Wednesday 31 January 2018

InstaCuppa Polar Edition Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Review

For last few weeks, the InstaCuppa Classic Fruit Infuser bottle has been accompanying me wherever I go and I swear, carrying this stylish bottle has actually garnered me more compliments than for my stylish looks. Also there have been queries like "Can we pour warm water in it?", "Is it safe for use by the children?" "Does it keep the liquid cool?" etc.

I satisfied all the queries of my friends and colleagues with my answers except for cooling of water. So if you're also wondering what's my solution to carry along cold water in my bottle during hot summery days, my answer is InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle in 'Polar Edition'.

The Polar edition fruit infuser is an innovative version of classic fruit infuser water bottle by the brand. The bottle includes an exclusive Gel Freezer Iceball which is actually a small detachable container fixed at the bottom of infuser rod. 

This iceball can be unclipped by pulling away gently and is to be placed in the freezer for atleast 4 hours. Fix it back to the infuser rod before you step out and enjoy your cold infused water/any other drinks while you are out.
The infuser rod in Polar edition bottle is bit smaller than classic version to make space for freezer ball at its rear end, but may hold enough fruits to flavour your plain water.
The bottle is made of top quality TRITAN material. Tritan is a recyclable, eco-friendly and BPA-free plastic and so is non-toxic to be used by any of your family members including kids.
Tritan is also impact-resistant and frees you from the fear of shattering, if you drop the bottle by mistake. It also extends the life of the bottle.
Talking about the looks of this infuser, the glass-like clear and stylish look of the bottle makes it look really classy. The superiority of the bottle is that it won't lose its gloss and clarity after many washes. 
You may easily throw it in your college backpack or handbag (like I do everyday) and it won't get scratches. Sturdy enough!! And mind you, the bottle is travel-friendly due to it's light weight (much lighter than glass) and leak-proof design.

The complimentary add-ons with the bottle include an anti-sweat, insulating sleeve containing thousands of tiny air pockets to absorb bottle sweat and offer you cooler drinks. 
You also get a shaker ball to mix protein powder (if you use) in your drink. So, the ones who love protein shakes can utilize this bottle as a protein shaker. This shaker ball made of rust-free stainless steel will easily stir your shake mix without leaving any clumps.
For the cleaning of the bottle, handwashing is recommended. A spongy cleaning brush provided within the bottle starter-kit lets you easily clean the bottle walls from inside. For those using advanced technology for utensil washing, they may wash the top rack of the infuser bottle in their dishwasher as well and it's durable plastic won't warp or crack.
Impressed enough? The bonus point here is that the InstaCuppa Polar Edition Fruit Infuser is priced at no additional cost over it's classic variant. You may buy it for INR 999 from brand website or from Amazon.
P.S. If you don't know many recipes of preparing your infused/detox drinks, you may scan the QR code given with the bottle to download the ebook and master the art of preparing tasty and healthy drinks for yourself.

Thursday 25 January 2018

Why One Cannot Ignore The Need For Water Purifier?

Basic hygiene matters above everything else. If you are not healthy, having a social life, interacting with people, having a successful career is simply impossible.

Water is a basic component to survive for anyone. If it’s not clean, it’s not the same water. Purification standards across India are not uniform, which is also due to the different sources of water. Hence, a water purifier becomes all the more important in Indian households.

Let’s try to understand the source of your domestic tap water. It is either a nearby lake or river; or the seawater. Although the government tries its best to ensure the safe passage of water through extensive pipelines and advanced treatment plants, there is a high chance of water undergoing contamination till the time it reaches your house. That is mainly due to weather, quality of pipes and various other factors. This is why getting the best water purifier is of extreme importance.
Water purification technology has come a long way. The initial purification methods were just simple hacks like using a filter to eradicate the impurities. But with time, many improvements took place, paving the water for RO water purifiers.

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. It is the most widely accepted technology to give you pure drinking water. It uses a semipermeable membrane that helps to eliminate the finest traces of impurities such as heavy metals and pesticides as well as disease causing microbes. Doesn't it remind you something that we learnt in high school, but never thought how it could make our home water fit for consumption. This technology can eliminate various dissolved and suspended species from water including bacteria. Also it can be employed for both industrial as well as domestic purposes. 

