Monday 6 July 2015

Jab Na Ho Koi Bandhan, To Khuljaye Bachpan

Right from our birth till we finally sleep, we keep on building relationships...Relationship with our parents, with siblings, with surroundings, with friends, with life partner and with some strangers too. Then you enjoy the experience of the most beautiful relation with your child... a life you produced within you. The strong feeling of attachment with your baby is developed even before its birth. The first-time parents find the responsibility of raising their child extra daunting – especially when they are the sole care-takers with no elderly people to guide them. At times, parents turn a blind eye to be a kind supporter for their kids and just happen to be strict dictator with an extended list of disciplinary rules to be followed all the time. It is

As a parent, I acknowledge the responsibility to help them grasp life skills, keep them safe and secure and to guide them into the most successful profession; but not at the cost of killing their innocence and inherent happiness. Me with my hubby live by the mantra of “buddy parenting”, a philosophy that fosters Khushi Ke Pal in the lives of a child and his parents by simply being buddy best to each other, is a sure-shot way to avoid pitfalls of parenting.

Being a friend to my child is a fulfilling experience when he confides in me and hugs me closer to whisper his little secrets in my ear and I gather all my interest to listen to his stories. He admits his mistakes to his dad with a sorry feeling in his teary eyes. We allow him the courage to express so that he trusts the fact that its alright to make mistakes as long as he is ready to learn from them. 

'Learning' is an evolving process and I, personally as a child, always had this thought residing in my mind that elders too can learn from children, despite being rich in their life experiences. With this thought still in my conscious mind, I am open to learn from my li'l boy when he corrects my pronunciation of the words that have changed over time and also gives me a proud feeling of having li'l master who is polishing my vocabulary without charging any bucks ;) It arouses my feelings of deep pleasure and satisfaction, when he becomes my skilled navigator guiding me how to steer my car and acclaims "No worry mom, you will learn driving soon.." No doubt, we are a happy family shielded by Almighty from the effects of evil eye.

Now, talking the other way round, we observe the children imitating the style and behaviour of their parents /elders, so its a huge challenge to be positive role models to them. There can be some unpleasant moments if parents are over-friendly to their children and tumbledown the accountability of their right or wrong actions without required interference. To avoid any scratch to my Khushi Ke Pal, I keep my eyes wide open for not disregarding any such occurrence that needs to be nipped in the bud. I know my child will get so many friends in his life, but he has only one set of parents who are gladly ready to walk a tight rope for his prosperous childhood, so that his voice bubbling with energy can express to the world around..
"Jab Na Ho Koi Bandhan, To Khuljaye Bachpan
I am destined to rehearse happy family rituals with my partner and my child that will translate into ultimate happy memories for each of us.

I thank Kellogg’s Chocos to for giving me an opportunity to share such ‘Khushi Ke Pal’ from my life.


  1. Beautifully articulated, Shilpa. I have been reading a lot on this topic and it's interesting to see that contrary to what the internet suggests, more and more parents feel that buddy parenting is the way to go. No parenting technique can beat being buddies with you bachcha.

    Here's my post on the prompt, do give it a read please :)


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