Saturday 30 April 2016

Herbal India Face Pack Powder Review

Come summer and my facial skin starts to itch. I usually relate it to seasonal allergic causes. But whatever is the reason, I need to soothe my skin by applying packs, masks, moisturizers or something that gives cooling effect as and when possible. No wonder, I avoid using any harsh cleansers and make a shift to herbal products that don't have side effects. I have tried and tested many products that may give relief to my dry, itchy skin this point of season specially. Today I'll review a face pack from Herbal India Products.

The face pack powder is packed in large silver pouch made of a thick polybag like material. I expected it to be a pouch with zip lock, but it has normal seal on it which when cut for the first time leave the pouch opened forever :/ I mean, there is no provision to leave the remaining product just in this pouch and you need to find yourself a container to transfer n store the product. So the packaging part holds a 'con' from me.
I met with a strong herbal smell right after opening the seal of pouch. After getting much used-to with these scents in all these years while testing the products, it was really unusual for me to get an irritated nose. Those who like herbal fragrances may find it good.

The face pack itself is a finely milled dry powder in yellow color with brown tint to it. The product owes its color from its composition of choicest natural ingredients like haldi powder, almond seed, red chandan, narangi peel etc. Refer the pic below for detailed list of ingredients. The facepack is priced at INR 1500 for 250 gm.
The face pack can be used for all skin types. Those with oily skin type can mix the powder with plain water or rose water and the ones with dry skin can mix it with milk. I opted for milk and it took just a spoonful (tbsp) of powder to spread on entire face and neck.
It took less than expected time to dry on my skin and started getting hardened within ten minutes. Its good to rinse it off with light strokes of rubbing on skin as it starts stretching over the skin. Despite my dislike for its packaging and smell, I loved the outcome. The clear skin and instant glow really don't go unnoticed after you wash you face. The glow doesn't remain permanently but if one makes this face pack a part of cleansing routine, the even toned skin is not an unbelievable dream. The beauties with dry skin would definitely need to top up the skin with a good dose of moisturizer afterwards, and oily skinned people may enjoy the brightened skin as it is.

I'd like to continue the use of this face pack because I evaluate the performance of the product more than few of its attributes that matter lesser.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Aroma Essentials Daily Ubtan Review

The word 'Ubtan' brings alive the memories of a marriage in my mind as I used to see the bride or the groom being beautified with traditional besan ubtan :) The purpose of applying a homemade ubtan is to resolve skin concerns like roughness, patches, darkness etc. In our busy lifestyle these days, these skin concerns have actually worsen and most of us want a remedy that treats the skin without any side effects.

Frankly, I have no time to make an ubtan at home even though I know their skin benefits. But if gifted a readymade one for me, I don't mind using it either ;) So as I received a Daily Ubtan pack from Aroma Essentials, I was elated to have some goodness of highly effective natural ingredients in my hands.
The brown colored daily ubtan looked coarsely and unevenly ground, but its actually not. It has soothing nutty fragrance of essential oils used in it which lingers on till its ON the skin. The ubtan needs to be mixed with water to make a thin paste.  It is made of Crushed Almonds, Masoor Daal, Forest Honey, Lavender Oil, Almond oil, Kesar. 
Upon adding the water in the ubtan, the coarse granules of ubtan get dissolved turning into a nearly-smooth paste. The ubtan can be used not only on body but also on face. The natural ubtan is good to replace any chemical scrub. I use it as a mild exfoliator by leaving the thin layer of ubtan on skin for almost 15-20 mins and then scrubbing it off. It sloughs off the dead skin and brings lively appearance to skin. Though almonds, enriched with Vit E, help to lighten the skin tone; but the ubtan offers no fairness claims which I appreciate. There is no change in my skin tone, But definitely, I notice clear & brightened skin after rinsing off the product.
Unlike many powdered scrubs and masks that I have used earlier, this scrubs doesn't leave my skin stretchy or drier. The forest honey has amazing nutritional and healing properties plus it moisten your skin generously. The almond oil and lavender oil are best known for their skin benefits. Both these are tender to skin and don't disturb the natural skin oil.
At certain occasions, the ubtan can be left on the skin as a skin mask just to attain skin softening and dislodging of the dirt piling up on our uncovered skin. Either of the application as a scrub or a mask, if repeated religiously, can take you closer to beautiful, radiant skin.
Not to forget, this scrub is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Style Your Holiday Contest With Me & Limeroad (Closed)

