Saturday 25 July 2015

Aroma Essentials Leave On Serum Review


Remember I reviewed the D-Tan scrub from Aroma Essentials few days back. I was quite impressed by its result, so I decided to go ahead with yet another product and took one from their hair care range. And today I am here with a review on Aroma Essential Leave On Serum.
The serum comes in a small plastic bottle with green cap. The top cap of the bottle has flip open lid with a nozzle to pour our the liquid. The label on the packaging iterates about the features, but not ingredients. The 35 ml serum is priced at Rs 150.
The serum is enriched with the goodness of Arnica Extracts, Hibiscus Extracts, Wheat Proteins with Almond Oil.
The serum is a translucent liquid that has a shiny tint in it. It is not very thick in consistency or I can say less thicker than the one I am using at present. As you flip open the cap, a sweet herbal smell enters your nostrils.
As the name suggests, the serum is meant to be on hair and not to be washed away. I took out few drops of the serum on my hand, rubbed them between my palms and applied on damp hair. Give it a light massage. The serum provides a fair coating on hair and adds luster to dull hair. I am happy that it helped me control frizz to a considerable extent. I experienced no fly aways after regular usage of this product.
Most interestingly, the detangling process post head bath is now a matter of few seconds because of effortless combing. The hair length feels really soft and refreshing because its fragrance lasts for next few hours. Its now so easy to manage my long hair and set them easily in any hair-do. Prolonged use of this leave-on serum can strengthen hair as it brings along the trust of almond oil.
Though the serum is not very thick, but it requires very less quantity to be applied in every usage. Ofcourse, it depends of the texture and length of hair too. But take care not to use excessive amount of serum to avail extra benefit in one go, otherwise there is great chance to weigh down your hair.

Nice fragrance.
Light on hair.
Not greasy.
Needs few drops per usage.
Helps dentagling.
Conditions hair.
Decently priced.
Adds shine n softness to hair.

Packaging can be improved with details of ingredients.

Where To buy: Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272 to order.

Overall Verdict:
Aroma Essential Leave On Serum is effective in managing dry, frizzy hair in the very first application. Little quantity goes long, as very less amount is used in one go. The results are really good and the product is worth trying :)


  1. Great review, this product seems to work well alongwith being pocket friendly!!

    1. Yes Sonali. I suited my hair texture nicely and didn't cause any issue.

  2. I don't use a serum because I already have very dry frizzy hair and I am afraid using new products. But this review really effective. Since it is not so expensive and herbal too and even you are loving this peoduct, I strongly want to give it try. :D

    1. It will help you tame frizzy hair for sure.

  3. Nice review Shilpa.. I also liked the idea of clicking pictures with rose leaves :)

    1. Thnx Anjali. I love clicking pics and sometimes they turn out to be good ;)


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