women bra world is bandeau style that offers superior support by wearing a stretchy material strip over your breasts. Usually designed with lightly padded cups for an enhanced shape & reduced nipple show-through. They're feminine, glamorous, easy to wear and hug your curves snuggly.
Naughty Nudes: 
The secret to looking irresistibly seductive is to undress yourself to a nude lingerie. Regardless of the dominant trends, a nude bra in every woman's closet is unarguable. Whether you're encouraged for a plain, strappy, embellished, embroidered, lacy piece; a tonal nude bra closely matching to your skin tone is ideal to give your outfit added invisibility.
Choosing the right bra for women of varying body shapes and size isn’t always that easy. Luckily, there are more sizes, styles and brands available nowadays than literally ever before. You just need to be willing to spend enough time to try different brands, styles and shapes. In fact, to avoid the frustration of visiting a number of physical stores, you can shop online for beautifully crafted bras after assessing your best fit using bra size calculator and get your perfect piece delivered at your doorstep.
Finally, a concluding bit of advice from me..don't be afraid of experimenting with bra styles in bright colours, funky prints or untried patterns; just make sure to express your personal identity with your innerwear selection.

Saturday 15 December 2018

Unscented Wipes & Medical Grade Cloth for Sensitive Baby: Launch by Pioneer Wipes Brand, Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh, one of India’s best wipes brands, has recently launched a premium version of their water based baby wipes. It's something that I would call "Good has become better." What's better, you ask?
Here is the detailed review of 99% Unscented Water Wipes:
The foremost concern in every mom's mind is to check the composition of the wipes. Mother Sparsh baby wipes have no harmful additives ingredients like Alcohol & Parabens which prevent drying out baby's skin and any resultant skin issues. Rather, with the presence of 99% pure water, these wipes stand true to their name and claims of being soothing 'water based wipes.'

Some of the brands offer different scented variants for baby wipes. But as a watchful mom, I have observed that most babies have sensitive skin and are not able to handle even mildest of scent on their skin. My personal inclination is always for #UnscentedBabyWipes. The newly introduced baby wipes by Mother Sparsh that are fragrance-free are certainly best bet for babies whose skin is prone to diaper rashes or skin allergies.

Material Used:
Talking about cleaning of baby's delicate body parts, we the moms test everything to understand how baby's skin feel on touch of a product. Mother Sparsh has fulfilled our wish by crafting these super soft wipes from plant based fabric apt for cleaning baby's bottom, hands and mouth. I bet, the mommies who have already used these #ExtraGentleWipes would vouch for the efficacy of it's #MedicalGradeFabric.
Size & Thickness:
Many moms express their concern of finding baby wipes that are good otherwise, but either are smaller in size or are thinner than expected. The mommies of this age are luckier to have access to Mother Sparsh #PremiumBabyWipes which are 3x thicker than ordinary wipes and one wipe easily does the needful. The #SuperThickWaterWipes avoid your hands to get dirty while cleaning your baby's bottom. 

Once you've found the deal of your dreams, you want to store it carefully. Usually the disposable wipes come in a plastic pouch with a sticker opening on the top. But at times, with the passage of time, the sticker loses its ability to stay stuck and we feel sorry to find wipes whose moisture is evaporated. The solution offered by Mother Sparsh in it's new wipes package is to provide a moisture-lock plastic lid that seals the goodness inside till the end.
Packed with all these features, the brand offers a pack of 72 wipes at fairly reasonable price of 299/- each. These water based, cottony soft wipes are not only skin-safe but are environment safe also. So when you discard one, you are happy that you do not add to harm the Nature as they get decomposed easily. 
I hope the moms out there will be satisfied with my recommendation. Happy Parenting!

Monday 10 December 2018

Men's Skincare Journal ft. NovAge Men by Oriflame

NOVAGE. Powered by Science. Empowering you to be your Best. 
NovAge offers a series of scientifically-advanced skin care ranges designed to correct and slow the signs of ageing. Every range is powered by innovative technologies and plant stem cell extracts, and customised to meet your skin's changing needs through life with clinically proven results. From the very first signs of ageing to those experienced in more mature skin, with NovAge you can enjoy youthful, healthy-looking skin at any age.

