Thursday 31 July 2014

Skyscanner gave me wings ...

My summer vacations just got over ... I have no such wonderful memories of the month-long vacations as I spent the entire month at home with my junior just surfing internet, doing some craft work  and spending enough time socializing on FB, Twitter or IG :/
Hubby dear, the dedicated dynamo, had been busy enough to even talk about holidaying or  waste any second lollygagging around.
And me, the understanding better-half, didn't like the idea of enjoying without my soulmate and cheating my ideal plan of FAMILY GETAWAY... So finally I resumed working again one fine day,  realizing a deep sadness making a place in my heart for ruining my precious time :(

It was just yesterday that I got to receive a mail from hubby with a link in the subject line itself saying -"hope it can help you find your lost smile"
Clueless to what he actually wanted to show me, I clicked on the link expecting yet another ONLINE SHOPPING SITE to open up from where he wants me to buy some nice stuff ;)
But actually what appeared on my screen was this
I promptly dialed him asking straight forward "Iska kya karu main" and the loving voice from another side replied "Kuch haseen pal phir se aapke saath jeena chahta hoon. Apni pasand ki jagah chun lo, bas budget ka zaraa dhayan rakhna. Ek lakh tak hi manage kar paya hoon main " ;)
I knew good fortune has smiled on me and my dream vacations is on cards now.
OMG, the magic wand of quickly listed the whole set of available airlines and travel agents in fractions of seconds, the moment I typed in my preferred departure and arrival airports i.e. from Delhi to Malaysia along with the flight prices sorted in ascending order showing the most economical prices on the top.
The selection of an economical airlines coud never be easier than this ever and that too with a LIVE AIRLINES COMPARISONS, PREFERRED DATES, DIRECT OR STOPPAGE PREFERENCES and NO EXTRA CHARGES FOR BOOKING :)
I started flying with the wings of imagination letting me soar higher n higher ... Suddenly I realized what about our accomodation now !!
A li'l thumbnail at the bottom of the Flight Booking window caught my attention asking for "Need a hotel in Kuala Lumpur?"
Oh Yess!! again Skyscanner came to my rescue  when i clicked on "Search Hotels" ... The massive list of hotels with elaborated features of each accomodation got displayed with their respective price tags. I was rolling my eyes to look for some place hiring which doesn't dig a hole in hubby's pockets ;) So I chose to sort the hotels on PRICE and booked a TRIPLE ROOM at very affordable price of INR 4779 with amenities like free parking, complimentary Wi-Fi access, hot shower and safety deposit box etc. What else could one ask for !!

The last requirement on my wish list was to opt for right type of private transport for which I used the CAR HIRE facility on the site itself. I booked a campact, small family car for INR 2931 per day basis which can be called as per my site-seeing schedule.
Now relieved to fly off to a Classy, Luxurious, Magnificent journey to Malaysia; I packed my essentials and made a list of attractions we were going to witness at the location. 
Batu Caves

Bird Park
  The opulent design of the Kuala Lumpur Tower tells the story of its glory and reminds you of its accomplishments every time you look at it.
Kuala Lumpur Tower

Once you enter the Crystal Mosque, a grand spectacle of opulence awaits you. Seems like it is designed to give you that feeling of magnificant adrenaline rush
Crystal Mosque

Now I could read my hubby's expressions saying "Thank you for not burning holes in my pockets and giving each of us an experience of lifetime"  <3 coz we had successfully managed to enjoy the trip in less than planned budget of INR 1 lakh.
Flight : Rs. 57632/-
Hotel: Rs. 14337/-
Transport: Rs. 6000/- 
We had some surplus cash in hand, so  a nod from hubby for shopping was not that tough job ;) We explored the local markets and grabbed some awesome deals ...

  After a glorious experience with skyscanner, we were ready to step in the same chaotic world; but definitely with a richer feeling of positive vibes of that classy lifestyle and impeccable taste for every moment spent at Malaysia.

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Tuesday 29 July 2014

My Shopping Extravaganza at Lifestyle OFFSale season

Lucky are those who have their bday this Sale Season, and its more enjoyable when the not-to-miss discounts are raining at Lifestyle Store :p

My li'l bundle of joy is one of those lucky chaps as his excitedly preparing for his 8th bday coming week :) While driving to my office, I was attracted towards Lifestyle STore's #offSale banner again n again, so decided to walk in a nearby store last weekend to shop for bday boy's outfits for his special day :)
As we stepped in, my son almost dragged me to the kids section upstairs to have a look at the wonderful collection where almost every fantastic brand had great discounts to offer.