RO technology differs basis the level of product testing and the quality of filters used while assembling the purifier. Choosing a purifier for your tap water depends on what type of technology you are looking for. That is where the water purifier price comes into the picture. Prices along with the quality determines how should one select the best RO water purifier in India.

has an extensive range of RO purifiers that not only makes sure that your family stays healthy with no possibility of water borne diseases, but also offers you competitive pricing. Find a few recommendations for Livpure RO purifiers - 

Livpure Envy Plus RO Water Purifier: 
Livpure Pep Plus RO Water Purifier:

Livpure Magna Pro RO Water Purifier:
You can explore the entire range and check the RO water purifier price from their website and decide what variant suits your needs best.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother Review

A smart kitchen gadgets can make your kitchen time fun and stress-free. What made me write this post is an cute-looking gadget i.e. InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother. 
It's mini version of a portable hand blender that has already become favourite of all my family members because of it's ease of operation. Read further to know why?
It's a light-weight, sleek gadget that is battery operated, so can be used on-the-go without worrying for plug-in points. Just insert two AA batteries (these are not included in the package though) and it's ready to use. The whisk and dual spiral of the frother is made of premium 304 grade stainless steel that won't rust and break over the time. What's more? The stainless steel whisk is dishwasher safe too :)
I liked the classy black finish of the gadget that beautifully compliments other kitchen appliances I have. And also it comes with a stainless steel stand to hold the frother when not in use.

Speaking about it's ease of use, the frother has got an ergonomically designed soft-touch handle that provides better grip while you're operating it. As soon as you power the frother and press the button on the top, the motor starts functioning at a speed of 19000 R.P.M. Ensure that you've immersed the frother only half way in the milk (or any other liquid for that matter) and keep moving the frother up and down to generate good foam.
Another feature that I liked for this gadget is that it hardly makes any noise. Now I tell you why it matters to me whether it's noisy. I get up at around 5:30 am every day to prepare breakfast for my family as I have to leave for work at 7:30am. None of the family members would like me to disturb them by using a turbulent device in my kitchen adjoining bedroom where they are enjoying sound early morning sleep ;) With this InstaCuppa Frother, now I get the foamy milk ready for my son when he is about to get up and he is enjoying it more than ever. {Frothy milk seriously tastes too good.}

The versatility of the gadget is that it can be used to froth any
other hot or cold liquids besides milk, be it milkshakes, cocktails, hot chocolate etc. You may also whip eggs to make fluffier omelette or scrambled eggs.

Now coming to the cleaning part, you just need to wash the whisk part under the running water. Be warned not to wet the battery chamber to avoid damaging the device.

The InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother can be ordered at a price of Rs 999 from brand's official website or is available at

Please do chip-in your innovative ideas to use frother, if you have.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Feed Your Body Right - With Vitamin E in Your Diet (Vegetarian)

"Wake up to fitness
That's the little piece of advice on the beautiful glass frame hanging on the front wall of my room that my dad got for me long back. Probably because maintaining a good level of 'fitness' is one of the attributes that we all aspire in our lives.

I'd always wonder how people handle their demanding schedules without falling prey to any major illnesses these days when we all lead such a sedentary lifestyle. People brimming with incredible zest all the time still leave me speculate about what they eat and drink that supplies their body so much of energy. haha ;)

Over the years of my personal experience with picky eaters in my family (not just kids, but adults too), I realised that the best way to keep everybody's energy levels optimum is to adopt a healthy meal-style in everyday routine instead of preparing occasional healthy recipes. Because healthy eating habits have enduring effect on our physical and mental well-being.

For a well-known fact, vitamins are the substances our body needs for normal functioning. The best way to get the daily requirement of these substances is by eating food sources rich in specific nutrient
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Our body has 13 vitamins in total, further classified as fat-soluble and water soluble. Vitamin E is one of the essential fat-soluble substances that is stored in the body's fatty tissue and is used when needed. Technically speaking, Vitamin-E is responsible for protecting fats, cell membranes, DNA and enzymes against damage. But in a layman's language, it is the foundation of our healthy immune system.  

