Tuesday 30 May 2017

#KnockOutLips With The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel

Oriflame has taken over cosmetic industry with its frequent additions in already existing range of products. The latest launch is the Vinyl Gel lipolors in The One range of makeup. I got to try all 7 shades available and here is my opinion on the #KnockOutLips that I created with The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel.

Product Info:
Super-light liquid lipstick goes on like a gel, with an ultra-smooth plexigloss finish in 7 intense shades. Non-sticky, extreme colour coverage. Glides on easily for super-slick lips with perfect colour clarity. Conditioning formula keeps lips feeling soft. A definite head-turner.
Shades Available and Lip Swatches:
Sunset Burst, Hot Flamingo, Malibu Blush, Pink Mambo, Magnetic Magenta, Purple Rumba, Tangerine Tango

Price: Rs. 699 each (available at Rs 489 currently)
The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel is a liquified lipcolor that comes in a transparent packaging similar to matte mousse lipsticks. The flattened applicator brush is good to smoothly color your lips, but you have to be little alert while filling up corners of lips. The shape and size of lipcolor is absolutely easy to carry around.
The Vinyl Gel claims to be non-sticky, but I think any liquid lipcolour will have a bit of stickiness. The Vinyl Gel has nice texture that gives sheer coverage in single stroke. I personally like building it up for much better opaque finish. The lipcolor doesn't settle to matte finish and stays glossy. The lipscolor is comfortably light on lips and doesn't make your lips stick while speaking.
The lipcolor transfers being liquid, but it only dulls the gloss on your lips while keeping the colour put on lips for max. 3-4 hours provided there is no meals intake.
There is faint scent in the lipcolors which is hard to smell. It's a plus for me as I don't prefer fragrant lipsticks. I like the fact that Vinyl Gel leaves your lips really hydrated when on lips and also for som more time after you remove it. There is genuinely no issue of dry lips.
Talking about the shades offered, I'm bit unsatisfied with the color spectrum covered. Most shades fall under coral/pink/purple side and I badly miss the copper brownish shades in the range. I expect the brand would soon extend the shades to make it more widely accepted by Indian women. A few of the shades won't compliment dusky beauties like me, but again using perfecting the right 'full face' makeup can surely change the scenario :) The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel is great to give a hint of vibrancy to your otherwise light summer makeup.

Saturday 27 May 2017

Why to Use Jasmine Ylang Ylang Oil

Skin moisturization ideally should begin while you're still in the shower. If you apply a body oil, or body lotion during the shower before you towel off your skin, you can successfully seal in the moisture for longer and better hydration. I've managed to solved many skin issues just by religiously hydrating my extremely dry skin at the right time, in the right manner and by using right products.
Body/Bath oils, being my absolute all-time favourites, magically offer my skin great relief and this is why you might find me admiring and approving a number of brands that have suited my skin type. One such brand that masters in formulating pure, handcrafted products is Aroma Essentials (that doesn't seek an introduction any more) whose Jasmine Ylang Ylang Bath Oil had been super nourishing blend of Jasmine Mogra essential oil, Almond Oil and Apricot Oil with skin loving baby oil as the base. 
I always say (and believe) Jasmine flowers have got incredible fragrance that is much more enchanting than any other flower. The flower petals in each bottle scents the oil with natural scent and it smells heavenly. I can inhale it forever ;)
Why and How to use?
  • Ylang Ylang is most efficacious to relieve negative emotions such as anger and frustration. With a blend of Jasmine, it stabilizes emotional balance and generates euphoric sense. You may apply it to your pulse points, behind ears or on the neck to play with its anti-depressant properties. 
  • A massage of this romantic potion results in sensual awakening effortlessly and brings your seductive side effortlessly.
  • I find this oil to be really joyful and peaceful for my senses, so it doesn't harm mixing a portion into my usual coconut oil and give my hair a good massage to strengthen and condition my tresses. It supports healthy circulatory system and calms me down.
  • There are occasions when you find yourself spiritually drained due to tough-to-handle circumstances. Simply inhale the oil for few seconds after regular intervals and it influences bringing your mind and spirit back to place.
  • Ylang Ylang works best to balance the secretion of sebum and improve the texture of skin when massaged regularly in a limited quantity. Make sure to use only few drops else may cause nausea to sensitive people.
  • Using 3-4 drops of the oil is a better alternative to sedative, when your body needs undisturbed night sleep.
  • The most surprising way the oil has worked for me is to make my painful periods much more bearable while tackling other associated issues like mood swings, fatigue n frustration by controlling my body temperature.
You may order a 100 ml pack of Aroma Essentials Jasmine Ylang Ylang Oil at Rs 400. 
The benefits of Jasmine Ylang Ylang oil can be reaped depending on sensitivity of skin. To avoid any reaction, avoid using the oil in heavy doses and do an allergy test before application.

