Saturday 28 February 2015

Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT !

A feeling that I had been getting a lot lately was to replace my present car with a superior one. I wanted a sufficiently well-mannered car to be my perfect companion for everyday home-to-office commute. The reason because of which I wanted to upgrade my present car was to isolate myself from perennially bad roads and high-speed traffic sitting safe and secure enclosed in a thoroughly engineered car. But what always stopped me from taking an action for the same, was the little money that I had in my account that was inadequate to point my finger on a Brand New Car of my taste. My colleagues suggested me to try the True-Value Cars available at many certified dealers of used cars. That wasn't a bad idea, but my flexible (and late) working hours didn't allow me much time to visit any of the networks of such car-markets scrutinizing the appealing cars and making up my mind :( 

Overall, my plan of replacing my car kept getting delayed until one day when my son propounded me to consider Quikr for our mission of 'Car Upgradation'. Oh My Gosh! how could I forget my previous experiences with Quikr that always remained a satisfactory one, specially with the newly added QuikrNxt chat feature :) {read the detailed post on how QuikrNxt effortlessly thrills a buyer/seller in his venture}

As I mentioned about my busy schedule these days, this time I decided to download the Quikr app on my android based phone to go through some premium adverts as I wanted to utilize those short leisurely moments during work at office to find a car matching to the specifications of my dream car on my phone itself ;)
During my lunch hour at work, I logged in to the Quikr app, localized my location in Cars & Bikes Section. In no time, my eyes got struck on really maintained cars suitable to my budget. I left chat messages to the owners of cars that I liked the most via QuikrNxt regarding some negotiation of quoted prices or for requesting them for some more pics of car inside out like under the hood and boot as well as the pics of essential documents like battery warranty card, RC etc because I knew I need these pics to get the car approved from my darling hubby before purchase ;) I actually was expecting good response from sellers because I have been associated with Quikr since many months and believe in their credibility. Reaching home in the evening, the first thing that I did was to check my phone and was amazed to get replies from every single seller. After comparing the condition and price of shortlisted cars, me and hubby cracked a deal for a red colored Maruti Suzuki Dzire priced at Rs 3.15 lakhs and negotiated for around 10k in actual payment. My hubby was still keen to take a test drive to check the car controls and so texted our prospective seller if he has no objection for the same.The seller agreed without any hassles and invited us to his workplace for the trial with the car for complete satisfaction. After the test drive, we gave him the booking amount and promised to make final payment in next 2 days during delivery of car, since the seller was kind enough to get the car cleaned from a professional before handing in over :) 

Now it was our turn to be in the shoes of a and hubby decided to arrange for cash by selling our car via Quikr only because we both wanted to save on brokerage to be imparted to any agent and attract maximum amount of sale of our car to ourselves. And it could be possible via a trustworthy online classified portal like Quikr only. We clicked crisp pics of our car from different angles and highlighted all its fine details like mileage run by the car, ownership, original paint, insurance validity etc. with genuine price expected as compared to market price. Thanks to QuikrNxt, that I needed not to provide my personal contact number while posting this ad, so no compromise in privacy at all. There were numerous interested buyers, infact more than my expectations. It made me realize that there are people like me who are wise enough to access Quikr than straying in markets and wasting time ;) I was desperate to find someone who can immediately pay me a heavy packet of cash that I can directly pay to buy my new car without breaking any preterm fixed deposits from my bank. But hubby advised me to retain my patience as many of the buyers either don't follow up after initial enquiry or just keep asking irrelevant questions.. I was feeling so blessed to use QuikrNxt that there were no phone calls from such fake buyers and it kept my mental peace intact. After few interactions via textual chats of QuikrNxt, we managed to grab a great amount for our old, but adorable car that was sadly parting from us in the evening. The buyer paid some cash and for the balance gave us a crossed cheque at our residence and drove the car happily :) 
This was a really nostalgic moment to see this "SOLD" tag on my first ever car (similar to the one in the pic below.) 
But I was content to arrange most of the payment money for my new Swift Dzire, so again texted the seller whether we could take the car a bit early. The car service had got done by him, so he had no issues. And in the next 2 hrs or so, I was driving home my newly updated car Swift Dzire with my family.
See, how life has become a bed of roses when we have access to excellent services of thoughtfully designed Online Classified systems like QuikrNxt that exchanges old and new stuff for great money without making or receiving even a single phone call.

This post is written exclusively for Indiblogger's #IndiHappyHour #QuikrNxt campaign in association with Quikr.

