Tuesday 30 December 2014

Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap Review

Remember my last review post wherein I had mentioned that I got two luxurious soaps from Puriso. See how they looked like when they reached me...
I already shared my thoughts about Puriso Indian Healing Soap here and today's post is about the another handcrafted bathing bar that Puriso sent me i.e Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap. 
The name of this Theobroma soap itself reminds me of chocolates. Chocolates are the UNIVERSAL gift most widely accepted by each n everyone with a smile without any discrimination of age, gender, place, occasion or time. Even the calorie-cautious people don't mind talking a bite secretly to satisfy their craving of chocolates and then feel guilty of their sinful act ;) ha ha ha ... Puriso has given a solution for all chocolate lovers who can't afford to stay away from chocolates by crafting Theobroma Soap :)
The packaging, price and quantity of almost all the soap bars have been kept uniformly similar by Puriso, and I talked at length about all that in my previous post. (So I won't be repeating everything once again in this post to bore you).

Infact the active ingredients are also in sync with other soap bars other than some essential oils, colors and fragrances. This particular soap bar contains Shea Butter other than Vegetable Oil, Soap Base, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, Essential Oil, Permissible Color n Fragrance.

 The soap bar seems like a slice of chocolate cake served to me and smells deliciously sweet like hot caramel. The kids who run away from moms when its the time to take bath will now be readily standing at the door of washroom for chocolaty bath (like my son did) ;)

This soap bar is seriously a feast for the dehydrated skin coz Shea Butter has the properties to nourish skin with super-rich and creamy moisture. My dry skin got instant relief from the effect of harsh wind as I applied a body lotion on damp skin immediately after shower using this soap as it softens and lubricates the skin.
The delicate scent doesn't lingers on for longer, so the people who love stronger fragrances might need to spray themselves with a fragrance of their choice after bath, but this soap would get a THUMBS UP by those with smell-allergic noses (y)

 The soap doesn't dissolves very quick, so I am expecting one soap bar to last atleast one month or more. The awesome combination of Glycerine content plus Shea butter, Cocoa Butter makes this soap effective with healing properties also.

The crux is that the protective and conditioning qualities of Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap make it an excellent choice for all skin types in every weather condition. Try it to believe it!!

*PR Sample

They Shaved Off Their Trademark Beards

Writing in response to acknowledgement of the tag for #WillYouShave activity by one of my blogger friend Rakesh Ranjan in his post http://electoworld999.blogspot.in/2014/12/shave-will-you.html

My bro (a charming boy in his late teens) loved sporting permanent stubble which I almost hated looking at. Every time he styled himself standing in front of the mirror with spiky hair style and those coarse prickly hair on his face, I grumbled uncontrollably on him many times a day. But moving away from the culture of daily shaving, he paid no attention to my words and retaliated at times saying, "Oh di, pleaaaase grow up, stubble is no longer scruffy. Come with me to the college n I'll show you how we get extra attention with short beards...."  The conversation always remained as open as we would find something new to counterattack each other next time  .... 
Days were passing the same way. But as they say 'God has His own way of getting things done" ;) I remember the day when he directly came to me after college and uttered, "jo aap chahti thi wo aaj ho hi gaya" . Keeping my book aside, I looked at him with a question mark on my face and he explained, "our college has started a week-long campaign Shave Off Your Trademark Beard for the students to discourage keeping artfully trimmed permanent stubble that has gone viral among boys & it has spoiled their otherwise groomed personality. You see I've been selected as one of the lead activists for that. And my professor wants to see my clean shaven face tomorrow..."  A silent listener till now, I burst into laughter and winked at him sympathetically...

As the campaign kicked off, almost 2000 students flushed off their stylized beard and came out with smooth faces like our chocolaty Bollywood heroes. My bro with his teammates was actually happy with the response they got and felt like accomplishing a task. Though he didn't acknowledge & vocalized it to me, but I knew him inside out so could read his unspoken expressions :)

The beard story had become months old now & he had got completely comfortable with his NEW  look. Even I was happy to see him that way.... In the course of the term, he had reached his final semester of B.Tech and was preparing seriously for upcoming Campus Placement sessions by some reputed firms/companies. The day when topping the list of few desirable employers, he was complimented by one of the interview panel as the 'most well-groomed candidate", he knew whom to thank for that :)

