Thursday 30 June 2016

Line your Eyes WIth VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kohl (Green & Blue) - Product Review

Want a shift from basic black kajal and create looks beyond classic black? Colored kohls are the latest can't-live-without beauty product for most women and are hugely appreciated to create all the drama. I got two of the kohl shades from VLCC other than intense black and these are how they look and perform...
Product Description: 
Nothing speaks to the world more than your eyes. Whether simply lining the eyes with a neat, clean stroke or experimenting with dramatic winged lines, Kajal is a must-have for women’s makeup. With VLCC Enchanting Eyes Blue & Green Kohls you can achieve many intense looks that accentuate the beauty of your eyes. The stunning blue and green shades to brighten up your looks and make the lasting impression from office to evening outs. So go ahead and woo the world.
Key Ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxy silicate (and) Polypropyl silsesquioxane, CI 42090:2, Caprylyl Methicone, Bees Wax,Euphorbia Cerifera,C20-40 Alcohols, PVP/Eicosene Copolymer,Mica (and) CI 77891,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, CI 77891 Copernicia cerifera, Ozokerite Wax, Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Price: Rs. 245 each
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.
Weight: 0.3 gms.

VLCC colored kohls are available in two shades currently i.e. Green and Blue. Both the kohls have similar packaging. They come in retractable pen format which is packed in catchy orange cardboard packaging. The kohl pens have color coded labels at the cap for easy identification. The pen's cap is tight enough not to come off unexpectedly.
The kohls are very creamy in texture and are nicely pigmented. Single stroke gives rich, visible color to accentuate your eyes. Repeated strokes for twice or thrice intensifies the look beautifully. The smooth application causes flawless line to come up without jerks. But its too soft to break easily, I wish its toughness can be increased.
The kohl are not completely water proof, but don't easily bleed on eyes if your eyes get watery for some reason. Infact, it lasts decent time period on my watery eyes, if I manage not to rub my eyes all day long :P Just like VLCC Intense Black Kajal, these kohls also need to to be cleaned using a good quality creamy makeup remover, so that it doesn't either itch or leave its impression behind. 
Overall, these colored kohls are a good break from usual black kajal and can be fairly acceptable for daily wear because these are non-shimmery and look gorgeous.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Ethicare Remedies Hydromax Emollient Lotion Review

Almost an year ago, I had reviewed Hydromax CT Cream from Ethicare Remedies that is meant to combat dry skin issues. In the similar efficacy, I tried their Hydromax Emollient Lotion this time to assess its effects on my skin. So here we go for its details -

Hydromax Emollient Lotion comes in a simple plastic bottle with Flip cap. The label on either side of the bottle give required information. The bottle is packed in cardboard box of same color theme.
Product Claims:Maximum hydration through maximum occlusion offers Truly longer lasting action. Specially developed formula ensures rapid healing. Optimum effect in severe dry skin condition.
Ingredients: (refer image below)
Price: Rs 199 for 100 ml
Expiry Date: After 3 yrs of mfg
I relate the name 'Hydromax' to a product supplying Maximum Hydration with which the skin can be rightly benefitted. I always prefer to have emollients that are light on application but don't cause breakouts or extra shine.
The milky white, medium thick consistency Hydromax Lotion is a rich formula blending Shea Butter and Kokum Butter. A dollop of the lotion is enough for envelop your body skin and starts working immediately to restore essential skin moisture. The hydration of this quick absorbing lotion lasts really long.
For oily, acne prone skin, the lotion might be greasy, hence not suitable; but a regular daily dose of Hydromax prevents flaky, itchy and tight skin issues that are major concerns of dry and extra-dry skin people. Even combination skin may attempt applying Hydromax on the drier areas of body for a moistened feel.
The lotion is ideal to attain instant smoothness and healthier skin on dry body parts so I love massaging it lightly on my elbows, feet and neck for a serious boost of moisture.
Oops, forgot to mention, the lotion smells too good. I frankly didn't like the smell of Hydroax CT Cream that I had used last year and was apprehensive of similar fragrance in this lotion. But to my great surprise, this product has lovely scent.
The ingredient list mentions 'preservatives' in it, which is somehow a turn off factor. But with the impressive ability to feed desperate dry skin with intense moisture, this budget-friendly lotion can be a life-saver.

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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Stepwise Facial At Home Using VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

Home Facial is a promising idea for lazy people like me who always have excuses to go to a salon to get pro services. And if you live in a big city, its an expensive affair too. But when the skin gets dull, develops patchy areas and gets tanned due to carelessness and other reasons, there has to be a mandatory session to get back the lost glow, improve blood circulation and improve health of your skin. 
I gave VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit a try recently and it faired really well on my skin. Its a 6-step complete facial system, and here is my opinion for the same.
Price: Rs. 250
Expiry: within 3 yrs on mfg.
 Ingredients of Individual Contents: (Refer Image below)
Kit Contents
This anti-tan facial kit includes 6 individual sachets for skin lightening which should be used in a orderly procedure to attain the result. This kit is easy to use and perfect for at-home facial.
My experience with step by step procedure:

Step 1. 
Aloe Vera Cleanser Cum Toner:
Its a prepatory step to make the skin ready for the facial. The two-way formula deeply cleanses the skin and minimizes the pores.
The pre-facial cleanser cum toner is a white colored cream with soothing fragrance. It has Comfrey extracts and aloe vera juice. Easy to spread and non-greasy formula does the job of removing pollutants from top layer of skin. After a massage of 2-3 minutes, I wiped my face with wet cotton ball. I could see the dirt and impurities coming on to the cotton ball. Its tiny sachet with the screw cap is a good option to store the left-over product.

