Saturday 29 October 2016

Gifted My Man Giordani Man Notte by Oriflame

Festive season is already here and presenting some thoughtful gifts for your beloved is the best way to show how much you value his presence in your life. This month, me and my hubby celebrated our 11th Engagement Anniversary and I wanted to surprise him with something fabulous beyond clothing and accessories. After some brain storming, I zeroed upon a bottle of luxurious scent. Though fragrances are the most loved yet trickiest gifts to choose when you want one that suits your man's personality, but if you gift can make him feel elated, the risk is worth taking.  So what I finally gifted him was the Giordani Man Notte which I found the best of the lot from Oriflame.
Giordani Man Notte by Oriflame is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. The beauty of this fragrance is a refreshingly authentic aromas that have a more masculine edge to them, but can also be worn by women. On the perfume pyramid, you will find the top notes of Neroli, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Sea Water, Pepper and Artemisia; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood and Vetiver. My hubby loved it to the core and felt super delighted to own one.
The distinctive glass bottle flaunts classy black colour and exhibits the intensity of the fragrance as you hold it in your hand. The cut n finish of glass bottle is certainly to fall in love for. With shiny bright reflective silver elements on the bottle, it's something to behold forever :) 
In my hubby's own words "the blend of spicy, woodiness of Giordani Man Notte perfectly identifies the versatility of a modern man like me. Not only can I make this fragrance my accompaniment for a formal meeting, but can suitably pair with my playful evening look with friends or to seduce my soulmate. I love that the intensity of the fragrance is not too explosive to cause me headache, but gently binds close to my skin for hours even after fading of top notes."

After receiving heartwarming remarks from Mr. Hubby, I may conclude that Oriflame Giordani Man Notte is certainly one that will get you noticed. It's priced Rs. 2499 for 75 ml.
I'm so impressed with this fragrance that my next pick will be a great fragrance for myself ;)

Friday 28 October 2016

BBlunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color (Chocolate Dark Brown) - Product Review

Colouring my hair is not a mandate for me yet as I can boast of my long, black tresses. But yeah! a few strands have started showing off here n there, which at time bother me. Frankly, I hadn't made up my mind to colour my hair until I got an offer to try a newly launched hair colour by BBlunt which is ammonia free.

I was asked to choose a box of Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color in a shade of my choice. And out of 7 luxuriously rich shades namely Black, Chocolate, Blueberry, Honey, Wine, Mahogany and Coffee, I decided to experiment with a not-so-unusual colour on my black hair, so opted for Chocolate Dark Brown shade.
Product Claims:
While all other hair colours leave your hair dull, this revolutionary at-home hair colour gives you soft, shiny hair and colour that lasts up to 8 weeks. Specially created for the Indian skin tones, this no ammonia hair colour gives 100% grey coverage, lasts long and is available in 7 blockbuster shades. This 3-part hair colour comes with a unique Shine Tonic, enriched with Silk Proteins that gives salon like gorgeous hair at-home!

Contents of the box:
All the shades of this hair colours come in a skyblue cardboard box with color co-ordinated graphics on the pack for quick identification. Each of the boxes contain:
  • 1 Tube of Crème colourant - 50 gms. 
  • 1 Tube of Developer  - 50 gms.
  • 1 Tube of Shine Tonic with Silk Proteins - 8 ml 
  • 1 Pair of disposable gloves to protect your hands while colouring your hair. 
  • An Instruction leaflet.
Both the colourant and developer are thick creams of off-white and white colour respectively, whereas the shine tonic is a colorless, serum-like liquid of moderately thin consistency.

After a thorough reading of usage instructions in the leaflet, I poured slightly less than entire quantity of the colourant and developer in a bowl to colour my hair globally. Adding the shine tonic to the mixture is a must for obtaining rich shine.
I liked the markings given on the tubes by the brand for the ease of precise measurement of quantity instead of an approximation that avoids wastage of product. Those who just want to give root touch-ups or have short hair may go for 25 gm of Colourant, 25 gm Developer and 4 ml of Shine Tonic per usage.

