Sunday 26 July 2015

Anherb Sunflower Extract Sun Screen Review


How are you enjoying summers?? I am finding it so difficult to stay untanned in this hot weather. Its a challenge when you don't feel like covering yourself with full sleeved clothing and scarfs etc & still want to avoid effect of sun rays on your delicate skin.

Recently I make you introduced with a After-Sun Gel from Anherb which was liked by many readers and they requested me to suggest some good sun screen. So I have this post ready for you that talks about a sunscreen with not only higher SPF but with reasonably good TPI.

Product Details:
Light, Quick absorbing lotion with essential moisturizer. Sun Screen (SPF 40 ) -UAV1, UAV2, UVB filters provides balanced & broad spectrum protection from harmful sun rays even in water.
Anherb Natural Sunscreen Lotion with intense sun screens - protects against UV-A1, UV-A2, and UV-B, Contains natural ingredients like Vitamin E, Sunflower Extract.
Sunflower Extract : High in Vitamin A, C & D with Beta-Carotenes. Combination of such elements act to nourish, rehydrate and rejuvenate skin cells.
Vitamin E : Protects skin against free radicals thus delays signs of aging.
Aloe Vera : Helps to soothe and rehydrate skin.
TPI : ( Tan Protection Index ) Higher TPI means better protection from tanning. The photo stable formula works even after splash of water.
Matte Effect : Gives you oil free, non sticky look.

How to use: Before going out in the open sun even on cloudy days, apply generously to the exposed area of your body like face, hands, feet & back.

Price: 225/- 
Qty: 50 gm.
The Anherb Sunflower Extract Sun Screen comes in a white squeeze tube packaging with bright yellow, black and orange print on it. The tiny nozzle on the cap helps to dispense sufficient quantity without fuss. All the minutest details are imprinted on both sides of the tube.
How did I like the product:
Though I don't roam around frequently during day time. But its quite hot and humid in open when I come back from work in the afternoon every day. We all know how Indian Summers can cause us immediate tan. And when its a daily affair, then special care needs to be taken.
The Anherb sun screen is a white creamy product. I had great expectation from the product due to its higher SPF content i.e. SPF 40 which is supposed to make the sunscreen much effective in providing protection from harmful sunrays.
When you swatch the sun screen, it leaves no shiny layer or white cast behind like many other sunscreen do. It gets absorbed quickly resulting in matte finish. Thankfully!!  I loved the sweet floral fragrance in the first usage itself. But the perfume is too mild that you won't be able to smell it until you purposely smell yourself to check. I somehow can distantly relate its perfume with Johnson products ;)
I am applying it mainly on my face, arms and exposed areas of back. Its formulation provides you protection from UV-A1, UV-A2 and UV-B sunrays too. I personally used to consider only rate of SPF in a sun screen till now, but now I got to know about importance of TPI (tan protection index)as well. One should choose a sunscreen that is infused with ingredients that prevents darkening of skin. I am happy to found one.
This sunscreen also claims to be water resistant, so it can be your preferred choice if you are going to work out causing a lot of sweat or are going for a swim etc. (though I didn't check it personally).
As per the general conception of SPF, this sunscreen with ratio 40 should protect your skin for 40*10=400 mins i.e. almost 6 hrs before you think to reapply it, which is quite a good reason to use it. 
Infusing sunflower extract has been a pleasant news to me as I have never used any sunscreen that boasts of maximum beneficial properties. 

Enriched with natural ingredients Sunflower Extract.
Mild Perfume.
Needs reapplication after long hours only.
Advisable to apply during cloudy weather also.
Not greasy or oily.
Provides broad spectrum protection.
High SPF and TPI.

May seem slightly expensive to some.

Overall Opinion:
Anherb Sunflower Extract Sun Screen is much acceptable sunscreen for Indian summers for its light texture and broad spectrum protection. It helps to avoid getting tanned and suits all skin types. Its quick absorbency and matte finish make it my fav. :)


  1. It really protects even in water too ? :o I really need one for I am avoiding going to water parks just because of the fear of getting badly tanned. :( please suggest

    1. I actually does Jaya. Go take a ride on those water slides now ;)

    2. Haha! :D You are a life saver. Thank you :*

  2. Anherb products are made with natural ingredients, need to check some. But all seem pricey to me!!

    1. not all, but some are pricey. But again, if it suits our requirements and doesnt harm, a bit extra can be paid for that.

  3. nyc review..i think i ll buy it for my daughter ,as she travels a lot in this humid weather ....wanna give it a try :)

    1. Do purchase one Kanchan. Finding a skin friendly product is nothing less than a blessing.


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