Friday 2 July 2021

Agony of Abdomen

Me: Hey dude! you were supposed to make me win that beauty pageant, but you ruined my entire look today.
He: It's not me always who's the culprit, miss.
Me: What do you mean?
He: The pot in your belly fatso!
Me: What makes you show so much attitude?
He: Girl, don't you feel my pain ever?
Me: Oh come on! tell me what's bothering you?
I'm the flat part of your body between your chest and thigh.
Why is there no happiness in my life?
When you can't control your cravings and gorge on junk,
It's me, not the tongue, who is blamed as worthless punk.
When you fall ill, cursing only 'me' is utter nonsense.
Be informed, I'm your immune system's first line of defense.
You literally strangulate me with your tight trousers & it's absurd.
But do I ever utter a single word?
When you get compliments for your figure petite,
Your waise-to-hip ratio takes away the limelight.
I too share the same circumference as of the waist.
But have I even been applauded or graced?
I so wish you could ever hear me whine.
And believe the sentiment that 'The belly rules the mind'.
Hoping today's tête-à-tête gonna change my (bad)luck
or probably you'll experience an 'upset stomach'.
Source: Pinterest
Probably, that was enough to make me realize. 

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