Wanna celebrate Summer Holidays with Me & 

1.) Like Alive n Kicking on Facebook.
2.) Log on to or download their android app.
3.) Click on "Create Scrapbook" and create your best look in any of the Holiday templates.
4.) Tag your looks as ‪#‎StyleYourHoliday‬ and ‪#‎ShilpaBindlish‬ in the scrapbook itself so that your entries get counted and share on FB or Twitter or Instagram.
5.) LAST DATE : 30th April (midnight).
6.) One winner will win 500 Limeroad shopping credits.
Comment "Done" when all the steps are done.
p.s. first 25 entries will get bonus entry in upcoming contest scheduled next week.... Hope to see enthusiastic participation as always..

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Indulge in Being Dressy: How to Not Wear A Dress Like A Dress!

Were you under the impression that your gorgeous flared dresses were self-sufficient and consummate as your favorite fashion staple? We’d urge you to think a little out of the box, because the styles that we’ve come up with will change your perceptions revolving around the quaint, little dress. Grommets, laces, flares and many other captivating features have made the humble dress an inseparable part of our summer wardrobe. Give your conventional dresses a great fashion spin, and wear the dress like never before! 
1. Caped in Town
A caped wonder-woman knows just how to work her dresses! A low slung shift dress crowned with a boxy, cape can make for an interesting sartorial affair. Your cape can feature a fashionable split at the 
back, so that you can show off your dress in a peek-a-boo moment. Step into confident, strappy sandals and look like a fashion Goddess from head to toe. 
2. Tales of Transparent
For a touch of the boudoir, let’s speak in intimate tones of transparent. That’s right! A sheer, transparent layer over your enticing slip dress might just be the best summer fix. Feel the charming 
material play on the softness of your skin and bring out the best in your dress. Carry a dainty little purse to nail the look of a charmer. 
3. Pleating around shorts
We are looking at a gorgeous dress creation that flows attractively into pleats and can be matched with a pair of smart shorts. The wonderful interplay the pleats and shorts sets off a great style for all your girls who’d like a sporty appeal to their dresses. 
4. A shirt won’t hurt!
When your sensuous strappy dress is married with a regular tee, the effect can pretty much bowl you 
over! A look that will assuredly leave onlookers drooling with either appreciation or envy; make a rock-chic statement by working a pair of awesome peep-toe heels with a slit, slip on dress. 
5. Turning into trousers
Give your bold, maxi dresses a sharp makeover. Try matching them with a pair of trippy trousers and 
give mileage to the hottest dress trend in the making. A plunging dress that slits open tantalizingly waist downwards would be an ideal pick. So knock yourself out and enjoy this powerful and dressy look. 
All images courtesy Pinterest 


About the Author
Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.

Sunday 24 April 2016

How Scented Candles Spread 'Shades of Joy' In My Home...

The decorative ideas for my home is the only thing on my mind these days.. Reason being, I'll be shifting to my new house very soon. So I've been really watchful for cute, quirky, funky and elegant decor pieces that can brighten up my space.
Besides those retro vases, beautiful wall decals, door hangings, bells n chimes and classic paintings that I've been amassing for years; I have a fancy for a special accessory that spices up any home d├ęcor so elegantly i.e. Candles.
Well! I feel there is a charm and magic in candles that we may capture by placing them at different corner of our home. Different kinds of candles can play significant role in creating the perfect ambiance. Out of wide range of candles available for accessorizing a house, the scented candles are my personal favourite. I received some scented candles from Shades of Joy in different colors and shapes.
It made me feel so special that the talented lady Ms. Karishma handcrafted all these candles exclusively for me keeping the Floral theme in mind and I'm so much excited to show you what she created with much love and interest :)
This set of four floral candles replicating sunflower design amazingly tickle the senses with their mild aroma and compliment interior of an aesthetically decorated personal space. I may place these short-heighted candles either on my bedside table, countertops or on wall mountable candle holders.
The long, pillar candles are always my most loved ones. Earlier I've used plain pillar candles in bright n dull hues depending on how I want to compliment my room. When lit, the candles infuse the room with therapeutic scents and never fail to cheer my spirits. But I swear, the carving done on this candle is so eye-pleasing that I can't gather the courage to illuminate my room by burning it up ;)
A few pieces of these candles here n there is an effortless way to bring along the feeling of an occasion even on ordinary moments and add dramatic flair to life.

