Thursday 9 July 2015

Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative by Dabur Honey

We are living in a world where crash diet is not only a well-accepted health trend among celebrities today, but many youngsters in a quest of attaining physique like their fav bollywood/hollywood stars are also adopting the practice of crash diet.

The entire idea of Crash Diet or Fad Diet revolves around restricting oneself to strict diet plans that exclude fats, avoids calories and carbohydrates to quickly lose weight. People don't even mind taking in unhealthy supplements to obtain the kind of physique they admire. But alas! the crash diet plan is a rude shock to your body and leads to miserable health. Since crash diet misses out complete food groups and mainly concentrates on eating one kind of food, it is no way nutritionally balanced. The nutritional compromises of Crash Diets actually carry terrible health risks for dieters. The lack of essential nutrients in the diet cause deficiency of many important vitamins, minerals etc. that are needed for proper function of our organs, so there is quite a chance to invite diseases like gallstones, dehydration, osteoporosis etc. Other than physical problems caused by crash diet, the psychological and emotional health is drastically affected as the dieters tend to feel depressed, anxious. moody and lethargic. The social behaviour is also adversely saddened.

Infact, its not so difficult to develop the tendency of losing weight in the body via crash diet but the problem is to maintain that weight when you start eating normal. Because the altered working of metabolism causes the body weight to re-bounce and in such situation the results on the body of dieters may be really regretful and disappointing.

So my recommendation is to incorporate healthy alternatives in your diet that promotes excessive weight loss, but not at the cost of hazardous effects on body. An increase in physical activities and intake of nutritional snacks and food items can gradually lead to weight loss that would actually last. The most promising quick fixes to avoid crash diet and still attain the desired body weight are:
Choose to change the habits that practically interfere maintaining body weight. Cut down the consumption of sugar and other sugary sweeteners, rather add a spoonful of honey in its place.

Specially during summers, when each of us is craving for milk shakes, smoothies, squashes and many other sweet flavoured liquids (or semi-liquids), the healthy substitute is nutrients-rich honey to replace refined sugar. I personally am trying out really cool snacks, beverage or dessert recipes made out of honey ... and let me disclose the secret here that its none other than our most trust-worthy name Dabur Honey that has come up an interesting n interactive initiative called Honey Diet that will not only give you honey recipes but the fitness tips to stay active in any age.
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The crux of the discussion is successful and sustainable weight maintenance is a matter of changing some unhealthy habits and sticking to the healthful resolutions your device for yourself. Good nutrition is in your reach now because #HoneyDietIsHere :)

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