Monday 30 March 2015

Spring/ Summer Look With Elite Sunglasses

Indian weather has distinct variation all through the year. As summer season is already here, that means it's time to start thinking about preparing ourselves for the longer days ahead. We feel compelled to change our entire wardrobe to match the season. Infact in many regions, people are flaunting their chic, stylish, summery light outfits for the season already. Wow, the world is all glam up. In all the maze that these changing fashion trends create, I never miss noticing one thing that’s how an elite pair of sunglasses makes a significant appeal at every nook and corner. Actually seeing someone walking with elegant sunnies always prove the point that no accessory other than appropriate sunglasses can decorate the divas and hunks present their best foot forward.
Today I present you with a comprehensive guide of this year's Spring/ Summer Eyewear Trend..

Colored Sunglasses:
When you go for catchy colors in outfits, there is no point forgetting the accessories match with them aptly. And this time, you may expect the green, yellow, orange, pink, blue and many other funky colors making their reflection on sunglasses. Oh my, my! any male or female look will be well complemented with the noteworthy combinations of such modish sunglasses with the garments they are worn with.
Colored Sunglasses 
Oversized Sunglasses:
A major turn-on these days are oversized sunglasses to accentuate your personality that give a perfect final touch to the rest of look and practically provide maximum coverage to the eyes as well as the areas around them for better eye protection. These are my personal favourites for a beautiful and quite noteworthy alternative to create classic impact on others.
Oversized Sunglasess
Retro Sunglasses:
An ideal pick for the young-at-heart people who’re always on the go is the absolutely glamorous, chic and oh-so-stylish retro eyewears. These designer shades are actually instrumental in bridging a generational gap where young and old alike can appreciate a decent pair of vintage/retro sunglasses. Going for experimental shapes other than traditional round frames is a spectacular change in sunglasses that I am loving these days ;)

Colorful Frames:
In this era of elite sunglasses, the classic black frames have been given fresh life with many tones of dark navy, crimson red, azure, light purple, pastel and pinkish hues that are just a flattering replacement to boring black frames. And if you dare to experiment with your appearance much, but still are looking for a acceptable change, there is nothing better than white-framed sunglasses for a luxurious feel :)
Extravagant Sunglasses:
If standing out in the crowd is your sole wish, then there are exceptionally trendy sunglasses with embellishments like colorful beads, stones, carving etc. which are your direct gateways to unique and modern looks for any season.

The list is endless, but a big thanks to the plethora of energizing styles, shapes,colors and detailing available in the creative adornments called "sunglasses" that have always integrated themselves in any era of 'perfect vision'. So don't wait any more and transform your persona with the right pair of elite sunglasses today itself coz it's time to kickoff summer with the hottest sunglasses.

Friday 27 March 2015

Tickle Your Taste Buds With Fast Food of Ahmedabad

With the changing lifestyle of young population, the fast food industry in India has evolved at a quicker pace. Who has not taken a bite of burger in his car on the way to home from late night meeting or not got a take-away meal packed for kids n family to surprise them ;) I mean this is the story of almost every household including mine. I relish fast food like anything; be it sandwiches, noodles or a dessert..But however modern I am, when I crave for authentic Indian flavours, then Gujarati food takes the limelight :) Gujarati cuisine varies so amazingly in flavours, spices, ingredients, as well as the region of Gujarat to which they belong that your heart yearns to taste them all :)

And you know that among all regions of Gujarat, the bustling city of Ahmedabad has a wholesome range of fast food to offer... The fast food in Ahmedabad is a true amalgamation and exquisite blend of flavors where sweet notes dominate most preparations. Most of the snacks (nasto) are made with Gram Flour, so are rich in nutritional content too.

One of the much-loved mouth watering snacks in Ahmedabad Khandvi is my favourite when these cute rolls seasoned with sautéed sesame seeds and mustard melt in my mouth satiating my deepest lust for yummy snack. 

Yet another soft n spongy snack of Ahmedabad that is prepared with similar ingredients like Khandvi is Dhokla. I seriously can eat it anytime even when I had tummy-full of my food ;) This sweet-n-tangy, easy to digest, steamed snack cannot be missed at any cost.