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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner Review

I would begin by saying I am quite careless to follow my CTM routine religiously. I mean, many a times I ignore one or the other of three constituents activities. Toning is what I skip most of the time and then it obviously shows on skin :(

Today, I am telling you my experience with a toner that has become my favourite in very few days of usage..I got Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner as a part of my complete body care kit sent by Eeshha Herbal.
Product Info:
Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner is specifically formulated to effectively reduce oil secretion and gently removes impurities, providing a cooling effect to the skin. It contains basil oil which has antibacterial properties that helps in keeping oil-free skin, controls acne and breakouts. It is a natural antiseptic which regulates oil secretions and perspiration and provide  hydrated toned and refreshed skin.
The toner is contained in clear see-through bottle. The bottle has a tight spill-proof flip open cap that avoids any chances of leakage of toner and makes it comfortable to carry even in your handbag.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Rose water distillate, honey, glycerin, date extract, cucumber extract, basil oil, menthol crystal, denatured alcohol. 
Price and Qty: Rs. 99 for 100 ml. 
Recommended for: Normal to Oily Skin.
How to apply: Apply gently with cotton pad on cleansed face and neck avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Concentrate more on nose and chin areas.
My Experience with the product:
Even before application, what attracted me towards this toner initially was the Basil Oil as an active ingredient. Basil is being used for health and skin care since historic times and I personally use fresh Basil leaves in different ways. So noticing Basil Oil written on the bottle, I had high expectations from the product. The first sniff of the strong smell of the toner has been really discouraging for me. It actually didn't feel any pleasant. But like I sad, I like Basil based products, so I decided to use the product. The toner gave a sharp stingy feel on my skin and also irritated my skin in the first usage. I realized the toner on my cotton pad was in excess quantity, so taken a relatively less quantity for next usage. Ofcourse, the tingling sensation was still felt but was really tolerable. 
Though the toner is best recommended for Normal to Oily skin, but I absolutely had no issues on my dry facial skin after its application. The toner gently removed my makeup and traces of dirt n grime from my skin. The tired and puffy look on my face after day long work was promptly calmed. I was more than satisfied with the product effects because unlike most products, this toner didn't require me wearing a layer of moisturizer.
The toner efficiently restores and maintains the desired pH balance of the skin that is usually disturbed due to various factors. With consistent use of Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner, the reduction in pore size and tightening of skin cells is effortlessly achieved that ultimately reduces the impurities to enter the skin.
The basil oil used in the toner makes it the best choice to treat skin irritation or skin infection, so I am going to keep the toner handy as an antiseptic specially for my child. 

Finest Ingredients.
Pocket friendly price.
Easy to carry.
Sturdy packaging.
Doesn't cause skin dryness. 
Anti-allergic, antiseptic properties.
Detoxifies the skin effectively.

Strong Smell should be made milder.
Needs to be diluted to reduce sensation on skin.

Overall Opinion:
Eeshha Herbal Skin Balancing Basil Astringent Toner is a must-try skin toning product for handling most skin issues effectively.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Rang Tarang Contest by Vedantika Herbals (closed)

Hello All,
Holi is one of the most favourite festivals of children as well as grown ups. Every year this festival leaves some unforgettable memories in our lives. And this is what we are going to share in this Rang Tarang Contest. 
The Prize hampers pics are indicative only. The actual hampers may slightly vary.
   Contest Rules: 
Mandatory Entries:
  • Follow Vedantika Herbals and Alive n Kicking on Facebook. 
  • Post a Holi Memory in the comment section of this post; be it humorous, inspiring, emotional or crazy. We want to read each of those. (Originality and authenticity would be appreciated) 
  • Share the giveaway on your Facebook timeline. Tagging both the pages and your friends with hashtag #RangTarangContest is compulsory. 
  • The giveaway duration : 24.02.2015 - 01.03.2015 (till 8:00 am)
  • The result will be announced on 01.03.2015 at 12 noon. There will be 3 winners who will win a tempting Holi hamper each by Vedantika Herbals.
  • The winners will have to provide the postal details on the result day itself to help us dispatch the hampers next morning, else the other deserving winners will be selected. 
  • Contest open to all male or female residents of India above the age of 18.
Optional Entries:
  • Subscribe to my blog via email and GFC to earn extra entries. 
  • More tags, shares and active participation=Better chances to win.
P.S. This is a sponsored giveaway. So I'm only responsible to forward the winners details to the brand who will be sending the prizes of winners directly. 

Monday 23 February 2015

Vedantika Panchamrita : Best Ever Natural Energy Drink

When I say 'Energy Drink', what kind of drink exactly do you think of? Most people would think of some beverages which are labeled with health benefits of their proprietary ingredients used in it. And we all defend the presence of Caffeine in such energy drinks with an excuse that our body needs certain amount of caffeine. But researches have proved that so-called energy drinks can take a serious toll on our hearts.I don't know about others, but I am really scared of consuming these caffeinated beverages.

