Friday 30 June 2017

GloBox Subscription Box Quick Review

Today I've received my first GloBox and here is a quick review on it.

GloBox is a monthly subscription box that sends monthly dose of daily essentials hand picked by experts. What I liked the most about this box is that the subscriber can customize his/her box. How? While signing up, you may fill your beauty profile on the website and the experts will ask you some questions to hunt down the right products for your needs. 

I clearly specified my skin type, hair type, skin concerns and preferences on kind of products I would like in my box. The box got delivered to me in next 3 days.
I received 5 full-sized products in my GloBox..

Mcaffeine Bouncy Techno Caffeine Shampoo:
Meant for Root Energizer and enriched with Vitamin E and Cococnut.
Price: INR 429 
Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Bath Soap
A great moisturizing soap bar that I've used previously.
Price: INR 200 
Ethicare Remedies Hydromax Cream 
Using it since past few years and it is suitable for dry skin type.
Price: INR 250
Tea Treasure Caffeine Free Tea
It's called Sleep Solves Everything. It has aromatic herbs to relieve and relax you. It's a new product for me. 
Price: INR 150 
Nicka K New York Lipstick  
I heard this brand name for the first time. But when I checked, I realized its available on many online portals. I received the shade Berry Plum.
Price: INR 350
So these are all the products what came in my Globox June edition along with some discount cards. The items in this box totals to INR 1379, but the box is priced at INR 999, means a direct saving of Rs 380 :)
Getting a thoughtfully curated box every month with free delivery at your doorstep is a perfect choice for yourself or to gift someone special.

Monday 26 June 2017

UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes Review

Your day isn’t always a day under the cool air, so ditch standard sunblocks and reach for sunscreen wipes for heavy duty protection from sun rays. Ethicare Remedies has unveiled their new product UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes which is a transformation of UVMED Sunscreen Gel that I reviewed more than two years back.
Product Claims:
UVMED protects the skin from UVA I, UVA II and UVB. UVMED has oil-free formula so it is ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Regular use of UVMED helps in preventing any type of skin damage done by UV rays. It also prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing. UVMED is useful for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in any season. It does not contain any colourant or perfume that may cause allergic effects. Use UVMED liberally, evenly and regularly (irrespective of season) for best results.

Ingredients: Homosalate, Octyl salicylate, Octrocrylene, Avobenzone, Benzopheonne-3, Tinosorb-M, Perfume
  • UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes come in a box containing 10 towelettes which are packed in individually sealed sachets so the formula won't dry out or evaporate. Each of the sachets has got complete information printed over it.
  • The slim sachets barely take up any room in my bag, so that's my everyday companion to work now. It makes convenient storage in my vehicle's glove box or gear bag with no worries of tubes/bottles coming open.
  • The towelettes are large enough in size to cover my face, neck, arms (you would need more than one if coverage needed for thigh, legs or any other uncovered body parts). The towelette is much easier to apply the product evenly without making a mess of it.

  • These towelettes deliver a quick sun protection wherever I need it without requiring extra time for rubbing in the usual cream or gel formulas. 
  • The scent that you sniff from the sachets is quite refreshing, far away from typical stench that some sunblocks leave behind. The scent dulls after some time and but can be felt if you closely smell you skin.
  • UVMED towelettes are oil-free formula, so are best suited for oily and acne-prone skin type, but it doesn't feel unfit for other skin types as well. Mine being dry skin type got comfortably adjusted to the wipes formula without any allergies or dryness. 
  • These towelettes provide unwavering UV protection under intense exposure to sweat as expressed by my hubby. Since I don't sweat much, I asked my husband to give the product a testing opinion and he quite favoured the product efficiency to work for high-sweat conditions. 
  • UVMED towelette offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 coverage which is a must for hotter region like ours. These wipes are 100% natural and bio-degradable. You can discard each of the wipes after single use. 
The only thing I wish to get improved in the product is it's hydration capability so it gives my skin complete care that it needs.
UVMED Sunscreen Towelette is smarter way to protect your skin from getting sunburned, so next time you wanna buy a sun screen, don't forget to buy the product online at Rs 160 and enjoy outdoors under the broad sunscreen protection of revolutionary product. 