Step 2. Oatmeal Scrub:
The Oatmeal Scrub is to be mixed with water and applied on face and neck area. It smells as natural and mild as you smell when mix water in whole wheat flour. The scrub is very gentle on skin and no abrasive at all. I massaged it on skin with wet hands else it dries up soon and rinsed it off after 2-3 minutes. It oatmeal scrub removes dead cells and reveals the natural glow on the face.

Step 3. Melawhite Gel
I followed the scrub with a layer of Melawhite Gel on exfoliated skin. The gel is made of cucumber and aloe vera extracts & has deep but pleasant fragrance. It felt sticky initially but after a while settled into skin without making me feel uncomfortable. Remember not to wash it off. It gave nice cooling effect to skin while rejuvenating it.

Step 4. Pista Massage Cream:
Next, I applied was the Pista Massage Cream for cellular protection and hydration. Loaded with Pistachio and Nutmeg, its a multi-action formula to give radiance. The pista-green color cream is quite thick and intensely moisturizing. Doesn't spread very easily, so patiently rub it on skin for around ten minutes and give it time to absorb into the skin properly.

Step 5. Melawhite Pack 
The final sachet in this facial treatment is the Melawhite Pack that is enriched with Winter Cherry and Aloe Vera extract which brightens, lightens and evens out dull and damaged skin. It has super refreshing fragrance and felt so good to inhale. The pack, though in cream form, is bit dry. I'm thinking of mixing some rosewater to dilute it for easy application. 
Step 6. Oil-Free Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel:
After an enjoyable facial done on myself, applying the Post Facial moisturizer is the concluding step. Its a bright yellow gel with watermelon and cucumber extracts. The cool scent of this gel instantly lifts your mood. It also has SPF 15 to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The outcome that the VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit gave was better than my expectation. Though none of the product can turn your fair overnight, but a gradual improvement also satisfies me.
The kit lasts for 2-3 facial sessions and cannot get over in single use for sure. So the storage of left-over products in sachets is the major issue here. I'm amazed at how economical each facial costs. I would love to try more variants in future that the brand has to offer..

Handmade Wire Woven Jewelry from All_bout_Bow

Fashion Jewelry is giving us endless choices... Different shapes, colors, patterns and materials are being used to make stunning statement pieces. One of the freshly raved technique attracting me these days is Wire Woven Jewelry intermixed with colorful beads, stones, mirrors and much more to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, body jewelry, rings and what not.
I came across an Instagram store All_bout_Bow exhibiting eye-catching bows n bow accessories. But scanning the store closely, I realized that the store not only sells bow accessories, but there I found my fav metal jewelry along with some more exciting items like lace jewelry, tassel jewelry and dream catchers etc at this Surat based store.

Since I was eyeing exclusively on some wire-mesh ornaments, I ordered a really cute nest and eggs pendant with long chain. It looks much striking with round silver strings cleanly clustered together with two cute pearly beads.
Another creative piece I got is a pair of earrings in bronze tone. I like its darker color tone which gives antique richness and add weight to this piece. I must say the edges of the earrings are absolutely smooth, so won't hurt or sting. The single turquoise beads is the life of this pair. ;)
I'm happy to have these bits of string which are unique, inexpensive and also can be made to order on customization :)

Excited to order another package with more cool stuff soon. Do explore the quirky yet cute stuff at All_bout_Bow and make a lasting statement.

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Sunday 26 June 2016

Fascinating Fashion Jewelry From Bornpretty Store

Accessorizing outfits with fashion jewelry is the trending style of ornamentation. Fashion Jewelry is not only affordable, but cheers every kind of dressing style. Many a times, I purchase such jewelry pieces for gifting purpose as well and these are truly accepted with a lot of zest by my female friends and family members. To make an online purchase for fashion accessories, Bornpretty Store is one of my most favoured site where numerous chunky, stylish and designer accessories are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Just a few days ago, I ordered some delicate jewelry considering my choice for the season because I avoid being laden with heavy material during summers. My well-packed order got delivered in two weeks exactly with all these pretty accessories and I couldn't wait to style each of these :)

