Monday 29 February 2016

Sensual Massage In Candle Lit Ambiance

The touch of a loved one is so comforting for most of us. I feel you would agree with me that its a divine experience to get a sensual massage by your partner. Today I'm gonna share with you how to take your massaging experience to another level.

I've usually enjoyed a massage done using oils and body butters with aromatic constituents. Its for the first time that I got to try Aroma Essentials Massage Candle which seriously made me fall for it. To those, who are not familiar with the idea of massage candle, lets talk at length.
Massage Candle is mainly frozen natural wax with a blend of luxurious oils. I received Aroma Essentials Massage Candle infused with Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Kokum and Shea Butter. Neatly stored in a plastic container, the candle is exclusively crafted in such a way that the wax melts at not-so-high temperature. As you lit the candle, the seductive rose aroma fills the ambiance and sets the mood. I swear it'll deeply please your senses and soothe your mind as you wait for the wax to melt. While waiting for the wax to melt, I expected the liquid wax to be dark or blackish, but to my amazement, it burns very clean to be directly drizzled on the skin.
Once liquified, the center of the candle turns into a pool of warm massage oil like a lotion. Just blow the candle out and wait for the melted wax to come down to a skin-safe temperature. Spoon out some of the liquid and indulge in a relaxing, intimate massage by your partner.

The hydrating oils and butters used to make the massage candle gave my skin the most moisturizing effect. The lubrication stays on body skin the whole day, which is beyond my wildest expectations. Because on my extreme dry skin, nothing works after few hours. And the warm massage with delicious Rose oil offers exotic pleasure and long lasting nourishment.
After the massage session is over, the candle wax sets on its own and can be reheated next time. I strongly recommend everyone to try massage candle at convenience of your home over expensive spa treatments. The massage candle is surely a blissful way to pamper yourself or your partner for an ultimate sensory pleasure as well as to spend some most intimate moments for emotional connect.
So place an order by clicking on Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272.

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Climb Up High Fearlessly

The ladder of life is not as straight as you expect. The moment you find yourself calmly climbing the next step ahead, a crucial turn suddenly brings in twist in the story and puts you in a position when you are left with no choice than to accept the uncertainty. For most humans, 'certainty' is almost always preferable over 'uncertainty' because being trapped in insecurities of life makes us feel uncomfortable and our faith for life seems shattering to pieces.
How can I forget to mention the heart breaking episode of my boss's life when she got diagnosed with the life-threatening disease -Cancer. The ever-smiling face of the pretty lady had drooped to the deadliest feel. Even the possession of enough funds and support of advanced medical support were unable to make her stay hopeful as the outcome of treatment wasn't too certain and the sharp decline in her health due to the disease seemed her so very real. :( What do you think such broken heart could wish for?? Just an assurance from life, a hope and a reason to smile again...

The complex formula of life is not only tough when your life itself is at stake, but also when you are under prepared for taking up a challenge thrown by life with increasingly high fickleness. This is what I could witness when my cousin, chairing an International Bank in HongKong for many years, had to decide his come back to native place seeking parental support for wife's safe labor n delivery. His bright career prospects appeared paralyzed at the moment due to situation-induced anxiety and the path laying in his front looked worse than the one was leaving. Is that so easy for a hard-working young man to deal with disorder of life...

Such incident don't seem to leave anyone untouched actually. I remember my neighbour Chanda who was informed by her doc to have conceived with her first child with some abnormality. No mother is prepared ever for such painful news when she is ready to enjoy the heavenly experience of motherhood for the first time.

Don't these stories present life as a complicated recipe asking for ingredients you've not got in your easy reach. Well, yes! There is no disagreement that we cannot predict life’s uncertainty and insecurities swirling around all the time, but I bet we can definitely guarantee our whole-hearted effort to go forward fearlessly and come out as a winner. What does it take? A little foresight and some planning!
This inspiring clip from Birla Sun Life touches the similar aspect of our life stating that despite all the skepticism and dilemma, some thoughtful planning can make a big difference to tackle life's difficulties with ease. The vision of our life is simply to emphasize on #KhudKoKarBuland outlook because God helps those who help themselves and just by being your own support you may conquer the fears :)

Sunday 28 February 2016

Herbal India Derma Renew Cream Review

Hello frnz

In the beginning of this month, I got a parcel from Herbal India Products containing some of their newly introduced creams etc. Co-incidently, I had finished my current one few days ago, so it was right time to find an appropriate substitute. Out of the products I received, I started using Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream and here is the review of the same...
About the Brand:
Herbal India Products is high-class beauty and wellness products distributor in India and abroad whose focus is to provide a broad range of high quality products comprising of health supplements and skin care products made from the pure and natural ingredients available. The company promises to deliver their products in any part of the world in tactful packaging in shortest possible time span. Visit Herbal India Products here for more details on their products.