Now, before you expect me furnish an encyclopedia of facts and figures about know-how of vitamins, let me put my records on ;) I'm neither posting some recipes with fancy names that would put your culinary skills at stake nor a medical reference guide. I only wish to inspire every homemaker to tackle mealtime drama in a fuss-free way without compelling any of your family members to 'eat right'.
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Since we're a family of vegetarians, I'm listing some tried-n-tested common dietary recommendations for those who reject animal products in their diet considerations-

Broccoli - The Edible Green Plant
This close relative of cauliflower is most nutrients when eaten raw as salad greens. But the smart ways of cooking broccoli enhance certain health benefits, like it's cholesterol-lowering properties are powered in the boiled form. Not only, it's an ideal antioxidant but a proven detoxifier too. Eating broccoli regularly helps in reducing signs of ageing, allergic reactions and inflammation. It's immunity booster and anti-inflammatory properties prevent cancer and heart diseases. Due to the folate content in broccoli, it minimises the chances of birth defects in babies and so is suggested in the diet of pregnant women.
My family likes broccoli as a side dish. You may quickly steam broccoli stalks in the microwave and serve with a little salt, vinegar and olive oil. My personal choice is roasted aromatic broccoli. You might be surprised, but adding little oil and cheese to steamed broccoli turns into creamy, velvety green pasta sauce that children really love. 
Spinach- the super food of Popeye!! 
That's one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables loaded with multitude of health benefits one can ever have. The beauty of this veggie lies in its versatility. Eat it raw or cooked, it actually doesn't compromise the amount of its nutrients.You can toss it up in salads or add it to your soups, pasta, sandwiches and evening snacks. 
It's absolutely effective to prevent constipation and promotes a healthy digestive tract. The long term health benefits include lower risk of bone fracture, high blood pressure and asthma. My clever idea is to add a cupful of boiled spinach in my flour dough everyday during the winter season and cook chapatis (or any other Indian Breads). That way nobody gets a choice to skip the nutrition ;)

Cucumber - The Cooling Food
With a little source of Vitamin E, this crunchy and juicy vegetable is favourite of most of us. It helps to regulate body temperature, maintains uric acid level and prevents kidney stone. The cucumber extract can be used for topical skin application for a bright and youthful glow. You would probably find cucumber slices in salad or on your sandwich, but you may make delicious pickle, mocktails and baked snacks out of cucumber ;) People like my mom who are diabetic can safely be benefited from the consumption of cucumber juice. And my favourite is to mix grated cucumber into spiced yogurt and enjoy it in my lunch or dinner. You may bring a variation in your recipe by adding seasoning of your liking.
Bell Pepper - Crisp Flavourful Bells 
For a decent supply of Vitamin-E, green bell peppers should be included in your diet in either raw or cooked form. These really compliment the taste of noodles I cook at home for kids. Those who ditch eating raw bell pepper, try tasting it scatter over a green pasta salad. It's aroma ensures to make your food less boring ;) If consumed in adequate amounts, you may enjoy healthy eyesight and may lower the risk of oxidative stress, high cholesterol, and the formation of blood clots.
Kiwifruit - The Emerald Delight
A vibrant and not-so-ordinary fruit that's really a sight for the eyes is the choicest one among fruit lovers. This excellent source of Vitamin-E brings flair to any fruit salad and tickles your taste buds with zingy flavour. The sliced kiwi fruit sometimes softens other fruits in the fruit salad, so I either prefer eating it alone or add it's slices in my infuser bottle to enjoy the tangy flavour in every sip. It's good for keeping the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients under control.

Nuts - Nutrition on-the-go
Nuts are often eaten on their own as a snack. However, they can be added to salads, pastas, breakfast cereals, soups and baked dishes. Almonds, Walnuts and Peanuts are known for their high amount of Vitamin E. Munching a handful of these nuts combats the risk of cardiovascular diseases. We all have those elderly members in our families who strongly advocate consumption of these nuts on daily basis for improvements in brain function and retention. For the busy-bees in this fast paced life, nuts are a quick fix of energy. People who have dry and flaky skin like me can apply lukewarm almond oil or walnut oil on their skin to boost the growth of cells and look radiant. 

Vegetable Oils
Vegetable and plant oils are natural sources of vitamin E and may fulfil great share of our daily intake needs. Olive oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, canola oil, olive oil etc are the best Vitamin E rich oils. I've switched to canola oil from my previous cooking oil as a healthier alternative. It can be used in everyday cooking to stir fry, shallow fry or deep fry the food items. Using it for everyday cooking not only lowers the cholesterol but also improves the appearance of the skin. The high amount of Vitamin E present in canola oil keeps body’s metabolism move at a normal rate which is otherwise a task.

Why Supplements?

Usually our body's daily intake of Vitamin E (i.e. 15 mg) is likely to be fulfilled by the kind of wholesome diet we consume. But if your body doesn't respond to absorb fat properly and/or has digestive disorders, then it's difficult to achieve the intake level from diet alone, thus requires supplementation to avoid its deficiency. I've seen my dad consuming #Evion soft gelatin capsules, one of the most trusted Vitamin E supplements that effectively helps to avoid a number of deficiency-related diseases and age-associated disorders.