Hey, since summers have already started showing its true colors; let me not forget that sweet n spicy mix of curd cooked with besan to make Gujarati Kadhi is the best escape from heat due to its cooling properties.

No other tea-time snack can beat the taste of crispy and crunchy Chakali twisted in spirals that makes it one of the most savoury snack for kids too.

I still remember myself feeling amazed when I first saw Khakhra and refused to eat it considering it as a 'sookhi roti'. But now as I know the uniqueness of this delicious snack, I know how this flattened preparation is enjoyed with variety of pickles and chutneys from the region.

I know I'm making you feel hungry while reading this post. So if you are wondering where to land exactly to emerge yourselves in irresistible aroma of palate-pleasing Ahmedabadi fast food, you can locate the nearby restaurants in Ahmedabad that guarantee bona fide taste to their customers :)

For those who have visited Ahmedabad, I am eager to know what snack you liked the most. Do share your experience.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

Several people ask me the secret of my slim body built.I smile and answer "I completely believe in power of healthy breakfast. And If you also want to wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast, follow the healthy recipes in your breakfast in the same manner as served in Kelloggs Wale Guptaji ka Nashta." What?? You have not heard of  #KelloggsWaleGuptaji and the delicacies her family enjoys in morning meal?

Okk, then watch this yummy advert on Kellogg's India youtube channel and follow Kellogg's 'Anaaj ka Nashta’ on Facebook for an irresistible kick first of all.
Now that you have seen that everybody is curious to relish nashta at #KelloggsWaleGuptaji's place, I am no excepttion and am also in the queue. You know why?

Guptaji's family boasts of their talent to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion with over a 100 mouthwatering recipes. And most of their yummy recipes have rich content of Kellogg nutrition. Yup, you heard me right... a plateful of healthy & yummy food to put in my not-so well functioning stomach is a worth relishing experience for me. So I am keeping an eye for an invite for Kelloggs Wale Guptaji ka Nashta some day.

I seriously love it when somebody can make the most delicious light-on-heart and easy-to-digest dishes with only few healthiest ingredients like Kelloggs with ultimate varieties of snacks. Because I can fuel my body for entire day with right mix of plenty of recipes every day. Ahh, I am dying to accompany Guptaji's family for the morning meal.

There are times when I am sick of breakfast that gets a bit boring if I stick to the same old routine. Who doesn't like to spice it up occasionally without compromising in the healthy content. And I know cereals and snacks can be finger-licking good with a handful of Kellogg's added to it. ummm I am dreaming of myself drooling over a bit of extra delicious Kelloggs nashta that will transform my good old classic dishes in brand new ways.

Finally I believe in the power of breakfast that ensures the important ingredients to enter our body through balanced morning meal that makes sure proper brain development and body functioning. I crave to learn some interesting Kelloggs recipes from Guptaji's family that is a wholesome goodness in long run for me. The first food intake of the which the 'nashta' enters our body after a minimum gap of seven-eight hours of night sleep and I want Kelloggs to fulfill all the requirements for my body's growth and it should act as a fuel to jump-start the day in most energetic way. With so many tempting reasons to enjoy Nashta at Guptaji's place, I wont even need to stave off my hunger. What a relief and Thanks to #KelloggsWaleGuptaji ka Nashta.
Stay Healthy!!

Monday 23 March 2015

Eeshha Herbal Anti Acne Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash Review

Skin care regimen must always start with a perfect face cleanser.By 'perfect', I mean a cleanser that is formulated with the ingredients that work on specific skin problems and are categorized for various skin types. Because when we choose a product that is not meant for us and it doesn't match our expectations, its a conflicting situation.

Today I am taking time to tell you about my experience with Eeshha Herbal Anti Acne Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash.

Product Info:
Neem and Tea Tree face wash is suitable for oily skin, helps to cleanse and remove oil. Neem is effective in treating acne, providing soothing and emollient effect making skin healthy and glowing. Tea tree oil is used to give germicidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Dimethicon, Polyquaternium, Alp sebum, Tea tree oil, Neem oil, Coco amido propyl betane, Decyl glycoside.
Price: Rs 135 for 100 ml.
Shelf Life: 3 years.

