Friday 31 July 2015

Ethicare Remedies Foligain Hair Lotion Review

Worried for the slow or no growth of your hair? Looking for a natural product to control hair fall? So here is the answer to all your queries..

I am reviewing a hair lotion today that promises to enhance hair regrowth. 

Product Info:
Foligain Hair Lotion from Ethicare Remedies is an effective way to promote hair growth. Its active ingredients unlike other solutions are natural hence foligain is very tolerable and safe for long term use. Foligain also helps to arrest hair fall by strengthening hair shaft and root. Special actives in Foligain hair lotion help in reducing baldness rate also.
The hair lotion is contained in a plastic bottle of black and white color theme. The bottle has a hole pierced in its flip open cap. The product comes with a dropper that can be used to suck some liquid and drop it on the affected area.
Price: Rs 450
Qty: 100 ml
The product formula is a combination of so many natural ingredients including carrot oil, amla, bhringraj, biotin, pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil etc.
My Experience:
The Foligain hair lotion is a white liquid. It smells nice as a beautiful of many essential oils used in it. To use the product, you may either take out the lotion directly from the top cap or can open the cap and dip the dropper to fill in the lotion in it.
Whatever method you choose to take out the lotion, just apply it on clean and dry scalp. It should be gently rubbed on the affected area of scalp without vigorous movement. It doesn't harm  your hair if you massage it covering complete head area like a hair oil until completely absorbed.
The hair lotion is not sticky and gives a soothing + relaxing feel while on scalp. I let it remain on my scalp overnight and wash it off next morning. The brand advises to use it on daily basis but I apply it twice a week whenever I have scheduled head bath day. because I don't go out of house in oily hair ever.
Ofcourse, my purpose is not to cure baldness (thankfully), but I am using it to render quality and improve texture of my hair. The hair fall rate has actually gone down after its usage. And I find better volume as compared to few months ago.
Frankly I cannot exactly measure the improvement in hair growth percentage, but it is obvious when I get compliment for my nourished hair. I give its credit to Foligain hair growth enhancer.

-No side effects
-No medicinal smell
-Non sticky
-Helps in arresting hair loss and promoting hair growth
-Safe and dependable hair regrowth treatment
-Can be followed by both male and female
-With widely used ingredients in western countries
-Compatible with other hair products.

May be expensive for some.


  1. Great product, I hope it helps dry and frizzy hair too. Cost is okay as it has all natural ingredients!!!

    1. its a great product actually. Suits all hair type.

  2. I am going through hair thinning and thus I get huge hairfal and I am quite afraid trying anything on my hair. I want to try this product but using it on daily basis would be really messy and expensive too. Do you think this oil is worth it?

    1. it may be expensive fr daily use. but can be tried on alternate days

  3. lost a lot of hair in the crown
    if you say it's worth a try - will go for it

    1. it gives result for sure, if u continue using it for few weeks.

  4. I am using this lotion since one far no visual effect seen on hair fall control..anyway have to wait if it works in few weeks

    1. yeah, one week is not enough to notice the effect.

  5. Can we use this on our eyebrows

    1. Frankly, I never even thought of trying it on eyebrows ;)

  6. Wow,would love to try it :)

  7. i have been using this before 15 days but m not able to find any changes��������

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  9. Today I brought this product
    Gtting scared to use if it results in more hairfall ad doc gav tablet to tak in morning...minoil HG

  10. Can we apply hair oil after washing hair?


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