Usually adding a daily vitamin E supplement that has an ideal balance of all natural compounds may be a good way to ensure you're taking enough of this important vitamin, but it's always recommended to consult your heath care provider first for any possible interaction of these supplements with your ongoing medication (if any). Lastly, remember that vitamin E is fat-soluble, so these supplements are best absorbed when taken with food.

Hope these Vitamin-E rich vegetarian choices grabbed your attention and maybe it’s time to start adopting these in your diet to enjoy better health yourself! Got any tips for us, please share :)

Sunday 21 January 2018

Choosing The Right Sanitary Napkins ft. Bella India

After a certain age, all females need to use sanitary pads for menstural protection. While some women are quite selective for their period-protection pads, many other have a misconception that all  pads are the same and anyone may pick any. But the fact is that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work when we choose this feminine hygiene item.

Today I'm trying to cover important aspects that we women should take into consideration before we mark a brand our favourite for Sanitary Napkins-

Just like our body size is not same as of any other woman, the sanitary pad we choose also has to be in sync with our body type. Usually theses are available in S, M and L sizes; but many reputed brands have got larger sizes as well to prevent fluid leaking and fit women’s unique body shapes. The young girls who will be buying sanitary pads for the first time should quickly grab off the right size off the shelf as the sizes are clearly marked on the outside cover of the package. I personally have got my requirements sorted by ordering Perfecta napkins in L, XL and XXL from Bella India that are almost 40% longer for the days when you experience heavy flow. 

Another factor that women should consider is their preference of 'wings' on the pads. The winged pads have flaps on either sides of the pad to make it more convenient and safe to fix the pad on the panty. You just have to remove the adhesive back strip and wrap it on both sides of your panty to avoid slip off. If you prefer pads without wings, just ensure you press the pad against your panty surface adhesive side down. You may try different types to find which ones suit you better. I generally prefer these with wings but have got myself some unwinged napkins from Bella India this time for regular flow on later days of menstural cycle.

It's obvious to experience that offensive odour during periods and many women feel self-conscious about the possibility of smelling bad. And that's what gave brands a reason to craft sanitary pad with deoderant or mild scents. I'm going to try Bella India's Perfecta Napkins in Deo Fresh variant to check how good it is to mask this unpleasant smell. 
I remember my early years of womanhood when the pads were shaped with almost straight edges. But with the advent of new technologies in the past years, we have got an assortment of anatomical shapes that makes the pad adjust to our body's curves. This shape also offers freedom of movement while we walk, run, drive or simply lie down. Bella India has a wide selection of such thoughtfully designed pads and I've got many of them to try.

While working on various parameters of sanitary pads ranging from length, breadth, shape etc; the third dimension is to talk about its thickness. The objective of using the pads of preferred thickness not only induces comfort and self-confidence in women, but also empower them to live their lives with vitality during their periods. Bella India urges to satisfy your inclination by offering both traditional and ultra thin napkins. Regular Drai, Regular Drai Wings, Maxi Drai Wings, Regular Softi, Regular Softi Wings and Maxi Softi wings napkins have 6 mm of thickness and they don't have magic gel. They are preferred by women who trust traditional thickness of pads. All the variants that are shared in the post with "Perfecta" name in it are ultrathin with 2 mm of thickness and they have magic gel technology as well. These products are the best for active modern girls.

The absorption capability of the pad directly affects women's health. Because if a pad doesn't soak the blood well, it will not only be causing leakage but will also result in skin irritation, vaginal infection and many serious health issues for females. The material of top sheet on the pads decides the absorption level and feeling of dryness. Bella India has incorporated Special Magic Gel technology in most of their women hygiene products that lets our skin remain dry.

Breathability is unique feature of the back sheet or the lower layer that is attached to your panty. It has micro holes through which fresh air can circulate and protect from skin irritations. But these holes are hundreds time smaller than molecule of liquid, so only air can pass thorough them and liquid is stopped. It protects from skin irritations and rashes. Due to air circulation, skin doesn't sweat and irritations don't happen, so women feel very comfortable. Bella India is the only provider of breathable napkins in India. 
So next time when you are investing in a sanitation essential for yourself, do make an informed choice and make your life easier.

About Bella India:
Bella offers a wide range of products including sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and other intimate hygiene products. The success of Bella brand is primarily the care for the highest quality products, openness to modern technology and willingness to create a flexible offer. If you're keen to know the brand and its products better, reach here