Sunday 31 August 2014

NOTD - BornPretty Store Floral Water Decals on my nails

Hi All

Few days back I won a li'l flash giveaway by BornprettyStore for which they offered me to choose any of water decals from their exclusive collection of colorful designs. :)
I so wanted to order all of them for every design is a unique one ... naughty cat patterns,
floral smiles...scary halloween designs... lovable hearts n roses & much more. I had no clue what I would adore on my nails..But then my li'l boy pointed on a gorgeous multicolored floral printed water decals that i really loved ..
I was pleased to know that BornprettyStore not only ships an order with 24 hours but the shipping charges are totally waived off for any customer worldwide :)
Finally I placed an order expecting it to be delivered within a month or so... but to my extreme surprise, the neatly packed parcel was in my hand in exactly 12 days.
The single Floral Sheet of Water Decals Nail Sticker had 12Pcs. Interestingly, a li'l nail filer had been kept in the package to trim the extra part of the stickers in exact shape of your nails :)

I was damn excited to decorate my nails, so quickly went through all the application instructions.
Nails Application:
1. Trim, clean and polish the fingernails; paint the background colour on the fingernails and dry it out.
2. Remove the film of product,cut out the patter and plunge it into water 10-20 seconds.
3. Moisten the fingernails, stick the patter in position.
4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
5. Cap with clear nail polish and blow dry.

Since the stickers were supposed to be dipped into water for few seconds, I cut them separated for each finger nail.
 As I followed the instructions mentioned above, this is how my NOTD turned out to be
 I'm super duper happy to be a part of nailfie culture and it all happened because of Bornprettystore's simple-to-use water decals. It is still staying on my nails without coming out from edges :)
My overall experience with BornPretty Store has been really wonderful, be it their product quality, quick dispatch n delivery, humble customer care representative and ofcourse affordable stuff.
My Rating : 5/5 :)

All the best!!


A Glimpse of Why I Feel Myself Gorgeously Pretty

 My Health n Wellness Secrets 

The phrase "Health n Wellness" has become more of a talk-of-the-town, since the day these gyming- n-wellness centres are popping up like mushrooms in every corner of country. Regular visits to dieticians & physicians for taking long prescriptions about what to eat n what not is such common view wherever you go.

I totally agree that a wholesome diet planned as per your body's requirements should be religiously eaten without any excuse to skip any of the meals....but that doesn't really mean paying hefty amount to these professionals frequently. Neither I feel if your body is free of diseases mean you are actually healthy. Because being really HEALTHY constitutes much more than we really know about...

The major elements that make me feel fit & well-contented are: Physical (exercising n eating balance diet),  Social (contentment in relationships), Intellectual (willingness to learn), Emotional (coping up with stress in most positive manner n expressing your feelings in polite way) and most importantly Spiritual (appreciating life and having faith in Almighty)..

Actually I corealte good health with a balance between mind, body and soul where all three are working in perfect harmony (as I have drawn in this sketch of mine) ..
My posture to attain perfect wellness of body, mind n soul
Sometimes, I feel even healthier from my head-n-heart when I'm proud of the choices I make for myself n family or when I successfully strike a balance between work and rest/recreation or I give someone a reason to smile when he desperately needs it .
I can sum up saying that this ENERGISED outlook keeps me healthy over the long-term!

Real Beauty - My Real Meaning
To me 'Real Beauty' is the reflection of our inner strength. Its not about what how you see yourself in the mirror or what people constantly tell you about your appearance; but its all about how you feel n believe about yourself. The real beauty always has that extraordinary magnetism capable of pleasing one's senses. Even a dusky beauty (like mine) can be bestowed with compelling attractiveness that a person with fairer complexion lacks in him/her. 
I feel blessed with inner beauty that captivates the hearts & radiats without over-doing cosmetics. And what's more, when I trust in the fact that God loves me regardless of my outward appearance and I'm born with that spiritual potential to relate directly to Him through my spirit and not my looks; who bothers for what this world has to say :)