Today I am introducing PANCHAMRITA, an Immunity Booster Energy Drink by Vedantika Herbals that is formulated with a balanced combination of numerous fruits and vegetables.

Packaging : Panchamrita is encased in a small cardboard carton containing 10 sachets. The net wt. of each sachet is 25 gm. The individual sachets are not available for retail purchase.The carton shows every minute details of precise proportion of per 100 gm nutrition facts.
outer carton

individual sachets
Price: The pack of 10 sachets is priced as less as Rs 130/- which doesn't pinch buying to anybody.

Ingredients: All its ingredients including Amla, Beetroot, Carrot, Mint, Lemon and Ginger are natural sources of vitamins and possess high healing properties.
  • Amla -It is probably the richest known natural source of vitamin C.
  • Beetroot - Beetroot juice is considered as one of the best vegetable juices, due to its high iron content. Beet root is also an excellent cleansing agent.
  • Carrot - An excellent aid for improving eyesight due to rich Vitamin A content.
  • Ginger - Ginger is a digestive aid. Ginger has antiviral properties.
  • Mint - Mint juice is a good appetizer and relieves gastric discomforts.
My take on Panchamrita:
Talking about myself, I always believed that energy drinks don't have to be laden with sugar and caffeine to work well.Though my body's requirement might adjust some extra pinches of sugar and salt, because I suffer from low blood pressure and that's why lack in energy and stamina.

Panchamrita contains no artificial flavours or colors. I liked the typical aroma of black salt in it. It comes in finely ground powdered form in somewhat light pink color. And the moment I mixed the powder in glassful of water, it shows its true colors ;) I could instantly corelate its bright pink color with beetroot.

When I tasted Panchamrita once, I actually could not help myself drink the entire drink in my glass in one go. It tastes absolutely the way I love my natural homemade energy drinks like fresh lemon juice with slight sugar and black salt in it. My mom would specially be relieved that now I won't be ignoring her constant advice to drink some energy drink on daily basis, because Panchamrita is so easy to make readymade version of my favourite homemade drink.

Panchamrita is actually a delicious and healthy way to start my day well fueled. It worked so well for my tired body as a mid-day drink too when I carried few sachets in my handbag to office and helped raise my energy level n reduce fatigue naturally

This drink is extremely beneficial for school going children, sports persons, pregnant women or anybody else who want to boost their energy naturally. So enjoy the bliss of nature with Vedantika Panchamrita in the most natural & purest way.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Natural Tomato Soup by Vedantika Herbals

Hello Everyone,

Remember me posting reviews of two great skin care products (here and here) by Vedantika Herbals which is a renowned name  to offer products with highest level of purity without using any chemical preservatives, synthetic colours and fragrances. I was very much impressed with the effects of both the products on my skin. 

Today I tried their Instant Tomato Soup for the first time which claims to be 100% natural and contributing for health and wellness.
Product Info:
A great healthy and low calorie soup. Formulated with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, lemon, salt, black pepper, white pepper, clove, green chilies.

Tomato is a good source of potassium, Bcarotene (vitamin A) and Vitamin C. Tomato contains large amounts of Lycopene, an antioxidant highly effective in scavenging cancer causing free radicals. It reduces cholesterol and protects the heart. Research shows that it also counters the effect of Cigarette Smoke.

Method to Prepare : To make instant Tomato soup, just mix the contents of the sachet in water and boil it for two minutes. 

Price and Qty: Rs 40 for 40 gm 

My take on Tomato Soup by Vedantika Herbals:
Firstly I felt impressed with the choice of paper sachet by team Vedantika for packing the content unlike regular poly packings. The soup is in powder form, packaged in sachets precisely measured for each day’s personal needs. So it also offers convenience to carry. 

As I cut the seal of the sachet, I could smell a strong aroma of clove. The powder doesn't resemble like usual soup powders available in market, rather its a light colored powder looking at which initially you don't feel like getting that bright red colored soup preparation ;)   
But when I mixed the soup powder in water and stirred it properly while boiling on high flame, it came out really nice in color. In the first few sips, my taste buds didn't adjust the taste immediately. The soup tastes a bit tangier, but gradually I started liking the flavour of spices in it specially the taste of clove :) The soup didn't get thicker, so I liked its consistency too.

This soup is also suitable to people who are on weight reducing diets and is a great appetizer. In the first trial only, I have become a great liker of Vedantika's Instant Tomato Soup.