I had planned to buy one pair for the bday boy, but looking at the not-to-miss deals, I practically failed to resist picking some lovely pieces for myself n hubby too :P

Have a look at what all we got to buy from Lifestyle OffSale
Red Trouser for my son Brand JUNIORS MRP 899/-, Discounted Price 476/-
Mustard Yellow Trouser for my son, Brand JUNIORS, MRP 899/-, Discounted Price 476/-

Round Neck Tee for my son Brand JUNIORS MRP 250/-, Discounted Price 212/-

Men's Collared Tee, Brand FAHRENHEIT MRP 899/-, Discounted Price 572/-

White Men's Shirt, Brand CODE, MRP 1299/-, Discounted Price 689/-

Ladies Kurta, Brand MELANGE MRP 999/-, Discounted Price 529/-
Total Purchase : Rs. 5245/-
Bill Amount : Rs. 2954/-

Thanks Lifestyle Stores for irresistable discounts and fabulous product range !!

The staff at the billing counter as well as display sections n dressing rooms have been so co-operative and polite to make my shopping experience a pleasant one.

Everyone of us was smiling at each other holding shopping bags in our hands.

Saturday 26 July 2014

IOFW-2014... Revolutionising the Fashion World Already

 In India, we have some fashion weeks that gather enough of public focus, but its the time to witness the world's first online shopable Fashion Week IOFW that kick started with a bang yesterday and significantly got added to the fashion conversation.

Infact, I was so enthralled with the show that I almost forgot to share with you all the schedule for the week starting from 25th to 31st July with the detailed events :P
IOFW will launch five individual shows each day at 5 different time slots which are  12 noon, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Day 1 (25.07.14) 
The videos for Day 1 include 
models' and photogrphers' auditions,
the Jury for both the genres talking about their expections and experiences,
backstage fun n drama at auditions,
final winners selected in both categories and ofcourse
the concept of 'shopable fashion week' reviewed by participants :)

Day 2 (26.07.14) 

Yet another day of the IOFW brings some colorful clips on an awesome Saturday where stylists express what they feel about color of the season wud be and predict for what their hearts say. We get exclusive makeup tips with detailed elements to cover for that perfect look :) Some backstage drama of the Makeup Artists / Hairstylists n Designers' auditions won't be less spiced  out ;) And the fortunate winners of all three categories will be sharing their feelings about the proud moments in lives on DAY 2.

Day 3 (27.07.14)

Since the Day 1 and Day 2 cover all 5 categories of particpants and captures the winning moments as well, Now what does Day 3 has to show to its audiences !!
Well, Day 3 on a fine Sunday, has to take us on the virtual tour that would actually reveal the extensive action happening backstage before presenting the winning participants on that platform of IOFW.
Not got my point yet?? On Day 3, we get to watch the grooming sessions for all selected winners i.e. the 20 models, 15 designers, 5 makeup artists, 5 hair stylists and 5 fashion photographers on their Looks and Outfits Fittings. I'm all excited to notice the minutest details :P

And then comes the gala time that can make each of us shop for exclusive designer stuff, 

starting from Day 4 onwards...

Day 4 (28.07.14)

Day 4 calls for the launch of 5 exclusive designer collections namely:
Aastha Bahl
ANS by Astha & Siddharth
Dressology by Amit Arora
Sidharth K Kakkar

Day 5 (29.07.14)
Day 5 unveils the launch of 5 exclusive designer collections namely:
ILK by Vinita & Shikha
Swagger by Saj
Armaan & Aiman
Timsy & Siddhartha
Day 6 (30.07.14)
Day 6 becomes the launchpad for 5 exclusive designer collections namely:
Azalea by Aditi Gupta
Bhootsavaar by Nitin Bal Chauhan
DIR 69 by Tanu Bagai
Shreya Mistry 
Rajdeep Ranawat 

And here is a sneak peek into the concept of the collections to be launched by two of esteemed designers namely Rajdeep Ranawat and ILK by Vinita and Shikha..
ILK by Vinita & Shikha - Collection Preview
Rajdeep Ranawat - Collection Preview

Day 7 (31.07.14)

Live streaming of the Grand Finale on directly from the venue of the final event in the presence of two of the Show Stoppers - Ms. Yami Gautam and Mr. Aditya Roy Kapur.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Black Magic or Magic of Black ??

Hey Everyone,
This post is in continuation with my previous post where I expressed my lust for BLACK :P 

1. Blending Passion with Purpose

Taking long business trips frequently becomes a grueling experience at times and arranging rides to and from the location needs massive efforts... On my way to such trips, I usually take time to ponder my thoughts on how to make my business trips almost as relaxing as a vacation. Yup, for this reason only there is an item topping my black lust-list since ages.... thats an automobile marvel, A BUSSINESS VAN in SHINY BLACK that makes everyone feel envious to me ;)
Dealing with business chaos within luxurious yet private surroundings on the road itself, can ease down someone's mental anxiety to greater extent sitting on those ergonomically adapted air-conditioned seats having a word with clients/partners.

