Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Dark Chocolates: The Most Satisfying Solution to Period Woes

"Periods are Red, I'm feeling Blue. 

Screw You Hormones, Mother Nature I can't handle you." 

Needless to mention, most girls and women have experienced this kind of emotion at least once when they're in the cramp town with irritable pain, heightened anxiety, low energy, extreme fatigue, mood swings and disturbed physical activities due to their monthly cycle.  

Periods are uncomfortable, painful and exhausting beyond imagination especially for females who bleed excessively. Some of them feel constantly paranoid that their clothes might get visibly soaked with blood even when it has never happened actually. 

Owing to such personal experiences, I thought of jotting down a listicle for some effective solutions for period struggle that most of us go through. 

Mild exercise during periods helps loosen the muscles and restores the hormones needed for a regular menstrual cycle. One can opt for low intensity aerobics, light walk, yoga or even a fun dance. Exercise has been proven beneficial to alleviate symptoms related to period cycle, just ensure it shouldn’t put 
additional stress on your body and interfere with your periods.

Massage therapy using essential oils during menstruation is really relaxing as it involves pressing specific points around your abdomen, legs, calves and back. I personally enjoy using lavender, peppermint and rose oil diluted with sweet almond oil. It makes your senses relieve the stress as well.

Besides working on your physical and mental comfort, yet another mindful approach is to wisely pick what you put into your mouth to keep those cramps in place. Hydrating yourself with warm liquids like Chamomile tea is a pain reliever for many that helps soothe your cramps. Try eating water-based foods, chew some nuts, or treat yourself with some dark chocolate as a dessert.

Dark chocolates not only satisfy your sweet tooth craving during your period, but it's high in potassium which helps your muscles to function. I usually stock up BeeTee's Melt bean to bar artisan chocolates for myself that are all natural, preservative-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free and gluten-free. While ordering my BeeTee's pack, the Cocoa content is quite significant for me, because it is basically a source of flavonoids which a special class of antioxidants to make chocolates such a healthy treat. 
Biting into a piece of rich, dark chocolate makes me crave for more during periods, so I usually order an assortment of different chocolates with different cocoa content in each to make a perfect combo. I admire the artistically printed tin pack in which the Beetee's chocolates came elegantly packed (I'm going to repurpose this box for sure.)
Isn't it a treat to yourself when you just want to curl up in the bed with a natural energy-elevator in your hand managing your mood swings by stimulating the production of endorphins and serotonin in your body. I really feel thankful when the traces of iron, magnesium, potassium in this best dark chocolate considerably relieve the pain, relax my sore muscles, improve my blood haemoglobin levels and relieve me from retaining water and feeling bloated. 

I agree that it’s not always advisable to give in to these cravings, but these Vegan dark chocolates are certainly an acceptable indulgence for your period woes.

In the end, I would say, "Don't be afraid of bleeding. We bleed to keep the world moving." 

Monday, 1 November 2021

Shapewear Vs Waist Trainer - Which is best for you?

"A woman's beauty is a treasure beyond body shape", but with images of 'ideal female beauty' bombarding us daily, it is really easy to forget this saying. Perceptions surrounding body types and beauty standards are so strenuous that many women who don't possess a desired body shape have to experience severe psychological effects. 

While everyone cannot have a perfect hourglass figure, one can choose to use body shapers that help compressing bulgy areas of feminine body so that they may create an illusion of desired body shape. These are special body-hugging garments made with lycra microfiber and are worn under usual female outfits without feeling uncomfortable. Markets are flooded with wide variety of body shapers that target specific body part to enhance posture like Camisole, Tummy Tucker,  Waist Clincher, Butt Lifter and Full Body Shaper.  Each of these shapewears is designed to give a toned look to the waist, belly, back, butt of the wearer and give a slimmer look. A rule of thumb while buying shapewears is to choose appropriate size and material because wearing the appropriate piece means your silhouette will look smoother in your clothes without causing your skin any allergies or reactions.

While apprising ourselves of effective shapewears, a mention of waist trainers is a must. Though shapewear and waist trainers are now a fashion must-have in a feminine closet, but they perform differently. The purpose of shapewear is to instantly give you smooth figure in your outfit irrespective your body type. On the other hand, waist trainers can help fix your body shape for longer time if the wearer uses it religiously. basically a waist trainer is made of high compression latex material that sucks in excess fat and 'trains' your waist to remain in shape. This simply means that you need to be consistent in your use of waist trainers to achieve your target. If chosen wisely, its fat burning feature can greatly impact reducing inches from your abdomen as well as your back. 