Tuesday 20 June 2017

2000 FB Likes Contest (closed)

An achievement like this cannot happen overnight (actually can happen in few cases, which I didn't opt for, just kidding). Anyways, the wheels started rolling years ago and I've eyed on every single 'like/follow' so lovingly. I've been fortunate enough to be backed by a few spontaneous blogger friends and supportive readers to make it happen. I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to stick with Alive n Kicking beyond their comfort zones! 

I believe - 'when we achieve, we always do so because others have helped.' And that makes me feel appreciative to you all and so here is the gifts for lucky ones in return :)

We've come up with a lovely contest. Once again, the contest is sponsored by none other than my beloved Aroma Essentials. Let me show you what you can win --

These colourful, handcrafted soaps are infused with 100% natural ingredients & are skin-friendly and child-safe. Aren't they as cute as our little kids? :) 

We're giving away 3 hampers containing 2 soaps each to three best entries.. (the colour and shape of soap may vary depending on availability during dispatch)

  1. Follow Alive n Kicking and Aroma Essentials on Facebook. 
  2. Post a cute picture of yourself with a child on this post to whom you would like to gift these soaps. (you may be the mom, dad, uncle, aunt or grandparent of the child). 
  3. Share the giveaway post publicly on your facebook timeline using hashtag #dohazaar. Tag both pages and atleast 5 of your friends whenever you share.
Bonus Points to those who:
  • Follow Artisanme79 and Aroma Essentials on Twitter. 
  • Follow ShilpaBindlish and Aroma Essentials on Instagram. 
  • Subscribe to my blog via email and verify your subscription.
  • Comment on blog posts during contest duration.
The contest starts today on 20th June and ends on 10 July. Valid for Indian residents. 
p.s. Its a sponsored contest, so I won't be held responsible for delay or damage of prize hamper in transit.

Winners Update: Congratulations to Krishna Maharana, Sonali Sonawane, Sudhanshu Gupta (not responded in given time frame) Suruchi Aggarwal to win the cute soap hampers for their kids. Please DM me your complete postal details including Pin Code and Contact No. in next 24 hours, else another winner will be selected. 

Monday 19 June 2017

Lighten Dark Hair With Jolen Gold Crème Bleach

Remember hearing about and using a unique formulation called as CRÈME BLEACH for the first time?? I really do....
The product was first formulated at Jolen Inc by Mrs. Evelyn Kossak along with her husband Mr. John Kossak that became one of the most popular skin care product with women worldwide.

I honestly never bothered to check what all products Jolen retails beyond bleach and hair remover crèmes. But one thing was obvious that Jolen's is the No. 1 crème bleach in the world when it comes to product uniqueness and quality. Being the largest manufacturer of bleach, Jolen was and is a household name and an undisputed choice of customers globally.

Dealing with unwanted dark hair on your face or body can be daunting. Jolen offers the quick, safe & gentle solution to blend hair with your natural skin tone, making it virtually invisible.

Though I use bleach only occasionally, but stock atleast one pack for immediate application. Jolen has got a few variants of bleach like Aloevera Mild Bleach, Gold Creme Bleach and Oxy Bleach. I decided to try Gold Creme Bleach since it is suitable for all skin types and also claims to have real gold particles extracted from pure Gold dust ;)
This pack contains a cream, activator, mixing cup and a tiny spatula that enable to apply the bleach on face and other body parts easily and effectively.
The cream comes in a plastic tub, while the activator comes in a tall cylindrical jar. 
I mixed the quantity in the nixing cup as per suggested measurement on the packaging and did a preliminary patch test behind my ear to test its reaction to my skinAfter the product passed this test and didn't cause any allergic reaction, I smeared a thin layer of product preparation on my entire face and neck. I intentionally didn't go for bleaching only specific part of my face like upper lip, because it looks weird after the change of hair color. Though I barely have any visible dark hair on my face, but everyone has those ingrown facial hair; hence it came the decision of using this bleach.
The bleach gives tingling sensation to skin for a minute of so and also stings in eyes which is bearable. Also it's customary with almost every product in this line, so I didn't fret. The bleach doesn't smell pungent, and it's a plus for everyone who hate sharp smell.
Leaving the cream on skin for less than 10 minutes turned the color of my facial hair into something matching to my skin tone. The tanning on the temples of my forehead got much faded in the first use itself. It didn't feel stretchy after wiping the product off my skin. But I still gave a boost of light moisturization. I simply loved the glow on my face that the product imparted instantly. 

