Tuesday 30 September 2014

I could easily identify myself with 'Golden Goddess'

L'Oreal Paris has launched rich chocolate shades of Casting Créme Gloss symbolizing distinct personalities with which each of us can identify. Not only that, but L'Oreal Paris has created entire distinguishing looks for each of the personality which are available on Flipkart for sale.
 Store Link for Iced Diva

 Store link for Chocolate Chic

Which of these diva matches my personality?
The traits of "Golden Goddess" sound like being the exact replica of my personality. I believe in being beautiful in my own way without blindly following so called "trends", rather I have the guts to be a trend-setter n ppl easily confide in me for my valuable opinion. Its not only about looks/appearance that is appealing in me, but I wear my attitude n spread positive aura to the lives of whoever comes in my contact.

I know my strengths very well and I do accept my weakness thats why I know how to take compliments and criticisms gracefully. Not getting dragged by illusions is my speciality and I master in conquering my fears. I'm determined to test my mettle against the best efforts of my competitors, so I enjoy winning situations and learn from my defeats.

A 'Gal with Golden Heart' is what friendz call me when they find me loyal n reliable in relationships!! So Golden Goddess is no one else, but just me :) <3

Sunday 21 September 2014

Sweetest Sweetheart Giveaway (closed)

Hey beauties!

As most of you preferred Loreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Extra Black for this giveaway, here are the quick details on how to win it :)

1. Like my Facebook page Alive n Kicking.
2. Subscribe my blog via email.
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4. Share the giveaway post on your timeline tagging my page & 3 friends who are not following me already, in each of your share. Keep posting the sharing links in comments section of this post.You can share any number of times everyday. (those who have twitter or any other social networking a/c can go ahead and spread the word there.)
5. Follow me on Bloglovin (optional).
6. The giveaway will end as soon as my blog will hit 100 followers or 28 Oct, whichever is earlier.
7. The result will be announced the next day as soon as the giveaway gets over.
8. The decision of admin would be final and binding without any scope of alteration.

So be active and start putting in your best effort. I will observe everyone's participation carefully n closely and will pick the MOST ACTIVE participant (who brings me maximum followers) as the LUCKY WINNER who will take home this gorgeous Loreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Extra Blackworth Rs. 775/-
Remember that all of the previous giveaway winners DO HAVE equal chance of winning.
 Good Luck everyone..

If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to message me on FB and I would be pleased to interact with you.
(P.S. Its not a sponsored giveaway and the product is in new and unused.)

Thursday 18 September 2014

One of My Most Khoobsurat Moment Vol II

Here's one of my Khoobsurat Moments that turned me into more of a person with mature thinking, responsible attitude with all that needed patience...

Right after few months of my marriage, I had conceived with my only child and everyone in the family was more than delighted with news. But as the time passed, i somehow developed some medical complications which lasted throughout the pregnancy term .... and i delivered my preterm baby in seven n half months weighing 1.8 kgs causing loads of medical problems to myself n him too.
After his birth, my premature infant was unable to keep himself warm without external help, so he was placed inside an incubator for 12 days and used to be brought to me only for feeding..... I had been dying to hug him, kiss him and love him till the time my heart wanted ...but the doctors weren't ready to take a chance.

Finally after spending sleepless nights without my baby & due to my repeated requests, the doctors allowed me to stay in KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) ward wherein i made my baby in direct skin-to-skin contact wid me by making him sleep over my breast all the time so that he cud get enough warmth from my body. And i was really amazed when doctors told me that his body temperature got regulated at a better frequency following this method.

This DIVINE TOUCH of mom n child made me believe the fact that AN AFFECTIONATE TOUCH CAN HEAL ALL WOUNDS N CAN SURELY STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTFELT BONDS. The moment of this self-realization suddenly grew me up with a lifelong responsibility to keep another life not only alive, but provide him a secure, lovable family atmosphere always to feel blessed with such parents My son is my first love today and will always be ... This is the most KHOOBSURAT moment that I live with every breath of mine till i'm alive !!! I can't ask for anything more treasured from Almighty ...

(P.S. This post is being posted for Loreal Paris India #khoobsuratMoments campaign)

Saturday 13 September 2014

Loreal Casting Creme Gloss bestowed me with that Khoobsurat Moment

                            Coloring my hair has never been my cup of tea. Though I always admired the lovely change in personalities of my friends who used different hair colors for  so-called "fashion statement". But I somehow had a feeling of staying away from hair colors due to chemical allergies n reactions which I got to read about in magazines etc.

                            Few days ago while enjoying leisurely lunch time at work place, a friend -cum- colleague of mine Babita almost trapped me for coloring my hair with her 'impressive' arguements. She convinced me of availability of hair colors with 'no ammonia content' & also shared some positive effects of nutritive and rejuvenating ingredients included there in (like Royal Jelly) on our hair. I was left with no choice, but nodding to "Yes". She even accompanied me to pick the suitable shade of L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Color range from the exclusive online store....

                            Though I had been skeptical initially, but deep in my heart I was curious to see a 'New Me', so I got my hair wear the new shade of "darkest brown" in less than half a hour at home itself without any help :)

                                    The outcome was better than my expectation... I noticed the glossy sheen not only on my hair but my dusky complexion was complimented as never before :) Hubby darling, who is very possessive for my tresses, felt more than relaxed seeing me in a new avatar n gave me a thumbs up too!!

                            I excitedly waited to thank Babita for her valued advice the next morning. And to my pleasant surprise, I was flooded with heart warming compliments for that lovely transition of my personality as soon as i took off my helmet in the parking area of my office ;)

                                   Loreal Casting Creme Gloss completely busted all my myths when an ordinary day turned into a special occassion for me and I felt no less than ~Rapunzel~ living that #khoobsuratMoment and captured a well deserved selfie too ;)

Now I'm confidently ready to #SayYesToColor in future <3

Monday 1 September 2014

Winner Announcement for "Lucky 111 calls for a Giveaway"

Good Morning Lovely Readers

                                                                  Lets welcome September with a positive happy note!!
The giveaway ended last night and as always I take it on highest priority to pick n announce the lucky winner's name on the promised date i.e. 1 Sept :)

As mentioned in the T&C, this giveaway had been creativity based where I mainly assessed the answer given by the participant (who fulfilled necessary conditions). I genuinely loved reading all the answers and felt touched by readers' love. Even there were two entries from international readers (which could not be included in giveaway since it was for Indian residents only), that encouraged me a lot.

But sadly, few participants have been disqualified coz they didn't follow ALL the rules even when I left timely remarks on their entries and posted on FB to recheck their entries :(
Anyways!! its time to declare who has got lucky ..yeyyy!

And the prize goes to....

CONGRATULATIONS Bhawna!! I'm impressed by your asnwer coz my blog is actually meant to express what my heart says. I hope you will keep reading regularly. So quickly DM me your postal details so that your prize can be shipped to you ASAP :)

Once again, a sincere thanks to everyone who took time to participate and please don't be disappointed if you didn't win. I wish I could reward each of you, but I'll plan more giveaways in the coming weeks, so keep in touch.