The NovAge Men Set is engineered specifically for male skin to fight signs of ageing and tiredness. Skin is left feeling energised, fresher, smoother and younger looking. Designed to use as a simple, but powerful routine that takes less than 2 minutes to perform every morning and evening but gives results. When used as a routine, the range delivers a clinically proven Anti-Fatigue Effect by wrinkle reduction, skin smoothness improvement, improvement in skin hydration, improvement in skin flexibility, improvement in skin tonicity.
The set comes in a decent brown cardboard box consisting of 4 products -  
Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser: Male skin produces more sebum and oil and has larger pores than women’s skin, so it attracts and traps more daily grime. That's the reason why gentlemen also need to rejuvenate their facial skin by exfoliation to diminish dirt and dead skin cells. Apply this lovely-looking grey coloured NovAge cleanser to the face and neck, gently massaging with fingertips to wash away sebum and excess oil with its invigorating grains consisting of natural Japanese Charcoal particles. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and get that instant skin boost and refreshing aromatic feel. The smoother exfoliated skin makes it easy to absorb anything you put on it afterwards like serums, moisturizers etc. more deeply. I personally feel that a good exfoliator like NovAge also leads to lessen ingrown facial hair thereby preparing the skin for a comfortable shave. So my mantra is to cleanse and exfoliate my face before shaving. It's priced at INR 1000 for 125 ml tube.
Eye Rescue Gel: Most men have stressful work schedule due to which their eyes are prone to get puffy and have eyebags. Eye skin is fragile, so often it is the first area to reveal signs of ageing and tiredness. The eyebags might be caused by fluid retention, lack of sleep, any allergies or heredity. The trick is to find an easy-to-use eye roll-on. NovAge Eye Rescue Gel has to be gently rolled on cleansed skin below each eye every morning and evening. The texture of this product makes it easy to absorb. One of the most effective ingredients for eye care products i.e. Caffeine helps to enhance blood micro-circulation to de-puff under-eye bags and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles to leave eyes looking well rested. Gingko helps to soothe skin, increases moisturising efficacy and stimulates collagen synthesis. The massaging effect of the roller ball make tired eyes look and feel energised, revitalised and hydrated. Priced at INR 1200 for 15ml tube.
Energising & Hydrating Booster:  It's a gel-like translucent fluid that optimises skin's water balance immediately. Massage it into cleansed skin morning and evening avoiding the eye area. Quick in absorption and nicely fragrant. Skin is left revived with improved tone, better flexibility and reduced tiredness, once the product is religiously applied on daily basis. To prevent loss of radiance from men's skin and to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract has been included in NovAge Men which encourages healthier functioning skin cells and a boosted antioxidant capacity that can help to protect the skin. Available at INR 2100 for 50 ml bottle.
Intense Anti-ageing Face Gel Lotion: Being in my early 40s, I've resorted to high-quality anti-ageing products which can be used without visiting the professional salons. The NovAge anti-ageing lotion is a lightly consistent, white-coloured lotion that repairs skin of critical ageing issues. Simply massage it into cleansed skin twice a day avoiding the eye area. The Baobab Anti-ageing technology used in the range is specifically developed to work on men’s skin and targets issues directly. Though one can feel the suppleness of skin instantly, but needs patience to notice improvement in skin's texture in a span of few months. Priced at INR 1700 for 50ml bottle.
The NovAge Men Set is clinically evaluated on male skin and a big lot of people have agreed to it's results. The complete set is priced at Rs. 6000 but is available at Rs. 4500 on Oriflame website. Ladies! It makes a perfect gift for the men in your family. And Gentlemen! don't shy away ordering this wonderful grooming kit for yourself. 
Reviewed by: Amit

Monday 26 November 2018

My Indescribable First Time Mommyhood Feelings

"You never understand life until it grows inside of you."
Beautiful thought...isn't it? I bet most women who have given birth would relate to it. Pregnancy is the time when a woman is at her happiest yet most anxious self. As I came across this touching video, I couldn't help recalling the transitional time of my life...