I used almost one-third quantity in one use and I expect I can use the remaining quantity two times more (if used on face). I'm totally satisfied with the result.

Ingredients: (refer image below)
The Jolen Gold Bleach is priced at Rs 85 only for 35ml which super affordable. The shelf life is also long enough i.e. 2 yrs.
Here's a great deal on Jolen Gold Bleach. You get a papaya face pack worth Rs 45 with it. That simply cuts down the cost of bleach pack to almost half the price.
Jolen products are easily available at local stores and on online portals. I would recommend to use it at the comfort of your home for a party-ready face instead to rushing to a salon for the services.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Revive Your Dull Skin To Radiance ft. Fuschia Serums

You can wear as many layers of makeup that can turn your tired skin into gorgeously fresh looking, but the fact is it's still not healthy from inside. Serums are the new striking beauty/skincare products in market these days that are the supplements for your skin needs and should be used as a part of balanced skin care regimen. I've used a few under different brands and today's post features the ones available at Fuschia. 

To make it more appropriate, let's start by knowing that serums are comparatively fast-absorbing than a cream, lotion or oil and penetrate deeper into your skin to provide vital nutrients to skin. Usually, there are different formulas used for age-defying, glow-enhancement, hydrate skin or cure puffiness under eyes.

I've tried three serums from Fuschia range i.e. Anti-Blemish Serum, Ageless Serum, Under Eye Serum. 
The packaging is really cool. It's a transparent pump dispenser, quite convenient to ooze out the product and cute to look at. The pump works seamless and has got a covering cap over its top. The pump nozzle remains covered to avoid coming in contact with dust etc and also prevents leakage. You will get to read the ingredients list and every important information on the label.
Each of the serums are priced at Rs 1250 which is high on price point, but currently being sold at Rs 850.
Under Eye Serum is a clear gel with dull scent to it. It's ingredient list is quite impressive containing cucumber extract, green tea extract and green coffee beans extract along with aloe vera, olive oil, glycerin and Vitamin E. I use this serum twice a day - once in the morning as well as before going the bed in the night. The antioxidant rich product is ideal to work on puffiness that you might experience as you get up in the morning. The delicate eye area feels hydrated and firm instantly, but won't dramatically reduce dark circles unless prolonged usage.

Anti-Blemish serum is quick-action formula to refresh your skin and give a temporary suppleness. A light-textured, pale peachy product is enriched with Mulberry extract, Saffron extract,along with aloe vera, olive oil, glycerin and Vitamin E. It has nice sweet aroma which reminds me of some tasty dessert ;) Lightly patting the serum on skin is enough for its absorption to achieve intensely nourished skin. After a use of almost two week, I could see little difference in skin appearance, which is a sign of positive result in coming weeks. The skin elasticity has certainly improved and I'm sure it's doing more good deep inside.

Ageless serum is similar to Anti-Blemish serum in texture and consistency, only the shade is ivory. It smells of rose water and feels cool. Other ingredients include Thermus Thermophilus extract that prevents wrinkles & dark spots. Aloe Vera moisturizes dehydrated and itchy skin for immediate relief. Any of these serums is just fine while preparing your skin for makeup in the morning.

All of these serums are water based and so, should be applied under any other product. It'll allow the serums to be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Those with extra dry skin may feel that water based serums are not sufficiently moisturizing for them, but these are generously hydrating. I have added these to my morning+night routine after which I may/may not layer up with desired moisturizer.

There are few other serums at Fuschia that you may be looking for addressing your specific concern. Simply know the ingredients that may work for you and adapt the product for a smooth, youthful, tightened, brightened and plump skin.

