Monday, 16 May 2022

Adorn Your Space With Artistic Bedlinen ft. WorldofEk

"Rooms should not be put together for show, but to nourish one's well-being.”
My family loves making modifications to our home decor every now n then, especially when season changes because we feel that introducing a few smart upgrades may be the best way to avoid the blues.
While it's highly wasteful and spendthrift to change furniture like sofas, dining table or bed every year, the trick is to enhance the aesthetic conveyed by same furniture by switching up the textiles used. With the similar thoughts in my mind, I wanted to give my bedroom a new lease on life by changing up soft furnishings and incorporating happy colors like fuschia, marigold orange and pastel green in my bedlinen.

In a world where it is hard to find comfort and elegance together, the magnificent collection of ethnic bed linen from WorldofEk makes it possible. I stumbled upon WorldofEk while searching for some cotton beddings with traditional prints and I was literally hooked to its vibrant aesthetic appeal. 

WorldofEk is the signature label of Ektaa R Kapoor that presents handpicked collection of home décor, spiritual jewellery, wellness accessories, premium copperware and dining ware inspired by our rich heritage. 

From the wide array of bespoke product range, I loved the Bagh Journal Collection that has beautiful exotic collection of bedsheets, dohars and cushion covers in a variety of colours and designs to amplify the ambience of any space. I ordered the Coral Bagh Journal printed Double Bed Dohar for my bedroom. 
I was pleased to receive my order in a no-plastic packaging. The dohar was neatly packed in a muslin cloth bag with brand logo printed on it. 
This dohar (coversheet) is made of 100% pure cotton that is breathable an temperature regulating. It uses natural dyes that is non-allergic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. The highest quality yarn in a beautiful weave provides you with the perfect cozy sleeping environment. I liked how this dohar gave my bedroom a sense of freshness with stunning floral patterns in a subtle color palette. 

WorldofEk has some awesome decor items created for the contemporary Indian home that one can add to give a refreshing modern twist to mainstays. 
Having said it all, its vital for a homemaker to choose colours that are calming and bring positivity, pick material that is easy to maintain and incorporate exotic prints to create a perfectly relaxing ambiance for their happy place.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Be Unique with BeYouNick Street Style Trends

The weather is heating up in most parts of the country and it's the perfect reason for the guys out there to refresh their wardrobe. 

If 'fashion merged with function' sounds like your aesthetic, KRA's trendy street style clothing is certainly your best bet. Go from the sofa to the street with ease in a tasteful, relaxed and functional outfit that doesn't stop you from having fun under the sun.

KRA is the brainchild of BeYouNick (@BeYouNick on Instagram), one of the most leading names in the content creation space. The brand focuses on philosophy of 'celebrating the streets' and offers men's fashionwear that aces style game without sacrificing on comfort.

Let me reveal the essential clothing stuff for looking good in the sun this season. 

Pick up a versatile Shacket in a shade of your choice - grey, blue, black top the charts. Essentially, a shacket is a mashup between a jacket and a shirt. Think of it as a heavier button-up shirt that you may rock as outerwear. Shackets are not just better-looking, but play really well with layering. You can elegantly layer it up by leaving the shirt unbuttoned and effortlessly tossed over a solid T-shirt.

The one I bought from KRA is a Long Sleeved Oversized Shacket made of 100% cotton, has got bellows pockets to add to its charm. Red zippers and brand logo patch on the sleeves enhance the appeal for reasons so good. The best part of owning a shackets is that it can be worn with almost anything all the year long - under a coat in winter or over a t-shirt in spring, summer and autumn.
Once your topwear is all set, it's time to individualize your style by choosing a well-coordinated bottomwear. Try pairing shorts with a long-sleeve button-down and cuffed sleeved shirt. Woven fabric shorts are remarkable because they also offer a refined look and add a dash of texture.