Uniqueness of Product - A Natural soup without any artificial fragrance, color or preservative. 

I strongly recommend everyone to taste it and I am sure you will forget your favourite ones ;)

Saturday 21 February 2015

Winners of First Blog Anniversary cum Valentine Giveaway

Hey All

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Team Ethicare Remedies and Ethinext Pharma have decided to make your weekend more special today ;)

Firstly, I take the opportunity to thank each of you for the wonderful participation in #EthiMySkin giveaway. I appreciate the support you all provide me always. So without making you wait any more, let me take you straight to the winners list.
The participants who have been adjudged as GRAND winners are:

Swati Raju Makhijani
Gurjeet Chabbra
Bhawna Chirps
Hema Thakur
Mala Negandhi
Meena Mehta

The participants who will receive the TESTER KITS are:

Salma Arif
Divya Asha
Sujata Bansod
Kanchan Advani
Hansa Parmar
Neha Bhaskar
Shaweta Jain
Rameshwari Bansod
Ekta Vaswani
Nirmal Singh
Ekta Ekku
Nigar Khan
Revathi Sweetyy
Babita Panda
Shikha Mittal
Peeyush Vibhandik
Jyotsna Vibha
Kavita Nayak
Bhavani Sekar
Farhana Farhana
Heer Jalundwala
Sunita Singh
Siri Sha
Biroja Panda
Gunavanthy Ghun Jain
Neha Mishra
Jayshree Bansod
Anjli Sharma
Seema Sharma
Archana Walia
Satnam Lotey
Sushma Bindlish
Priyanka Padhy
Preeti Kumari
Aparna Appu
Kabita Sahu
Sonia Sharma Bakshi

Kindly send me your complete postal address and Phone Number via FB message within 24 hours. Everyone has to mention the choice of hamper you want for yourself i.e either for Dry Skin or Oily Skin. You may expect delivery of your prizes within 15 working days directly by sponsors. 
No communication will be entertained regarding the dispatch.

I request everyone to post your pictures with your prize whenever you receive it.

There are still two giveaways opened till 28th Feb, so don't forget to participate in those. Because on my blog, there is no restriction to win only once. Active members always have more chances to be worthy of winning again ;)

Friday 20 February 2015

Eeshha Herbal Hydrating Cold Cream Review

Team Eeshha Herbal has sent me a huge pack of skin care goodies long back and I am in the process of testing them on myself and my family member since many days. I have already reviewed two of their lovely products in past few days i.e. a kajal pencil and a soap.

Today I am going to share my views on Eeshha Herbal Hydrating Cold Cream. Many people apply cold creams only during winter season as they find it greasy on their skin. But the people whose skin needs extra moisture due to dryness, they may find this cold cream quite effective even in summer days.

Product Claims:
This rich cream contains aloe vera, jojoba butter, cocoa and Kokum butter which are excellent moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that penetrate into skin texture for healing dead and chapped skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Sun protection factor 15 shields your skin from harmful UV rays. Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Usage Instructions:
Apply after taking shower, towel dry and apply this cream generously all over the parts, with gentle massage till it get completely absorbed. Use it regularly everyday for better results.

Eeshha Herbal Hydrating Cold Cream is a small jar of 50 gm content at a price of Rs 135. The shelf life is 3 yrs from the date of manufacturing. The product packaging is light colored cardboard box bearing all the product details.
Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Rose water Distillate, Liquorice Extract, Aloevera Extract, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, ,Silicon Oil, Titanium dioxide, OMC, Vitamin B12. Vitamin E.

My take on the product:
As I first applied the Eeshha Herbal Hydrating Cold Cream on my face, the first thing that impressed me was the texture of the cream which so easily got penetrated in my skin. The skin felt instant hydration and deep moisture. Undoubtedly, its because of the best moisturizing ingredients that give long lasting benefit.

The consistency is creamy thick as we expect from any cream. And I just needed to take very less quantity to cover whole face.

The cream has almost nil fragrance or I should say it does not pleases me like the naturally scented products. It may be a plus point to those who look for non-aromatic skin care products. But to me a mild refreshing smell would be an added positive, if provided.

This cold cream is not only a facial cream but can also be used on any part of your body specially the elbows, neck, back and arms. The drier parts of the body feel like drinking enough moisture and the cream proves its revitalizing capacity to the fullest on these areas.

The natural ingredients actually saved me from bothering about its harsh effects on skin at all. No itching or no burning. So its a cost-effective product for making your skin soft, supple and radiant without looking greasy on the top.