Usage Instructions:
Moisten your face and neck with water. Take appropriate amount of the face wash and apply all over face and neck with light circular movements using wet fingertips generating lather. Rinse well with plenty of water.

How did I like the product:
Eeshha Herbal Anti Acne Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash comes in a squeeze tube with a flip open cap. The cap is tight enough to avoid any leakage or spillage. 

The face wash looks on a brighter side of green color when looked from outside, but as you pour it on your palm its lighter greenish liquid of moderate consistency like most cleansers or face washes. I liked the dark green minute particles in the cleanser which dissolve immediately when you softly rub the facewash between your palms.

The fragrance of face wash has more prominent Neem essence than Tea Tree oil's. I liked the fragrance moderately. The smell doesn't last after you rinse your face. So even if you don't like it much, its not going to bother you. Only a pea-sized liquid foams sufficient to cleanse the face, so a 100 ml packing is expected to last more than a month. 

This face wash is meant for Oily Skin as mentioned on the pack, but I gave it a try on my dry skin after thinking few times to check on whether it has any ill effects on other skin types. So my experience says that this Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash causes no skin issues to other skin types than oily one. But I felt my facial skin drier after rinsing it off as if the required moisture is ripped off from the face which made me feel uneasy, so I had to follow it up with a moisturizer to soothe the skin. As far as the purpose of the facewash is concerned, I liked the effective dust removal. 

The ingredients of the face wash claim to treat acne. but since I have clear skin with no pimples/acne, I cannot practically support the product claim, however the ingredients like neem n tea tree provide anti-bacterial protection, so I can expect this product to work on the issue for those who are looking for a gentle cleanser to reduce acne.

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Easily available.
  • Economic price.
  • No ill effects on skin.
  • Soothing fragrance.
  • Lathers enough
  • Removes dirt and deep cleanses the skin.
  • Requires very less quantity per usage.
Not an appropriate choice for drier skin type.

Eeshha Herbal Anti Acne Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash is a good product for oily skin that stands to battle acne. It didn't fare too well for my skin type, so I won't be repurchasing it for myself. But I am sincerely loving all the products that I have used from Eeshha Herbal product line in past, so would love to try other variants of face washes that would suit my skin.

Derma Green Skin whitening Cream Review


Few months ago, I reviewed a wonderful product from a beauty brand Herbal India (read the review here) and liked its effect on my skin. So I was more than interested to give some other products a chance from their product line. I was sent Derma Green Skin whitening Cream which is another variant of skin whitening creams that Herbal India sells. I have been using it for many days and today will share my review on it.

Product Claims: Derma Green Cream helps to get back your youthful skin with glowing healthy unimaginable glow.
  • Protects from sun burn, tanning and reduces the overall production of Melanin.
  • Tightens the skin and delays the formation of wrinkles.
  • No black and white heads and helps to soften the Zits.
  • No pimple and acne, reduces the inflammation and clear the pores.
  • No undereye dark circles and it effectively clears the skin.
  • No blemishes and pigmentation.
  • No scars and it evens the skin tone.
Packaging: Derma Green Plus Herbal Whitening Cream is packaged in a maroon plastic tub pack with a sticker on its top lid having the product name on it. The plastic jar has a tight screw cap on the top and an inner white disc cap to keep the content safe in the packing.
Ingredients, Price and Qty:
The ingredients and price details are printed at the bottom of the packaging. The cream is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like Emu Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, Red Sandal, Turmeric, Honey, Tulsi. The 30 gms content in the pack is sold at a price of Rs.2500 and shelf life of the pack is 24 months.
My take on the product:
The Derma Green is quite a thick textured cream in light mint color. The cream smells very nice mix of floral and spicy notes that actually is uplifting and will not cause irritation to sensitive noses. I personally liked it too. 