Mixing all three constituents into a smooth, even and lump-free paste is a no-fuss process of just a minute. The blend of all three constituents changed its colour to greyish tone leaving behind their original color. The creamy texture made it super-easy for me to apply the hair colour on my hair and didn't slip down on my forehead due to its non-drip formula while it sat on my head for almost half an hour. Another plus for the product is that it doesn't have the usual peculiar smell to irritate your smelling sense.
Post washing my hair with my regular shampoo, I didn't experience dry or itchy scalp. The grey strands got properly covered while changing my natural hair colour to something different. It's been just 6 days that I coloured my hair and the salon-like glossy shine on my hair is still the same as was on Day 1. Seems like Shine Tonic doing a mind blowing job ;)
Now coming to an obvious query "how much would one such fabulous hair colouring session cost you?" Any guesses?? Its just Rs. 225 Rs.199 under the introductory offer. 
So go grab your favourite shade here and get ready to make a difference to your at-home hair colouring experience this festive season :)

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Oriflame Very Me Metallic Nail Polish in Aqua Green- NOTD

I recently got a metallic nail polish from Oriflame from their Very Me collection in shade Aqua Green. I chose this shade for its warmth and depth of color intensity. It won't fall into the color spectrum of basic green, and has a beautiful aquatic punch to it.
The nail paint comes in not-so-fancy glass bottle with a black screw cap similar to most nail paint packaging. I don't mind simple packaging rather concentrate more on the product efficacy ;) The shade name, shelf life and quantity etc is labeled on the bottle.
You will see the Very Me Metallic Nail Polish is printed in shiny font on the bottle for the obvious reason :)
The consistency of the nail paint is medium thick which is just the apt for smooth finish in one swipe of brush. I got nice coverage in single swipe when applied on base coat. But I loved the intense color after second coat. The longevity of the nail paint is 4-5 days for me without top coat surviving all household, but it lasts longer if covered with a good quality top coat.
The nail paint dries up pretty quick. It's a rare case with me to achieve a flawless nail paint without getting it spoiled on any of the fingers. But honestly, it didn't happen with this nail paint.
Talking about its final finish, I'm in love with the pearly metallic look it creates and it certainly calls for ordering another shades from same collection. Because they have many more fashionable shades like Blue Passion, Gold Rush, Moonlight or everyday wearable shades like Pink Pearl, Sweet Candy, Twilight Dust. Each of them is priced at Rs. 189 for 6 ml.
Take a look which shade you like more or else click here to buy the one that I ordered. If you have an affinity for metallic nail paints, I recommend you to try this range.

Friday 21 October 2016

Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum Review

If you are a regular facial moisturizer-user like me and got introduced to serum recently, you might be expecting wrong results from the product. To begin with today's write up, I would specifically like to mention that serum is not a traditional moisturizer that you apply to gain intense hydration, but is applied to help skin retain the moisture. The best sequence to apply a serum is to cleanse the face, apply serum and moisturize over it.

My current skin care routine has got Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum involved in it which claims to lighten and brighten skin tone and boost the skin's moisture levels.
The Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum comes in a cylindrical cane made of plastic. Absolutely convenient to use due to its pump dispenser and travel-friendly due to its light-weight. I like how the top cap shuts with a click on the pump and doesn't loose its grip. The cane is contained in not-so-bright-colored cardboard box.
The exhaustive ingredient list can be referred to on the outer carton along with pricing and quantity details.
This serum is shiny and colorless, similar to a gel in consistency. Despite the gooier and concentrated texture, the serum doesn't feel heavy on skin and absorbs like magic. There is light fragrance to it which doesn't last very long after application, but is quite pleasant. It's good in the sense that I avoid strong fragrances close to my nose ;)
Its a water based serum and so I don't expect it to be that richer in terms of moisturization. The main objective of serum is to deliver a high concentration of its active ingredients and nourish the inner layer of the skin. I use this serum in the morning as well as in the night in combination with my usual moisturizer because my dry skin need extra dose of hydration. It instantly relieves my skin from being stretchy that normally happens with my skin post shower. But those who have oily to normal skin type may complete rely on this serum to ditch their day and night creams. 
The brand has incorporated O2 Active with its patented antioxidant Lingon 50:50 technology for making the product Oxygen active that will help the stressed and dull skin breathe and look healthy after prolonged usage. With a price tag of Rs. 999 for 30 gm, the product seems on pricier end of the cost spectrum, but little quantity per usage makes the product last long enough. 
I recommend the Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum to all those who want to restore the lost skin radiance and to those who want to preserve the good texture of the skin. :)

