Thursday 31 May 2018

Delicious Nutrishakes - An Ideal Vegetarian Diet

While you are eager to fuel yourself with a hearty breakfast, the clock ticking fast doesn't let you prepare and eat your first meal of the day on busy mornings. I too am one of this lot who wish to and plan to have a great start of a day, but practically can't execute the plan :(
My husband is one step ahead of me. I don't remember when he started missing his breakfast, but it had become a routine for him for past few months. And I could barely do anything about it because I'm the one who leave home before him every morning. I know many people don't feel hungry in the morning, but being a regular breakfast-skipper had real bad effect on his health. An otherwise energetic person started feeling low and had his own excuses of avoiding meals. I genuinely felt miserable when I would come home finding the food in the cassarole untouched.
For anybody and everybody who has same story like mine, Nutrishakes must be added to your diet plan for sure. Let's understand why?

What is Nutrishake?

Nutrishake is scientifically developed delicious and healthy vegetarian shake containing a blend of proteins, low GI (Glycemic Index), carbohydrates, and fibre to fit into our modern lifestyle system.
How to Consume it?
These are nutritional powder mixes that need to be blended in water and consumed immediately (as recommended on the pack). But depending on your taste preferences or energy needs, you can experiment with recipes or can mix it with other cold fluids like milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, juice, yoghurt etc. that will result in an increase in energy content (calories) and glycemic index.
Ideally, the shakes are meant for mixing and drinking immediately; but in case of emergency when you find it impossible to mix-n-drink, carry a pre-mixed serving in a bottle and store it in refrigerator. Since the shake starts separating after a few minutes, make sure you shake it before consumption.

Flavours Available:
Oriflame in it's Wellness segment is offering three flavours of Nutrishakes currently that are Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango-Banana. I have tasted and tested Vanilla and Strawberry ones.

Nutrishakes come in a colour-coordinated cardboard box which holds a packet containing the product. The details regarding nutritional value, ingredients, dosage, pricing etc is printed on the outer box. The green dot on the box indicate a vegetarian product.
What goes into it?
Nutrishakes contain natural whole food ingredients like peas, soy, whey protein (from milk), apple, rosehip and fibres from sugar beet which create an optimal balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
The carbohydrates in the Nutrishake come from apple and rosehip which provide a slow absorption and hence a controlled blood sugar response. Rosehips and apple are also naturally rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C which is an important antioxidant.
Pea Protein (31%), Sweet Whey Powder, Apple Powder, Soy Protein (13%), Rosehip Powder,Whey Protein (5%), Sugar Beet Fibre, Natural Flavours, Beetroot Juice Powder (in Strawberry variant), Antioxidants(Ascorbic Acid and Alpha-Tocopherol), Sweetener (Sucralose).
What's out?
There are no trans-fats or other unhealthy fatty acids in the formulation. It is free from milk protein and eggs which the common allergens. It is also free from gluten and has minimal amount of lactose.

Who can be benefitted from it?
  • Anybody who is on a weight-loss diet can compensate body's nutrient requirement by drinking these shakes without starving themselves. Because they provide optimal nourishment with minimal calories.
  • Those who have long, strict working hours where there is no time to eat between main meals; Nutrishake can be their savior to curb hunger and craving for unhealthy snacks. It will make you feel full and satiated. 
  • Nutrishake can be taken before and after workout or physical training. But it's more effective to complement it with some carbohydrates when you take it post workout.
    The Nutrishakes contain nearly 1% per ready mixed shake so most of the people who have milk- intolerance can consume it without problem. 
  • The Nutrishake has no added sugar and is low GI, so can be taken by diabetics also. But consult your doctor, if you take insulin or oral medication so that your medication dose can be adjusted after monitoring your blood sugar level.
Price: 500 gms packaging costs Rs 2799/- each and provides 28 servings of  18 mg each.
Shelf Life: 18 months (Once opened, the product should be consumed within 3 months and the packet should be stored in a air-tight container.)
It's been more than two weeks now that we're (me and hubby) regular on our nutrishake intake and we're making sure not to skip meals becuase this drink is a meal supplement, not meal replacement. It has shown improved energy levels. I personally am not looking at junk food and relying on a serving of vanilla shake when hunger tortures me at office. To be honest, none of us is drinking this shake to shed some kilos, so our objective to remain charged is being fulfilled without starving ourselves. And I hope most of you would agree that if you're feeling full and satisfied, you can concentrate on your work better.

I'm sure we're on the right track to improve our general health and wellbeing. I'll make sure that we remain consistent in following convenient meal option despite our hectic lifestyle to gain optimal benefit out of Nutrishakes.
Have you tried any of the flavours? Did you feel any difference after a regular consumption? Would love to hear your views...

