Tuesday 28 April 2020

Count on Waist Trainers for Weight Loss

"Every body is beautiful." 
But sadly, this doesn't hold true when we're living in a society with narrow beauty ideals. Most women have faced one or the other form of scrutiny and objectification of their bodies at some point of their lives. It is unjustified to have unreasonable expectations from our body, but one thing that I strongly advocate is to hustle for the muscle. Yes! it is ok for your body to fall outside the societal standards of beauty, but aim for its 'fitness'.
In case the idea of getting sweaty and working hard at gym doesn't seem to be working for women due to their busy schedule, they should try wearing a waist trainer for enhancing the physical appeal of their body. The waist trainers made of Latex material for added durability and elasticity, not just make your dressing sense look more sensuous, but improve your posture and supplement your fitness goal too. Best waist trainers for weight loss are crafted thoughtfully to meet your dressing expectations without compromising your fashion quotient.
Let's explore some of the famed ones in the weight loss category-

Waist Clinchers are buyers' first choice to lose those extra inches. Comes with double belts for a non-slip grip around your waist. Quite adjustable for all sizes and shapes. Helps in burning tummy fat and reducing your abdomen and waist effectively.
Vest Shapers are another best sellers amongst women that are used to control the compression needed to flatten your belly bulges. It's worn around your midsection to slim your waistline instantly. Helps you sweat more with less effort during exercise. It redistributes fat from your middle by cinching your waist, so you look slimmer.
Thigh Erasers/ Butt Lifters are for those with heavier lower body. These are exclusively designed to help reduce the size and appearance of your thighs & lift your butt. Can be worn while working out, doing chores, lounging at home oe even while sleeping. These come with additional waist strap that won't let the garmet budge from place and will provide excellent support.
You can count on waist trainers in long run to smoothen out lumps, add firmness to body and enjoy a sleek silhouette. Just make sure to take correct hip and waist measurements to avoid any discomfort while acquiring a well maintained body with a perfect shape that you always dreamt of.

Friday 24 April 2020

5 Traits That A Child Can Learn From Krishna on ZEE5 Kids

Given the unprecedented circumstances of lockdown, many working moms like me might have resorted to allowing their children to watch a little more television than usual while we ourselves juggle multiple responsibilities in the work-from-home setup.

In times like this, when parents are making every possible effort to engage their children in all sorts of productive indoor activities, I personally advocate the fact that children cannot sit buckled for a whole day indulging in so-called creative activities and need to entertain themselves to satisfy their appetite for 'screen time'. The sole parental concern here is to intelligently judge and allow your child controlled access of digital content readily available online.

In my quest for sensible media for my child recently, I came across a new exclusive streaming service ZEE5 Kids dedicated for children launched by ZEE Group's over-the-top (OTT) platform.
Image Source: ZEE5
What actually left me amazed that this unique and smart confluence of entertainment service offers over 4,000 hours of free content which will be available across nine languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri. ZEE5 Kids announced a mix of original and acquired licensed content by onboarding leading production houses like Lionsgate and Cosmos Maya. This new streaming service asserts to offer diverse thematic collections across genres ranging from top animated movies, entertainment/reality/DIY/comedy/fantasy shows, nursery rhymes and much more.

My child easily gets hooked to inspiring character-led stories, so he chose to watch Krishna Kamaal Ka which is an animated movie series on his favourite mythological character Krishna. The movie series beautifully depicts numerous anecdotes from different stages of the life of Krishna and every episode encourages children to imbibe moral values from his character. I myself have admired the pivotal figure of Krishna since my childhood days. So not just my child, but the entire family joined together to witness the great deeds of the Lord streaming on ZEE5 Kids.
Image Source: ZEE5
The Krishna Birth episode shows how Krishna had to face a number of adversities right from his birth. Yet he dealt with each of them with a smile on his face. What children might learn from his life story is that your circumstances don’t define you and being 'calm' & 'content' is a choice.

The Krishna Balram episode gracefully teaches us to look beyond physical appearance. The duo brothers Krishna-Balram, despite bearing totally different personalities, were fiercely loyal to each other. Their bond is considered the epitome of brotherhood par excellence.

Krishna always treated his companions, rich and poor, with so much of adoration. His close affinity with his poverty-stricken mate Sudama is still well-celebrated on every mention of true friendship.
When parents like me think that it's too early to teach children about 'forgiveness', the episode of Kalia Naag will effortlessly make them realise how easy it is to accept your enemy's sincere apologies and forgive him without grudges.

Once the children engross themselves in the story of Krishna, they will develop an attitude of gratitude inspired by the character of Krishna. Not surrendering to the immorality and taking a stand against the evils is one of the major virtues that children might undertake.

My family especially my child loved watching this movie series and I recommend all parents to make their children watch Krishna Kamaal Ka as there are meaningful takeaways for a lifetime. Lord Krishna’s teachings are suitable for everyone and not for a particular age group or a section of society. I appreciate ZEE5 to stream such shows that might play a vital role to teach children to always do the 'right' thing, live virtuously in today's world and have #NonStopBachFUN.

With the launch of ZEE5 Kids, ZEE5 is now the OTT destination for the entire family as parents can spend quality time with their children and ensure that their little ones are entertained as well as engaged with securely curated content.