Wednesday 21 October 2020

Revenge Never Ends : Poison 2 Web Series Review

Hey Netizens,
Have you heard of this show called, "Poison 2"? 
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It's one of the most beautifully framed web series that I've heard of and seen in recent times. This series recently premiered on ZEE5 Premium and gained momentum right from the first day. Since I had watched season one of the show, I was eagerly waiting for season two and completed the course as soon as it started airing 😅 Now lets talk about why am I all praises for Poison 2...

Noted director Vishal Pandya has come up with yet another adrenaline-filled perfect binge-worthy web series for the admirers of mystery thrillers that you would love to watch. #Poison2, an eleven-episode series, introduces the audiences with new faces and newer storyline. So even if you didn't get a chance to watch its predecessor, you're still in the game. 

Cast & Storyline: 
The web series opens up with the protagonist Aditya Singh Rathore (Aftab Shivdasani) winning the stakes at a race course owned by team ‘Josh’ comprising of her ex-girlfriend Sara, her brother Oscar (Vin Rana) and her husband Harsh (Zain Iman) leaving them with only motive of their lives that is to take revenge from Aditya. The plot unfolds episode by episode to reveal hidden agendas of each of the characters. You would be appalled to see the unexpected sides of their personality in each episode which outlines the fact that #RevengeNeverEnds. You would appreciate how the story moves at a decent pace which is not boring rather makes you want to binge more on it. 
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Speaking of performances, actor Aftab Shivdasani (who made his digital debut with this web series), has literally shouldered the show with his top-notch performance. Other actors too look so comfortable with Pandya’s directing style and show's dramatic tone. Rahul Dev as officer Sikander Malik and Pooja Chopra as officer Isha have managed to leave an impression within their limited screen presence to good effect. 
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The show actually serves as great entertainer with its colorful cast as all the actors shone in their respective roles. I hardly found any moments when the show feels drawn out due to actors' standout acting skills and creative storyline. It would be unjust not to give a special mention for cinematographer Ravi Walia who brilliantly shot stunning visuals that are lauded by audience all over. 

In short, those impactful poisonous dialogues, steamy scenes and intense dark emotions of jealousy, hatred, deceit, anger, and revenge really kept me on the edge of my seat till the last frame. I better keep the mystery alive and leave it for you to unlock the layers of the drama yourselves. So catch up with Poison2 and more such latest shows and movies on ZEE5, India's most loved streaming platform. 

Thursday 15 October 2020

This Festive Season Liven Up Your Home With Elegant Wall Decor

"Home is where our story begins." 

No matter what a 'home' means to each of us, there is something nostalgic about the place we call home. I personally believe that home is not just a place to live in, rather it's a 'warm feeling' that fills your heart. When my husband and I made one of the biggest financial investments of our lives by acquiring our own home years ago, the joy of that possession was unmatched. The thrill of coming home every night has never changed since then. I feel proud of how my family has put everything together in our home not to show off, but to nourish one's well-being. 

With the festive season approaching, we've already started brainstorming for the heavy-duty task of planning home décor for the festivities, because this is that time of the year when our artistic capabilities come to the forefront and must be utilised to its best. Before I begin to pour in my ideas, I would personally recommend everyone to include wall decor in your home decor to-do list. Walls are a strong focal point for any room and a little extra touch to beautify them can transform your space from simply looking functional to an eye-pleasing one.

So here is a ready-reckoner for some elegant, cheery ideas to spruce up your walls that will leave your home sparkling with happy vibes this festive season-

Paints & Textures:
To add the festive flair to your home, start by giving your interior walls a fresh coat of paint to light up the otherwise dull look. Pick some bright colours for the muted corners and make them smile. If not willing to paint the entire room afresh, try giving a gleeful look to the room by creating an accent wall in a contrasting vibrant colour. I personally love textured paints, they reflect your personality and taste through your wall decor.

Well, while you're in for experimenting with stylish wall textures like Sand Swirl, Slap Brush, Pleating etc, always go for professional assistance like Express Painting service offered by leading paint company Berger Paints. They have a brilliant variety of designer interior wall paints to give your walls a rich look. You would be amazed to know that the brand has gone a step further to ensure good health of our families by formulating paints using the Carbon Zinc technology without any lead, mercury and chromium. 
Express Painting App For A Proficient Paint Service:
Berger Paints has recently launched its Express Painting App through which the customer can not only raise a query for painting service but can also monitor how mandatory Health & Safety protocols are being followed by company's safety-trained and certified executives and verified painters during the painting assignment. I won't mind asserting that selecting a globally certified paint and painting company has to be one of the wisest decisions one can ever make.
Wall Stencils:
Decorative stencils are one of the trendiest additions to your plain walls for that temporary, short-term refinement in the look and feel of your rooms this festive season. Choose from beautiful festive themes for every room and stick them in a brilliant pattern. Berger Paints has recently launched their iPaint range of wall stencils. You can recreate beautiful wall stencils like diyas, bells, flowers and make even the dullest corner or wall in the home brighten up. Infact, I feel that the beautiful ideas for DIY stencils are a distinct expressions of the imagination of a DIY enthusiast. The best part is that indulging in stencil decorations requires no prior experience, so gather some courage and embellish your walls like never before. 

Let there be Light:
Festive decor is incomplete without peppy lights brightening up the space. Decorating walls with strings of lights has become customary. This festive season, take a break from the ordinary and spice your space up with a bright décor focus piece. Such a glowing piece on the wall truly dresses them up elegantly and looks so lavish.

To sum up, when you do up your walls this festive season, don't be afraid to experiment with unconventional elements and make sure your decorations are the conversation starter this festive season.