Tuesday 7 July 2015

Merry Monsoon Wardrobe from Limeroad.com

The much-awaited monsoon has just hit the town. Its time to breath some air and enjoy mother nature's blissful shower. The vegetation all around seems so fresh and the meaning of soil suddenly becomes more fragrant. The showers awakens the earth from deep sleep and captures its glory in a smiling frame.
While experimenting with some new monsoon delicacies is already in full swing at my home, I am no more relaxed as my fashion focused mind is on a mission to get my wardrobe swapped for rain-friendly outfits and accessories.
Just an extra stylish touch of your fashion sense can quickly steer you through monsoon woes and leave God of rains dazzled with your quirk.
Limeroad.com has it all to counter your cranky mood this wet season.

Apparel - 'Dressing right and still fashionable' is the keyword. Before you decide what outfit to put on, think twice of its fabric. Switch to some water-resistant fabric (like crepe) which are skin-friendly too. Avoid wearing the outfits that take time to dry off and retain the stains of muddy shower till the next wash. Leave your thin-fabric clothing at home that tends to go transparent when wet and dampen your personality. Think of cool capris, knee-length skirts if you love shorts or go for a loose trouser to create an impact for 'on-the-go look'.

Footwear - Feel sorry to your favourite leather, suede or fabric footwear and swap them with reliable rubber, PU sandals that are colorful and fun to flaunt. Bright plastic flip flops, jelly shoes or floaters are your best bet to make your monsoon merry.

Accessories: Let's vow not to make the wet days gloomy and accessorize like usual bright days. Allow the child in you jump out with some silly yet eccentric ideas to layer up some accessories. Play it chic with stack of chunky bracelets, colorful rubber watches, beaded necklaces. Crate a fashion-forward look by strictly ditching allergic metallic jewelery.
I recommend a transparent, neon hued raincoat or printed umbrella as must-have accessories to illuminate the darker days.

Makeup: To spruce up your monsoon beauty, do invest in best quality water-proof makeup. Coz chances are quite bright to ruin your charismatic look as it drizzles without warning. Apply smudge-free cosmetics that blends deep into skin and minimizes the chances to make you feel embarrassed. Dense makeup must be a complete NO with an approval to sheer light makeup. Don't forget to tame your hair in a trendiest messy bun and finish your look with few sprints of water-resistant spray or serum on them.

Some catchy rain-ready looks inspired from my rainy thoughts are extracted exclusively from my fav shopping portal Limeroad.com for #LimeRoadBlogFest :)

I have shared my monsoon mantra with you, do tell me what's yours... Hope the styles curated by me appealed you :) If yes, you may shop them on Limeroad.com.


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