In a nutshell, the choice between shapewear and waist trainers entirely depends on the purpose you need it for. If need a temporary fix, opt for a shapewear. However, if you want a more permanently toned tummy area, opt for a waist trainer. Remember, for longer term permanent waist-reduction your waist training regime should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate exercise. You can shop for different options of wholesale waist trainer for women for accentuating your bustline gracefully.



Sunday, 19 September 2021

Top 5 Offbeat Wedding Destinations in Rajasthan

Finding a destination for your wedding may sound stressful, especially when you want to get married at an offbeat location but with the right guide you will not only be able to choose the perfect destination .

Magic Lights Events would be a good choice if you are looking for such a guide to plan your wedding, visit the website of Magic Lights Events to learn more about weddings in Rajasthan.

They have helped us to prepare a list of 5 offbeat destinations of Rajasthan, one of which could a the destination of your choice:

Top 5 offbeat destinations-

– This place might not be a good choice during summer but it is definitely a great choice during the peak wedding season. There are some fine luxury hotels in Jaisalmer which could be perfect venues for a luxurious destination wedding.

Kumbhalgarh – Kumbhalgarh is known for the mighty fort with long walls, many hotels and resorts have started operating in this area because its popularity as a tourist destination is increasing with each passing year. These resorts host many weddings every year and they are a good choice if you wish to get married in the mountains.

Ranthambore – This is perhaps the most exotic destination in our list because this place offers you the opportunity to get married in a wildlife sanctuary. There are few venues which are located in Ranthambore which host weddings, you may book one of them if this place is your favorite.

Pushkar - The holy city of Pushkar is also a destination wedding hotspot.
There are few resorts which are perfectly suited for hosting weddings, Ananta resort, Country side resort, The Westin Pushkar resort and Pushkar Bagh resort are the best among them.

Ranakpur - If you are looking for an offbeat location to get married then Ranakpur has to be there on the list of probable destinations. This place is a peaceful place, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Fateh Bagh , Maharani Bagh and Aranyawas are top venues for weddings in Ranakpur.

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Swavlamban Ka Mahatva - Self-Reliance Can Change Your Life

Patricia Sampson, the CEO of The Sampson Group Inc. and a renowned speaker once said, "Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom and being one's own person is the best reward."  

This statement got me thinking what exactly self-reliance is? Is it the lack of belief in one’s own abilities or our dependence on others we can’t tackle what’s required of us to live independently in the world. Growing up in a time of abundance of information easily accessible through internet, I read a few scholar articles and even watched some YouTube videos to properly understand if a low sense of self-reliance can really wreak havoc to a persons' life and how can a self-sufficient person impact his life positively.

Finding me so absorbed in an intriguing topic, mom too joined me in the mission and made me watch a cute animated story in Hindi on #SwavlambanKaMatatva to understand the concept of being competent and confident enough to handle essential chores on our own. 
She further guided me that it should be one of the first skills for each of us to learn to be responsible for our actions. There is no harm in seeking advice from parents, elders, peers or friends; but this behaviour should not turn into a classic symptom of dependent mindset. 

After a lush productive dialogue, what I understood is that Self-reliance is the foundation for independence on personal level. It does not mean that you dismiss everyone else and only listen to yourself. It shouldn't lead to becoming a self-oriented person either. 

It is also not about doing everything yourself or being financially independent. But it’s certainly making your best effort for shouldering every hardship you face. 

I personally feel if you're an independent person, you get that courage to stand up for what you believe despite knowing that it may not be well-received. But once you adapt to this perspective, you don't easily surrender to obstructions that might limit your growth and success.
Some might argue that being self-sustained might not come naturally to everyone, but remember it can definitely be developed with consistent practice. Self-dependence, whether physical or emotional, can be learnt or taught starting from the early growing years of a person's life. 

It is a characteristic strength and can help get ourselves through the difficult situations without whining about how unfair life is. 

Having stated how self-dependence is a boon for personal growth, it's vital to discuss the importance of Swavlamban in a broader perspective i.e. for a nation. For a developing country like India, self-reliance came as a buzzword when PM Modi stressed upon his vision of #AtmaNirbharBharat for the first time in his speech.  