  • Wonderful ingredients.
  • Easy to absorb.
  • Can be applied on any body part.
  • Pocket friendly price.
  • Easily available.
  • No side effects
  • Makes skin really hydrated.
Actually Nothing!! But I just long for some nice fragrance that lingers on for at least few minutes after shower for a fresh feel.

Hope you liked the review.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser Review

The beauties who have cleansing as an integral part of  their beauty regime might be knowing how important is that to find a suitable face cleanser. For most of the cleansing jobs, the idea is to get clean skin as much as possible to avoid a face full of acne or looking like an oily slick. Our skin needs some oil so its really challenging to choose a cleanser that maintains the balance. In this post, I am going to review Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser. This is my first product from Omved's product line. So before I proceed towards the product, I would talk a li'l about the brand.

About Omved:
Omved is founded with a vision 'Pure Natural Living'. All their products and services have crafted with a deep concern to the environment and society. Strict environment friendly practices like saving energy, going paperfree and recycling make the company abide by a Green Company Policy :)
About the product:
Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser is 100% skin safe, pH balanced product tested for sensitivities and gentle enough for everyday usage. The natural plant botanicals deeply cleanse the skin without drying, lavender soothes and nourishes the skin.
The packaging is nothing showy and very decent pump bottle. The brownish color theme bottle is really attractive & distinctive than usual ones. The pump is covered with a transparent plastic cap which is very delicate. I don't expect it to last longer, nor does it makes a tight grip on the bottle. But the inner pump is made up of better material that is easy to handle as well. Very light pressure on the pump gives you sufficient for one time usage.

Recommended For: Normal to Dry Skin Types.
Price, Qty and Availability: The 100 ml content is priced at Rs 590. The shelf life of the product is 30 months. The product can be bought from online shopping portals like Flipkart, purplle, fashionara etc or at physical stores or their official website

Active Ingredients: DM water, caprylyl glucoside, aloe vera juice, glycerin, oils of clary sage, turmeric, juniper berry, lavender oil, sodium benzoate.
My take on the product:
I received a full sized bottle of Moisturising Face Cleanser from team Omved. The liquid in the bottle is pale brown in color and has somewhat runny consistency. As instructed, I applied the cleanser on my face and neck after few splashes of water. The liquid is of creamy texture and extremely soft foaming. On applying, it doesn't give soapy feel that I totally dislike. 

I truly liked the rejuvenating fragrance which is similar to most ayurved based products. The cleanser doesn't feel greasy on skin and cuts dirt and grime residing deeply in the skin. Rinsing off the cleanser is a job of fractions of seconds. I needed no effort for rubbing it off and it came out very easily with light strokes with water leaving the skin soft and refreshed completely.

Since day one of its usage, the cleanser has not caused me any burning, irritation or itching. It suits my dry skin very well and doesn't make it drier. I assume this cleanser will control the appearance of acne due to its ingredients, though I personally have not experienced it.

Sturdy packaging.
Soothing herbal fragrance.
Causes no itching or irritation.
100% skin safe.
Free from parabens and synthetic colors.
Suited to all skin types.
Easy availability.


Heavy on pocket.
I wish the grip and material of outer delicate cap is improved to make it travel friendly.

Overall Opinion:
Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser is a mild cleanser suited to all skin types including sensitive skin for day to day usage.It doesn't make the skin drier and doesn't further irritate already agitated skin. The ultimate result that you gain out of its regular usage twice a day is the hydrated & moisturized skin. If the prices are a bit slashed down to be more pocket friendly, this product promises you the best of skin care you expect from your skin-care rituals :)

Hope my review are informative to you!!