Most of the time, I like dressing up casually and a pendant in long chain is the best necklace style for me. The Posh Whimsical Ball Shaped Necklace with two hollow balls hanging in there tickled my fancy in first glance. For a price of $2.53, it looks much more royal in cut and finish.
This delicate pendant is apt to show up on a crew-neck dress for a subtle, yet elegant appeal. It surely got me well-deserved compliments ;)
Then I wanted a necklace for the dresses which have broader scoop neckline or boat neckline. Ditching a pendant and opting for a statement necklace is my pick for such dresses, because it fills up the space and adds some interest to my outfit. So I liked Retro Chain Flower Crystal Necklace worth $4.83 that was avalable in so many color options.
Since, I had been shopping for colorful ones in my earlier purchases, I got to order the beautiful White necklace this time to create an aesthetically pleasing look for myself. As oppose to its elaborate design that seems to be heavy, its quite light-weight.
Next I liked a quirky pendant for styling it with my collared shirts ;) I've seen the Owl shaped accessories being talk of the town, but I didn't have one. So added Vintage Colorful Rhinestone Hollow Owl Necklace in my cart for the fun I was missing. It really gives an unfussy and effortless style to even a dull shirt dress.
I found a 6Pcs set of Mini Rhinestone Earrings at a price as low as $0.99, so bought it without giving it a second thought. These are good choice for every day accessorizing when you are not in a mood of matching it with your outfit. The metalic hue goes well with most colors.
Another lovely pick was a pair of my all-time favourite U Shape Ear Clip Studs that shuts with a click when pressed. The reason I like them is the ease with which I may put it on and off without someone's help. :)  The sterling Rhinestones make them look much more pretty. I chose to have them in Golden, though the Silver option is also available. 
How could I forget something exclusive to style with my ethnic outfits. Hence, selected Gold-plated Pierced Bohemian Earrings.
They look really enchanting in classic black and gorgeous golden both, but I'm more inclined towards gold tone, so here is the golden beauty that I received.
I finalized my order with 2Pc set of Plated Fashion Bangle. But against my usual liking for gold, I thought of getting these in Silver and when these arrived I quite liked my choice.
Getting so much to flaunt from Bornpretty Store in such limited budget is an inexpensive way to add glamour and sparkle to my dressing and I always love exploring something new here.
If you loved what I shopped and want to order something really cool for yourself, do use the coupon code WEMT10 and you may get 10% off on your order on any non-discounted product all over the website.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Product Review - ZBlock Sunscreen Gel With 25% Zinc Oxide & SPF 58

Hi Friends

How bad it feels when the gorgeous glow of your skin turns dull and dark due to harsh sun. There is an array of sunscreen gels, sprays, creams and lotions that are hitting the market claiming to save your skin from bearing the heat of sun. The kind of topical product you choose should be directly related to your skin type and the level of protection you expect.

Usually, the cream form is better for dry skin and so is my much preferred type. When Ethicare Remedies introduced a promising sunscreen mainly for dry skin, I knew I had to give it a go. The product is ZBlock Sunscreen Gel With 25% Zinc Oxide & SPF 58.  

After using it for almost a week (with re-application every day), this is my opinion about the product...
Product Description:
Z-Block contains 25% zinc oxide sunscreen. It provides broad spectrum protection against sun rays UVA and UVB also having higher SPF 58 and **** rating.

Z-Block sunscreen is 100% free of chemical actives, so no irritation. Z-Block has break through patented Index Match Technology to ensure non opaque, non whitening sunscreen experience.

Z-Block sunscreen contains Zinc oxide- The only ingredient classified by USFDA that provides broad spectrum coverage across the entire UVB & UVA range.

Z-Block contains Zinclear IM- The most transparent and effective zinc oxide in the world and also approved as organic cosmetic ingredient by Ecocert.
Ingredients: Refer image below
Price & Qty: Rs 599 for 50 ml

The ZBlock sunscreen comes in a squeeze tube which is encased in outer carton. The color theme of product packaging is quite simple without any fancy prints or fonts. The newly purchased tube has a foil seal on the opening hole which I appreciate because there are times when I open the package cap and it starts flowing uncontrollably and creates mess.  
ZBlock, despite its name as GEL, is not actually gel but in cream form. The milky white colored cream is semi-fluid in consistency. The texture is very smooth and velvety. You would experience a faint scent when sniffing directly from the tube, but the sunscreen feels almost fragrance-free upon application on skin.
The running consistency of the sunscreen aids to spread the product effortlessly on skin. The moment I rub it on skin, it blends with natural skin tone and doesn't look whitish. Unlike some sunscreens which offer matte effect, it gives an admissibly oily feel to skin. There is no greasy or sticky feel though, since my dry skin quickly quenches the product. This quality makes the sunscreen best one for dry and extra dry skin people like me. But won't be a preferable choice for oily or combination skin type.

The major USP of this product is its strong SPF 58 formula with UVB support and 25% Zinc oxide. The excellent blend of these traits offers ultimate solar protection. Zinc oxide is the safest active sunscreen ingredient that is destined to provide broad spectrum coverage blocking both UVB & UVA. Yet another feature that I loved in this product is its being 'Very Water Resistant' which means the SPF level stays effective after 80 minutes in the water and that's pretty decent duration. But one thing to ensure is to reapply the sunscreen after a water activity because none of the sunscreens are water-proof. 

The sunscreen doesn't sting or melt, when the summer sun causes me to perspire. Its like applying the formula on face, neck, arms, hands, ears and top of my feet & stay sun safe.
Strongly recommended for DRY skin!