Wednesday 9 November 2022

iTokri - Delivering Authentic Handloom Weaves At Your Doorstep

I've always been in the awe of traditional Indian weaves, especially the handlooms. I feel handlooms are an integral part of our national legacy and exhibit the richness of our country while showcasing the weavers' artistry in a beautiful way. Since ages, weaving by hand has been a treasured cultural ethos of our country. It has been sustained by transferring skills from one generation to another over the centuries. While Indian handlooms proudly boast of their uniqueness, it has always shown adaptability to innovation for the modern fashion industry. Why I adore handloom fabrics because they are least burdensome on the ecosystem.

Usually the authentic handloom fabrics can be procured from their place of origin. But it might not be easy for everyone to get one's hand on them by visiting the place. In my case, I have been resorting to some trusted online portals that offer myriad fabrics from all parts of the country under one roof and that too at pocket-friendly prices. is one such online marketplace that has been my MOST favourite since the time I first shopped from them. I usually buy unstitched fabrics and get them tailored for my measurements. But this time, other than the fabric for my outfit, I explored their Men's Section for the first time and bought a decent Short Cotton Kurta for my brother. The kurta not just makes a graceful attire, but gives the reflection of a laidback and carefree attitude. 
Kurtas are often considered to be a traditional attire but short kurtas have now become common everyday wear in modern times. One can style a kurta with tight pyjama/pyjami to attend a social gathering or can pair it with jeans as a casual wear. Their versatility of kurtas is evident by the fact that these have become a favorite of younger generations and older generations alike because these're so comfortable yet stylish. iTokri offers the best possible patterns and styles in conventional primary colors combinations to contemporary colors that are suitable for all age groups. The exclusive men's collection on iTokri extends the range from shirts, t-shirts, boxers, dhotis, nehru jackets and much more. 
This marketplace sources products, including jewelry, dress materials, metalware, bed linen, paintings, household items etc from thousands of artisans across India, making it the largest curated portal for art and handicraft products with a huge listings. The portal adds hundreds of new products on a daily basis, so I recommend you visit them frequently and handpick product of your liking. 
To sum up, when you buy from local artisans, it's your indirect support to preserve the rich textile heritage of India and to create a sustainable future.