Friday 16 June 2017

Jolen Pure Refreshing & Cleansing 2 in 1 Shampoo Review

I've been using this new Pure Refreshing and Cleansing shampoo from Jolen since past few weeks and am ready to give my opinion on it today.
Jolen Pure Refreshing & Cleansing Shampoo comes in traditional plastic bottle with a flip-open cap. Taking out the product is all easy and non-messy. The bottle has got the information like ingredient list, price, quantity, usage instruction printed on its back side.
It's a 350 ml packaging with a long shelf life of 3 yrs and is available at quite pocket friendly price of Rs. 185. The bottle is big enough to adjust in your travel pouch. I don't think the brand offers a small packaging for this product.
The shampoo is ivory white in colour and has some shine to it. It's neither extremely thick nor runny. I would call it moderately thick and as viscose as I like my shampoo. It has really refreshing fragrance to it and not bothersome at all. This nice smell last in your hands and hair after rinsing off.
For my waist-long hair, I use little more than a coin sized amount of shampoo, dilute it in a cup of water and then massage it on my wet scalp and hair. The shampoo lathers rich and creamy. Despite shampooing on oiled hair, it doesn't take much quantity to cleanse everyday dirt build-up off my hair. The only con about the shampoo is the inclusion of SLS and SLES in the composition which could have been avoided :/ For this reason, I won't recommend using the shampoo on daily basis. Since I rarely use hair styling sprays, gels or creams, I only shampoo my hair twice a week which is safe enough. To check the claims of Jolen shampoo of having in-built conditioning, I skipped using conditioner separately post rinsing off and I didn't feel much requirement of moisturizing my hair.

The shampoo hasn't caused me issues like scratchy scalp, dryness of strands or hair fall. I find the shampoo good to keep my hair clean and smelling fresh.

Thursday 15 June 2017

Sun Defense Range from VLCC

VLCC had rolled out a high quality sun care range after extensive technical research that is claimed to be paraben free. It is said to leave no white layer on the skin, while ensuring that the skin is nourished and protected. There are many products in the sun care range of VLCC including sunscreens, face wash and face pack etc that are aimed to provide ultimate sun protection and are packed with unique benefits of respective ingredients. I was sent a few of these to try and this is what I've to share...
The Neem facewash is boosted by Chamomile and Tea Tree as supporting ingredients. It has gel-like texture and consistency. I find its fragrance quite refreshing and not disturbing. It's a great choice for acne-prone skin, but since I'm blessed with clear skin without any pimples, I cannot comment on how effectively it works. My husband who has combination skin, found this facewash suitable during summer days to reduce oiliness of T-zone. When I wash my face with it, I need to feed my dry skin with moisturizer else it stretches. Owing to its herbal ingredients, it's soothing on skin and also easy to carry around. 
Buy at Rs. 49 for 50ml 

The continuously sun-exposed skin is destined to get tanned and patchy. To prevent the skin from darkening, the VLCC Sun Block lotion with SPF 40 is highly recommended. It's enriched with Comfrey plant extract that is a potential herb to heal skin of minor issues. The sunblock smells good and takes a moment to sink in skin. But once it does, it doesn't sweat afterwards. The main reason to like this is the SPF content which is extremely desired by people in hot regions like ours. Priced at Rs 115 for 30 ml
I know summer outing and holidays are fun. No doubt that skin care takes a back seat when we're making moments outdoors hanging out at the pool or the beach. If the skin is exposed to sun and is showing signs of dullness or darkness, VLCC Clear Tan face pack can be opted to get rid of sun tan. The cucumber extract is well known for skin lightening. The pack is in cream form and spreads easily. It's quick to dry up and has to rinsed off. After every use, it reduces the effect of tan from skin and skin looks brighter. Priced at Rs. 110 or 30 ml. These tiny packs are suitable to carry while traveling. 
Another variant of Sun Block is enriched with goodness of Sandalwood. It's a light textured white cream in thin consistency. Its' easy to apply evenly without extra massaging. I remember myself using sandalwood pack during my young days and I trust its efficacy in minimizing darkness of skin arising out of excessive sun exposure. But if the low SPF 20 in the product bothers you, reapplication is the key. All other aspects of a good sunblock are in line with good quality. 
Have you tried any of these products? Which is your favourite?