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Monday 29 December 2014

No Silk On His Face

'TDH' had been the most frequently used cryptic code that me and my girly gang used to whisper as we see a chic fellow in college ;) Our interpretation of TDH was an attractive TALL, DARK, HANDSOME boys who used to rule over the hearts of girls and be the secret 'turn ons' for most females over there. Even few of the girls had the guts to put their lips together & whistle at those smarty stuff  singing loudly 'Chikni Surat Tu Kahan Tha Ab Talak Ye Bataa" and we used to have frequent good hearty laughter at purely delightful incidents :D Then came that geeky personality (sorry, can't name him here) with facial stubble and dark suspicious eyes to our class of under-graduates in the Final Year due to some migration issues.. The tough looking guy in his unshaven face and unkempt hair desperately needed a smooth shave. But somehow this was the most neglected aspect of his personality... Basking in the sun on a sunny winter day in our bunked period in the college, my friend had titled him 'Scarecrow' for his 'not-so-sassy' appearance ;) Other than these masti moments in our class n college, there were definitely serious curricular & co-curricular moments too... and there our Scarecrow proved his mettle. He had amazing ability to cope well with any demanding situation for which we usually needed time for makeup our mind & gather courage. Be it a Subject GD session, Stage Performance, Art or Drama; he mastered every skill with no scope of disapproval. Despite complaining about his unshaven & rough to touch face, all of the classmates including professors were spontaneously flattered to have him listen when he spoke in his commanding accent. Most of the classmates never tried to gel-well with the him and so he spent most of his time in his own type of research on varied assignments within college premises. On the day of bidding adieu to fond collegemates, the manly fellow showed his emotional side in his goodbye message "I don't spend too much time on my appearance, but a toned and muscly guy can be soft and cuddly too if someone tries to look beyond his stubble face. You could have earned a real loyal friend for lifetime if ever tried understanding me rather than fussing over how I looked like. but....." , his voice cracked as we all realized the lump in his throat didn't allow him to continue when he was overcame with emotions. That day changed my entire perspective towards assessing a person's worth which actually never relies on his smooth silky appearance.

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Winners Declared for #XmasMakeup With Plum Contest

Hold your breath till we announce the names of Lucky Winners..But let me first convey my regards to team Plum for being kind enough to sponsor this giveaway and give their bestseller product i.e. Angels Eyes Kohl Kajal to winners :)
We got some really lovely entries donning their makeup like a pro, but there were few more simple rules to follow like following and tagging the pages. We were left with no choice than to disqualify the entries who didn't complete the required steps to be fair to those who followed all the rules carefully. 

So the lucky ladies who won #XmasMakeup With Plum Contest are :
1. Shilpa Nitin Dawar
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3. Gurjeet Chhabra

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Those who didn't win this time, remember there is always a next time. We are always working to reward our readers. You never know we might launch a new year contest soon, as Alive n Kicking will complete its one year next week ;)

We are thankful to everyone for wonderful participation :)
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Sunday 28 December 2014

Puriso Indian Healing Handcrafted Soap Review

Santa didn't come to me this Christmas...May be he thought of me being older enough not to expect a gift from him :/ or may be because he sent my gift pack days before ;) Surprised what I'm talking about ... Earlier this month, I got to receive a pack of two luxurious bathing bars from Puriso Soaps.
'Puriso' stands for Purity, Freshness and Oneness with Nature. They are a team of craftsmen who value natural well being and create skin-safe products that look unbelievably beautiful. Each single product signifies a rich amalgamation of Nature, Fragrance and Art as the soaps have nature based ingredients, smell lovely & look pretty.
Today's post will reveal about my experience with one of the bestseller soap bar from Puriso that is 'Indian Healing' .

Packaging: The soap bar comes sealed in a transparent thin plastic sheet like cling film which again is shielded in a external hard plastic cover that replaces the usual cardboard packing as we find on most soap bars available.
Price, Qty & Ingredients: Flip the soap bar backwards to know the price & quantity. Each soap bar weighs 150 gms and is priced at Rs 300 each. You will also find the detailed ingredient list overleaf that reads Vegetable Oil, Soap Base, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, Neem Oil, Essential Oil, Permissible Color n Fragrance. The Indian Healing soap like all other Puriso soaps is Glycerine based soap that makes it a perfect bath essential to lock moisture in your skin throughout the year specially in Winters. The soap stays fresh till 12 months of its manufacturing.

Availability: The Puriso soaps are widely sold at many popular online websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues, Ebay, Discountkart, craftsvilla, ShopHealthy etc. They also have some of their physical stores at Mumbai.

My Take on Indian Healing Soap:
As I had the first glimpse of the Puriso Indian Healing soap, it looked like an edible dessert to me and I felt like digging my teeth into it immediately (but its strictly inedible guys) ;)
The twin hued soap bar in refreshing yellow n green colors is not just bright in looks but as you sniff it once, it takes you on a heavenly ride ... The mildly infused floral aroma of temple flowers within the soap bar instantly evokes your senses. Look at the chunky core part of the soap that shows how Puriso artisans are passionate to give you a visual treat with this soap.