Derma Renew Cream is packaged in a beautiful cardboard box in white & blue color theme. As you open the magnetic closure of the cardboard box, a pretty crystal tub pack with golden top lid sits inside. The lid has an inner disc under it and the product name is labeled on the top. The ingredients and price details are printed at the bottom of the packaging.

The cream is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like Grapeseed Extract, Kakadu Plum Extract, Saffron, Mulberry, Bearberry.

The 30 gm content in the pack is sold at a price of Rs. 3000 and shelf life of each pack is 24 months.
The Derma Renew cream is off white in color. The consistency of the cream is more viscose and firm than usual creams. Even if you turn the pack upside down, the product won't move/spill at all. The other creams by the brands that I have tried earlier are of similar degree of thickness.
The firm texture of the cream makes it a task to spread the cream evenly on skin. You cannot rub the cream between your palms and apply on face. The better way is to put cream on face in dots and then gently spread with finger tips until it merges well. The cream leaves a white cast upon application but it disappears in some time as the cream is completely absorbed.
The brand is known for infusing choicest ingredients in their products that are loved by skin. Unlike many herbal formulations that smell weird, the cream smells really pleasant. The dark spots and light blemish start fading due to mulberry extract used in the cream that works to obtain clear skin as its rich in antioxidants. Even the stubborn pigmentation can be cured by bearberry extract provided the product is regularly used in long term. Also bearberry acts as a natural, mild sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage.
I like the way the cream doesn't feel greasy and can be applied as an effective makeup base. The Kakadu Plum extract, which is relatively unheard ingredient for me, is one of richest source of Vitamin C. It gives a natural glow to the skin and prevents ageing. Prolonged application of this cream results in skin tightening and toning as it is enriched with grapeseed extract loaded with astringent properties. The comprehensive benefits of Derma Renew cream can be availed in any kind of weather. It didn't cause any skin issues and contributes towards flawless appearance. So wait no longer and give yourself a radiant look with Derma Renew. 
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Saturday 27 February 2016

BloomsBerry's Blissful Launches : Hand & Foot Scrubs

We bathe our hands and feet everyday with soap and water. But just splashing some water on them during shower is not pretty caring. In some old posts of mine, I've confessed my obsession of keeping my hands and feet very much pampered on regular basis. Still there are some busy days with tight schedule when laxity takes over and I feel guilty of not paying much attention to my hands and feet.

To rescue me and many others from such guilt, Bloomsberry has crafted a set of instant manicure and pedicure scrubs that claims to treat rough hands and feet in just a minute. The hand scrub is called as Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub and the foot scrub is called as Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub.

Quite simple packaging in white, opaque jars have been offered for both the products and there is a foil seal underneath the lid of both scrubs jars. The details like ingredient list, price, quantity, usage instructions etc have been labeled on packs.


Shelf Life: 2 years. (Since the packs which I received are the introductory ones, they missed certain details. But the packaging available on stores now bears all details including shelf life)

Product Color, Smell & Texture: 
The Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub is pink color scrub with floral extracts and has a tender smell to please everyone, while the Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub is sea-green color scrub with cucumber extract that smells of cucumber. Both the scrubs are relatively firm in consistency, so will not flow freely and spill un-necessarily.

My experience:
Usually I don't recommend body scrubbing on everyday basis considering their long term effects due to over-exfoliation and feel that once or twice a week is more than sufficient. But the skin of hands n feet gets rougher very soon and need more attention, so an exfoliation custom of alternate days is what suits me.

The Bloomsberry Minute Manicure Blossom Sugar Scrub and Smoothing Pedicure Cucumber Foot Scrub are applied on damp skin of hands and feet respectively followed by light massage in circular pattern. The best time to use the scrubs is in the mid of shower on the cleansed skin to obtain best result.

Both the scrubs are sugar based and give sand-like feel initially on massaging. But the minute granules of the scrubs dissolve quite easily and behave really gentle to the skin. Take care not to rub excessively to avoid hurting your skin.

