Thursday 31 March 2016

NELF Cosmetics Colossal Lip Definer Review

Many a times, I've expressed my love for lipsticks. The lipsticks are my all time favourite makeup product and I love how my face instantly turns prettier to myself (not much concerned about others opinion if it pleases me) when I apply a lipcolor :) Also I'm very very particular to use a lip liner every single time I want to color my lips. That simply means the number of lipsticks that I've hoarded is directly proportionate to number of lip liners as well ;) I simply don't feel happy if my lips lines are not well-defined.
So today I'm sharing my experience with Nelf Cosmetics Colossal Lip Definer. I received one in Burgundy shade.
The Nelf lip definer is a pen shaped liner whose upper half portion can be twisted to take the liner out to use. It is housed in a thick plastic sheet packaging with a sliding cardboard at its back.
The liner pen is in triangular cut that enhances your grip. I wish the liner pen should have the shade name printed on it for quick reference.
The liner itself is not very thin-tipped initially, so the ladies who like very precise lip lines can easily use the sharpener provided with the liner.... Don't panic if you don't see the sharpener in your lip liner pack, because its tiny one inserted at the tail of the liner and can be pulled out/pushed in as and when needed. I considered it a plus point that now I don't need to worry forgetting it at home when carrying my lip liner in my bag.
The liner tip feels creamy and doesn't stuck on the bumps of lips (if any). You may expect a smooth, running hand when trying to draw your natural lip line. Using the liner on any creases or cracks in lips perfectly prevents my lipstick from bleeding and keeps the lipcolor in place for 6+ hours without touch up.
The color pay off is really good and you may need to wipe it off with a gentle cream based makeup remover or a moisturizer. I hardly detected any fragrance in the product which again is a positive in favour of the product.
There are times when I just define my lips with lip liner and fill them up with any lipstick of my choice, else I first fill up my lips entirely with lip liner and then cover it with lipstick. The second trick helps me get a matte base to avoid fading off my lipcolor sooner.
These Nelf lip definers are available in 5 more pretty colors other than burgundy which are Nude Pink, Miami Pink, Wine, Hot Red and Berry Berry at a price of rs 225 each.
I'm happy how applying the lip liner as an extra step to use lipstick makes a difference to my look. Tell me how do your prefer coloring your lips..

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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Aroma Essentials Range of Natural Face Washes Review

Hi friends

I got a surprise gift pack on Women's Day from Aroma Essentials that contained number of handmade goodies. I honestly cannot say what I liked the most out of all the stuff. But almost all the products were of my great utility. One reason for it is that the lady behind the venture keeps your requirements in mind and then decides what can help you the best way.
Today I am writing about the range of facewashes I received. Out of many variants that Aroma Essentials offers, I got the ones in Lemongrass, Rose and Orange. 
Each of the facewashes came packed in little plastic bottle that are transparent. The bottles have white screw cap with a tiny hole in it to squeeze the facewash out. Also there is a tight inner lid to keep the product safe in the bottle and make the packaging travel friendly.
The pricing for each variant is kept below Rs 100 that can be seen on the label over the cap. The shelf life is 6 months from the date of making.
The facewashes made their first good impression on me when I opened the bottle. The facewashes are actually gel based (or better I should say, this is gel itself) which I really like. The consistency of the facewashes is quite thick like I expected being it a gel, so you need to actually remove the inner lid to take the product out, else its a task to squeeze it.

The Orange facewash is very lively orange in color with orange juice, edible citrus gel in it. It smells very refreshing.
The Lemongrass facewash is infused with lemongrass extract, lemon n lavender essential oils and aloevera gel. I loved its pretty shade of green. I somewhat liked it fragrance lesser than other two.
The Rose facewash, surprisingly doesn't owe natural pinkish red color from the real flower, but is in light brown shade. It is loaded with rose decoction, rose essential oil, ionised gel and also some petals of rose flower in the bottle. Its scent is stronger than other two variants, but is quite pleasing. 
Rubbing any of the facewash on your damp skin hardly fetches any foam and feels very light on face which again is a big plus for me as it gets overdrying for my skin. Despite the non-foamy trait, the skin gets instantly cleansed of excess oil, dirt etc as you rinse it off and feels rejuvenates. It doesn't leave any strong scent after few minutes. So will be a great pick for people who prefer light or no fragrances. I feel these facewashes will be loved by normal, combination & oily skin beauties, but if your skin is in drier side like mine, all you need to do is pop on some moisturise afterwards and your skincare routine will be complete to achieve hydrated skin :)
I cleverly used this non-foamy formula as makeup remover by taking little quantity over a cotton pad and swipe over the face followed by some splshes of water over the face & I managed to wipe away everything expected really quickly and effectively.
To sum up, Aroma Essentials facewashes are really gentle daily essentials with natural ingredients for which your skin will thank you.