Friday 26 May 2017

Office Wear Kurti- OOTD ft. Triveni Ethnics

Think 'Work Wear' and a wardrobe consisting mainly of western formals such as shirts, trousers and skirts n blazers will only come to your mind. Business Suits have been the common workwear for majority of working women in the past. But for the ones, who are not likely to change the way they dress in 'comfortable' ethnics, the good news is that Kurtis have been adapted at most workplaces to create smart professional look these days. The trend of stylish kurtis is fast catching up across the nation, all thanks to decently crafted designs which are high on trend as well as comfort.

The best thing about kurtis is that the wearer can experiment in endless ways to customize everyday look due to ample choices in cuts, patterns and fabrics. The beauty of styling a smart office wear kurti is that you can never go wrong! Just make sure to be mindful of the kind of workplace that you are working at. There is no exception to this rule and one can seek a great many choices to match the one’s personal fashion sensibilities.
Since there is no strict dress code at my workplace, I recently got myself a tail-cut kurti for workwear for the first time with a hesitant feeling of its acceptance due to its length, fit etc. I decided to go for minimal accessories but only a timepiece on my wrist. And I'm delighted to share that my attire got me many 'thumbs ups'.


Today, when I wore the same kurti again, I thought of sharing a quick cheat-sheet on how to choose and flaunt officewear kurtis gracefully-

  • Choose the fits that are comfortable. A body-shape friendly fit will facilitate easy stretching and won't interfere in free movement of your body during work.
  • The embroidery or patterns should be very subtle. You should make the selection minutely so that the outfit gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. 
  • Choosing the fabric of the kurti is as critical as other aspects like fit n stitch. The fabric should help to regulate body temperature, especially for the humid season when the days break with an atmosphere charged with sweltering heat. The flowy and breezy fabrics like Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon, Voile are more breathable & can be worn round the clock for long office hours.
  • The designs should not be too revealing to distract colleagues and attract negative attention.  
  • Avoid looking overdressed at work. Not wearing blingy accessories and ditching heavily embellished clothes is the key!
  • Do not opt for an in-vogue attire that doesn't fit your body frame. 
  • One can afford to be a clumsy dresser at office, so play with your look only when you're safest player at enhancing your inherent beauty. Don't wear jazzy or gaudy clothes that makes you look out of the place at a sophisticated corporate environment.
To leave a positive impact on everyone at work, always make smart choices....because -
"you are what you wear."

Do share your tips on office wear that may help everyone else.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Your Ride Made Easy - Bike Loan With Digital Banking

A tough G-Shock watch, a high-end fitness band and a trendy sports bike... that was the little wish list presented by my brother to my dad who demanded only a few things on his graduation. It came as a sudden blow to my dad, as his bank account was not overflowing with funds to afford all these luxury items for the boy. After much persuasion, my brother agreed to forego the first two items in his list and requested dad to allow him owning his first ever bike for a delightful experience to celebrate his accomplishment. I still remember how he was zapped ecstatic when my father nodded to his wish on a promise of safe driving. Obviously, riding your dream machine can be one of the most satisfying moment and your signature style complimenting your lifestyle.

Anyways, dad had already planned to get the vehicle financed to help circumvent his lack of large sum of liquid cash. In the quest of finding a suitable finance option, we were initially lost and had no clue as to which bank would offer affordable plan that won't dig a hole in dad's pocket. But fortunately, today there are so many efficient online options that my not-so-techie dad decided to trust those and settled down with me to compare the available choices.

Why online??
In today's fast-paced life, after spending a hectic day at work, the last thing you want to do is to spend time waiting in queue at the bank waiting for your turn to come. Digital Banking comes to your rescue to bypass not only these long queues, but minimizes many other documentation formalities that may otherwise leave you distressed.

As a prospective borrower, you may easily draw a comparison between ongoing schemes on bike loan after extensive online research without tricks being played by lenders or brokers.

Equipping yourself with complete know-hows of loan eligibility, processing fee, repayment terms, security and income leverage etc is of utmost importance and yet so bewildering. When you opt for digital banking, you only have to have soft copies of all the documents required stored in your device and wait for a sanction letter soon after applying.

After the loan is sanctioned, you can schedule the recurring payment of your loan EMIs to be deducted directly from your bank account. Most digital banking accounts can be synchronized with personal financial software to cut down your trips to bank.