My opinion for

Just like the universal fact that a woman admires her flawless beauty, comes the fact naturally that she is loaded with innumerable beauty dilemmas. While looking for answers to similar queries, I came across and felt extremely pleased to find my saviour. I simply adored how fabulously the portal has been designed with effortless navigation even for a first-timer. Actually, the portal not only deals with beauty related issues, but has really helpful articles on Health, Wellness, Product Reviews, Lifestyle Tips, Recipes and what not.  I personally felt impressed as I found most of the posts bearing the captions similar to my queries and a mere click on the posts had all those answers I was desperately looking for. Now, its obvious that I have bookmarked as one of my favourite sites that is my 24x7 problem-solver consultant :)   

I recommend all beautiful people to take time to visit n feel mesmerised <3

Do share your opinion about what you think of Health n Wellness in the comment section below. 
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Sunday 24 August 2014

Makeover of My Home by MakeMyHome

There is no second thought about it that everyone expects & deserves a roof above his head in life in form of a 'HOUSE'. But its equally important to have liveliness at that place so that the people living in a that house feel intermingled into each other's lives.

The pleasures of living in a 'Lavish House' with finest furnishing is really something pretty to dream about, but to me I prefer a li'l 'Cozy Home' where every family member celebrates LIFE everyday :)

My home is special for the foremost reason of the warmth of friendly relationships amongst the closely knitted family members and the reflection of those happy moments on our smiling faces all the time. Infact, as soon as I step into my home after a hectic day, an instant feeling of security envelopes me from every anguish of world n gets me re-energized all over again :)
My family dining together :)
 As someone truly said "Home is a little corner of God’s green earth to call your own.I will add to this saying that "my home is the most adorable possession filled with personal touches and sentiments that I lived till date..." <3 

It's natural instinct that most women are the nest makers by nature. In the same flow, I think myself of a talented Home Fashionista I dare working on my own creative ideas to give my home a unique personal touch to have a savvy life in my own comfortzone. Living in a home that speaks out loud about my outlook towards life gives me immense satisfaction with every breath I take. So here's a glimpse of how elegantly i live ..
My Proud Possession, My Birdie Nest
As visible from the pics above, you may easily guess what is my style of home decor. Yes, I'm passionate for Ethnic style because its a part of our traditions. I keep re-inventing my home decor, yet stay the same ethnic :) The CUSTOMIZED furniture, decor pieces that me and my family have

accumulated over years to give our home an amazing realization of being rooted to our culture somehow bestow me heart-warming compliments for my creative n artistic sense of utilizing the limited space in the best possible manner.

Today, I'm on the project of transition of few nooks n corners of my home from with a spirit to impress the world around ..

They say "waqt badalne me waqt hi kitna lagta hai", but when your time is glorified within a multicolored wooden frame of Marwari style, every second of the day gonna be fortunate for you. So I could not resist myself picking this Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock to decorate the wall of my bedroom.
Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock
In the another scroll down on the same website, I got another much needed product that I had been looking for since long. I'm quite fond of aromatic ambience, be it my home, a temple, a restaurant or wherever. I own various aroma oils and wanted a simple yet elegant oil diffuser. This ivory white ceramic Yellow Door Round Oil Burner glowing from its cutout design will not only illuminate corners of my home but of my heart too ;)
Yet another great addition to my living space that blends seamlessly together to add oodles of charm to my drawing room's interior is a set of satin Jeel Koko Maison Inc Foil Printed Cushion Cover in red with royal golden floral print. My ergonomic couch will be complimented gently with these rustic accent bold cushions :)

Its again a breath of fresh air after seeing my home looking afresh, smiling at me nad saying "Thank You for my makeover". I'm yearning to handpick few more decor pieces, but till the moment I share my next post; do send in your suggestions, inputs and your vision on how you liked the makeover.

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Monday 18 August 2014

Its all woven with the threads of elegance at Elabore Store

Hey Friends,

I'm more of a 'casual dressing' kinda person usually mixing n matching my kurtis n tops with leggings, jeggings, denims or varied styled bottoms. Because being a working woman, I value my 'comfort' more than following so-called 'trends', but I take good care of not compromising in my decency and elegance while teaming up my outfits :)

Every woman has her own reasons what particular fashion accessories she chooses to complete her dressing. For me, its a trappy wrist watch n a classy handbag on daily basis plus some lovely scarves wrapped around my neck to instantly add that oomph factor.
 In the course of my search for an online store to shop for premium stoles n scarves, I came across Elabore Store and was amazed to see the widest range of exclusive Shawls, Stoles and Scarves with over 2000+ styles:)

Interestingly, as soon as I opened the site, it welcomed me with an exciting offer to get a discount of Rs 250/- on purchase of min. Rs 1000/- ...that's not bad ;)
 The next thing that gave a sparkling shine into my eyes was to know that Elabore Store is delivering all orders without applying any Shipping Charges and that too with no geographical restrictions. That means, FREE delivery nation wide :) Thank God!! the shipping cost while shopping online actually sucks when we pay a part of your order amount as shipping.