 A punch of entertainment can lighten the environment with hi-tech multimedia peripherals on the go. Wow, feeling already on a drive in my dream vehicle ;)

2.  An Obedient Helper

I'd been familiar with AI (Artificial Intelligence) since I did my graduation n honestly felt tantalize to believe that someday we would be proudly operating some human-like devices that is simply going to behave like a genie to follow us without raising its brows.
Thanks to the futuristic robotics that I'm able to add a humanoid robot to my Black wishlist that can contribute in the noble cause of reconnaissance and rescue operations for my country.

3. Unparalleled Beauty of a Musical Masterpiece


"Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it." 
Imagine a story being knitted while listening to piano with doors of your eyes closed for the outer world and you will realize godliness taking over you !!
The presence of music unlocks the fullness of our life with its melodious beats tinkling into your ears and not allowing any sorrows touch you :)

4. Soulmate to My Tech-Quench 

Now, Its high time to confess to the world who is keeping me awake till this moment late night :P I know your eyes are looking for its pic ;) You guessed it right!! This drooly gadget took my breath away with its stunning looks features ... Awww, I'm getting madder n crazier every passing moment to touch it, feel it and own it for life long...

5. Light Up My Life

There is nothing as elegant as a modern + classy jet black Chandelier that creates a gentle cascade of light making the place lively and noticable. Though I would prefer to have one with CFL compatibility to save energy for my sweet home ;) But I believe the timeless elegance of a chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it is placed!

Willing to pen down some more exclusive BLACK items... do share whats on ur wish list :)
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Sunday 20 July 2014

Passionate for everything as long as its in 'BLACK' ..

A young mind of 8, sitting besides me, just expressed his interpretation of BLACK to me saying "mumma, i enjoy seeing dense black, rainy, thunderstorm clouds above my head when they pour happiness on me" :D
How innocently he gave me a quick start for this post !!
BLACK, in all forms, has always been a CHARMER to me... It creates an aura of mystery and intrigue that I enjoy being in. 
Wearing all BLACK feels like wrapped in royal sophistication, whereas a hint of BLACK makeup makes me look sensational n sassy ;)
My BLACK smart phone, desktop n laptop spontaneously invite me closer for a soft touch to them ;)
Those BLACK household stuff never fails to prove itself more efficient in performance ...
And yess!! I remember that long wait of 30-40 days to own my first car only in color BLACK :D
Even though I own so much in BLACK, the list is never ending i believe :P So taking only 5 of them is a task indeed ...
The BLACK BEAUTIES topping my wishlist are...

1. Dark Kitchen

I long for remodelling my kitchen into a black island always... The BLACK interiors and cabinets in a kitchen in contrast with lighter hued walls and counter-tops complimented with natural light coming in definitely sounds luxuriously aesthetic to me.  The splash of bronze in lower portion to do the trick of being jewel of kitchen is apt for fine finish :)

2. Pearls

The alluring beauty of deep midnight BLACK PEARLS never captivated me until my beloved (die hard fan of Bryan Adams) sang for me "Black pearl, yeah, my kinda girl. Just the kind of thing to rock my world."  Though I'm still wondering if he meant to point out my wheatish complexion or wanted to let me know my worth in his life by saying i'm priceless for him ;) But the point is that i'm longing for that seductive, exotic, rare and breathtakingly beautiful gem in BLACK for myself <3

3. Camera

An amateur photographer like me can only dream silly of owning a pro-camera like Canon EOS 5D Mark III :P But photpgraphy is something that lets me be an 'Artistic Me'. The dazzling moments that my eyes love and my soul adores are captured with an exceptionally higher dose of drama with a camera. And the gorgeous beauty like the one shown below will inject unbeatable dynamism in my passion someday :)

 4. Cake:

No celebration is complete without a cake-cutting ceremony, and what if I call "LIFE' itself as a 'CELEBRATION' ;)
Believe it or not; the divine flavour, aroma, texture and wow taste of a dark chocolate cake is the most sinful treat for every cocoa lover like me...infact while writing this, i've already decided to bake one now, coz this is the one in my wishlist always !!

5. Tresses Talk

The real beauty of a woman dwells in her dark tresses that can entangle the heart of her lover in its coils <3 Sounds somewhat poetic and romatic, u see. I'm blessed with nice long, black hair and feel proud like God has carved out a real gem for myself. but I really feel scared imagining myself with gray hair someday. So my wish is to flaunt them for next twenty years more atleast ;) 

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Saturday 19 July 2014

Zest For Life - My Supreme Preference....

W. Somerset Maugham once said "It requires the feminine temperament to repeat the same thing three times with unabated zest."

