Thursday 27 September 2018

Best Perfumes to Wear At Work from Oriflame ECLAT Range

It was a surprise for me when I got to know that there are workplaces that have policies for perfume ban due to workers' severe sensitivity towards fragrances. At some places, the employees are not permitted to apply scented version of any beauty products. In my opinion, one should not drench himself/herself in the smelly stuff that bothers co-workers, rather he /she should wisely hand-pick the kind of fragrance to wear at work. Because for many people wearing perfume is an essential part of getting dressed as a 'good fragrance' is a noticeable 'accessory'.

Today I've got a quick recommendation of gentle fragrances from Oriflame ECLAT for both men and women. The ECLAT range has many sophisticated fragrances. Previously my husband used and reviewed ECLAT Homme and now I've come up two of it's newer variants i.e. Mademoiselle EDT and Lui EDT.
Oriflame ECLAT Mademoiselle EDT
Experience a scent that exudes a delicate, exotic and sublime femininity. White Hibiscus is the hero, with its floral expression and subtle watery notes. The flower embodies classic, romantic sophistication. The perfect accompaniment for the young Parisian woman. Eclat Mademoiselle by Oriflame is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women launched in 2017. It's composition is -
Top notes - pear, freesia and apple;
Middle notes - jasmine, rose and hibiscus;
Base notes - palisander rosewood, amber and musk.

Oriflame ECLAT Lui EDT
Eclat Lui combines masculine elegance and vitality – an ideal mix for a young and dynamic generation. With Cordovan leather as the hero, its powerful and sophisticated edge creates a timeless allure with a hint of modernity – the perfect scent for a man who respects tradition but lives dynamically in the present. The fragrance features grapefruit, lavender, leather.

To begin with, both the perfumes Mademoiselle EDT and Lui EDT have light and refreshing fragrance that screams elegance and is appropriate for work. None of the fragrances is overpowering and simply stays close to the skin of the wearer. So worry not that it might drift over your office cabin wall. The utterly classy perfumes do not catch unwanted attention as you pass by someone at office, but let you feel fresh n confident for hours. On me, the longevity of Mademoiselle EDT is 3-4 hours which may vary depending on warmth of body. The fresh aroma lingers on afterwards, but doesn't overpower. Lui EDT is subtle yet a clear way of sharper expression of a gentleman's personality. 
In a nutshell, now finding a mild and refreshing fragrance that doesn't feels heavy is not a challenge anymore. Spritz the soft and alive 'work-friendly' fragrance on your pulse point every day compatible with everything office wear, stay positive and get good work-vibes. :)

Friday 7 September 2018

Intelligent Flame Test & Quality Assurance of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

"Blessed with a baby boy", the message flashed on my phone screen while I was busy curating content for my article on my laptop. One of my friends who is as dear as a sister to me, had delivered a baby boy and I was so excited to meet and snuggle the little one the very moment. But then I decided of giving her space for a few days, as the first couple of weeks with a newborn can be overwhelming for a new mom. I just replied back to her with a congratulatory message and promised to drop in at her place in next few days.

Before I could visit the cuddlesome baby and his mom, I thought of finding some meaningful, baby-focused gifts for the little one and the nursing mom that will stand the test of time. I got a beautifully decorated basket and filled it up with snacks like nuts, healthy snack bars, lactation beverages, bath n body products, massage oils, refillable water bottle and some parenting magazines for my friend. Now selecting gifts for the newborn was a task for me, but at least I was sure to give a break to the same old baby sets. I opted for practical items needed for the baby on daily basis i.e. cloth diapers, swaddling clothes, baby wipes, funky onesies, soft socks, bonnets and some toys.

After taking a consent of my friend after a few days whether she is ready for a long-stay visitor, I finally got the opportunity to meet my friend with an intention to take a little stress off her during this crazy, emotion-filled time. The lady felt so emotional as she picked and loved each of the thoughtful gifts I had carried along. But holding one of the packs in her hand, she surprisingly acclaimed "Should I use these baby wipes for my new born? I mean how can you go wrong picking these harmful wipes for a baby's delicate skin. See, using disposable baby wipes has already caused blistery skin on my baby's face, hands and bumps..."

In the impulse of the moment, I decided to settle on a plan of action to clarify her doubt by sharing what had worked in my experience when the similar inhibition had arouse in my mind during my early motherhood days. To begin with, I calmly showed her the pack of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes which legibly mentions that these wipes are as good as cotton and water since these are made of natural fabric and are based on water. To further prove my point, I demonstrated the authenticity of my explanation through a simple Flame Test. 
Taking one of the wipes out of the pack, I burnt one of its corners over the flame of a candle which I took from her kitchen. While the wipe was being burnt, we noticed that the odour emitted from wipes smelt like a burnt paper or piece of cloth; rather than of burnt plastic. This proved that the Mother Sparsh baby wipes are made up of plant-based natural fabric without polyester content in them.
Also the burnt wipe left behind greyish powdered residue (that we commonly call as 'ash') instead of hard lump. This was again an evidence that these wipes are sans plastic content unlike ordinary baby wipes available at relatively cheaper price in the markets.
The outcome of this simple home test not only convinced my beloved friend of finding a skin-friendly product for her baby, but also reassured her trust that 'goodness' comes in all sizes and all forms ;)
For all the mommies out there, who are keen to try Mother Sparsh 98% water based baby wipes, you may shop online at the comfort of your home while you're busy juggling with your new responsibilities.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Oriflame Essentials Coconut Water Face Scrub and Multipurpose Cream Review