Talking about their collection, I really felt glad that Elabore Store has kept a separate section for MEN's scarves (all men should THANK Elabore Store for giving them equal importance in Fashion World) ;)

Finally, I moved on to select some exclusive scarf for myself. They have arranged the products under so many categories like Fabric, Price, Season, Style, Deals and Occasion etc. It simply means the needs of shopper have been taken into consideration while products display. A shopper knowing clearly of his/her budget can directly click on Price tab and even Sort the items to choose as per available budget :)

In the same way, we can choose according to fabric used like Cashmere, Pashmina, Wool, Cotton, Silk and many more exclusive fabric blends;

 We may even look for bold colors, thick stuff or pattern suitable for specific season like summers, winters, autumn or spring :)
And there was something really new which I had never heard about earlier i.e. Elabore store had shawls for Yoga and Meditation also ;) Amazing!! Isn't it??

The style category has clear cut distinguish among Plain, Printed, Striped, Funky, Embroidered and much more... so click on your preferred style and order without any fuss ...

The elite range of luxury stoles simply stolen my heart and I decided then and there to place an order on mom's bday with a stamp of sheer pleasure on a lovely stole.

Elabore store has its Summer n Monsoon Sale on presently where you can save upto 50% on your purchases and instantly upgrade your trendy wardrobe at rock bottom prices.

But thats not the end of the story friends, Elabore store is selling its stuff in collaboration with many selling partners which are

Overall, I'm deeply in love with the spectrum of lusciously colorful, ultra-light, delicate and whisper-heavy stoles, shawls and scarves on Elabore Store <3 And the collection is so wide that I'm yet to finalise what to order for myself ;)

So here are some catchy features of Elabore STore
1. Payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery
2. Nationwide free shipping and assured 7 days delivery. (No International Delivery Yet)
3. Flexible return policy provided that the buyer claims for return within 15 days.
4. Telephonic orders accepted via placing an order on  +91 76967-99966    

And here comes my personalized expression of Elabore Store's theme :)        
"Tie it, Twist it, Wrap it, Love it" 

Hope you like my DIY ideas embedded in the post share your views in the comments below friends ... waiting to hear from u :)

Thursday 14 August 2014

'From Miss to Mrs' for Soha Ali Khan

Indian weddings have always been popular for their grandeur and energetic atmosphere, but when it comes to planning them, it's a whole different ball game.
Its overwhelming for the 'bride-to-be' to imagine herself walking down the aisle, seeing the love of her life who stole her heart with arms wide open and then holding his hand for lifetime. She dreams of those unlived moments of love and togetherness that actually begin its journey from the wedding day itself.
 You might be wondering why I'm sharing this gyaan today ;)
Well!! since the day I have kicked off my monotonous corporate job and took up my passion of 'Wedding Planning' as my profession for last 2 years, there is a still cherished desire in my heart to showcase my talent to someone special...

Engrossed in similar thoughts one fine day, I was sipping my evening coffee on terrace that my mobile vibrated in my pocket.

After the general exchange of greetings and some lovely admiration for my previous projects, the person on other side inquired about whether I would be able to plan a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING the coming month??

My spontaneous reply was "Sir, lets meet up tomorrow morning to discuss the details so that I may work out the dates after checking my schedule..."

Now, the person said "and what if I say that it can be your dream project to plan for wedding of none other than 'Royal Daughter of Pataudi Family'!!"
My heart almost jumped to my throat and i could utter just these words "You mean Soha Ali Khan .... yes, yes its a thumbs up from me, whenever is the wedding date"  :) 
I had read that Soha was proposed by Kunal Khemu in the City of Love Paris, but never ever expected myself to be associated with the GRAND EVENT  in any way :) That night, I could not sleep ... coz the scenes of dhol, music, laughter, twirling dresses, dancing in Soha's wedding in full desi glory had already started flashing in front of my eyes ;)

 I was planning to meet Soha the next morning with a minutely detailed blue-print so that her extravagant and elaborate wedding affairs could be invested for a greater good by me...