The sugar produces glycolic acid that effectively loosens dirt and dead skin cells, so with every usage, ultimately your skin becomes free of impurities and toxins. I liked that none of these Bloomsberry scrubs produces any lather when you massage it, only light bubbles appear while rinsing it off. These mild scrubs packed with shea butter and castor oil are destined to moisturize the skin naturally. Right after the first exfoliation session, you may feel considerable difference in the texture of your skin. I'm loving my smooth, supple and touchable hands & feet much more than ever.

Buying Guide:
Smoothing Pedicure : Rs. 590 for 200 gm (offers available at Flipkart and Amazon)
Minute Manicure : Rs 549 for 150 gm (offers available at Flipkart and Amazon)
You may also order both the product to avail discount in combo deal on Amazon 

Bloomsberry Hand and foot scrubs make great at-home manicure and pedicure products with rich combination of ingredients. The products stand tall of its claims of effective exfoliation in one-minute (though the repeated usage is required on regular intervals). Feel satisfied to obtain soft and rejuvenated hands and feet without spending on expensive pro-services at salons with Bloomsberry scrubs.

Hope you find the post share your views in comments.

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Friday 26 February 2016

Can Men #ShareTheLoad of Laundry?

Women in India take pride in shouldering equal responsibilities with the men in their houses, when we encompass paid employment. Despite working full time like their male partners, women are expected to handle all the household chores when they come home, because this is what they are born to do... But who decided their destiny....the society or their own family? Most men rely on their wives for cooking, cleaning, raising the kids and laundry. As a child, I personally noticed all these jobs either done by my mom or left undone. My dad, who is so helpful and cooperative otherwise, didn't help mom in washing clothes ever. And now I know how much energy and physical effort goes into laundry. Sad, but true story of most household in India, shows that women are undergoing much stress because of uncooperative spouses. The worse part is that this discriminating approach is carried forward to coming generations and there seems no end of the gender disparity.

My good fortune favoured me that I've been coupled with a sensible man who, right after our marriage, declared that instead of scrubbing the collars of his shirts and exhausting myself, I should do something constructive and enhance my productivity. In the same direction, we invested in a automated washing machine that aided me cut down my time spent over domestic chores. The clear-sighted man in my life came forward operating the appliance more readily and helped me #sharemyload. More than a decade ago, this well though-out plan came into action that is on roll till date in my family. 

The reason why I'm sharing this anecdote is to highlight the fact that the time has come to break the stereotype conventions prevailing in the society and bring along a positive transition for welfare of feminine gender. I strongly feel that the couples who share the household chores build stronger sentiments for each other. There is no justification on why and who should perform laundry, cleaning or cooking; but the practicing equality at your own home is a satisfying reward in itself. Men should acknowledge the amount of dedication disposed by women for her family on a typical day and should earn respect by setting an example for their kids by contributing fairly to the 'lady' in the house. 

'Better late than never', is the key message conveyed by team Ariel who has gone that extra mile to underline this prejudice through an inspiring advert and is encouraging men to help around the house and in laundry.
I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Aroma Essentials Turmeric Butter Review

'Turmeric', the most humble spice outshines all other spices in our kitchen with its contemporary value. And we know its a powerhouse of skin benefits since ages. I got to try a body butter from Aroma Essentials whose main ingredient is Turmeric Oil. It had been a lovely experience using it and here is my opinion on the product.

The Aroma Essential Turmeric Butter is something like a lustrous cream in light yellow color. The buttery thick consistency without any lumps makes the body butter absolutely smooth finished.
It came in a simple white tub pack which has a tight screw cap. The pack is light-weight and spill-proof so can be considered travel-friendly.
The Aroma Essentials Turmeric Butter has amazing penetration due to which it is absorbed by skin in no time. I massage this body butter on my skin post shower in the morning and also before I go to bed in the night. I'm surprised by the natural topical appearance of the skin after massaging with this turmeric butter that doesn't bring out any glossy look. The only outcome is soft & glowing skin and relief from dryness upon its application. The best part is that this turmeric butter doesn't leave slightest of yellowish tint over the skin nor does it stain my clothes. 
The blend of vanilla and sweet orange oils along with turmeric has given the product an intense aroma that can be inhaled the moment we open the packaging. The tangy citrus scent of orange oil blankets me with tranquility whenever applied and my mood is enlivened with joy.   