Some additional services include features like Minimum Balance Alerts that help you monitor your account balance, transactions and avoid any charges/fees.

A few banks also offer ideal deals on bike insurance when you go for bike loan from them via digital banking.

Above all, it's a common scenario to receive pre-approved loan offers from the banks where you already operate an account.

So that's the quick guide based on which we applied for our bike loan with Yes Bank in a matter of few minutes using its digital support and availed a quick disposal of specific percentage of amount we desired.
You may also avail the benefits of upto 85% funding, easy documentation, multiple repayment options and upto 60 months tenure of loan repayment. And all this at your finger tips with total transparent and hassle-free procedure. What else could you ask for while making decisions as important as gifting a marvel of engineering to your loved ones ;) 

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Buzz Away Mosquitoes With Mozzy Rep

One thing that's most annoying about summer season is the increase in the number of pesky mosquitoes. All the tricks like covering the body with full sleeve shirts, long pants and scarfs go waste to prevent annoying itchy bites most of the times. The locality where I live is more prone to breed mosquitoes due to greenery all around. Protecting my family from mosquitoes borne diseases had always been a serious concern for me. And to get rid of these bugs, I decided to try a 100% natural mosquito repellent from Aroma Essentials called Mozzy Rep (sounds like a dance form) ;)
Mozzy Rep is a topical insect repellent which simply means that it has to be applied on your skin and not on your clothes or bedding. The product is a gel based formula containing Aloe Vera as the base and some effective natural ingredients that repel mosquitoes such as Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemongrass. 
The moment you apply the mozzy rep gel, a cooling effect takes the itch away instantly. Eucalyptus oil is one of the well-known natural repellents whose therapeutic effects prevent bites and soothe minor skin issues too. Rosemary oil is said to be effective to repel bugs with most irritating stings. Lavender oil (which i thought of as a calming one only) is the oil that can even pacify bee sting and is largely acceptable to repel certain ticks. Lemongrass oil may treat the swollen bite area in few minutes. All in all, aloe vera gives the product a moisturizing base too. Mozzy Rep has sharp smell but isn't nauseous. You'll start liking after a few uses.
Now talking about effectiveness of the product, Mozzy Rep is a repellents containing only natural plant extracts, so you will need to apply it more frequently to protect against bites than a chemical formula; which is perfectly alright to remain safe from side effects of DEET based products. Also, unlike some commercial repellents that claim to work in a few spritz or dabs here n there on your skin, it is highly recommended to apply a thin layer of mozzy rep covering all exposed areas of skin for the proper protection. 
The most appealing thing about the product is that you may use it for your children without worrying of possible allergies. So it's the time to replace your usual mosquito repellent with a gentler n organic version. 
Storage Instruction: Store it in the refrigerator.

Svayam Bhringadi Hair Pack Review

There are plenty of treatments available at beauty salons these days that help you fight damaged, split, frizzy or unhealthy hair and scalp in certain ways. Some of those are really effective while others are only temporary solutions. How about a home remedy that can offer extra care to our hair. Today I'm reviewing Bhringadi Hair Pack from Svayam Naturals.
This is a hair pack made of a number of herbal ingredients like Bhrigandi, Hibiscus, Amla, Shikakai, Multani Mitti, Green Gram, Ashwagandha, Methi, Vetiver. The effectiveness of all these ingredients are tested and proven since ages to boost the condition of hair and scalp in one way or the other. It comes in a jumbo-size glass jar which is too heavy to be carried along while traveling. I wish a smaller packaging can be offered by the brand.
The recipe of this hair pack includes a balanced mix of the ingredients in a finely milled powdered form. You can take the hair pack in a bowl in required quantity as per the length of your hair and add either Yoghurt, Egg, Honey or Oil into it. Stir until it blends into a smooth paste. The pack turns into brown coloured paste as a finished product ready for application.
I initially kept the consistency of the paste thicker, but realized that it was bit difficult to spread as my hair got tangled and I couldn't partition them easily (obviously because no help could be sought in the washroom). To ease the application process next time, I made a thinner paste and decided to apply it outside before heading for a shower. I again had an unpleasant experience when the paste not only got applied on my hair rather was dripping all over. I wasn't sure whether it reached the roots and scalp. Anyways, I waited with lot of patience leaving the mask on hair for next 20 minutes as recommended and then shampooed my hair. It requires a good rinse to take out the mask properly so that the residue is not leaving you with an uncleansed scalp.
To be honest, I hadn't noticed much difference in the appearance of my hair in first couple of uses, but internally it neutralized the damages of pollutants which I could feel on my scalp after next few applications. The soothing effect of the pack on the scalp as well as its natural herbal fragrance gives a pleasure when on hair. Also I'm a real believer in time tested herbal remedies so I'm expecting my beautiful, long hair to get stronger with regular use of Svayam hair pack. I only wish the same product composition can be available in ready-to-use paste form so as to make it easier to apply.