The Summer Essential Navy Woven Shorts I bought from KRA is certainly a summer staple in men's wardrobe. Whether lounging on the beach or strutting the city streets, this one will put your legs in a relaxed movement. 
Overall my shopping experience with KRA has been absolutely satisfactory on following pointers-
  • Easy and flawless ordering process
  • Quick dispatch and timely delivery
  • Smooth navigation on the website
  • Correct product info especially sizing and fabric
  • Excellent product quality

KRA is currently offering amazing discounts on most of the product categories including Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Joggers and much more under Knockout Summer Sale. So avail the exclusive offers and fill up your summer closet with some chic and easy summer wardrobe updates.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

A Tokriful of Handloom Gifts For the Women ft. iTokri

Finding the perfect gift for the woman who has your heart is easier said than done and when it’s time to express respect and gratitude towards special women in your life on the occasion of Women's Day, you won't like to miss out on making her feel loved with a thoughtful gift. 
Most women have their personal favourites ranging from elegant ornaments to indulgent spa treatments to dinner dates and what not, but one of my favorite ideas is gift them the most treasured present of the season which makes a gift of utility as well. 
Luckily, many online platforms are flooded with exciting gift ideas these days, but not all of them are equally useful for every woman. So this time when I was planning to order gifts for my mum and sister, I decided to first evaluate the personality of my wonder women and then buy gifts depending on their current needs. Instead of sending across a surprise gift, I had a casual chat with them about the gift and caught the hints they dropped. 😉
And finally I shopped for beautiful Jacquard South Cotton fabrics from one of the trusted website for all of us in the colour and patterns of everyone's choice. My shopping experience went so good that I couldn't resist sharing with you all.

First thing first, why I did I buy these South fabrics? 
As the temperature has started rising in North India, it's important to make smart fabric choices that looks graceful without showing sweat patches during the heatwave. Cotton fabric is the best pick for its breathability, light weight and easy maintenance attributes. Amongst various variants available for cotton fabrics, the bordered South cotton literally has my heart. Available in hundreds of colours on iTokri, each one is prettier than the other depicting vibrant spirit of India. 
A special mention goes for the no-plastic packaging of my order (as seen in pic above). Team iTokri is not only making waves across community with their ultimate business ethics, but also is mindful of phasing out plastic and sticky tapes etc with recyclable alternatives which results in improved sustainability. My package arrived in a paperboard box with a handwritten note and two indigo cotton hankies as a sweet gesture. Kudos!
Those who're keen to explore the site, the good news is that iTokri not only houses fabrics but also offers a multitude of clothing items like sarees, stoles, skirts, kurtis for women of all age groups. You may even find jewellery, accessories, bags, face masks and footwear etc that will help you create a complete curated look for yourself. 
I love that exclusive section of the website which presents an array of authentic handicraft items fetched from different states of India. One can handpick folkart paintings, handcrafted stationery, pottery items, bamboo items, copper and brass items in wallet-friendly prices. Such items make an excellent corporate gift item too. 
Last but not the least, quick delivery is the major USP of iTokri that definitely earns them more of satisfied and returning customers like me. ✌
Hope you 'njoy shopping with them!

Monday, 28 February 2022

Guide for Choosing Women Shapewear

"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection." - this sounds so thought-provoking, yet is not accepted the way it should be. 
Most women crave to flaunt an aesthetic body featuring their physical proportions that are symmetrical and balanced like famed celebrities. They make every possible attempt to resemble the iconic hourglass figure conforming to ‘smaller-waist-bigger-bust’ standards. But it’s important to remember that the perfect measurements that those celebrities show to impress us are not as real as they seem to be. In my opinion good dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and certain tweaks to our fitness routine can certainly influence the way our body looks. 
However, if you want to lose inches around your waist, hips or chest, there are fashionable compression garments making a buzz in the women-centric fashion world to effectively create an illusion of flatten tummy. Yes! we're emphasizing the use of body shapers for women that beautifully smoothen any lumps and bumps while accentuating the bust. Wearing a shapewear helps the body contour for achieving a feminine silhouette. Women body shapers have a typical elasticity. They not only help the body gain spinal support but also prevent concerns like humpback, flat hip, bulky leg etc. These body shapers are tight, body-hugging and completely discreet so they cover up women's weak spots while rendering a great posture for an ultimate confidence boost.
Since shapewear make women look sassy and graceful, many of them prefer to wear these on special occasion to zip themselves in a specific type of outfit. But there have been anecdotes from real users who vouch for the efficacy of shapewear when they wore it as workout waist trainer on regular basis while enjoying their everyday activities including the gym. 
Many women who initially found it difficult to even get the hooks closed for their waist trainers were successfully able to transform their figures incorporating a well-fitted workout waist trainer in their training regimen. 
For a last piece of advice while picking up the appropriate shapewear or waist trainer, I would suggest to select a garment wisely that targets your problem area, fits properly as per your hi-waist, low-waist and hips measurements & doesn't cause you pain or numbness in any body part. Because if you want to live in a compression garment for few hours every day, it should feel like your second skin.