My Baby's Bedtime Rituals

Motherhood is a divine feeling composed of a spectrum of incomparable emotions. Every mother shares the strongest and most enjoyable bond with her child. Life changes completely when a woman has her baby. And this is the joy that can never come from materialistic things.
When I became a mother, I remained nervous n confused most of the time, thinking whether I am doing something right or wrong. The most worrisome situation was when my baby didn't sleep through the night. Though I myself didn't feel any problem baby nursing at night. Neither I felt like making a sacrifice having those sleepless night, but I was concerned to develop proper bedtime routine for him like most healthy babies do have. I was determined to find some good night sleep solutions for my child to make him sleep peacefully and finally in few weeks managed to set a sleep routine that is continued till date.
My child's bedtime routine is a short n simple one that works just the right for him... We start a bit early in the evening to have enough time to get through all the planned activities.
Light Meals before going to bed... I had set a fixed feeding time for my baby since very initial months of his birth and gradually stretched the time interval between his meals as he grew older. Even in his pre-schooling days now, he eats relatively less in the night. At least hunger has never become an interference in his peaceful sleep.
Half an hour playtime with some indoor props like puzzles, block building, hide n seek or similar ones entertains him and strengthens mom-child duo bond.
Night Bath & Massage The sleep-routine of my child doesn't restrict us only to the bedroom, but actually expands its reach to our washroom too. The moment my son is tired of day-long fun-packed activities in & out of house and is feeling low in energy, it calls for a soak-time. As true for most children, splashing some warm water all over the body during the night bath is a soothing experience for the child and is sleep-inducer too. I generally take fresh water for summers bath.
A diaper change is a must every night before making him put on a clean pair of funky printed comfortable pajama set which is actually a clear signal to him to slip in his bed.
I have always avoided 'middle-of-the-night' diaper change that can wake him up right. Rather I always relied on the trusted name in diapers i.e Pampers which tackles my concern efficiently. Infact, to all new moms, I would recommend easy-to-pull (up n down) Pampers Baby Dry Pants that is designed with Magic Gel technology to lock in the heaviest wetness instantly and ensure overnight dryness to your baby's skin, thereby providing fresher morning next day.
I love to sit along with my baby in his bed at the end of the day snuggling up with some story books to read. As the mood might change, then my boy likes keeping classic story books aside but does some coloring or drawing sitting near me.
Occasionally, he asks me for a brief gentle massage on his legs and I don't mind giving a magical touch to smoothen his delicate skin with a good quality non-aromatic baby lotion which tends to make my baby relax and sleep easily with a smile on his face :)
Frankly, I have never experimented with any music being played in the night, may be because my boy loves to hear me singing in my own voice touching his soul for a quiet deep slumber. 
Lastly, he drifts himself to dreamland while sharing a light hearted chat in my cozy hug after bidding goodnight to 'Chanda Mama' & reciting a small prayer to Almighty thanking Him for His blessings. A good night kiss on his forehead is my way to tell him how much he is loved :)
Visit RewardMe on this link See how the magic unfolds With Pampers Baby Dry Pants :)

This post is written for Indiblogger's BedTime Rituals HappyHour campaign in association with Pampers.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Raho Befikar Umar Bhar With IDBI Federal Life Insurance

In answer to a question that I asked from myself today "What would I be doing and how would I be living, if there is nothing to hold me back...", I could record a number of life scenarios. These are the life scenarios where one or the other resource was lacking and stopped me from making my life fulfilling to certain extent.
When I watched the elderly person in this IDBI Federal Life Insurance advert, I knew how important is that to be financially secure to realize your dreams into reality and remain #BefikarUmarBhar.
There are some unrealized dreams that I would love to clinch if there is no constraint...

Firstly, I want to restore my educational and professional state. Like all parents, my parents also wanted my education to be free of all kinds of hiccups. Everything worked fine other than cash-crunch :( Inspite of being a brilliant student, I could not go that extra mile and completed my Masters degree coping with utmost financial problems. 
I would feel blissful to paddle back to repair my disfigured education and thereby strengthen my career aspects to grab brighter avenues.
Secondly, I would love to spend lavishly for self-care & health care without worrying for limited money in my wallet. Always keeping a careful eye on my own expenditure, the first thing that I found irrelevant to spend on is my personal grooming and health care. (I know most of you will find it really foolish of me.)
So given access to unlimited funds, I wish to put a check on the my frequent health issues and ultimately want to ensure sound health by undergoing regular medical care sessions at reputed medical institutes of the town.
Next important thing that comes to my mind is being a proud owner of own house. I have experienced (and infact still experiencing) the worrisome situations when you need to roll on the bag-baggage and seek another apartment within allotted time frame :( 
I genuinely long for more stability and security of staying at one place i.e at my own house raising my family without any insecurities. If I am richer by that amount to jump out of lifetime-rented-accommodation situation, I believe my stress level will dip considerably.
Yet another dream that is still unrealized is to kick away all the worries and prioritize pleasure in life. I am dreaming of indulging in leisurely and adventurous activities over to European destinations. How exciting will that be to bring out some passion to life and discover our planet with eyes wide opened :) I genuinely wish to see massive smiles on the faces of my family members when we all feel dazzled by beauty of the world around.
Last but not the least, the one thing for which I can even forego everything mentioned above in my wishlist, is to procure a seat for my son's higher education in some foreign university where he can specialize in Automobile Design. Because if he will pursue his passion with real zest and will get bonafide guidance, he is destined to a successful life and will remain #BefikarUmarBhar. 
IDBI Federal Life Insurance can definitely help me grow with my dreams with its promising plans. And if you too need reasons to make your choices, look for some convincing reasons here.
This post is written for Indiblogger's #BefikarUmarBhar HappyHour campaign in association with IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