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Sunday 27 March 2016

Hues of Spring on My Nails With Nelf Cosmetics

Hello Dearies

Hope you had great fun on festival of colors. But strangely I'm the one who is not fond of this festival, so I just enjoy looking at people all drenched in colors from the window of my room ;) This time, while watching the neighbouring kids dancing on road, what I did was to experiment with painting my nails in vibrant colors of Spring :)

Being new to this art of beautifying nails with intricate designs, I couldn't achieve that perfection. And now I know how much patience one needs to glam up nails.

I used nail lacquers from Nelf Cosmetics in three colors i.e. Sunny Yellow NSE24, Envy Green  NSE30 and Pink Pop NSE02.

Not sure if you might be liking my nails :P I'll be trying something better next time ;)

Saturday 26 March 2016

Nelf Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick Review in 'All Most Famous' Shade

Hey Girls

Summers are officially here and so is a shift in our wardrobe and makeup style. If you don't want to miss a chance to cast an impression, do try something that you haven't explored yet. This season, I'm trying a vibrant Orange shade of lipstick for the first time ;)

Nelf Cosmetics, had been kind enough to send me a Velvet Touch lipstick in orange shade called as All Most Famous (VT38). 
The lipstick is housed in a simple black cover with silver font reading the brand name over it. Find the lipstick shade number and name at its bottom.
A look at the lipstick bullet doesn't showcase its true tone, rather seems like Rust shade that can be worn by warm skin tones quite comfortably. But the moment, I swatched it on my forearm, its slightly shiny 'blood orange' tone popped out and made me little intimidating to sport this color on my complexion.
But frankly telling you, I wasn't discouraged and decided to rock the new shade on me. The lipstick is super pigmented. The color pay off is fabulous and the intensity can be seen with just a couple of swipes. Even a single swipe is enough for the color to be noticed. On lips, the color came out as a flattering one and really complimented my skin tone without overpowering my features.
The lipstick has mild fragrance, but doesn't bother. It doesn't bleed and stays for 4-5 hours without fading away. The lipstick is infused with Vitamin E & jojoba oil, so brings glamour and nourishment together.
With a wide shade card listing almost 30+ shades, this range of VT lipsticks are priced at Rs 240 each and is easily available at many online portals like Shopclues, Snapdeal, Purplle, Amazon etc. The lipsticks have 3 yrs of shelf life.
Tips: If you are still unsure of this summery lipcolor, I suggest blending it with a another wearable lipcolor (like bronze) that beautifully fade into each other and then you need not miss out on the orange lipstick trend this summer with your ombré lips ;)

So, what's your favorite orange lipcolor..Shoot your comments and let me know your recommendations :)

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Friday 25 March 2016

Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Body Scrub Review

Hello Friends

I've discovered an all-natural coffee body scrub from an Australian brand Mr Bean Body Care that is filled with powerful natural ingredients and offers to exfoliate and detoxify your skin with utmost care.

Product Info:
Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Body Scrub is tough enough to improve your skin imperfections, yet its all-natural and organic goodness also nourishes your skin to leave the treated area feeling softer and smoother than ever. Combining fair-trade coffee beans with an environmentally friendly, clean, and certified cosmetic factory, the brand provides you with a product that will not only help your skin but the world around you as well. The health conscious procedures reduce the risk of allergic reaction, compared to other chemical-laced companies, and Mr. Bean has never been tested on animals. The brand believes in caring for the world we live in, as well as those who live in it.

Ingredients: All the ingredients used in the scrub are natural namely Organic Coffee Scrub with Robusta Coffee Beans, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara Sugar, Organic Cacao and Vitamin E oil.

• Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis.
• Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes
• Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturize your skin
• Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation.
How did I like the product:
Mr. Bean coffee bean scrub comes in few variants i.e. coconut, coco berry, mandarin, some like it rough etc. The one which I got is Mandarin one. 