Digging the search engine on my lappy for few hours, I zeroed upon a fantabulous web portal that was showcasing the li'l thumbnails of almost everything I was looking for...
I decided to list the major tasks in advance, so i started with...

1. Wedding Ring for Groom and Jewelery for the Bride herself 

Thinking of Kunal's chrismatic yet down-to-earth personality, my preference was to pick a elegant finger band for the groom that he might wear 24x7. Baggout had arranged awesome cashback deals from wonderful sites like jewelskart and suratdiamond...I was flattered by the alluring designs and finally loved this timeless wedding ring to be shown to Soha for her Soulmate :)
My next thought was to shortlist which jewelry types Soha will favor for herself.  Suddenly my mom's usual statement "If there is one thing we know Indians love, it is gold. Illustrious, shining and charming gold sweeps every woman off  her feet " brought smile to my face and then i knew it exactly .... I came down to a decision based on her royal taste, family traditions and wedding attire. I had a gut feeling that  Soha would love the Queenly look, so I must opt for jewelry that features epic  polki diamonds, jadau or kundan for the Wedding Day. And might pick other favorite pieces of ornaments from a variety of styles that coordinates with their dresses on pre pr post wedding events. The Indian Solah Shringar  that includes everything from the top of the bride's hairline down to her toes, so I made a long list of ornaments for her...

2. Bridal Attire n Closet
I could now imagine Soha adorning a flashy lengha blinged out  with rhinestones, beads, zari work in a mixture of textiles like velvet and lace. Bridal lenghas are traditionally maroon or red with blue or green accents as well as gold embroidery. Baggout once again proved its versatility showing me some cool websites, where classy ethnics as well as modern outfits were being sold at great cashback offers ... some nice stores I could see there were ShoppersStop, Fashionara, Zovi, Fashion And You
but my eyes were struck on amazing collection by IndiaRush whose designer clothing range was just perfect for Soha's taste and could match up family background of bride too. So the post bridal closet was a mix n match of varied styles of outfits.
and a traditional motifs embroidered multi-hued lehanga was kept at the top of list for approval of the princess ...
Some handpicked classy Anarkalis for Soha from Fashion And You are real must have to pep up her wardrobe ..
3. Venue Decor for Green Wedding
oops, I forgot to share with u that 'one' special instruction by Soha's representative that day on phone... He conveyed me the message that the couple wanted their wedding to have least harmful effect on the planet without compromising the charm n elegance of the event. And it really filled my heart with respect for both the families.
Since the wedding venue 'Pataudi House' was pre-decided, I had already woven my ideas for earth-friendly decor for the same..
The Ferns n Petals store and FlowerAura Store on Baggout gave me the amazing deals to decorate the whole venue with non-pesticide ridden flowers rather had so many variety of organic, sustainable and seasonal flowers arranged in lovely bouquets and centerpieces :)
I could imagine the lovely flowers conveying the sentiment "The Earth Laughs in Smiles" so beautifully with a lasting message to guests "Green is Serene".
But here a unique suggestion was added by my mom to send the wedding floral arrangements to child care homes, nursing homes and old age centers just to share a smile on their face :)
4. Guilt Free Indulgence (Return Gifts)
No celebration in India is complete without a boxful of tempting sweets. But in the present scenario, most of the health cautious people are missing that sweetness rolling down our mouths. But I knew where do I get an answer for this. I explored some sweet stores at Baggout  that might be preparing and serving sugar-free sweets. had numerous options for every sweet-tooth :)
I shortlisted a mithai ka dibba containing sweets made from sugar subsitute (for elderly people) and packed beautifully in a reusable wooden box covered with colorful satin.
And those naughty li'l guests must be gifted their favourite sweet i.e. chocolates :)

 5. Romantic Honeymoon

Last but not the least, When two people decide to stay together for lifetime, they should begin their journey with a loving note. Indian weddings are such big social occasions that the married couple need the time to just kick back and be together.... "just two of them";So that they could open up to the most important person in their lives and get to know each other in-and-out.
So I worked upon the idea of an exotic honeymoon location for Soha n Kunal. There were various sites listed on Baggout but I was mesmerized by great offers provided by
I was in love with luxurious cruise packages including air-fare of round trip, delicious food, visits to scenic locations and comfortable accomodations etc.