The use of turmeric in skin essentials is extensively popular for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory traits. So the product can tackle skin infections, inflammation and rashes very well. At some occasions, I've been using this turmeric butter to soothe my excessively dry heels and to control itching around finger nails. Infact, when its not the right time to give myself a complete massage, I make a point to just rub little quantity to patches of dry skin. Not to mention, it is the easiest remedy than any other tricky solution. 

To conclude I would say, the herbal and all natural preparation of Aroma Essentials Turmeric Butter can appreciate the texture of your skin greatly on regular use. Do indulge in the aromatic, complexion enhancing skin treatment of Turmeric Butter and acquire clear, even toned, youthful skin without any side effects.
For queries regarding price and availability, please follow the link Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272 to order.

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Thursday 25 February 2016

Street Wear Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm Review (Plum Pluck)

To give your lips a protective layer of moisture and a dash of color, Lip Balms are like gift of fortune. Whatever be the weather outside, one or the other flavour/color of lip balms perfectly fulfills your desire of getting plump lips.

Street Wear, one of the premium makeup brand,  recently launched range of Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balms in four trendy colors pink, peach, plum and coral. I also got one of the delicious lip balm to try in Plum Pluck shade. And here is how I liked it...
Street Wear Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm comes in a color-sync packaging of cardboard sheet that simply lets you quickly identify the shade without checking the shade name on the product (like Plum Pluck shade has got plum color on outer packaging as well as the lip balm stick). The product details are printed overleaf for reference. The lip balm stick in black color with girly print looks really feminine.

The lip balm stick is in plum color as expected from the shade name Plum Pluck, but the swatches don't really give plum color.
The lip balm hardly gives actual plum color to lips, rather its a mild trace of color after multiple swipes. It may be a thumbs down for those longing for a deep color-payoff, but to me moisturization is most sought-after quality in a lip balm.
The brand has very thoughtfully created the lip balm range enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter to get rid of chapped lips. Though the moisturization effect of lipbalm fades after few hours and requires retouching, but it doesn't trouble me.
The lip balm stick with its smooth finish is easy to glide and extends instant glossy lips. The dry lips gets immediate moisture upon application. When applied, I can smell sweet & refreshing mint scent and cooling sensation on lips that linger on for few minutes and gives me a feel like chewing a gum. I am actually liking this flavoured essence in the lip balm. Last but not the least, the lip balms also boasts of containing SPF 10 to protect your lips against sun damage.
I would recommend Street Wear smoothie lip balms to all those females who feel that the use of lipsticks everyday is taxing and they need a break from the routine. Priced at Rs 150 each for 4.2 gm (but currently being sold at Rs 135 under introductory offer), these are surely good variants to try out.
Have you tried any of Street Wear cosmetic? What's your favourite one? Do share with us :)

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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Sheer Skinz Ayurvedic Bhringraj Hair Oil Review

Today one or the other person in every family is facing some kind of hair problems. Be it hair fall, premature graying, split ends or unhealthy scalp; you will find people discussing their hair issues seeking effective solutions. One of the primary hair care regimen known till date stresses upon head massage with appropriate hair oil. There are many 'fancy' hair oils available at stores these days that claim to address these issues, but me and my family still trust traditional ayurvedic oils for its purity. At present, I'm using Sheer Skinz Ayurvedic Bhringraj Oil which is 100% herbal preparation. So lets have an overview of the same in today's post. 

Product Details:
Sheer Skinz Ayurvedic Bhringraj Oil is a complete Ayurvedic formula, which is prepared in Sesame Oil using natural herbs. Its one of the best herbal treatments for hair loss and dandruff. You need to apply oil to the scalp and gently massage it for about 10 minutes. Potent herbs in this herbal oil provide nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles as well to counter hair fall. It naturally strengthens roots of the hair and helps to naturally grow hair. All herbs are blended in right formula to offer effective cure for infections, hair loss and split ends. It improves blood flow and stimulates hair follicles to ensure natural growth.
Key ingredients:
Various extracts of Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, Haritaki, Baheda, Chandan, Mulethi, Nagarmutha, Bariyara, Heena, Padmakh and Sesame Oil.  
Bhringraj & Bramhi oil stops hair fall, premature greying and dandruff.
Amla & Henna works as natural conditioners, provides shine & volume.
Mulethi is natural blood purifiers and has antifungal, antimicrobial properties 
Price: Rs 135 for 100 ml. 