Coconut water is incredibly hydrating when consumed and when applied topically on skin. Apart from the health benefits, it is also packed with many beauty benefits for our skin. While raw coconut water can offer beauty benefits like deep cleansing, reducing skin tanning, minimising blemished etc; its not always possible for everyone to get access to whole coconut fruit all the times. And I personally love using coconut in different forms right from eating its meat, drinking coconut water or using coconut oil for cooking.
My love for Coconut insisted me to try Oriflame Essentials Coconut Water range that includes a Face Scrub and a Multipurpose Cream each.
Oriflame Essentials Coconut Water Face Scrub 
Give your skin a refreshing burst of nutritious skin-quenching moisture. Exfoliating scrub and moisturiser with replenishing natural coconut water leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, supple and refreshed. So simple and so essential. 
This scrub comes in a travel-friendly, tube packaging which is definitely a preferred one for me for the ease of usage and assurance of hygiene when other family members share the same pack. This scrub is not oil based. Just take out sufficient quantity to massage it gently in circular motion onto your damp skin avoiding the eye areas. You may even massage it on dry skin, just make sure to wet your hands before rubbing. The fine granules do the job of exfoliation excellently. I'm seriously fallen in love for the invigorating scent of fresh coconut coming from the scrub that appeals my senses so well. The mild formula and smooth texture make the scrub usable every alternate day. I feel it will suit all skin types. Priced at Rs. 299
Oriflame Essentials Multi-Purpose Cream Coconut Water
A light, non-greasy all-purpose moisturising cream with replenishing natural coconut water and a blend of humectants and emollients. Can be used on the face, hands and body. Absorbs quickly to help leave skin feeling soft, smooth, supple and delightfully refreshed with a delicate summery coconut fragrance. Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.
It's probably the first time that I used a cream that's main ingredient is coconut water. It comes in a wide-mouthed plastic jar. There is no inner lid, so can be messy carrying it along during travel. The cream is of moderate consistency and silky texture. Quite easy to absorb offering intense moisturization with exotic scent. Since it's a multi-purpose cream, sometimes I use it as a makeup remover that lets tough waterproof makeup dissolve easily without drying up my skin. It doesn't leave greasy feel behind. It's a good choice to revitalize dry cuticles, cracked heels or rough elbows too. For those who love dewy finish to their makeup, apply this cream on your face, wash off and pat dry before applying makeup on a smooth canvas. I would recommend it as a perfect daily skincare essential. Priced at Rs. 479
Oriflame Essentials Coconut Water product combo is easy on pocket with expected result. Highly recommended!

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Relation Between The 3 Bs – Body, Brain and Breakfast

"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning." - Meister Eckhart
The beginning is the most important part of any work. Because the way something begins greatly influences how it will further proceed and conclude. Waking up in the morning, charged up with effusive energy, marks any day that will bring productivity and accomplishments.

To be honest, I've never been a morning person. "Just a few minutes please... mommy!", these standard words would start most of my days and I would always dream of buying a little extra time to extend my sleep before I had to get up for school (or college or even for work). And then I would exhaust myself and skip my breakfast in an attempt to be on-time. The effects of being a regular breakfast-skipper were evident on my body after some time. I learnt the importance of a balanced morning meal the hard way after falling prey to certain physical issues which luckily came under-control because I realized it on time. Of course, in the bargain of those few minutes of morning sleep, I completely changed my lifestyle towards a healthier beginning of the day afterwards and my body adapted to this change in a positive manner.

My life got a complete makeover due to changes in place, climate, age, family responsibilities, job profile etc. after my marriage and attaining motherhood. But at every juncture, I remained mindful to my commitment to a hearty breakfast all these years. In fact, as a homemaker, one of my primary concerns has been to awaken a desire in the heart of my family members for home-cooked food. However, in the busy lifestyle that we live today, the scenario of a breakfast eaten peacefully is often a far-fetched idea.

As a homemaker, wife & a mother, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure my family is living a healthy life. So I tailored morning rituals suited to the needs of my family. My goal in healthy living is not just to lengthen our lives, but rather be able to be more active and productive.

Despite being a full-time working mom who is pressed for time, I try to cook as much as possible from scratch. Yes, it takes some thought and planning but at the end of the day, it doesn't hurt our health and wallet. ;) Mostly, the meals that I serve to my family comprises of most key nutrients from dietary point of view including vegetables, fruits, milk, grains, poultry and dairy items. But there had been instances, when my son gave up on 'ideal food habits' culture in the family and wanted a change. I agreed that the morning meal doesn't have to be all about traditional breakfast items. So I thought of adding some tasty mixes to our existing platter that could meet the essential requirements without any compromise.