The brand instructs to apply this cream as an face mask that has to be left on skin overnight to bring out the optimal outcome. Following the instructions, I applied the cream on my face as well as the neck area which should always be considered as the extended facial area while applying any beauty enhancement products. This cream needs extra efforts to spread evenly on skin, might be due to its thick texture. The next morning, I washed the cream off with a mild cleanser. The instant effect of the cream is the soft skin with some youthful glow. As I followed the similar regimen for almost a month, I noticed considerable improvement in my skin tone. I don't claim that the whitening of skin means drastic change in complexion in few applications, but the long term effects would surely be worth noticing. 
The cream claims to reduce scar marks, acne and zits. But I am a victim of none of these, so cannot comment on the effectiveness of cream on these issues. Yes, the cream has lightened the tanning on my forehead and I am expecting the forehead skin to evenly mix with other parts of face with prolonged usage of this cream. 

  • Natural ingredients.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Causes no burning or irritation.
  • Smells Nice.
  • Lightens the skin tone.
  • Reduced the skin tanning.
  • Safe and travel friendly packing.
  • Not Easily Available 
  • Quite Expensive.

Final Word:
Derma Green Skin Whitening Cream is a herbal formulation to treat the skin by reducing dark spots and pigmentation, and leaving a radiant, even skin tone without any harmful effects. 

Thursday 19 March 2015

Eeshha Herbal Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer Review

Those who have been reading the past reviews done by me on skin care products might be knowing that my dry skin is always thirsty for moisture. So I keep on switching to one or the other moisturizers seeking more hydrating power.

This time I got to try Eeshha Herbal Moisturizer for face as well as whole body enriched with Cocoa, Almond oil and Algae extract. 
Product Claims:
The moisturizer contains cocoa butter that works deep and prevents water loss and dehydration, provides flexibility to skin leaving it soft and even toned all the day long. Penetrates deep into the skin; makes it smooth supple by removing roughness. Mineral oil gives lubricant effect, glycerin prevents loss of water from skin preventing dryness; cocoa butter has property of emolliency and retains skin moisture.

The product comes in plastic squeeze bottle with flip-open cap. The hole pierced on the bottle top ejects enough moisturizer in gentle pressurizing. The cap is decently tight.
Price: Rs 135
Quantity: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs from the date of Mfg.
Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Shea butter Blend, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Algae Extract, Isopropyl Myristate,Trehalose, Dimethicon.
Before I should start reviewing the moisturizer, let me tell you that tons of our favourite beauty products are loaded with algae (seaweed) extract and we rarely get to find its mention in ingredients list. Algae extract is said to bring potential benefits for our skin. It can help to restore the glow for a youthful skin by improving cellular energy and vitality. It re-activates the natural protective mechanism of skin to restore healthy function which we lose due to stress and other skin issues.
Directios for use:
Apply moisturizer after shower on body and face to enjoy super fast absorption for long lasting hydrating skin.

My take on the product:
The moisturizer is of moderately thick consistency that stays on your palm without running. Though the usage instructions read that it should be applied immediately after shower, I preferred to use it post-shower on my skin after towel drying it and didn't rinse it to enjoy more moisture. I swear that this light pink hued moisturizer actually is so easy to smear without any extra effort and penetrates into skin very easily and evenly. I quite liked the product because it is too light on skin and leaves no shine on skin. Though the moisturizer doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all, yet it gives the skin ample lubrication for a deeply hydrated feel. 

Moving to the hydrating power of Cocoa Face & Body moisturizer, the skin remains soft, supple and glowing for as long as 3-4 hrs. As the summer season progresses, I might have to re-apply it 2-3 times as per the demand of my skin, but the normal skinned beauties would find it enough after single application.

Lets not forget talking about its fragrance... The initial thoughts after reading the key ingredients that have gone into formulation of this moisturizer gave me an impression of chocolaty fragrance. But to my great surprise, the moisturizer doesn't smell like chocolate exactly, but a sweet and somewhat unusual fragrance lingers on body for quite a few hrs. 

Wonderful Ingredients.
Chemical free.
Smells great.
Deeply hydrates the skin.
Cost effective.
Decent packaging.
Smoothens the texture of skin.
Non Sticky.

