Thursday 30 July 2015

Anherb Turmeric & Lemon Face Wash Review


Today's post is meant for beauties with oily skin mainly who are looking for a product that contains promising constituents to handle skin issues of summers like excess oil secretion, accumulation of dirt and grime within skin. I recommend Anherb Turmeric & Lemon Face Wash that is effective in treating acne, pimples, skin infections and gives clear skin.

Product Details: 
Remove Excess oil and dirt from the skin without disturbing the moisture balance. Get rid from oily look instantly & help in removing oil n gives toning to the skin. Good for controlling acne & Pimples.
Active Ingredients:Turmeric : It gives antibacterial effect while improving the complexion
Aloevera : Help in retaining the essential moisture.
Lemon : Removes excess oil & provide toning there by reducing oil Secretion.

Price: Rs 128
Qty: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs
The facewash comes in a soft plastic tube identical to their sunscreen packaging which I reviewed earlier. The tube has nozzled orange cap to squeeze the required amount of face wash. The cap of newly purchased pack is sealed with a clear sheet to keep the content intact. The packaging looks bright and refreshing overall.

My Experience: 
The facewash is of gel like form in pale golden shade that looks colorless as you pour it on your palm. The consistency is also similar to any gel, neither thick nor very runny. The facewash smells pleasant which is more on a citrusy side like a tangy lemon. It is not going to bother sensitive noses.

I am blessed with clear facial skin and never became victim of pimples etc. But since the face wash is enriched with natural goodness of turmeric, we may expect it to fight acne n pimples due to its anti-bacterial properties.
The awesome combination of turmeric with lemon claims to improve complexion that is true to certain extent as I observed it on myself. Prolonged use of Anherb facewash lightens the skin tone slightly and may show better result if continued.
It is a foam based face wash that lathers decently and effectively removes excess oil from skin. The brand recommends it for normal to oily skin, and mine is dry one. But I still took a chance to use it. The facewash didn't overdry my skin, rather gave me squeaky clean feel. But yes! I followed up with a layer of matte moisturizer afterwards to avoid flaky look.

Best suitable for normal to oily skin.
Decent lather.
Reduces secretion of oil from skin.
Mild citrus fragrance.
Not expensive.
Available at many online portals.

Not meant for very dry skin.


  1. I used many facewashes, but all tend to dry out the skin specially which claim to control or reduce oil secretion. This as you stated is suitable for oily skin. Need to check out this brand.

    1. It does work well Sonali. Since mine is dry skin, I am no one to comment on the oil control thing, but my husband who has oily skin found it effective for sufficient time..

  2. I guess this particular face wash has been blessed with very effective ingredients which will really prevent pimples. I need to get this one for me. BTW your review is really impactful. :D carry on the good work.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jaya. I appreciate how deeply you analyse and even suggest me some products which are not tested by me yet :) Glad to have you on board !!

  3. Truly seems to be a bliss for oily skinned people, will try it out.

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