I love the sculptural finish of this simplest flower candle that is ready to bring instant style and serenity to my home. The gorgeous nature-friendly shade of green is giving it an exotic appeal with sheer sophistication. It will surely be a royal addition to my decor pieces and will attract the eyeballs with a promise to enchant mood lighting.
This little, chic, curvy bodied candle looked so cute for its rolled gathering. I wish to locate these into small clusters of different color combination at varied angles in my living room to depict & enhance the softening, flickering effect of the candlelight.
Now, enough of the floral theme display... so here is one guilt-free indulgence for every sweet-tooth.. a cupcake candle ;) You may make a guess who in the family might have liked it the most..yup, my little boy. He has booked this tempting candle to be used as a part of his bday decor. No wonder! coz  it smell delicious and looks good enough to eat.
These incredibly pretty candles are no less than a masterpiece and stamp someone's creative sense. They can define your personal style, set your mood and can surely perk up your cozy home with a touch of elegance.
Feeling interested to get them crafted for your place? Do connect with Ms. Karishma at +91 9833198943 or by order by sending a DM at her Instagram handle.
I would love to know your tips on decoration with candles.. Please share some and spread joy :)

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Nelf Cosmetics Aqua Foundation (Shell Fair) Review


Sharing my views on Nelf Cosmetics Aqua Foundation that came to me as a part of their new launch kit. 
Packaging: Its an attractive glass bottle pack with dispenser outlet on the top. The dispenser nozzle is covered with a transparent cap. The cap on the bottle gets shut tightly. But it could have been light weight if made of material other than glass. Its easy to use and eject the desired amount of product without any hassle using the pump bottle.
My experience: 
I received the foundation in Shell Fair shade. (Not sure of other shades available as it is yet to be launched). The foundation is decently viscose and doesn't run on your palm like a watery thin fluid. I had my doubts when looked at the product within the bottle which looked one tone fairer than my natural skin color. But taking it out on my palm cleared my doubts as I found the shade slightly darker. I wish there was another shade with warm yellow undertones. 
The foundation has light fragrance too that is no different than age old fragrance I used to smell from my mom's foundation ;)
The word 'Aqua' in the Nelf Cosmetics foundation name points out clearly that its a water based foundation. So it doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear on skin. I've been using it for few days now. I've used my fingers and the beauty blender sponge both to blend the foundation. It spreads effortlessly on skin and creates a seamlessly blended look. If you have dry skin like mine, it would give better finish if you prime your face with a light moisturizer or primer, else it may look patchy after some time. The foundation sets matte with zero shine which I like a lot. 
It offers light to medium degree of coverage, but the complexion is instantly revived upon usage. It evens out the skin tone and covers any imperfection like discoloration, light spots etc. It lasts upto 7-8 hours that is pretty good for me. One can boost the staying power by setting the foundation using pressed powder precisely matching your complexion and flaunt the healthy glow. 
The titanium dioxide used in the formula protects the skin from sun damage by deflecting UV light. 
Quite easy on pocket for just Rs 250, the volume of 30 ml is good to last long and worth experimenting to achieve youthful complexion.
Have you used a water based foundation? Would love to know your experience ...

*PR Sample

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Jabong App & My Summer Look

Keeping your wardrobe really fashionable all the year long is NOT a job if you keep an eagle eye on hottest trends. I usually keep on exploring different online shopping apps and take time to mark desired products as favourites. Many a times, I end up buying something totally fantabulous that too at mouth watering prices ;) 

Recently I came across Jabong's Every Shopper No. 5 Shops for Free offer running for its mobile app users and frankly, it was able to instantly tempt the shopaholic in me. Jabong's mobile app is an unarguably user-friendly app coz it literally lets me shop smartly by browsing various categories, managing my wishlist, search for items, and allow me redeem my vouchers to purchase items without any confusion. So picking up my mobile device and looking for some chic stuff in their Summer Store was the only choice with me ;) After much bafflement, I ordered a shift dress from Nineteen with beautiful floral prints all over.
What attracted me towards this dress are these little pom-poms dancing around the neckline and hemline. I don't mind looking like a young girl in this dress :) 
The dress is not figure-hugging, rather its a loose, flowy one with asymmetric cuts which again looks very stylish. I got a complimentary waist-belt with the dress with gold details, that's another reason to choose the dress. This humble little accessory beautifully accentuates feminine curves when placed on right hot spot ;)
I teamed this dress with contrasting stretchable leggings from Beyouty to create a playful, carefree look. Wearing a pair of comfy flats or heels is entirely demand of the occasion. 
Just accessorize the outfit little bit, paint your lips bright and you are ready to welcome summer with an attitude :)
Check out the exciting deals at Jabong and reinvent your closet with summer-appropriate stuff..
Do let me know in comment section below what are you plans for summer dressing this season ...