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Sunday 15 February 2015

Asus Zenfone Is My Only Superlative Valentine

Yeah, you might be expecting me to start my post with 'Love is in the air' quote as it revolves around ;Valentine', the day of love. But being single on Valentine Day is soooo depressing when your beloved is on a week-long official tour :(
Hey, but who said you can't make your day enjoyable by finding some dating love with someone else ;) ;) Actually this idea of making myself feel 'loved' clicked my mind when I came across an interesting clip that brought a biggg smile on my face and brightened my day :) 
A bit of self-love is ofcourse not harmful and adds spice to monotonous life. For a tech-savvy person like me, nothing better than a classy gadget can be my ultimate Valentine. With numerous hot gadgets overpowering the romantic gadget-freaks, I found Asus Zenfone most compatible to fall in love with <3
Keep reading to know what are my relationship prospects with Asus Zenfone !!
1. "Bubbling With Energy" is something that defines my personality. Asus Zenfone too is labelled as an Energy Efficient set powered by Intel Atom multicore processor antenna design capable to handle my never ending talk, exchange of SMS, streaming multimedia, uninterrupted presence on social medias, gaming activities without grumbling for battery backup due to its Ultra-Saving mode for longer hours than expected. Happy to find someone who doesn't get asleep already when I'm in the middle of my talk :)
2. I always wanted someone who can "Make Me Smile and Feel Beautiful" and Asus Zenfone does this to me effortlessly :) Zenfone with its Asus-developed PixelMaster technology gives me uncounted reasons to smile when I want to capture some wonderful moments in pics or clips. I pose & smile when a burst of 3 pics are taken in Selfie-mode and cannot help myself grin when a gentle touch in All Smiles mode shows my best expressions amongst 5 clicks. And then there are times when I don't look beautiful as always, but Zenfone hugs me with an assurance to produce flawless pics by real time adjustment of facial features and I feel proudly BEAUTIFUL to be in love with Asus Zenfone.
3. Feeling of Security is a must in every relationship and that is possible only when your partner is tougher. Zenfone's display is a securer one coated with Corning Gorilla Glass that densifies the display surface and enhances the scratch-resistance multiple times and reduces chances of getting cracked. And a anti-fingerprint coating ensures no defecating of the screen.Ultimately the longevity is improved for my companionship with Zenfone.
4. As a lover, I expect higher degree of Responsiveness from my beloved valentine. Asus Zenfone never failed to be receptive of what I wanted it do to by using its TOUCH SENSITIVE SCREEN and every time responded within best of response time as less as few microseconds. Now thats what can make a woman more than satisfied that her beloved values her wishes and takes it as a command :) 
5. Like all women, I want to hear something that is pleasure to my ears. Asus Zenfone sounds so soothing and pleasant to hear with crystal clear sound produced using SonicMaster. There is no external disturbance to interrupt our loving conversation because the set comes with two microphones adjusted to kill noise n echo. I feel all engrossed in true-to-life vocals.
Last but not the least, my passion for Asus Zenfone seems to last forever because its my ideal valentine that drives me so crazy that my pulse races out of control just at the thought of it.
I am indeed blessed to have found Asus Zenfone as my superlative Valentine that justifies in every sense for creating happiness in my life; be it beauty, sound, touch or power-packed actions :)
You can experience the love for yourself by ordering the Asus Zenfone on Flipkart here :)

This post is written for Indiblogger's #UnconditionalLove HappyHour acitivity in association with Asus India.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

#MyValentineLook Contest (closed)


Let's pump up the excitement for the day of Love...

Vedantika Herbals sponsors this second contest for the gorgeous beauties. We wish to see how impressively you looked today on Valentine Day. This is the hamper that you people may take home.
  • Like Vedantika Herbals and Alive n Kicking on Facebook. 
  • Post a selfie of your Valentine Look on Alive n Kicking facebook timeline tagging both pages and also use hashtag #MyValentineLook. 
  • Two entries per person are allowed. 
  • The contest starts on 13 Feb,15 and ends on 20 Feb,15. 
  • Three best selfies which we like will be rewarded with a hamper each. 
  • The winners will be declared by me in sync with the brand in 2-3 days after closing date.
P.S. This is a sponsored giveaway. So I'm only responsible to forward the winners details to the brand who will be sending the prizes of winners directly.
Update: Giveaway extended till the 28 Feb.

Valentine With Vedantika Herbals Giveaway (closed)

Hey Frnz..
Without much delay, here is how you can win some hampers ...Read the rules below.