Price: Rs 525 for 300 gm
Shelf Life: 2 months
Svayam Bhringadi Hair Pack is a nourishing hair treatment that will prevent and repair common hair issues without use of chemicals if added to your hair care routine for a long term. It's an all-natural way to give a new life to your hair.

Friday 19 May 2017

Wow Factor for Your Nails - Oriflame Very Me Metallic Nail Polish

"The secret to a perfect mani-pedi is great nail polish." 
On my last birthday in October, I had painted my nails in Aqua Green Metallic Nail Polish from Oriflame's Very Me range and I also did a review for the same. If you missed the post, checkout here. The nail polish matched so well with my outfit and accessories that I was almost bombarded with compliments by everybody. Infact, I was keen to try the entire range because it looked so trendy. Now after so many months, I've got a chance to use and review other shades in this range and here I share my review and swatches...

The nailpaints come in small transparent glass bottles and there is nothing exclusive about the appearance of packaging. The brush applicator is wide enough to paint the nail in two full strokes. It's quite convenient to apply the nail paint, since it has appropriate medium consistency, neither very thick nor runny. Not only the application part is non-messy, also it dries up pretty quick. A great percentage of messing up my nail-paint is because of long drying -up time, which this range completely prevents.

While adding a nail-paint among my fav beauty products, I look for certain qualities like it should offer a good value by being long-staying, budget-friendly and chip-resistant. What I admire about Very Me metalic nail paints is that if you apply two coats of it on your nails for an opaque coverage, it'll last bright and shiny for a full week WITHOUT using a top coat and then will start fading evenly without peeling off the edges of nails.

Talking about the shades offered in this range, Very Me Metalic nails paints have options beyond usual red and browns; but there are shades for every woman to fall in love with. The edgy shades are true to the color in the bottle to help you decide what to buy. This pocket-friendly range is available at INR 199 each here.
In short, women like me who escape a meticulous process of applying a base and top coat for a perfect manicure, this nail paint range is a lot easy work, and would last longer than the most expensive polish you have.
Tell me which shade did you like the most :)

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Protect Your Colour Treated Hair With Oriflame HairX Range

Once you get your hair coloured perfectly, the next thing that come to your mind is to keep the colour shiny and evenly spread all over for as long as possible. Infact, this is reasonably easy to understand that the longevity of any treatment depends on how well you maintain it. Colour-treated hair should be left without shampooing for atleast 24 hours for the colour to settle properly.

After the colour is set, make sure to choose a shampoo especially designed for coloured hair. I'm using Oriflame HairX range that includes a shampoo and leave-in treatment.
Though it's advised not to over-shampoo colour treated hair, but one has to clean the hair and scalp and thus a premium shampoo should be used. Oriflame HairX Colour Protect Shampoo is formulated with key ingredient Baobab leaves which is said to promote shine in hair. The inherent moisturizing qualities of Baobab soothe itchy scalp, repair damaged hair and enhances softness of hair. It prevents the hair colour to fade away easily and unevenly. Even the dry, brittle hair feel nourished after use of this shampoo since the key ingredient aids in maintaining an optimum moisture level. The shampoo has light and pleasant scent to it which lingers on for some time. The shampoo is moderately thick in consistency and foams really well. On the other side, it's pretty easy to rinse the product off your hair.

Post shampoo, it's my regular practice to apply a conditioner. But presently, I've replaced my usual conditioner with Oriflame HairX Colour Protect leave-in Treatment since it goes in sync with the shampoo formula plus it's a specially crafted product for coloured hair. I must start by stating that leave-in hair products are among one of my favourite hair care essentials because I get impatient to wait under the shower while a normal conditioner is on my hair waiting to be rinsed.
Colour Protect Leave-in Treatment is a thick creamy formula that easily gets dispensed on pressing from the pump packaging. It's super easy to run your hands through your hair to give it a coating of protection. Boabab extracts used in the formula works as an emollient making detangling easier.

I've not experienced issue likes itchy scalp or dryness after using the HairX combo. My hair have been all glossy and nicely conditioned as I love those. It won't be an apologetic choice if one decides to invest in these Oriflame products :)