For more info, click here

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Organized My Vanity - Courtesy BornprettyStore

Being an excessive makeup and jewelry accumulator has never been my wish; but I have amassed an impressive collection of cosmetics and fashion jewelry in past months. And when a woman has so much in her treasure trove, its actually crucial to store everything in a tidy and structured manner.

I'm in a habit of not displaying my cosmetics collection on the counter space as it tends to fall down accidentally and break at times. And who doesn't know the pain of losing your favourite beauty products ;) Just to avoid this feeling, I was searching for a good and affordable makeup organizers which I found on my most-loved website and I ended up ordering two different styles of storage organizers.

That's a three-layered detachable storage box made of fine quality, clear plastic.
The partition done inside each layer is also removable, which simply enables me to enlarge the size of a compartment as per my needs to store bigger-sized items.
The stack-n-snap design of the storage box make it possible to add-on additional trays if I want. The handle on the top makes it convenient for me to carry around. The see-through material is another plus for the container that allows you to open only the layer in which your specific article is contained.
It's an excellent option to create a chic, space-saver jewelry closet. And not to forget people like my mom who is a DIY enthusiast and loves spending her free time stitching and handcrafting beautiful stuff. This kind of storage organizers can definitely make life simpler for her by holding all her knick-knacks in one box. Wish to gift her similar one when I meet her next time. <3

A multipurpose storage bag was another items on my wishlist, so ordered this Multipurpose Storage Bag.
It's a multi-pocketed bag with two zip closures and loop handles on the top to make it travel convenient. I store sleeker products in the zip pockets like nail sticker strips etc.
Its made of durable nylon material and sits pretty on my counter holding all my makeup brushes, eye liners, lip liners, mascara etc safely. Not only the cosmetics, but small household objects that usually get misplaced can be contained in the bag.
When not in use, you may button up the bag from both sides and squeeze it for a flattened shape. A genius design certainly !!
My shopping list doesn't get over with these organizers ;) I bought a statement necklace in floral pattern that I had ordered earlier in white color. I wanted one in bright yellow color, so thought of getting the same elegant design. I'm planning to style this necklace on my birthday this Sunday and will share the pics soon :*
I'm really delighted with my haul beyond just makeup and ornamental pieces. I recommend you all to shop from and don't forget to use coupon code WEMT10 that is valid on any non-discounted products sitewide to get 10% off .

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Products Curated With Love - Shopped from

A new home, when you move into it, deserves your love and undivided attention just like a newly embraced relationship. The euphoric feelings that I experienced on this big purchase have been so novel to me. Since last one n half month, my eyes are only looking at home decor items everywhere I go and I'm leaving no chance unattempted to grab one or two exclusive items from best marketplaces. Now, not just the local markets are under my scanner, but I'm hunting online portals as well to pick unique home decoration products that are a mix of antiques, metal crafts, wall decor, lamps, candles, clocks, paintings etc.