Actually Nothing.

Final Word:
Eeshha Herbal Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer is a wow product for Normal to Dry skin people and you need not to use different emollients for face and body.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal face wash Review


Todays review is of a facewash that smells like fresh rose flowers. As I started using this facewash, I realized that I have not used any beauty product that has rose as ingredients since long. So lets move ahead towards the product detailing...

Product Details:
This mild cleanser comes from the finest botanical to wash away dirt and oil, leaving skin clean and fresh. The healing properties of Sandal wood oil repair skin and soothe irritation while steam distilled, pure essential rose oil improves blood circulation. making face softens and brightens the skin.

Key Ingredients -Rosa, Santalum Album, Crocus Sativus, Purified Water & Gel base Q.S. 
The product is enriched with herbal extracts of Rose Flower oil, Sandalwood Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Rose Water.
*Rose Flower Oil - Treats dry and sensitive skin.

*Sandal Wood Oil - Draws out the excessive heat and keeps the skin cool.

*Aloe Vera Gel - Promotes cell growth and healing; extremely penetrates subcutaneous tissues and muscles for maintaining hydration.

Price: Rs 185 
Qty: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 2 yrs  
Availability : Can be bought from online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon.
The product comes in a transparent plastic Pump dispenser which makes it easy to eject drops of liquid facewash. The spray nozzle is covered with a plastic cap that shuts tightly and prevents leakage. 
My Experience:
The Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal face wash is a gel based cleanser in light pick color that seems almost colorless in first look. A little quantity as of a size of pea lathers sufficiently well so you may expect one bottle to last more than a month. 
The consistency of the cleanser is as thick as I expected from a gel based product. So when you press the dispeser, no extra or unwanted quantity oozes out in one go.
As per the usage instructions on the bottle, apply the cleanser on wet face and gently massage it in upward motions to generate lather and cleanse the skin. I loved the fragrance of rose mixed with a hint of sandalwood in it that makes a refreshing combination. 
On the application of this cleanser, the skin actually gets rid of excessive oil, dirt and other types of pollutants. I didn't experience any over dryness, tight  or stretchy feel on skin post application. It rinses off very easily without much effort to rub the skin. Few splashes of water on the face rinse the cleanser from skin.
People with normal skin type won't need to moisturize the skin after its usage. Because this face wash leaves the skin moderately hydrated and moisturized. But I have to moisturize my skin most of the times, since my skin is more on drier side. 
This cleanser not only removes impurities from skin, but also draws out the excessive heat and keeps the skin cool with its naturally effective ingredients.
Natural Ingredients
Skin Safe
Mild Fragrance
Cost Effective
Lathers Well
Travel Friendly Packaging.
No harmful effect on skin.
Suitable for sensitive skin type too.

Not readily available offline at supermarkets etc.

Overall I can say that Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal face wash works for skin, not against skin. It perfectly maintains the skin's balance without disturbing the need of natural oils within the skin.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Beveragewala Website Review & Shopping Experience

I have been an online shopper since many years now and have been buying almost everything including apparel, electronics, books, footwear and everything else which I need and is available online.

I don't even mind buying groceries and beverages from premium multi-product stores. But few days back I got to know about an exclusive beverage retailer called

The name itself was so indicative that I needed not to ask what they deal in... so here I introduce to you a first of its kind Tea & Coffee e-Retailer in India 