Makeup Haul from Bornpretty Store

No wonder that Bornpretty Store has become one of the most loved online store for my fashion jewelry purchases. If you wonder why? then take a look at the pretty jewelry items that I purchased in last few months from them.

With my cent-percent satisfactory shopping experience from their Jewelry & Accessories category, I decided to shop for some of the Makeup & Beauty products this time. As soon as my parcel arrived, I opened it with loads of excitement and anxiety hoping everything safe within. And to my big relief, all the products very so carefully packed and sealed with tape that it didn't cause any harm to them...
So now I'm ready to show (off) what I received ;)

My love for lipsticks is well-known to my readers now and I really cannot resist my temptation to stockpile as many as possible. New shades, new brands and also new concepts excite me to want more n more. I ordered a lipstick called as After 90 Hold Live for $2.99. Its a Long Lasting Matte Velvet finish lipstick and is available in many shades. 
I wanted a shade something different than usual red, maroon, wine; so I chose Shade 17 which is a earthern tone. I liked the non-glossy packaging of the lipstick.

The cute, chubby Lip Crayons are my current obsession. I ordered a vibrant tangerine Shade 12 in this Y-CID Lubric Colorful Waterproof Long Lasting lip crayon which was as affordable as $2.16. 
Its a perfect mix of color of a lipstick and moisturized effect of a lip balm. The fuss-free application makes it fun to use. Unlike many other lip crayons that I've owned and used till date, this one has the best color pay off and I'm so happy I chose this.
Now comes my another must-have makeup product... whenever I want to apply a lipstick while stepping out of my house, defining my lips with a lipliner is a mandate and there is no compromise in it ever. It always makes me look out for different shades of lip liner pencils. So you might have guessed by now what's the next item in my list ;) 
I liked these Professional Waterproof Wood Lip Liner Pencils which are available in 14 Colors. I ordered not one or two, but four shades of these i.e. 11, 13, 14, 22. 
Though the outer body of some of the lip liner pencils look similar, but their actual colors are totally different on lips.
One thing I've been hearing a lot these days is a color changing lipstick. When I found this Fashion Color Changing Rose Red Lip Balm on Bornpretty Store, I knew I wanted it desperately. 
Its a green color bodied lip balm with same green color bullet inside. It may look like a shocking color to apply and doesn't give that color when swatched on hand; but believe me, it turns out to be such a pretty rose red color when glided on lips. Its amazingly beautiful lip makeup for everyday use as it doesn't fade away the whole day.  
After so much of lip-oriented stuff, I thought of diverting my attention to something more and I ordered this Smudge-proof Lasting Gel Eyeliner Cream. It is offered only in Black color. The product is packed in a tiny jar and comes with an expert eyeliner brush for easy application. It gives intense color, dries out quickly and is water proof too. A wonderful choice for creating a lasting drama!!
Last, but not the least, I mentioned in my previous post few days back that I've ordered my first beauty blender. So here it comes :) I received a Pro Bottle Gourd Sponge Flawless Foundation Beauty Makeup Powder Puff in less than a dollar price. I'm sure its gonna help me create flawless look in coming days.
This entire order has sorted out most of my face makeup woes..I'm ready to play with these cool makeup products, so wait for some more drama while I share some more looks created with these products :)
Used lipliner shade 14 and lip crayon 
If you like any of these products and want to order them, don't forget to use the coupon code WEMT10 to avail 10% discount on any non-discounted products site wide :)
I quickly mention again that Bornpretty Store offers Free Shipping worldwide (no minimum purchase). They support multiple payment options like credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and Western Union payments & also give 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

If you like reading my posts, don't forget to subscribe via email. Waiting to know your opinion on my order :)