So 'what new stuff I purchased and from where' is the story for today ;) 

It's an interesting web portal which I found catchy for its eye-pleasing layout firstly. There is a judicious exhibit of array of products on the portal including gifting options, accessories, home decor, food and drinks, bath and body essentials and some pet care stuff too. All these products are handpicked from choicest vendors nationwide who are committed to deliver quality stuff to customers.
I loved the fact that this portal retails in best of handmade and sustainable products coming from skilled artisans. Without any further delay, I clicked on Home Decor section,I found it divided quite wisely into sub-categories namely Living Room, Kitchen, Garden etc. so that one can directly check out products needed for specific space in the home. I landed on a page showing handmade clocks and my eyes sparkled bright to find that my heart desired. I ordered a stunning hand painted wall clock to enrich the look of a plain wall in my drawing room. 
The black, circular clock looks classy with few swarowski stones on its diameter.
The neatly done painting work in golden and white color combination looks prominent on the black background :)
Also, there is a special section called '199 Trove' that lists products priced below 200 bucks means you may get almost every kind of item at a price as low as Rs. 40 onwards. I felt irresistibly attracted to natural bath n body products as usual and chose to buy a set of three Kashmiri Saffron Soaps which are good for my dry skin type.
There is nominal shipping charges for each order which actually doesn't bother. One can choose to make the order prepaid or can opt for COD option, as per suitability. I'm overall delighted with both the products bought from Qtrove and would recommend you all to enjoy shopping some handmade, upcycled products from them :)
Last, but not the least, I loved this cute card that is sent to thank the customers for supporting local craftsmen <3
You may use the code BLOGSB20 to avail a 20% discount for your first online paid order worth more than Rs 300 till the end of November.

Sunday 16 October 2016

Newly Launched Aster Luxury Soaps (Coconut and Turmeric) - Product Review

Aster Luxury Soaps, that I've been using since many months, has got some new launches recently and lucky me got to try two of the new variants few days back. So here is a word about the two
I got the soaps in Coconut and Turmeric variants.
So, starting talking about the packaging transformation that the Aster soaps have got. Earlier, the soaps used to be wrapped in a thin transparent plastic sheet soap by the brand, but this time the new soaps have come packed in a black non-glossy recyclable paper with beautiful golden floral motifs printed on it. The labelling on either side has got flavour name, weight, ingredients, price etc. printed on it.

The soap bar inside the outer cover is wrapped in disposable non-sticky paper similar to baking sheets. Overall, the packaging has taken a classy avatar now which looks go glam.
These handmade soap bars are made of 100% natural ingredients, paraben free, cruelty free and are not tested on animals. The turmeric soap is semi-opaque while the coconut soap is non-opaque. The scent in the coconut soap is so close to natural coconut fragrance that I cannot help myself smell it again n  again. The turmeric soap, on the other hand, is mildly scented. The fragrance doesn't linger on for long but makes you feel really fresh after bath. The fluffy lather coming out of the soap is easy to rinse off and doesn't leave the skin greasy.

The soaps are destined to improve condition of skin as turmeric is one of the best known antiseptic, while coconut soap has anti-oxidants properties.
People whose skin is prone to infections are advised to try turmeric soap to promote skin's tolerance. I've been bathing my son with this soap for more than a week now as his skin is sensitive for insect bites and the turmeric soap speeds up healing without causing him inflammation due to its antibacterial properties.
Coconut Soap is excellent to relieve the skin from itchiness, redness and irritation arising due to rashes that is personally observed by me on my skin. I'm lovingly using this milky white, humble-looking soap bar these days.
The soaps are safe to use on sensitive skin also since these are preservative free and work gently on any skin type. When a natural soap enriched with such ingredients is used on skin, its a way to ensure no loss of skin elasticity and reap great benefits like hydrated, soft skin. As the cold winds are already being experienced, I bet these luxurious soaps can help you keep the occasional dryness at the bay during upcoming winter months too.
All in all, both of these soaps are the storehouse of multitude of beneficial characteristics that our skin deserves. If you are look out for a great cleansing bar that is not harsh and loaded with harmful chemicals, then these Aster Luxury Soap Bars are worth giving a try.

Each of the soap bars weighs 125 gm and is priced at Rs. 200 each. The shelf life of the soaps is 24 months from the date of mfg. You may buy these from Flipkart or Amazon for yourself or can order the soap gift packs for your loved ones :)