About Beveragewala.Com
Beveragewala has been founded by big tea enthusiasts who believe that there is no good channel to view and purchase good teas and coffees in one place. This led to the idea of Beveragewala coming into existence. Beveragewala is an online provider of premium beverages, particularly teas and coffees, right at your doorstep in India. At present, they have over 35 brands and 400 products which includes a wide variety of Black Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas, Herbal Teas, Red Teas, Infused Teas, Coffees and so on. Since I am also a member of a Tea Loving Nation, so I feel happy that Beveragewala is entering into this Industry at a very nascent and appropriate stage. Highlights:
  • A new registrant gets to receive reward points for his/her own registration as well as for referring friends and loved ones to join the site.
  • The orders above Rs 500 are shipped via courier partners such as DTDC, FedEx & Delhivery without any extra shipping charges and are delivered within a week's time in safe packing.
  • A wonderful feature of surprising someone with a beverage gift card is very innovative. You can instantly email a gift card to someone within denomination from Rs 50 to Rs 500 with a customized message :)
  • They have a separate section for quirky Tea Accessories that make your beverage experience a unique and memorable one every time you sit to sip your fav beverage.
  • 1 % of all sales at Beveragewala are donated to various NGOs & are used for the ‘Smiles @ Beveragewala’ initiative.
  • Interested people can brush up their beverage knowledge at Tea Guide that answers most of your queries. 
My Shopping Experience:
The website gives a crisp n cool feel in first appearance with no unwanted adverts in between the product display. The salient features regarding offers, discounts, shipping etc are highlighted in small clickable thumbnails on both left and right margins.

Some of the tea and coffee brands are the ones which give me immense satisfaction, so I am very loyal to those and always keep a good stock of the same. So when I wanted to place an order on Beveragewala, I firstly used the BRANDS tab on the homepage itself to quickly check whether my fav brands are being sold there or not. I was pleased to find a number of brands with their logos arranged separately in Tea and Coffee sections. So it made easier for me to directly click and choose my preferred items. Though I would like the Brands to be arranged alphabetically.

The DEALS tab next to BRANDS looked tempting as I didn't want to miss some cool offers and discounts. I found cool 1+1 and 2+1 offers on brands CHAMONG, LEMOR etc. And could not stop adding the Masala Tea and Black Tea in my cart. So I got two packs in price of one :)

The Tea section impressed me with following varieties wherein the figure-conscious people can treat themselves with slimming tea ;) Anyways, I picked the flavours of my choice including Tulsi, Ginger, Ilaichi etc for satiating my craving for different moods.
  • Black Tea
  • Flavoured/Infused Tea
  • Tea Premix
  • Green Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Flower Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • White Tea
  • Decaffeinated Tea
  • Herbal/Slimming Tea
  • Red Tea
There is a wonderful listing of almost all types of coffees that you may think of....Just a click of COFFEE tab opens a wide array of brewed beverage. Some of the coffee brands are exclusively found on Beveragewala only. So I grabbed what my heart wanted. 
  • Filter Coffee
  • Espresso Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Robusta Coffee
  • Blended Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate 
  • Coffee Premix 
  • Arabica Coffee
A careful look at Coffee section made the Hot Chocolate noticeable to my boy and he insisted a pack of HERSHEY's Cocoa for his special chocolate cake and obviously I had to buy one for him ;) I would love the Hot Chocolates to be placed under a separate section.

I liked the various filters provided on left pane showing Price, Quantity, Brands, Type, Flavours, Packing etc. that makes the shopping experience fuss-free and less time consuming.

I received my order well packed within 4 days of ordering. All in all, has an impressive collection of beverages to restock and replenish your kitchen rack with variety of tea, coffee and hot chocolate etc. 

A glimpse of my ordered stuff

GIRNAR Kashmiri Chai with Saffron (10 tea bags) 
MRP: Rs. 100
Sold at: Rs. 90
LEMOR Instant Coffee Premix (10 Satchets)MRP: Rs. 105.
Sold At: Rs. 95.
HERSHEY's Cocoa (225 gms)
MRP:Rs. 250
Sold At: Rs 227
GIRNAR 3 in 1 Coffee (10 satchets)MRP: Rs 120
Sold At: Rs 100
ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Ginger Tea (25 tea bags)
MRP : Rs 128
Sold At: Rs 107
CHAMONG 1+1 Offer (Masala Mantra + Darjeeling Black Tea)
MRP: Rs. 150
Sold At: Rs. 136
ORGANICA Elaichi Green Tea (100 gms)
MRP : Rs 170
Sold At: 154
And here is a Surprise Gift that Beveragewala people sent to me with my order ;)

Hope you find my review informative. I strongly recommend the website to all beverage lovers to shop their favourite caffeinated drinks under one roof and that too at discounted prices :)

Saturday 14 March 2015

Coming Together For A New Beginning

“If you want to be happy, find a career doing what you love.” ...this line used to echo in my mind ever since I was quite young to think about working. I wanted to break out of my family's tradition of getting the daughters married after they complete their studies. I wanted not only to get educated, but also pursue a career I was wildly passionate about i.e. teaching. I had a gut feeling to choose teaching as my profession to unlock the door to success and fulfillment.