 The soap lathers decently sufficient in water, and I noticed that it work into a richer lather in lukewarm water. Using it in shower promises to rid your skin of dirt and toxins. The rich lathering quality of Glycerin along with the infused Vitamin E, Cocoa butter & Neem Oil protects the skin from getting overly dried after usage and gives optimal shower experience :)

Those who prefer soap bars in handy size can cut it into two halves. I share a secret here with you that I'm in so love with this soap that I wipe it dry after usage to increase its longevity ;) It can be used by people of all ages n genders without any discrimination & is suitable for all skin types.

  • Caressing Ingredients.
  • 100% Vegan & Not Animally Tested.
  • Glycerine Based.
  • Creatively Crafted with Embedded Chunks.
  •  Mild Floral Fragrance.
  • Vast Availability.
  • Suits All Skin Types. (Patch test suggested for people with Sensitive Skin)
  • Skin Safe & Environment Safe 
  • No Chemical Preservatives

  • Price is slightly higher (but the core ingredients used in making are really worth its price.. moreover, there are some great deals n discounts on Puriso Soap range on websites).
  • Moisturization needed for people who have excessively dry skin.

The Final Verdict:
Puriso Indian Healing Handcrafted Soap is one of the most luxurious bathing bar I have ever used. It deeply nourishes n cleanses the skin, thereby providing soft skin by attracting moisture to the skin with its Glycerine content.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Melbourne Melodia

A trip abroad is my secret wish since the day I got my passport ready ;) The lush beautiful places in the world invite me for an ultimate experience. I won't mind if hubby dear takes me in any part of the world, but that one name which makes my heart melt is 'Melbourne' ;)

Knowing that delightful Melbourne is titled as World's Most Livable City by the Economist Group, publishers of "The Economist" magazine, I could not resist my temptation to explore some enchanting specialties of Melbourne and loved watching exclusive video clips here. Each of these clips have been a visual treat to my eyes... like this cute one..

I thought of writing about some mesmerizing reasons that can justify the award :) You might be thinking that how can it be possible for someone talking high of Melbourne and not mentioning MCG ;) Yes, Yes!! I'm not so forgetful ... the world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground where cheering up our favourite sportsperson live can be a dream come true for every cricket lover.  The MCG sports stadium located in Yarra Park is the witness of glorious history ever in world of Cricket. At this moment, I'm marking my 2015 calender for the day that will thrill every sporty spirit in me ... Actually I envy those who will be fortunate enough to occupy a seat to watch Final match of World Cup 2015 being hosted at MCG and icing on the cake would be if 'India' creates history by winning at Australian ground ;)

Walking through the lanes of Melbourne city can be no less than a picturesque ordeal for anyone... The city walls contribute largely to its vibrant urban culture with its unique expressions of art displayed throughout the city... I bet one can never bother solitude taking a walk all alone and would just smile n admire the spectacular work all around. Infact if I were there, I know I won't be able to stop myself clicking pics after every few steps ;)

The Royal Exhibition Building brought laurels being listed as the first Australian building to be nominated in World Heritage listing which at present is the rarest surviving monument of city and is continues to be used as a general exhibition hall. The gorgeously lively Carlton garden spells the beauty of the building since ages.

The one thing that I can never miss on my trip to Melbourne is a ride on Free Tourist Tram :P
The cute maroon City Circle Tram is free "hop-in-hop-off" service that operates on a circular route taking you via major tourist attractions in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. How exciting it would be to travel around the city without worrying of ticket inspectors :P
Ah, I can't end without talking about my most fav topic i.e food... Melbourne restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars are diners' paradise. No surprise if you find Melbourne bustling in the months of Feb-March, when the city hosts its popular Food n Wine Festival. Infact the dates for this year's grand feast have already come up. You can have the foodie fun from Friday 27 February, 2015 to Sunday 15 March 2015 with world's great cuisines...
To add up your knowledge of Melbourne extravaganza, here is your comprehensive guide.

