Tuesday 29 September 2020

The Edgy Side of Forbidden Love (Movie Review)

'Love' is the juiciest of all the emotions known to mankind. It gives you an unmatched adrenaline rush and drives you crazy with its countless odds. 

But as the saying goes, "Forbidden Love is like a Poisoned Fruit - sweet at first, but fatal down the road." 

Yes! it's not a fragrantly talked-about topic, but ZEE5 did a precise diagnosis of love through its recently released compilation of four short love stories portraying those dark shades of love that are considered ‘forbidden’ by society. 

With my growing interest in short stories, I watched all four enthralling ZEE5 movies in one go and here is a crisp review for the new-age audience to know the new rules of the game.

To begin with, you can sense the thought behind the movies from the title itself. #ForbiddenLove is an anthology of 4 love stories, directed by four accomplished directors viz. Pradeep Sarkar, Priyadarshan, Anniruddha Roy Chaudhary and Mahesh Manjrekar; each of which explores scandalous issues that crop up in so-called 'perfect relationships'.

Arranged Marriage, the first episode, is an apt execution of the life of a couple after getting into a conventional heterosexual marriage and is now disinterested in each other. The impressive performances in the movie featuring Ali Fazal, Patralekha Paul, Omkar Kapoor, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Lily Chakraborty literally make your heart squeeze with the desperation in its tone. The movie leaves the audience to decide whether an homosexual is actually to blame for his feelings and is a reminder that we, as a society, need to work towards changing our perceptions around same-sex relationships.
Image Source: ZEE5.com
Anamika, the second episode, is a masterpiece by Priyadarshan, narrating the story of a middle-aged married woman finding love outside of her loveless wedlock. It's more of a relatable story of Anamika (played by Pooja Kumar) whose workaholic husband Vijendra (Harsh Chhaya) has got only some wordless looks to share with her and thus she falls in love with a much younger guy Ishaan (Aditya Seal). The movie fosters varied emotions of suffering, infidelity, self-destruction, lust and disgust that the lady faces as the story unfolds. The audience keep the seat grabbed tightly till the end to discover whether Anamika decides to return to her husband or moves ahead on her path with her love affair.
Image Source: ZEE5.com
Rules of the Game, the third chapter of Forbidden Love, easily wins my applauds for being the most fascinating of the lot. Rules of the Game presents a thrilling story of a 'committed couple' who wants to ignite the lost spark in their marriage. While the lady proposes role-play in bed to spice up their relationship, the couple falls into serious trouble when the rules of the game are broken. The movie is worth a watch not just to find out how the couple get out of deep-rooted feeling of regret, but also to witness the delectable chemistry between lead actors Aahana Kumra, Chandan Roy Sanyal.   
Image Source: ZEE5.com
Diagnosis of Love, the concluding chapter of the anthology, boasts of some of the brilliant actors such as Raima Sen (as Sudha) and Mahesh Manjrekar (as Vaibhav) in the lead roles. This medical thriller depicts an unconventional love angle between two medical practitioners Sudha and Harsh (Vaibhav Tatwaeaadi) where Sudha is cheating on her husband Vaibhav probably for not being able to bear a child out of their marriage. Each scene of the movie adds to the suspense when the story turns out to be a murder mystery on the other side. The end of the story is a twist you might not have anticipated otherwise and I'm leaving it for you to watch and find out.
Image Source: ZEE5.com
The base premise of the entire #ForbiddenLove anthology is such that it generates audience's curiosity and strikes the right chord with intense emotions. Every single episode is sure to keep you gripped to your couch till the end with unpredictable storyline. It's a plus for audience that all episodes are unrelated, so makes it convenient for you to watch one or all in a sitting, as you feel like. The brilliant actors have proved their mettle with excellent portrayal of their respective roles. Though the stories around dark side of love can be tricky to handle, but the direction has been quite mature and sensible. The anthology reminds me of a quote I read somewhere which says "No forbidden love ever is a warm morning after a shivering night. Rather, it is a slice of dusk with impending darkness, and learning to find the sun among the stars."

Friday 25 September 2020

Sweater Dress for the Season & Styling It Like a Pro

 Think winters, Think sweaters!

Cozying up in a practical and fashionable sweater has been one of the most brilliant feelings that I always enjoy in winters. And with this new trend of styling longer version of a classic pullover sweater, it's literally getting more adorable. 
The talking point of this post is my favourite go-to outfit for this Fall-Winter season i.e. a sweater dress and how to style it like a pro. What makes sweater dress a treasured piece of garment for many women is the versatility with which one can create different looks.
I personally love a relaxed-fit calf-length sweater dress that elegantly highlights feminine curves and is comfy to wear. pairing it up with pointed kitten heels and minimal accessories completes the effortless look for the day. If you are more into layering, then a contrasting coat or jacket can take your look to another level.
When the day are getting chillier, a loosely-fitted turtleneck sweater dress is a sure-shot way to beat the cold wind. Give your oversized sweater dress an sexy appeal by keeping your legs bare (if you dare) or team it with slouchy thigh-high boots. It won’t let you walk unnoticed down the streets, either ways. Wear it with a leather belt for an extra level of detail, and finish it off with your warm smile.
Those who feel sweater dresses are synonymous to street-style dressing, you ought to pay attention to this gorgeous piece that is your answer to delicious party look. Dressed up in this ultra-chic camoflouge sweater dress, it is meant to put a spotlight on you. A pair of nude pumps and a box clutch can update your party look in matter of minutes. Owning a fashionable yet cheap sweater dress costs you nothing more than the price of a fancy cocktail. 
A considerable point while getting ready with best of your outfits is to pay attention to the kind of lingerie that goes well with specific type of dress. My bit of advice is to always choose lingerie in perfect size that suits your body type, enhances natural feminine curves and is made of comfortable fabric. This is also important to handpick the right lingerie that doesn't clash with your outfit. For one-piece soft sweater dresses, you might prefer a T-shirt bra, a plunge bra or a pushup bra; but on the other hand, you might wanna flash your bralette while acing a sassy two-piece dress. Regardless of how expensive they might look, my secret mantra is to first explore some cheap lingerie online and them get them home delivered. To conclude, your outer clothes will not look attractive if not worn on a smooth inner lingerie.   
So while you brace yourself for cold weather soon, dig your closet for sweaters. If didn’t find any, you've got a good reason for seasonal winter shopping!