My daydreaming turned into action and I eventually got a full-time lecturership job right after completing my Masters degree. I considered myself luckiest amongst all the eligible candidates who had a powerful jack to secure that job position for them. But my stars and my academic credentials ensured that designation of great repute for me. :) I could visualize myself being an idealistic role model for the next-gen students since they would be able to relate to me more conveniently.

Few days at my workplace were genuinely welcoming, full of happiness and pleasure. I had humblest feelings of regard for my peers who were helping me in every possible manner to get familiar with the system. I trusted my good fortune and praised my colleagues too much for their moral support even at my home. Till the end of my first academic session, we all had built great rapport with each other and I was loving teaching and learning side by side. But this was the time, when I was shaken by the awestruck jolt to my faith. A colleague of mine who had developed insecurities due to my achievements and started feeling envious of my increased popularity, tried to spread irrational rumours about me and my work ethics. Though it wasn't unheard to me of someone who tries to steal credit of another person's efforts and defames anyone out of jealousy, but it was beyond my imagination that it could happen to me too. :( I would either continue working feeling miserable and hating my life or stayed at home giving one excuse or the other to stay away. 

When the sadness of my heart and negativity of my behaviour wasn't bearable, I burst into tears inconsolably at the dinner table that night. Mom wrapped me in her arms and took me to the terrace to have a word with me. We sat #together on a mat on the floor and she spoke her heart out in very simple words -- 
"Dear, this life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people as well. Even you and me are perfect at hardly anything. At times, we might also hurt someone just like everyone else. So firstly there is no point judging others on your terms. Over the years, what I've learnt is to accept others faults and choose to celebrate others' differences. This is the only key to create a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship. And when I say 'relationships', I don't only mean our family bonding, but it encompasses our co-workers and colleagues also. It is always in your best interest to work #together as a team. But if the circumstances don't allow you to do so; believe me that no one can ever steal the fruits of your labor by talking bad things behind your back. Just be certain that you will meet your own deeds in the future. So just try to cheer up and find your inner strength by not complicating things, because your negative attitude is stealing all the good things from your life." 

In this age after spending more than a decade in the same profession, I am actually wise enough to try searching for positive things about my co-workers and their behaviour. I don't feel discouraged by office-politics which practically exists at any workplace. But that memorable day when I spent few moments of getting #together for a upbeat conversation with mom have dictated me the real worth of being optimistic, motivated and passionate for relationships, specially when they don't come to please me as per my wish. Now life seems to #LookUp to a purpose at last and the world seems a place to live better :)
Co-incidentally, the conclusion of my story harmonizes with the vision of that aims at helping people concentrate on the most important aspect of their life i.e. company of loved ones :)

Friday 13 March 2015

A very Denim Story/ Hi, how do you Denim?

Note: There is a Secret Message for all Denim lovers at the end of this article.

Denims, more specifically, jeans, have taken over the clothing industry faster than any other garment has and are as widely embraced, worn and loved the world over. The classic symbol of the American West is now a staple in wardrobes around the world. From a waiter at a restaurant, to the most influential people in the world, everybody has jeans as an important part of their wardrobe.

Have you ever wondered why jeans are so popular?
The main reason for their popularity among the people was not only because of the different ways they are worn, but the different and particular styles in which they ‘wear’. The way jeans wear off over time or the way the “age” says a lot about the person wearing them. They have become a common representative for anyone and everyone’s unique personality. Durable, comfortable and yet stylish enough to always be a part of the latest trends, Jeans are forever.