The scrub, unlike most similar products, comes in a zip lock bag made of very good material. So one can take handful of product out and re-seal it after every use. The zip lock bag ensures keeping the product moisture-free and retains its aroma intact. But still I've stored my scrub bag in an air-tight container. The clear, bold font on the black pouch is easily readable. The pouch gives details on ingredients, quantity etc, but doesn't mention about price. 
The scrub has delicious fragrance that is damn mouth-watering. (thats why the brand mentions Mr. Bean belong to your body not your mouth) ;) I can easily detect the deeply relaxing blend of citrusy orange and freshly brewed coffee in the scrub. I swear it will instantly get your undivided attention as soon as you tear the seal of bag.

The scrub itself is in darkest brown or I should say almost black in color. Its not a gel or liquid formulation, but coarse grains. It is recommended to rub the scrub on damp skin all over the body in circular motion. One should concentrate on problem areas while massaging, but make sure to be gentle with your strokes as the scrub may be abrasive due to its not easily dissolvable traits. 
Its slightly messy to use the scrub as some of the scrub grains tend to scatter while rubbing. To avoid wastage, I now mix almost one full table spoon of the scrub with water in a bowl and like using it conveniently in paste-like consistency. 
Mr Bean Mandarin Coffee Body Scrub is one of the most impressive body scrubs that show up results after first session itself, like it happened in my case :) The Sea Salt as a natural exfoliator leaves skin feel super clean, exfoliated and glowing after you rinse it off. My dry skin felt so beautifully hydrated for its organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Vit. E oil that I completely skipped applying a body lotion which I do every time before stepping out of shower. 

Being an all-natural body scrub, I used it on my face too and happy to announce that it didn't cause me any irritation, redness or inflammation (though a patch test is suggested for sensitive skin). I'm not able to comment on the claims of targeting cellulite and stretch marks by the product, but its a completely vegan formula appropriate for all skin types. 
A bag of Mr Bean coffe scrub of 220 gm is priced at $17.95 which is really expensive, but can be ordered here at a discounted price currently. This quantity is enough to last for more than 30-35 uses and a weekly scrubbing is good to achieve the outcome. The product availability can be an issue, but the brand ships worldwide and all orders are dispatched within 24 business hours of the order being placed. 
I find the product quite effective and would love to try another variant. Its 'Bean' a fab experience to #getbeaned using this Aussies skin care brand with promising results..
Don't forget to follow Mr Bean Body Care for more updates on their products :)

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Whats your lipcolor - Nelf Trendy Diva Lipstick Swatches

I had swatched and reviewed Nelf Cosmetics Trendy Diva lipcolor in Royal Pink shade last month that got mixed views. On some requests by my readers to review more shades from the same range, today I've come up with a review of two beautiful shades Trendy Diva Alive and Maroon.
                                                       Trendy Diva Alive Lipstick (TD 40)
The shade TD40 called as Alive is a perfect nude lipstick shade that is not too dark, nor too light. The soft, dusty pink shade is apt to play up the warmth of my skin tone. I liked the non-glossy formula that ensure that my lips don't disappear when I apply a light shade of nude lipcolor.
The Nelf Alive lipcolor in slight pinkness adds needed separation between my lips and my skin. The lipcolor will be a hit among young girls who don't like to show up bold colors.
I think all skin tones can carry this shade very well as everyday office wear or college wear for the fresh-faced glow, specially medium-fair skin. In short, Nelf TD40 in Alive shade is a perfect neutral lip shade to flatter your skin tone and light up your face without draining it of life.

Trendy Diva Maroon Lipstick (TD 20)
The another shade that I have got for myself is TD20 called as Maroon. This one is on the specific recommendation of my mom who insisted that I should go for deep maroon since I haven't worn this shade since many years now. 
Upon applying this lipcolor, I truly felt like thanking her for the advice (mom knows the best, u see) coz it looked so appealing. I can see myself wearing it with Indian ethnic outfits in my cousin's wedding the next month.