As a nation that is committed to expand its horizon in terms of economy, the version of self-reliance does not imply isolationism and inward-orientation, but reducing country’s dependence on other nations. Building an independent national economy for India means building an economy which is free from dependence on other countries and stands on its own feet. An economy which serves one's own
people and grows on the strength of the resources of one's own country and by the efforts of
one's own people can only be considered a self-reliant economy. 
अंत में, मैं कहूंगा कि आत्मसम्मान स्वावलम्बन के साथ आता है  और मनुष्य अपने आत्मसम्मान से ही निर्मित होता है | जैसा वो विश्वास करता है, वैसा वह बन जाता है। याद रखिए - समस्त सफलताएँ स्वावलम्बन की नींव पर आधारित होती हैं। 
Shamit Saini 
Class X

Thursday, 19 August 2021

How to do Footspa At Home - Affordable Solution for Beautiful Feet

With monsoon in full swing, our skincare and hair care regime change to meet the requirements of changing weather. But many people don't pay heed to their foot care regime despite knowing that our feet are frequently exposed to rains and muddy water during monsoon, thus are prone to develop infections, allergies and itchy skin. In my opinion, a foot spa is a fantastic option for days when your feet are fatigued, uncomfortable, and seeking for relief.

After a long tiring week at work, when you plan to pamper yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating 'Me' time over the weekend, a foot spa can genuinely be therapeutic in many ways. Not just that it relieves achy muscles and improves blood circulation, but can effectively reduce anxiety and depression leading to an eased state of mind.

For past few years, it's been customary for me to book an appointment at my favourite salon and give my feet an intense foot spa experience once every two weeks. But during this deadly pandemic restrictions, I've conveniently switched to at-home foot care routine because neither had I wanted to miss the pleasure nor I wanted to neglect the health of my feet that take me many a miles.

Fret not! This mini foot spa from Deyga that I indulge in at home doesn't require a range of professional equipment, but some basic household stuff, a few fine quality foot care products and your precious time.

Begin with soaking your feet up to ankles in a plastic tub filled with warm water for almost 10-15 mins. Though plain water is just fine, but I like adding a handful of Epsom salt or Sea salt whatever is available with me. Its strong antibacterial and antifungal properties is great to reduce inflammation.

Once your feet feel tender, it is time for some exfoliation! One can either use a homemade foot scrub by blending ingredients suitable to their skin type or can go for a store-bought foot scrub. Earlier I used to use a mixture of half cup of fine sugar and a few drops of coconut oil that was the handiest remedy made of easily available kitchen ingredients. But currently I'm using Deyga Mini Foot Spa Combo which is one of the most recommended foot care products in India.
This combo is the best foot care products in India and has got an aromatic foot scrub made of granulated sugar, coconut oil and mint essential oil. Rubbing it on feet is circular motion efficaciously removes dead skin. Make sure to be gentle in your strokes and not being harsh on your skin. Just remember one tip at this point! Focus the exfoliation on your heels and use pumice stone because our heels tend to be the most calloused. Remember - flaunting crack-free feet is every girl's dream.
Post exfoliation, rinse and pat dry your feet. Afterwards, follow up with a massage your favourite foot cream. You might find a mixture of honey and coconut milk quite moisturising. But for people with extremely dry skin type like mine, I would recommend considering a foot butter. A foot butter is a thicker version of a cream that creates a barrier on the skin to seal in moisture for longer. Deyga foot butter made of many luxurious hydrating ingredients will leave you in for a sweet treat. Seal in the moisturiser on those soft feet by putting on a pair of cotton socks overnight or as long as it feels comfortable.

So, enjoying a mini foot spa from time to time at the comfort of your home works wonder during the rainy season and all the year long. Your crack free feet are going to thank you.

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Authentic Artisanal Products for All Your Needs ft. iTokri

For the true-blue online shoppers like me, whose days are not complete without purchasing quality stuff every alternate day, this writeup is worth your time. A few days ago, I chanced upon this e-store called iTokri and the catchphrase एक दाम की दुकान literally took me down the memory lane when I used to stroll through the markets and this tagline would be seen labeled on the cash counters of most shops. 

As the landing page of the portal gave quite a refreshing and inviting feel with vibrant colors, I was literally fascinated to take a halt and explore what all this portal sells. It was quite obvious from the categories listed on the top that the portal has a deep rooted connect with rich Indian culture. hosts a HUGE assortment of products ranging from clothing, accessories, jewellery, paintings, stationery, toys, beddings, festive gift packs and much more. All this stuff is not just the ordinary commercial products as sold in markets, but these are finest handcrafted products. You'll be captivated how each of the products reflects the arduous work of Indian artisans. 
I need to confess here that it wasn't an easy job deciding on what to buy and what not. I was adequately tempted to order saree for mum, bag for sis and stationery for my little one; but ended up ordering a few lovely cotton fabric pieces to get some stylish kurtis made for my summer wardrobe. 💓    

While placing an order, I found the page navigation quite smooth. The product search using keywords works easy too. You would find links to subcategories of specific product range for quick access. I applied a gift card code plus made partial payment via net banking and it was absolutely hassle-free. The order confirmation, shipping details were updated via email and SMS for keeping a track of my order. 