Denim Over the years
The 70’s
This decade in particular was also popularly known as the “hippie age”. Embroidery, bright colors, stonewash, rhinestones and patches were just some of the jean trends of the time.
The 80’s
This decade is when designer denim was truly born. Designer jeans became a true status symbol. Stonewash, acid wash and ripped jeans were some of the most popular looks, along with skinny leg cuts that were tapered at the ankle.
The 90’s
Carpenter jeans and Baggy Jeans were among the most trendy looks, as well as overalls, which were popular among women.
The 2000s
In the early 2000s, with the rise of pop culture denim also became a fashion staple once again, becoming an appropriate item of clothing to wear out on a Friday night or even to the office. A lot of new styles like skinny jeans and Straight cuts began to trend in a very strong manner.

Trending Today
Bell bottoms and Hip huggers are all set to make a remarkable comeback in the spring of 2015. It looks like the 70’s denim culture is ready to spring back to life. We all love our retro side and we know how to pull off the look as well!

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Was That Really A 'Happy' Hair Challenge??

None of us like body hair and go any length to get them removed. But the same is not true for our hair on our head. My hair are quite long and I am seriously so possessive about them that its nothing less than a nightmare to imagine myself chopping my hair short :/ 

No matter how long my hair is or how I style them, my ultimate aim personally is to attain and maintain healthy hair always... Though its ironical that I could not ensure coping up with hair issues and they could not be retained in their original condition. 

This was the time when Garnier Fructis reached me to take a 30 days #HappyHairChallenge to get me on the path of dealing with my hair problems.The #HappyHairChallenge introduced me with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition combo of Shampoo and Conditioner to be applied religiously for the said duration. 
I had shared the 'Then' state of my hair in my previous post here  and today is the day to check on the 'Now' state of my hair.

What I Expected and What Not

Dandruff Free Hair: Yes 
I had got slight white fluff on my head that usually leads to scaly greasy scabs on my scalp. I developed a hair regime using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition combo that saw me washing my hair at least thrice a week providing moisture to my scalp. Since dandruff wasn't a serious issue, this challenge showed instant results within apprx 15 days of continuous usage. The right blend of nourishing Almond, Coconut and Olive oils made me realize the improvement for sure. 
Frizz Control: Yes
The moisture enriching Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner with Olive Oil, Amla Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil actually concentrated on the driest part of my hair after shampoing. I am usually concerned whether the shampoo is harsh on hair to strip off the oils that are required to hair. But no such issue arose during the usage of Garnier Fructis range and my softer, more manageable and hydrated hair are settled with greater degree of frizz control. 
Less Hair Breakage: Yes
Letting the creamy conditioner stay within my hair for almost 3-4 minutes covered with shower cap and then running the water through my hair removes all traces of conditioner had been the most gentle way to pick dirt and grime out of my hair. I took good care to partition my hair into section to avoid clump on the center of my head. The resultant hair got easy to detangle and minimized hair breakage.

Minimum Hair Fall: Yes
I believed that stronger roots can be achieved with a careful pick of mild shampoo capable of strengthening the hair with the deep action of its core ingredients. No one is ignorant of effectiveness of almond, olive n coconut oils being used for critical hair issues. The rate of hair fall has considerably gone down with only a month's application of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition combo.

 No Split Ends: No
I honestly didn't expected the split ends to vanish without chopping them off. But ofcourse I agree that once cut, they won't turn up again if I continue using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition combo. As of now, there is no visible improvement on the mild split ends of my hair.

Infact, I am making up my mind to get minor trimming towards tips of my hair so that my present 'near perfect' hair state can be worth calling as 'perfect' in future, because I am completely satisfied with the outcome which is far better than my expectations.

So I rate the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition combo with 5 twinkling stars.

The texture of my hair feels good when I glide my fingers through them, the lost sheen has started showing again with bounce and added volume to my hair. 
I feel special to receive compliments and enjoy the feeling of 'getting to listen to what my hair always wanted' .

A humble note of 'ThankYou' to Garnier Fructis for formulating a potent and fruitful product combo and giving me the courage to say 
Yes, this Hair Challenge was indeed a 'Happy' Hair Challenge." :) :)