Wednesday 29 July 2015

Sweatnil Roll-On Anti-Perspirant by Ethinext Pharma - Review


Today I have a product recommendation for summer-hit people who are fighting with the problem of sweating. Its from a trusted brand that I am a fan of. I am talking about Sweatnil Roll-On Anti-Perspirant from Ethinext Pharma.
Key Ingredients:
Aluminium chloride Hexahydrate – 15%
For primary and secondary hyperhidrosis,
Palmoplantar, gustatory and generalized hyperhidrosis
Price: Rs. 159 for 50 ml pack.
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.
What I liked about the product:
Sweatnil comes in white plastic bottle packaging that is light-weight and easy to carry. I dislike heavy glass packaging that cannot be easily carried in my handbag. So its a travel-friendly packaging. Also I am happy that the packaging lists all necessary information regarding usage, price, ingredients etc.
Sweatnil is beautifully perfumed that need not be distinguished for men or women like usual deodorants and can be used by any gender without feeling awkward. The perfume in the formula is not super strong, but it makes its presence feel for decent duration post-application. Ultimately it lessens the body odor arisen out of sweat accumulation on skin.

Reading on the outer carton that the product is a Roll-On pack; I expected it to be an irritating waxy thing on my skin. But I felt so relaxed to find that when you roll it on your skin, it just leaves a layer of watery thin aromatic gel behind that starts its job to control sweating. It feels absolutely non-sticky and comfortable even on the direct contact with skin.
The Sweatnil gel has aluminum chloride hexahydrate as one of the ingredients which is among the most effective antiperspirants currently available. So it has the potential to control sweating for considerably decent time of few hours. The time may vary according to user's skin or health type as well. Those who work for longer hours in open may choose to reapply it if excessive sweating is experienced.

Sweatnil leaves no spots/stains on the clothes as it quickly gets dried up. So it again a thumbs-up feature of the product that helps you use it without worries. :)

It caused me no side effects, skin allergies or irritation. So I find it gentle on skin. It recommend Sweatnil to people who live in extreme humid conditions and need a relief from body odor caused by sweating.

The price is also within budget for most, so deserves a try for everyone !!
What I didn't like much in the product?
I wish the packaging should be a transparent one to give an idea of the quantity.

The people who have very sensitive skin may not find it comfortable or hygienic to share the same sweatnil pack with other family members or friends because it is a roll-on product. (though its not an issue with me)


  1. I am using the nivea one and it does not make me sweat till I don't wash away but this feature seems missing in this product.

    1. Frankly I have not used Nivea's roll on, but you may try this one to compare.

    2. For sure Shilpa! Once my Nivea one gets finished, I will try this one.


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