Mandatory Rules:
  1. Follow Vedantika Herbals and Alive n Kicking on Facebook.
  2. Share the giveaway on your Facebook timeline tagging both the pages and your friends. 
  3. The giveaway starts today on 14 Feb and will end on 21 Feb, 2015 (both days inclusive). 
  4. The result will be announced by me in co-ordination with the brand within a day or two after the closing date.
  5. There will be 3 winners who will win a lovely hamper consisting of 4 wonderful products each.
  6. The winners will have to provide the postal details within 24 hours else the other deserving winner will be selected.
Optional Entries to earn extra points:
  1. Subscribe to via email or GFC or both 
  2. Share n invite friends everyday.
The Prize Hamper looks really amazing...
P.S. This is a sponsored giveaway. So I'm only responsible to forward the winners details to the brand who will be sending the prizes of winners directly.
Update: Giveaway extended till the 28 Feb.

Friday 13 February 2015

My Hair Story & Happy Hair Challenge With Garnier

My Hair Story

Garnier has asked me to tell them how nourished my hair are? Dunno how to confess ...

But I remember mom telling me that I was born with black, lustrous, thick hair and used to get compliments not only from acquaintances, but even strangers/ unknown people used to admire my hair when mom took me to markets, parks or any gatherings :) I firmly believe that my hair quality and texture is highly influenced by genetic factors, but mom's precious homemade remedies also left an impression on how my hair remained glossy and thick till long years....

As I grew up, the environmental factors overpowered the genetic factors. The extremely harsh weather conditions (both in summer and winter season) did irretrievable damage to my hair as I drive my bike to work for almost 25 kms everyday. Despite of covering my head with a cotton scarf, my hair are crying for their bad state. :( Being in Education industry, I am compelled to bear the chalk-dust n grime on my head that ultimately settles on my scalp everyday and ruins the beauty of my hair :(
To add to the problem, dandruff is the gift of chill winter probably caused due to hot water head bath.

I feel muddled head to decide what kind of expectation my hair have from me so that they look full of life. I confess that I have compromise in my hair-care regimen, so suffering with under-nourished hair :(
Presently my hair concerns can be summed up as:
  • Weaker Roots causing hair fall
  • Lusterless and frizzy hair 
  • Mild Split Ends 
  • Dandruff 
Now that I have accepted the #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier, I have high hopes that the cool combo of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and conditioner is that 'tonic-for-hair' that will help my hair breathe life. I expect these products will reciprocate wonderfully to my hair with its tender formulation and will add a crisp dash of gorgeousness to my persona by improving the texture and quality of my hair, because I have always considered myself truly privileged to have a glittery 'Beauty Crown' on my head that makes me feel proud.

oops!! did I tell you that Garnier has already sent me the weapons to start my battle against my hair problems..

Take a quick look at the sunny bright Garnier product hamper that reached me last evening :)
First Impression of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner:
Both the products i.e. shampoo and conditioner have almost indistinguishable packaging ;) Bottled in sparky yellow packs with funky colorful textual description, the products appealed me in the first look itself.
The bottles have flip-open kinda cap that is prominently highlighted with a dark green opening on the top. And it is more convenient to open without piercing your nail into the cap outline that I generally need to do with most product packaging. The tightly shut bottle cap makes the packaging travel friendly.
Price, Quantity and Shelf Life:
Its really interesting to know that not only packaging, but the price & quantity of shampoo and conditioner have been kept similar. The shampoo and conditioner both come with an affordable price tag of 135 INR each for a quantity of 175 ml having shelf life of 36 months.
Talking about active ingredients that have gone into the formulation, I am more of confidently optimistic of the outcome of the shampoo and conditioner. Let me tell you why??

Like I shared earlier in the post, mom used to give me head massage with pure oils rich in nutritional value mainly coconut oil and almond oil (which I miss many a times these days). Now Garnier has combined the goodness of Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil together in one shampoo that is why we call it "TRIPLE NUTRITION" range i guess...

Look and Feel:
I love the mild fragrance on sweet note as I flipped open the shampoo bottle. The shampoo is of as appropriate consistency as suitable to generate fine lather (though I have not tested it yet). The conditioner is slightly thicker than shampoo somewhat like a gel. Both are white in color.

The brand claims that the power of triple nutrition in these products will restore healthy hair in original luster, volume and strength.

I am ready for 30 days #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier to tackle my hair problems. This has been the initial assessment of condition of my hair. I will start using the products tomorrow onwards and will evaluate the result twice in a duration of one month. I will be sharing my final evaluation at the end of one month. So wait for my next post, till then...

Do share your inputs on your hair care regime :)