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Don't Depart From The Truth

Each one of us must have been hearing tales of good old times from parents or grand parents that stressed on practicing Truth in life. But none of us has ever lived our lives without inventing stories to save ourselves from troubles. You may predict a casual, impetuous, n reckless reply "Uff, don't expect us to behave like those profoundly wise sages in these modern times. The world around is not same as it used to be centuries ago. Moreover, its better to tell a lie that can make someone smile instead of speaking the truth that hurts."
I am not different from the rest and confess here that I also fabricated the facts once, when found that it may cause me great loss... the loss of love...  I was in the midst of the process of convincing my dad to allow me for intercaste matrimony. I had worst of apprehensions in my heart about what could be the possible hurdles in the prospective alliance. The guy who had just started to work didn't earn a heavy pay packet to flaunt and impress my dad and I had heard over and over that the issues arising from financial inequality are simply poisonous in such situations. I cannot tell you how much I wanted him in my life, so exaggerated about position n earnings of my beloved (read hubby now) to dad. Dad didn't even think of inquiring about the fact trust my words completely. For next few days, I was overjoyed of my smart move. But every time I looked at dad's face, I felt guilty of ditching the most special person of my life...My perspective changed with some new thoughts on the matter. I softly apologized to dad unwrapping the hidden reality.

 After a minutes silence, dad kissed on my forehead and told me just one thing "the truth may hurt someone for a moment but the pain we experience from a lie can last lifelong... And I'm happy with this little botheration that will comfort me forever that you didn't break my faith on you" :) I suddenly felt very happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended before it could spoil a priceless relationship. Dad made me realized that positive always outweighs negative and there is no alternate to TRUTH. I was too grateful to dad for teaching me a lesson. We heaved a sigh of relief saying "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein" :)

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Friday 26 December 2014

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Human being grow hair almost on all body parts. The hair at some body part are flaunted with pride like on head and the hair growth at other body parts give us tough time to remeeove them like on arms, legs n armpits etc. 

Most of us are comfortable with our tried n tested hair removal methods like getting them waxed. But don't we want that those hair should remain "gone" for longer time. What if we have some easy-to-use product that affects the rate at which your hair returns. A revolutionary hair-minimizing product that relieves you from getting painful waxing frequently is called "hair-inhibitor".

Today I'm reviewing Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor
thats a cream formulation to keep hair regrowth at bay :)
What is Barever exepcted to do?
Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor is a scientifically designed formulation which gradually restricts the growth of body hair helping you achieve permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. The potent formula of Barever inhibits the follicle cell activity at the root level of hair and slows down the growth of unwanted hair so that you enjoy soft, silky and smoother skin for longer duration.

 Who can use it?
Barever is not a frminine product like most cosmetics available in market, but can be used by men n women both without any restrictions.

What is it made up of?
The first impression of Barever has been an impressive one as I read out the ingredients. It claims to be made from Himalayan Spring water & 100% natural ingredients derived from plant extracts which soothe & hydrate the skin.
Barever comes in a black cardboard carton that contains the pump bottle with nozzle lock system that can be easily rotated to open n close. The nozzle is covered with a transparent cap. The press-to-extract nozzle pushes out desired quantity of hair remover cream as you push it. There is a detailed instructional pamphlet inside the carton that shows the pics on how to apply it effectively.
Usage Instructions
Remove hair with your regular hair removal method.  Take enough quantity of Barever and apply on desired area. Massage gently till Barever is well absorbed.Use Twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session. In case if you used the Hair Removal Cream, use it on daily basis.
Price n Qty:
Barever is priced at Rs 1100 for a quantity of  80 gms that seems on a higher side. But if you compare the reduction is your routine expense of getting the hair removed via wax, shave or depilatory method; the price won't pinch you.

My take on Barever:
I have been using this product since last 25 days. I used it followed by my regular wax sessions for hair removal. Though the product claims to be 100% safe to be used on any body parts including the sensitive areas like lips, eyebrows,chin, bikini line etc., but frankly I am hesitant to apply it on my face. I confidently used it on my arms, legs and underarms area.

The packing also suggests to use Barever for five continuous days after each hair removal session, but at times I'm damn busy (or may be lazy) to spare even five minutes for that, so what I did was to rub Barever cream atleast 4 days. But the result assures that the continued use of Barever shall surely result into permanent reduction of hair growth setting you free from the life long hair removals ritual.

In my clear observation, I noticed that Barever lessens the frequency with which you have to shave. The packaging also reads its reason that Barever is formulated to slow down the formation of new hair at root level and then reduce the density and thickness of hair.

The pearly off-white thick Barever cream is easily absorbed into skin as I rubbed it on my skin and it thankfully didn't cause me turn my nose up at some medicinal peculiar smell :/ It didn't contain very pleasant smell but it contains natural fragrance as an ingredients which will not let you reject this product just bcz you hate the intolerable smells.