Now, after pondering much attention to all important aspects for Soha's wedding, I was feeling quite chill out and could just smile thinking about what would be my first words to greet the lovely bride-to-be........ "Hey Soha', Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming nuptials... Wishing U every happiness u deserve when you become Mrs. from Miss !!"
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Tuesday 12 August 2014

Lucky 111 calls for a Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hey everyone!!

My FB page completed 111 followers and I want to thank each one of u for being the strong foundation of Alive n Kicking. So here is yet another giveaway where i'm offering --

  • A Loreal Paris Contour Kohl in Green
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  • A dual string bracelet (that can be used as single anklet trending these days)
 Look at the cute li'l gifts ...

 Mandatory Rules:

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Terms n Conditions
The giveaway stands live starting from 12 Aug, 2014 to 31 Aug, 2014 and is valid for Indian residents only. There will be ONLY ONE winner. I will select the winner whose answer impresses me the most (so be genuine, not flaterring). Winner announcement will be made on 1 Sept, 2014. The winner will get 24 hrs to acknowledge the winning via FB message, else a new winner will be selected.

For any queries / doubts, please DM me on FB and you will get a reply ASAP.
So here we go... start commenting !!

(P.S. Its not a sponsored giveaway.)

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Jabong's IOFW Climax

Jabong Online Fashion Week” witnessed its climax on July 30, 2014 at Hotel Le Meridian, Delhi as it announced the final winners across three categories - Hair, Makeup, and Photographer. The panel of highly reputed jury including supermodel Carol Gracias and renowned hair and makeup artist Samantha Kochhar not only mentored the artists; but the final decision to crown the winners rested upon them as well. 

All the cameras at the grand finale turned their flash on when Bollywood’s new chocolate boy Aditya Roy Kapoor and Girl-Next-Door Yami Gautam added the extra glamour and pranced onto the ramp with √©lan. 

Aditya Roy Kapoor looked dapper while walking the ramp for Nitin Bal Chauhan and Yami Gautam looked absolutely stunning as she strut the ramp for Rajdeep Ranawat. The event also saw the who’s who of the fashion circuit present in the audience hooting for the contestants and the show stoppers, Aditya and Yami.  

 The presence of such high octane celebrities provided the contestants with much needed motivation in the last few ticking moments as the winners were being announced.
The Grand Finale of Jabong Online Fashion Week finally gave the fashion industry three aspiring artist across three categories--

The winner of Photographer category Ashish Gurbani has studied mass media, advertising, journalism and Photography to reap the most benefits of his knowledge, expertise and innovation as a collab product of art. Indeed an impressive profile :)
Ashish Gurbani (Best Photographer) 
  • Vipin Arora, the winning Makeup Artist, has obtained his Fashion Design credentials from IIFT Delhi and worked with A-list celebrities associated with Star TV. He regularly works with established Photographers and Fashion Agencies

Vipin Arora (Best Makeup artist)

Arvind Sharma winner of BEST HAIR STYLIST category has been a part of Bollywood movies Murder 2 and Desi Boyz. He got to style A-list celebrities such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Karishma Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin , Yami Gautam, Chitrangada Singh, Amrita Rao and Aditi Rao Hydari. He was a part of multiple ramp shows including Lakme Fashion Week, Wills Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week and also worked with Editorials such as Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
Here's team Revlon adding more glamor to the world !!

Team Revlon India at the grand finale of IOFW.

Elucidating on the thriving success of Jabong Online Fashion Week, Mr. Praveen Sinha, Founder and MD of Jabong said, “When we came up with the idea of Jabong Online Fashion Week, the only thought process was to bring upon a radical change in the online fashion industry. Our sole motive was to polish the gigantic amount of talent our country has and present it to the world to see. I am elated by the unprecedented response this initiative has received in its first season itself. Through this, we hope to change the dynamics around which the fashion industry functions and make it adept to the new-age eccentric talent that we have pooled. These young artists are now ready to take the fashion industry by storm”.

And that's a wrap! We hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we all did! Looking forward to next year’s IOFW.