Thursday 30 July 2015

Bollywood Fashion Trends: Then & Now

Every woman’s dream today is to look beautiful and feel good. Whether it's replicating Madhubala’s Anarkali look or Rani’s short kurti suits, fashion trends in Hindi cinema have influenced a lot of people across our country. As the trends evolve, each decade has carved its own fashion footprint in Bollywood. In the initial years of cinema, style divas like Mumtaz, Nargis and Parveen Babi have won million hearts as they roamed around in bikinis and draped themselves in elegant sarees; then followed an era of short skirts and micro minis when actresses like Kareena, Deepika and Alia wooed the audience on the big screen. Individual designers added a spark of freshness in the new millennium through their customized designing capabilities and they are here to stay for sure. This infographic is a snapshot of the changing fashion trends in Bollywood over the years. Here’s a quick look at what made waves in the Bollywood fashion industry, then and now.


  1. Aww.. This is kind of tribute to old fashion. It reminded me of all past famous fashionistas and their unique dressing which we still rely on.

    1. Indeed, we are truly influenced by Bollywood fashion trends and can't simply resist admiring them


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