I have given my opinion after two regular sessions in this month, and am still continuing using it for better outcome. 
  • Hygienic pump bottle.
  • Smells decently fine.
  • Causes no skin darkening after usage.
  • Feels no burning sensation or irritation.
  • Considerably reduces hair removing intervals.
  • Prevent nicks and cuts that usually result due to shaving.
  • Reduction in hair thickness with regular usage.
  • I wish some floral fragrance in Barever to the hair inhibitor cream more of a refreshing one.
  • Price can be a constraint for some.  
The Barever Hair Inhibitor can complement your hair removal sessions followed by an at-the-home application of this cream to help you achieve silky, hair-free smoother skin longer. Do give it a try and feel the confident!!

(Caution: A person suffering with skin disorder should not use Barever.)

Thursday 25 December 2014

Letter to Santa this Christmas

Dear Santa,

Let me begin with a note of THANKS for your kind blessings n merriment that u showered on me throughout the last year and never let it fade out.
This year also I hope u would listen to my prayers that come packed with my honest wishes in the form of this self-composed poem ….

Blessed are these days, when we hear your bells tinkling.
Kids excitedly waiting for u, with their bright eyes twinkling.
You give not only wonderful gifts to us, but a message to whole-heartedly share.
Indeed, I admire all your true love n efforts, That shows how much you care.
This Christmas, here’s what I wish to be granted,
Just a seed of compassion in my heart to be planted.
Give me the 'willingness' to support the people so needy,
For their sincere blessings only, I find myself greedy.
Give me the 'courage' to believe in ‘All Good and No Sin’,
coz imbibing these virtues in life will certainly let me win.
May these gifts of Christmas add joy to my senses.
I long for blissful life and no boastful fancies….
I’m gazing at the starry sky n expecting that u wud land at my place :)

Your Loving Child.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Ethicare Vizigly+ Transparent Bathing Bar Review

The cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. The most common skin issue for many people is the dryness of skin that occurs when our skin doesn't retain sufficient moisture. One of the probable reason of dryness is to use harsh soaps while bathing. I have seen people who tend to switch to liquid body washes / shower gels in place of soap bars assuming those are milder on skin, but thats not always true.

Today I'm reviewing a soap bat that prevents dryness
and is recommended for the most delicate skin types i.e. Vizigly+ Transparent Bathing Bar from Ethicare Remedies. (You might be wondering why am I so attracted towards Ethicare & Ethinext products, but I promise almost each n every product they create is really skin friendly, so can't just stop talking about them) ;)

Product Claims:
The transparent cleansing bar is the gentle way to cleanse, moisturizes, protect and nourish your skin as vizigly+ contains very high percentage of natural moisturizers, humectants and skin softners. Vizigly+, with this optimum concentration and through its unique combination is ideal for dry, delicate skin as it helps to keep your skin soft, supple and hyderted every time you use Vizigly+.

Vizigly+ is a transparent bathing bar of pale pink color in an unusual yet very cute droplet kind of shape. The 100 gm soap bar is just the apt size that you can hold easily in your hand without any need of cutting it into pieces, coz I find holding the bigger soap bars a bit uneasy. The soap bar has a shelf life of 3 yrs and is priced at Rs. 99.

How I felt after I used Vizigly+?
Before I could decide to use this soap bar, I had been thinking not to use it on my face because almost every soap bar causes me excessive flaky dry skin if I apply it on my face. I began with the use of Vizigly+ on body skin for few days continuously. The gentle moisturizing soap felt so pleasing on my skin with instant softness. It produced profuse n creamy lather that got rinsed very very easily.
I'm in absolute love with the rejuvenating fragrance of Vizigly+ that stays for quite enough time. My husband who is always in favour of soaps possessing stronger fragrances approved this soap with a perfect "YES" ;) Though I have no problem of body odor but I'm sure this soap can battle with bad odor efficiently. Actually, the you can let this soap bar scent your entire washroom area with a refreshing feel !!

The moisturizing preparations of this soap with key ingredients like Glycerine, Aloe vera, Almond oil and Wheat Germ Oil has the ability to soften and recondition the dehydrated skin. The almond oil included in the soap makes it richer in proteins and extremely nourishing. Wheat Germ Oil supports the skin's natural process of regeneration and also helps repair sun damage to the skin. So the Vizigly+ is a combo pack of multiple characteristics for improving skin conditions.

Vizigly+ is one of the luxurious moisturizing soap bar that leaves your skin soft and smooth.  It is suitable to all skin types including dry n sensitive skin. But the people with extreme dry skin can apply a coat of moisturizer post shower or hand wash to plug the spaces between skin cells and seal in the moisture in damp skin. As you use it for your everyday bathing ritual, I bet you would love to enjoy n relax in a lavish bath.

Do share your views how do you take care of your winter skin ... would love to read :)
Till the next post...See Ya..