It was the morning of January 13th of that blessed year when I was standing in the washroom holding that home-pregnancy test kit in my hand with 'positive' indication. Finding out that I'm pregnant had been exhilarating and frightening at the same time. A whole spectrum of feelings from sheer joy to outright terror ran into my heart in that one moment. While stepping out of the washroom made me feel like I'm stepping into a different world of emotions. With a bit of panic in my voice, when I shared the news with my husband and saw his joyous reaction, that’s when I knew it was the time for us to step into the next chapter of our lives 'together'. 

Right after the announcement of pregnancy, all kinds of anxieties kicked in. Women around me who were already moms would share their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth so vividly with me; but none of the advices seem adequate to subside my fear. As a few weeks passed by, I started feeling how incredibly thankful I was to God for the blessing of carrying a child. Unlike many first time moms, I was happy with the change that my body was showing to accommodate my growing baby. I believed that being pregnant is carrying a blessing in my belly. The next few months were totally devoted to indulge in self-care to allow the baby grow inside my body. It gave me a sense of pride, a holy feeling that I've a 'new life' all tucked up safely inside me. Infact, despite all those crazy hormonal changes, I had been much tougher than I sometimes gave myself credit for.

My significant other managed to do all preparations in-time as the due date was approaching to avoid forgetting anything important at the moment. We were so eager to meet the little guy who has been kicking me inside and moving around for months. ;) 

Finally the moment arrived when hearing the little one’s heartbeat was a huge relief for the expecting family. I broke into tears when I cradled the little creature in my arms for the first time. Believe me, the profound feeling of giving birth is unparallelled to anything in whole universe. It was like being rewarded by Heavens with something so pure and virtuous for all your good deeds. 
Since my baby was a preemie, I was advised by my gynaecologist to use only chemical-free, skin friendly products for my little one as he was more prone to infections than full-term babies. Since we stayed at the hospital for two weeks and the baby was not supposed to be bathed everyday, we were recommended extra-soft baby wipes from India’s #FirstWaterWipes brand Mother Sparsh to clean my baby's hands, feet, face and bottom whenever required.

These parabens and alcohol free baby wipes with neither disturbed pH balance of baby's delicate skin nor caused him skin allergies because these are made of 98% water and plant based fabric. For a #FirstTimeMom, it was no less than a gift to find such a thoughtful product that could meet newborn's needs. Since then, it was a staple item in my baby's diaper kit. For the new mommies, I would recommend to avoid ordinary baby wipes loaded with allergens and use Mother Sparsh water based wipes to offer goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to your new born. Now it's available to purchase online as well. 

Wishing all moms and moms-to-be a happy motherhood journey ahead!

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Polishes To Pine For - The One Long Wear Spring 18 Nail Polishes

Satisfy your fashion cravings by matching this season’s trendiest look with a palette of pastels for your nails. From Macha Green to Electric Lilac, THE ONE Long Wear Nail Polish’s new shades will give a soft electric touch to a sophisticated manicure or an elegant ombre. With these vibrant pastels, your nails will add soft radiance to your appeal.
Whether you get your nails done at home or at a beauty salon, nicely painted nails play their role to beautify your hands (and feet too). I usually paint my nails at home and so look for different nailpolish shades.

For the last one month and so, I've been applying very pretty shades of The One Long Wear Spring 18 NailPolishes from Oriflame. I was delighted to receive a total of 16 gorgeous shades that included some gorgeous pastel shades too. I remember myself mentioning in every nailpaint review that I am missing some 'unique' mix of shades in a collection and my wish has been fulfilled with The One Long Wear collection.

These nailpolish bottles are taller than usual. The applicator brush is wide enough to cover your nails in two strokes perfectly. It's comfortable to hold and grip. The cap shuts with a click sound when you twist it.

The shades in the collection are-

As you can see, the pastel palette added to this collection is so cool and different that I want to wear those forever. The colour payoff of most polishes is amazing. A few shades give complete opaque manicure in one coat and other require atleast two, but applying double coats makes it long stay and shinier. The shades are true to what you see in the bottle and dries up quick.
Other than the pastel hues, we've got access to some all-time favourite shades of Reds, Pinks also that complete the palette. So there are shades for every woman to fall in love with.
The price of these nailpolishes (Rs. 309) might be steep for many, but I bet you're great quality product. The result of the product truly outlasts product price. Even without a top coat, the nailpaint stays same for more than a week with minimal chipping.

