Wednesday 15 July 2015

After Sun Gel from Anherb : Product Review


Summer skin care is a challenge to most of us. Giving extra care to your skin protecting it from harmful sun rays with products exactly matching your skin type is a task in itself.
I am sure each of you must be using a good quality sunscreen that is effectively shielding your skin when you are under the sun, but did you ever apply a sun care product after you reach home facing sun for many hours ?? I guess, not many of you will be aware that we need to use a sun protection skin care product even after coming back from open sun...

Today I am sharing my review on an innovative product from a brand that stresses upon using natural herbs to make skin friendly products. So which brand is that and which product I am talking about..lets explore in details...
Brand Info:
Anzalp Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd., racing ahead since the time of its inception, was born out of a well-established and diversified group of companies that made remarkable name in the field of pharmaceutical trade in India and abroad. Our global forays include product export to UAE, Russia, UK and the USA. They are making powerful strides in the world cosmetic scene by launching their products in India with many unique selling points and aspire to hold a sizable share of the market sooner than later...
Anherb makes sure that your natural beauty forever stays with you. And that's why they bring the best of nature, the best and rarest of the natural herbs from all over India, that beautifies the original you. Go ahead and flaunt the 'BEAUTIFUL YOU'.

Product Info:
Anherb After Sun Gel is the first of its kind designed to provide sun burn relief and combat the process of tanning caused by harmful sun rays. It is a high performance post sun-exposure treatment. With active botanical, it instantly cools,soothes & replenishes sun damaged skin and provides sunburn relief by combating the process of tanning.
Ingredients: Glycerine, Grapewine shoot extract, Aqua Cacteen, Reasun, Vanirea among others.
Effective for: Sun Damage
Product Type: Gel
Qty: 50 gm
Price: 295/- 
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

How to use: Use daily after coming back from open sun. Wash your skin with cold water & apply a uniform thin layer. reapply if desired.

How did I like the product:
The product is a dark orange color gel packed in a white plastic tub. The screw cap is actually very tight on the packaging and has an inner disc lid as well.
The gel resembles honey in color and consistency in the first look. It is mildly fragrant with mixed floral notes. The smell is soothing and feels herbal.
The gel is really thick and you need a thin layer to be applied evenly. It takes few gentle strokes to get absorbed into skin. The skin feels mild cooling post application. As the gel sets in the skin and gets dried, there is no sticky feeling. I apply it twice a day - once after coming back from back and then before going to bed. The gel didn't show the result in a day practically, but gradually I started noticing fairer skin tone that had got tanned during summers.
The gel needs not to be rinsed and is a leave-on product. So it remains within the skin overnight if you apply it in the night and nourishes the skin. The product claims of minimizing the skin damage
and healing are well achievable.

Natural ingredients.
Smells nice.
Sinks in the skin easily.
Works to its claims.
Cures redness of tanned skin.
Calms down the skin irritation.


Anherb After Sun Gel is a product that we usually miss to use. But is a boon to cure the skin damaged due to harsh sun. Though its a bit expensive, still a great natural product to ensure glowing skin without causing chemical reactions :)


  1. Nice review dear :) I love the packaging of this product :)

  2. I came to know about this product for the very first time today and credit goes to your blog and it seems to be a nice brand since you are very choosy for good products.
    By the way, can you please let me know the availability of this product?

    1. Jaya, the link is added within the post to buy.

  3. I have heard of Anherb intimate wash gel but this product am instructed first time here on your blog!!

    1. the intimate wash is under consideration for upcoming post


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