Sunday 4 September 2022

Devouring Classic Indian Delights ft SweetkaramCoffee

Snacking industry has been revolutionized extensively in the past decade. As a 70s kid, I remember myself looking forward to the day when my parents would go shopping on first Sunday of every month and bring home a bagful of snacks as a part of monthly grocery shopping and we, the kids in the family, would wholeheartedly enjoy tasty mom-made delicacies in that formidable hour between lunch and dinner especially over weekends. Despite munching tit-bits all the time, there was no stress of eating unhealthy junk as everything was unadulterated those days.
But when I see my kids ordering online snacks in a jiffy during study break or on-the-go, I literally feel worried about the amount of noxious food eaten by them. 
In a quest to find some authentic homemade food items, I chanced upon and it felt like my childhood memories were brought to life. 
Sweet Karam Coffee is a platform that is basically your smart solution to grab classic Indian delights that are not just authentic, tasty, and healthy, but also sans any chemicals or preservatives.
Since most of us don't have time to stress over how should we get our hands on healthy eatables, having access to Sweet Karam Coffee seemed to be life-changing. 
I explored their exclusive range of homemade delights that makes it place on the shelves of their online store and found some options like Banana Chips, Murukku, Filter coffee powder, Ghee, Rice, Avakkai, Idly podi, Puliyogare paste and so much more. 
You'll find products thoughtfully classified into categories and it's quite a smooth navigation from one stop to another. I decided to place a mixed-bag order to give it a shot and included a couple of products from almost all categories. So here is how my order looked like-

As an enthusiastic home-cook, I first picked some everyday cooking spices from Masalas & Instant Mixes category that could bring a flavourful and aromatic novelty to my routine food items. The adjoining category of Pickles caught my eyeballs and I chose to add our favourite Garlic Pickle and Green Chilli Pickle to my cart. 
When it comes to everyday cooking, one shouldn't miss some organic lentils that are a good source of folate. The Daily Essentials store of Sweet Karam Coffee left me amazed with variety of options including organic rice, millets, grains, sugar, oils, butter and everything else you may need on your kitchen shelves. 
Not just I bought lentils for my hearty meals, but picked some healthy organic gluten-free flours also that our chapati/ breads can be more nutritious using a combination of whole wheat flour, barley flour and gram flour. 
My kiddo insisted on getting Sandwich Bhakarwadi, Mixed Millet Poha and vegan Masala Mixed Dhal for tea-time snacks from their Sweets & Snacks category. 
My order was shipped in next 24 hours and I was intimated about transit updates via email and SMS. The order was packed carefully and every item I received was freshly packed. 
A few items from my order have already been consumed by me and I'm satisfied with the quality and taste. 
After a delightful shopping experience with Sweet Karam Coffee, I've already made my mind to order some delectable homemade brownies, cakes, cookies, chocolates and bakery products for my friends and relatives during upcoming festive occasions that they may enjoy without guilt. The Onam Spl Snacks is also one of the highly recommended sections.  
India's favourite destination good food store for your entire family with zero preservatives and zero toxic chemicals.

So, it's time to devour classic Indian delights with a healthy and homemade twist and unleash happiness because 'Happiness is Homemade' ❤️