I smiled and my spontaneous thought was like "when each of us is destined to perform one or the other task every single moment, then what's so special in a woman's performance??" The answer lies in the same quote. Its the zeal that we continue showing in all our responsibilities with full strength and force without becoming weaker.

Talking about myself, this zest is sprinkled all over my life when I encounter these lovely happenings....

Angelic Smiles

Those who know me personally would have frequently heard me saying "Share some smiles, Collect some memories" I'm a firm believer of the fact truly. Even I don't mind exchanging a generous, courteous smile with unknown faces I come across walking across the roads, in market or at malls etc. The warm smile on my face not only enhances the beauty of my facial expressions, but leaves a lasting impression in others minds too. 
And imagine, how easily that ice breaks with a loving smile when I'm on a cold-war with my hubby darling ;)
Hey, how can i not mention the divine pleasure that I experience when my junior rewards me with a naughty yet innocent smile proving the fact how cute can these kids look even when tooth-fairy has already taken few of their milk-teeth ;)
My Junior's Smile Adding Zest To My Life Always and My Blog Now
Accolades 'n' Appreciation
There are those self-motivated people who just move on-n-on without someone at their back to provide them a support, but others need a slight push in the form of li'l appreciation or encouraging words. I myself fall in the later category. I feel charged with zesty boost just with a small acknowledgement for my achievements or actions.... be it my kitchen after serving a newly experimented dish, my workplace after covering an event successfully or after learning the first lesson of driving. Motivation is that driver that holds my hand and inspires me to perform zestfully everytime :)
Award of Excellence in Education
  Like-Minded People
Real world is not structured for us to fortunately meet n greet people with similar tastes, opinions, attitudes or interests everytime. We all have clashes with partner, colleagues or friends in our thought process. At times, I strive to have a companion with whom my thoughts might gel-well. So, eventually and luckily when I get to know someone in-n-out and realize "oh,wow! our views are not contradicting"; my heart really jumps with joy saying "here's the zing i needed to pump energy in my life."
thinking about u
For me, travelling always comes with a joy of lifetime. I relieve my stress and anxiety of excessively-burdened lifestyle by planning family trips to far away places which are less-travelled by public generally. I always talk a lot for so many days (infact for months) about my travel experiences and the fading charm for life implicitely gets itself reignited in place. And knowing about new traditions, communities, food etc. is definitely icing on the cake.
My trip to Hampi

Reliving the Treasured Moments

I love flipping the pages of my old photo albums as n when I feel nostalgic. The cherished moments spent with family, friends, relatives and even some unplanned random clicks that turned out to be my masterpiece never fail to add that zest in my life. After spending hours with sweet nostalgia, a contented feeling spreads all around to make me feel like a blessed child of Almighty.
Childhood memories of Raksha Bandhan

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Friday 18 July 2014

My first "Take Me Home Giveaway'

Hey All

Since the day my blog came into existence or actually much prior to that, I had wished to have an exclusive giveaway for my readers. It took me real good time to understand the technical details to make myself 'visible' n 'being noticed' via an FB page of my own.
Anyways, the page is up now for last few days and I planned a rather smaller, but lovely giveaway for you all to celebrate our companionship ;)

(the bigger one can be expected only when my blog achieves a milestone) :)

Without much ado, let me show you what you can win ;)

Seeing the craze for NAIL ART these days, I'm giving this Loreal Paris Color Riche Nail Art Stickers (006 Python) worth Rs. 299 to ONE winner.

I have kept the rules quite simple to follow and less clumsy, so that even if you are able to  spare a few minutes from your packed schedule, you may get urself entered in the giveaway...

Rules to follow :
1. Follow my Facebook Page here
2. Follow my blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
3. Subscribe to my blog via email and make sure to verify your subscription to be eligible.
4. Share the giveaway post publicly on your wall tagging Alive n Kicking. (Only one share would even do during the giveaway period, NO daily shares are mandatory)
5. Tagging your friends is NOT mandatory at all (lets not bother anyone), so inviting your loved ones is entirely your wish.
6. Leave your details (FB name, GFC name, Share links and email) in the comment section under the blog post for verification purposes.

Terms and Conditions:
The giveaway stands live from 19 July, 2014 to 02 Aug, 2014 and is valid for Indian residents. There will be ONLY ONE winner. I will select the winner using some computer generated alogorithm with completely unbiased approach. Winner announcement will be made on or before 05 Aug, 2014. The winner will get 24 hrs to acknowledge his/her winning, else a new winner will be picked.

Thats all !!
And I wud love to read your sensible feedback on my recent posts, so lets get started right away :)
(P.S. Its not a sponsored giveaway. so could afford this much only to start with.. )