Color, Texture & Fragrance: The Sheer Skinz Bringraj hair oil is a deep brown colored oil that looks even darker in the bottle. The consistency of the fluid is just the appropriate, neither runny nor thick. The oil smells purely herbal that may trouble sensitive noses. But for me its a calming fragrance that soothes me.
Packaging: The oil is packed in a transparent plastic bottle in square shape. The black flip cap on the bottle goes well with the oil color ;) The label on the bottle has required details printed on it in white font color. You receive a new bottle sealed with cling sheet and housed in black cardboard box. 
Usage Experience:
My usual hair care regimen finds an oiling session on weekly chart over the weekend. But at times, I add-on one more massage session if any weekday is a holiday and I'm able to spend my day at home relaxing. My preference is leaving the hair oil overnight on my scalp so that it drinks the nutrients and offers my hair best nourishment. 
I'm applying Sheez Skinz Bringraj oil for some time now and the first thing I could notice was softness of my hair after just two-three uses. The oil is not extra-greasy, but also not completely non-sticky. It penetrates very well into the follicles and scalp. But I cannot step out wearing that strongly fragranced oil on my hair. (though its a matter of personal choice). Using this oil religiously ensures trapping flyaway and strengthens the roots. The dryness of scalp is remarkably cured and my hair seem restoring the natural texture. Though the enhancement of hair growth is yet to be acknowledged, since its not a miraculous device to work in a short span of time. But overall, its a complete hair tonic for preventing and controlling hair problems arising out of our modern lifestyle or heredity. 
Sheer Skinz Ayurvedic Bhringraj Oil goes beyond just oiling your hair, but manifold promotes good health of hair shaft and scalp when incorporated in your hair care routine.

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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Burst of Happyness A Wash to Remember Body Scrub Review


Recently I received some vegan products from Burst of Happyness and it was one of those rarest moments that I started using all of those the very next day (because there was no overlapping of products in same category). Out of the products received, I already wrote about the coconut milk bar and here is another post sharing my views on her natural sugar body scrub called "A Wash to Remember".
Product Info:
This scrub with decadent mango butter and almond oil is true to its name and will become your favourite product in the shower! The oils and butters used are light on the skin but are deeply moisturizing without any greasiness. This product is ideal for use in the morning to keep you fragrant for hours.

Ingredients:In-house soap, brown sugar, oil (almond and grapeseed), raw butters (cocoa and mango), and essential oils (lavender and grapefruit)

Price: Rs 495 for 200 gm order on official site

Shelf Life: The scrub is purely vegan and free from chemicals or preservatives, so its shelf life is lesser than commercial products. Its recommended to use it within 3 months after opening the seal. 
The body scrub comes in a broad tin container having screw lid over the top. There is a layer of protective sheet within the lid. The label on the lid of the container prints the product name and the ingredients used. Another label at the bottom of the container makes it evident what the product can do for your skin and how to use it to gain optimum benefit out of it. You may find price and shelf life as well on bottom side label. The scrub in my pack is still under-use, but I would like to reuse this container too just like I utilized the cloth pouch of soap bar ;)

The moment the container opens, you are greeted with such an inviting fragrance to stimulate you even before using the product on you. Talking about the scrub, I would start by forwarding special remarks by my junior who found the appearance of sugar scrub resembling jaggery porridge due to its color and texture ;) {kids are kids, you see} 

Color n Texture:
Actually, the coarse grains of demerara sugar (which is a type of unrefined sugar) in golden brown shade truly give the scrub edible look. The scrub that I received is in solid state as per the current temperature, but the consistency may vary with a change in temperature. 
Usage Experience:
As mentioned, the scrub is quite dense and solid, I use a clean spoon to scoop out some quantity and screw the lid back to avoid water entering the container. Massaging the scrub in light strokes on the skin starts melting it on skin and it produces velvety lather due to in-house soap used in formula. So you need not use a soap bar afterwards. The skin friendly ingredients gently exfoliates the skin without being abrasive and leave the skin silky smooth after very first use. The raw butter and essential oils lubricates the skin deeply without leaving a greasy sheen over the surface of the skin. The scrub can be used everyday and is also versatile & mild enough to be used as face scrub too. 

I'm sure those who try it once would be glad to have found a comprehensive exfoliation treatment for the most delicate organ of our body i.e. our skin without causing it any harms and would definitely utter "It had been a wash to remember" ;)

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