It gives beautiful coverage in single swipe on my lips. If dark, warm shades are your pick like me, don't hesitate to try double coats. I'm even open to try one shade darker than this maroon shade.
The lipcolor stays for good 4+ hours and doesn't dry out lips. I'm loving its semi-matte finish on my lips. You may layer it up with a lipgloss to flaut fuller lips (which is not my pick though).
The TD lipsticks come in a black packaging with see-through partition on its cap that will let you check the actual lipstick and help you decide whether to buy or not.
The shade number and shade name can be checked at the bottom of the packaging.
The lipsticks have long shelf life of 36 months that can be seen on outer cover.
The lipsticks are not complete transfer-resistant, but I prefer blotting them gently to enhance its staying power and avoid staining. All the Trendy Diva lipsticks from Nelf with added vitamin E nourish your lips with an advantage of being lead free as well. There are number of shades available at pocket friendly price of Rs 120 each (can be ordered here).
I'm fallen for both these lipcolor shades. Tell me whats your preferred one :)

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Lets Unite India And Say "Saath Hai Hum"

A notable nation whose major chunk of population lives in villages is definitely a lush agriculture land. This is the reason that rural development has always been prime objective while plans for overall growth are drafted. The rural community mainly comprising 'farmers' has been taking center stage when talked about growth equation of our country. No wonder that agriculture sector employs nearly 70% of total workforce of India. Despite all our dependency on farmers for our everyday dietary essentials, I realize that farming is taken as most under-appreciated business in our country.

Actually I also had been a part of the crowd who think of farmers following a traditional daily routine of relentless labour including going to the field, feeding the cattles, cultivating the crops, cutting/raking/ baling the hay, watering the plants and ofcourse arranging for the safety of the crops from adverse conditions. Thinking of a typical villager brings out a picture of an illiterate person completely ignorant of technological advancement changing the world scenario. There seems like a total contrast in lifestyle of farmers living in interiors of rural areas with the so-called ‘city dwellers’.

Finolex Pipes successfully putting up its efforts for bridging the communication gap between people. As we all work through cross sections of India uniting one another & this video comes as a gentle reminder that by listening, conversing, communicating & forming a pipe line amongst ourselves, we can allow love to flow.

Coming across this pioneering campaign #SaathHaiHum by Finolex Pipes really thrilled me as I saw people guesstimating what these farmers do all the day long when we, in cities, take advantage of hi-tech tools to do our everyday chores with much ease. The film unveiled a newer perspective of life of a villager where I could see them breaking the stereotype and getting acquainted with desired access to contemporaneity marching shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the nation towards a successful future.

I felt so curious for a chance to converse live with any of these farmers to be one-to-one with the reality of what we are shown on television and other social media.

Since team Finolex Pipes, as a part of the campaign, had provided an e-mail address through which people coming from different parts of the nation could send in their queries regarding the life of a farmer or a villager, I grabbed this opportunity and got connected via con-call to Mr. Rajendra, a farmer engaged in Sugarcane farming for almost two decades in a remote village of Mangalore.

Walking along the parallel rows of sugarcane, he makes calculations of uncertainties of weather trying dealing with his dilemmas. In the name of modern agri-methods, only the traditional plough

is replaced with a tractor to help him in initial stages of cultivation. Even the most basic access to water and electricity present itself as an unaffordable luxury to him when he has to make efficient strategy to cope up with limited water supply from the canal available for 15 days. The farmer sacrifices his night sleep when the electricity is provided during day time for alternate weeks and then switches over to nights.

In absence of laboratories and proper guidance by any experts, the farmer uses his own experience to use pesticides; but ensures lesser use in quest to promote organic farming as much as possible. The price of sugar might be doubled in the past years but the continuing uptick tempts him to hold on to half the crop for another year as he is unsure to sell off his entire produce in one go to the local sugar factory. Even if he gets to sell off his produce, the funds come to his hand broken into pieces after every four months leading the situation to bank loan.

This direct conversation allowed me to look into the life of a villager that eventually put all my notions to rest. In order to bring the nation closer and to let the farmers enjoy the prestige they deserve, I would wish if the Rural Management can be made a significant part of Management Studies and the knowledge of such graduates can come handy to comprehend agri-business better. It would change the entire structure of farming industry provided some ambitious developmental schemes can be implemented involving national and local agencies along Governmental bodies. If something can bridge the gap between the city and a village, then it can be through a greater synergy between general and agricultural education and through the willingness to work towards rural development. This is when India can march forward to become a developed and prosperous nation on the world map.