To sum, the Spring 18 collection is a pefect mix of classic staples and must-haves-for-the-moment. I recommend all pretty ladies out there to grab their fav shades for this festive season and complete their festive makeup look.

Saturday 20 October 2018

Embrace Grace in Sarees This Festive Season

Savouring delicious sweets, dancing to the beats of dhol and dressing up right for the occasion- this is what makes any festival a memorable day of the year. I really love to wear ethnic outfits on such special occasions that depict rich culture of our country. While most women are fascinated by the magnificence of the ethnic outfits like me, it's a task to find a dress which is a perfect blend of grace, trendiness, craftsmanship, comfort, and affordability.
In the present times, most people prefer ordering Indian ethnic wear from online stores and I'm undoubtedly one of them. It's been years that I shopped from physical, offline stores and over the years I've developed a good understanding of examining various factors that should have been taken care of before placing an online order. Many of my friends, colleagues and relatives seek my suggestions all the time for buying ethnic outfits especially sarees. When a colleague of mine asked me today for helping her find a festive saree for herself, I recommended her to explore Triveni Ethnics and that's when came along the thought of formally sharing with all my readers what all types of sarees you may find at this portal.
One of the online stores that has satisfied me with its diverse clothing collection, product quality and pricing most of the times is Triveni Ethnics. You may begin by finding sarees by Ocassion, by Fabric or by Style. Once done, your search process may further be extended to filter items based on Pricing, Color, Type of Work etc. Being pressed on time mostly, I do not spend time viewing everything listed on the site when I have certain specific pattern in my mind that I want to shop for. For the first visitors, I suggest to explore complete collection as there are chances to get lured by something that you didn't expect to see ;) My recent purchase from Triveni Ethnics was this gray saree with heavy patchwork that I'm planning to wear on Diwali.
You may find here different kinds of sarees from different regions across the country. I'm sharing a few major options that you may ponder over -

For this ongoing festive season, you may go for resplendent Pure Silk Sarees that look quite superior. The aesthetically dyed and woven silk sarees are believed to be the most loved among women for a traditional appeal. There is certainly a feel of grandeur when a woman adorns such royal fabric. Pure Silk sarees require extra care to keep them stain-free and are on higher side of budget. So it's advised to pay attention for it's proper upkeep.
Art Silk Sarees that are relatively less expensive substitute for pure silk sarees, but has rich look as silk fabric. Most art silk sarees are lightweight, breathable and don't compromise in trendiness. These are ideal pick for women who love variety and wanna keep a check on their budget too.
If comfort is your priority over everything else, Cotton Sarees is something that exudes a lot of elegance and is sure to earn you a lot of compliments. You may play around soothing pastel colours or bold hues depending on your liking. The airy cotton fabric keeps the body temperature low and lets you enjoy the festivities without feeling uncomfortable the whole day.
The sheer feel of grainy texture of Georgette Sarees perfectly goes with the Indian climate and the lifestyle of an Indian homemaker. A stylishly draped georgette saree takes your glamour quotient a notch higher while you perform your social duties with easy movement. Mostly available in pretty prints, these sarees redfine femininity and lend a sassy appeal to the wearer.
The wardrobe of an Indian woman is incomplete without a sheer Chiffon Saree. The elegance of chiffon sarees is almost distinctive. The versatality of the fabric makes it apt for draping on any social gatherings. You may find plain, printed, embellished sarres in this flowy fabric to accentuate your body type beautifully.
Net Sarees are all the rage among young women. The transparent weave of these sarees are making waves among women who love flaunting their curves with dignity and look stylish at the same time. The cost of these sarees depends on the material as there is lot of variation in the fabric and type of work done on these. Being light-weight, net and super net sarees are ideal choice for women who love wearing heavily-embellished ethnics during celebration without feeling tired due to weight of the fabric.
With all the major types of sarees listed on Triveni Ethnics being shown here, I must mention that the website caters to beautiful kurtis, salwaar kameez, lehanga cholis, party gowns as well. So the women who find it difficult to wear and manage sarees also have got a reason to consider Triveni Ethnics' collection while buying a classy outfit for themselves for upcoming Karwa Chauth, Diwali or Chhath Puja.

Remember not to follow the trends blindly, but to make a perfect choice that compliments your personality, because 
"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."