The order got delivered in the committed time packed in a recyclable box without any plastic bags or bubble wraps. The ordered fabrics were accompanied with a plantable pen and a cute handwritten note. 🖊  Kudos to the sustainable packaging and thought behind it.

I had ordered three different varieties of fabrics i.e. Prewashed Jacquard Cotton, Sanganeri Printed Cotton and Prewashed South cotton fabric with border. All the fabrics I received are truly superior in quality and are reasonably priced. I'm quite gratified with my shopping experience.
iTokri has established a fine balance between financial sustainability with aesthetic and an ethical basis. They promote fair-trade, boost a passion for beauty, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship without causing ecological issues. They have brought together many innovative design and craft businesses in India who needed a logistic center and have set up this store that understands Indian shopping sensibilities. 
Now it is your chance to explore this vibrant world of handmade handloom products online and do your bit to pass on this legacy the next generation.

Monday, 2 August 2021

All About Women Hair Wigs

"Good hair day make me feel like I can rule the world." - I bet most women would relate to this thought. A woman’s hair is the most noticeable part of her beauty. It not just enhances her personality, but boosts her self-esteem too. Those shiny tresses set the tone for entire look of a woman. It’s no wonder that women consider their hair as their 'crowning glory'.  On the other hand, when a woman’s hair is getting thin, frizzy, dry, turning grey, it seriously affects her self-esteem. In fact many women feel that a bad hair day equals a bad day. But then, if someone is facing constant hair issues and is feeling traumatic about the same, they must consider investing in a good quality wig as a quick fix.

If you're wondering what kind of wigs should you go for and would they look n feel natural, my answer is a big Yes! These days markets are flooded with beautiful, comfortable and realistic looking wigs than ever before. There is plenty of variety to choose from depending on the area of concern. 

Women who want to conceal a receding hairline as well as cover more serious hair loss may go for human hair wigs. These are made of real, natural human hair, so they look and behave just like your own real hair. Most of these wigs can be styled, colored and trimmed to give the desired look to the wearer. What I like the most about human hair wigs is the fact that they can be worn for many days without having to be removed. These wigs might be expensive for your budget once, but that's worth it considering the real-looking appearance and longevity of the product. Those who're keen to try human hair wigs are advised to take care of their wigs as they do for their real hair. These wigs should be shampooed and conditioned regularly to prevent loss of their natural luster.

Synthetic hair wigs are made of man-made fibers which are much more durable than human hair, hence make these wigs low-maintenance products. Most of the synthetic wigs come pre-styled and have the ability to hold & retain that style in every condition. Now this can be a con for those who love styling their hair differently every day. Usually you can’t change style of synthetic wigs. Only the high quality synthetic wigs can be styled using heat styling tools, that too with lot of effort. But what I personally feel is that these wigs, which are affordable as well as easy to maintain, are actually quite glamorous, trendy and cute wigs that allow the wearer to experiment with her looks in vivid colors. Probably that's the reason synthetic wigs are popular with many young girls these days.
Other than full coverage wigs, the hair extensions, hair toppers and hair pieces are voguish detachable accessories that can be effectively used either to enhance hair length, to give volume to hair, to cover up partial baldness etc. They might be glue-taped or clip-on, so choose as per your convenience. 
Before you make up your mind to buy yourself a hair wig, give a careful thought to different factors involved i.e. type, color, quality, post-care, etc. Once you singled out right product, you'll never have a bad hair day. 

Friday, 2 July 2021

Agony of Abdomen

Me: Hey dude! you were supposed to make me win that beauty pageant, but you ruined my entire look today.
He: It's not me always who's the culprit, miss.
Me: What do you mean?
He: The pot in your belly fatso!
Me: What makes you show so much attitude?
He: Girl, don't you feel my pain ever?
Me: Oh come on! tell me what's bothering you?
I'm the flat part of your body between your chest and thigh.
Why is there no happiness in my life?
When you can't control your cravings and gorge on junk,
It's me, not the tongue, who is blamed as worthless punk.
When you fall ill, cursing only 'me' is utter nonsense.
Be informed, I'm your immune system's first line of defense.
You literally strangulate me with your tight trousers & it's absurd.
But do I ever utter a single word?
When you get compliments for your figure petite,
Your waise-to-hip ratio takes away the limelight.
I too share the same circumference as of the waist.
But have I even been applauded or graced?
I so wish you could ever hear me whine.
And believe the sentiment that 'The belly rules the mind'.
Hoping today's tête-à-tête gonna change my (bad)luck
or probably you'll experience an 'upset stomach'.
Source: Pinterest
Probably, that was enough to make me realize. 

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