During one of my visits to departmental store, I spotted an array of Kellogg’s products stacked on display rack and it immediately attracted me.
Well! This was a breakfast game-changer.
Since that day, Kellogg’s 'Anaj Ka Nashta' became a staple breakfast for all of us. Eating cereals fortified with nutrients and that too in a convenient, time-saving format has actually relieved the plight of a busy homemaker struggling to make both ends meet.

Now no one in the family is guilty of skipping breakfast, rather they look forward to what's coming every day. I personally have realised that my morning time has become more relaxed and productive. I may harness my morning 'power time' to achieve my target of the day. Watching my son tastefully finishing his breakfast without any compelling gives me such a content feeling. Because I believe children who regularly fuel themselves up with breakfast before heading to the school certainly gain benefits like improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving and better comprehension during reading and listening.

To sum up, I would assert what we eat not only affects us physically but has an impact on our mental and emotional well-being too. Remember, nutrients skipped at breakfast do not get compensated during the rest of the day,

This national nutrition month, let’s make breakfast a priority! Share this post with your loved ones who tend to always skips breakfast and ask them to #Breakthehabit

Monday 3 September 2018

Parental Guide To Reform Digital Junkies

'Teens and their addiction for screen'- that's something which worries every parent whose kids are growing up in this digital world. I, as a parent, find myself in the dilemma whether I should really take my child completely off technology and make him feel tech-handicap in the future or should limit his too much usage of gadgets so that it doesn't impair his development.
So here is what parents like me must try at their home to raise a low-gadget child-

Restrain yourself to give your child a dedicated gadget/device of his own to avoid interference with your own device and for your own convenience. Having to borrow your device will potentially reduce his screen time.

Limit the number of Apps that your child is allowed to install in the device. Once a new App is installed, make sure to take the test of the same to assess the appropriateness of the content that your child would come across while using it. I personally recommend using any suitable App that gives you parental control of the device with which you may restrict certain content to be displayed.

Try noticing whether there is a specific time slot when your child is hooked to the gadgets. If yes, break this pattern and engage him in some creative activity he/she loves. It effectively worked in my case. Everyday in the evening, I call my son to help me with dinner since he is fond of cooking and he takes pride when his opinion is considered with ingredients etc. Just a simple exercise and great relief!

Make your children aware of the consequences of addictive effects and let them realise themselves how their own behaviour had been deteriorating since they are glued to gizmos. Take them in confidence and help them understand that less time on screen simply means lesser time absorbing inappropriate content. I believe self-realisation sometimes can do what an advice cannot.

We all know that children imitate parents. The easiest way to limit media use by children is to control your own urge to be constantly online. Remind yourself why setting these limits are important for mental and physical wellness of your child & be a good role model by disconnecting your devices. 

The exposure to digital information is revolutionising every walk of life, but screens can draw these children from life's real pleasures. Technology is a positive force for learning and connecting, but not at the cost of losing someone's well-being. All the parents who wish for freedom from Digital Heroin must fix up a Digital Detox Routine for their family as early as possible because the older your kids are, the harder it is to enforce limits.

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Sunday 2 September 2018

Oriflame Essense & Co. Magnolia & Wild Fig Range Review

Blissful Magnolia & Wild Fig - A divine fusion that is brought to you for a luxurious shower experience by Oriflame Essense & Co. The Magnolia & Wild Fig range consists of two bath and body products i.e. a Hand & Body Wash and a Hand & Body Lotion.
Magnolia & Wild Fig Hand & Body Wash
This fresh floral scented hand and body wash will hydrate and cleanse your skin as it leaves a delicately perfume of relaxing magnolia and fresh wild fig. Even more, the formula is dermatologically tested, moisture-rich and gentle enough to use every day. 
The pump packaging of the body wash makes it convenient to use when in shower and offers you a cleaner, hygenic experience. Just press the pump to take out a few drops of body wash on loofah, spread the soft lather and enjoy a quick rinse. The mild and gentle formulation of this body wash gives your skin a light feel with its moisturizing foam. That is the best way to feel confident that you are nurturing your skin right from the start of your day. (Priced at Rs 679)
Magnolia & Wild Fig Hand & Body Lotion
This moisturising hand and body lotion is blended with natural essential oils to luxuriously pamper and delicately perfume your skin with the relaxing scent of magnolia and fresh wild fig. Easily absorbed, the luxurious, non-greasy lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Ideal for using after your Magnolia & Wild Fig Hand & Body Wash.
After a soothing shower, it's a mandate for me to hydrate my skin with an aromatic body lotion. Currently, I'm using the Magnolia & Wild Fig Hand & Body Lotion which is a non-greasy yet intensely moisturining formula. Applying a generous amount of lotion on body smoothens my dry, rough skin and improves skin tone for an allover glow. It gets absorbed quickly, so there’s no wait time after shower and before dressing up. Initially the citrusy sweet aroma of Magnolia Lotion felt quite different to me, but now I like the sensational and truly reminiscent scent of this creamy lotion. This lotion is great choice for those who can't stand strong creepy fake smells in skincare products. (Priced at Rs. 779)
Experience a shower like no other with Oriflame Essense & Co. Magnolia & Wild Fig Range and bid goodbye to dry skin issues :)