Sunday 27 May 2018

Optimize Your Health With Astaxanthin Based Food Supplement

Most of us try to consume lots of grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables in our balanced diet everyday so that all these can supply enough nutrients to our body to carry out routine tasks. And this practise seems working fine with our body because majority of people remain fairly healthy during 30-40 years of their life. But as we grow older, our ability to work declines with age and the body lacks energy. Some minor ailments start showing up frequently. Actually we all need extra nutritional boost to fight diseases and increase our life span, and only supplements can fulfil this increased nutritional demand.  

I've made food supplements a part of my daily diet since past few weeks and I'll be sharing the potential benefits of each of those in my upcoming posts. Let's discover how Oriflame Swedish Beauty Complex Plus lets you optimize your health-
Swedish Beauty Complex Plus is one of the most sought after product from Wellness category of Oriflame. It comes in capsules form in a small, light-weight container that is easy to carry in your bag while travelling or to work probably. 
Key ingredients of Swedish Beauty Complex Plus include -
  • Astaxanthin is obtained from the islands of Archipelago sea which has an algae called Haematococcus Pluvialis. Astaxanthin is called as the King of all Antioxidants because it is 100 time stronger than Vitamin E, 550 times stronger than Green Tea Catechins and 5000 times stronger than Vitamin C. When a person consumes Astaxanthin, it gets absorbed by the tissues and cells. It's fat soluble property creates a protective shield from outside and inside & effectively fights free radicals that cause pre-mature ageing. 
  • Blueberry extract – anthocyanins also a powerful antioxidant are a great way to slow age-related degeneration of brain function and memory. It reduces cholesterol and encourages heart health. Each of the Swedish Beauty Complex Plus capsule contains 3 mg of powerful antioxidant astaxanthin and 50 mg of blueberry extract. 
Other Ingredients
Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Fish Gelatin, Glazing agent (Glycerol), Astaxanthin (Haematococcuc pluvilais L.), Blueberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), Emulsifier (Soy lecithin)
The unique anti-ageing and performance enhancing effects of Swedish Beauty Complex Plus are - 
1) Reduces the daily oxidative damage that occurs inside your body.
2) Improves skin moisture and elasticity.
3) Reduces damage caused by UV rays and wrinkles.
4) Helps reduce inflammation, minor pains and muscle soreness after physical workout like yoga, dance, hiking or other exercises.
5) Improves immune system, endurance, strength and energy levels.
6) Helps reducing diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye strain. 
7) May help diabetics by reducing oxidative stress in their pancreatic cells caused by high blood sugar levels.

Dosage for Astaxanthin depends on your needs, physical activity, age and other factors. One may begin with 4mg per day and may go upto 8mg depending on specifications. I take one capsule of Swedish Beauty Complex Plus a day with meal. These capsules are best taken with your main meal because it will help to reduce potential side effects, if any. Though it's likely to be completey safe to consume Astaxanthin as per researches, but it's advised not to exceed the recommended daily dosage without consulting your doctor. 
Price: 1899/- for 30 servings per container.
I'm all the way positive that making Swedish Beauty Complex Plus a part of my diet will lead me to a better health & wellness. 

Saturday 26 May 2018

All About Panty Liners ft. Bella India

In the era of technological awareness, most women are aware what a panty liner is. But for those, who have just heard about these and not used any yet, I would like to throw some light on the matter.

What is a panty liner?
Panty liners are feminine care products made to be lined the inner side of your panties. They look similar to a sanitary pad, but are thinner and lighter.

Why to use a panty liner? 
Though these liners appear same as of a pad, they are not intended to absorb the menstrual flow during the periods of a woman. The main purpose to use a pantry liner is to absorb light vaginal discharge or urine leakage. Many women face the issue of little vaginal discharge after physical exercise, due to weakness or for any other reason when they lose bladder control. In any of such situations, panty liners can be your saviour. Moreover, who doesn't like a clean and dry inner wear at all times, so pick and stick a liner inside your panty to catch that little flow.

When to change?
Depending on the purpose for which you're wearing a liner, the duration may vary. If you wore it expecting your periods and it didn't begin, don't just leave it unchanged imagining it's clean. If you’re wearing it overnight for holding white discharge, it’s good to change it first thing in the morning to prevent an overgrowth of invisible bacteria. Lastly, if you've placed it for enhance protection with a tampoon, do change it like you do for a sanitary pad that is immediately after it's done to capacity.

Best Panty Liners For A Healthy You
I'm sure you won't like the idea of placing a synthetic material close to your delicate area. Obviously, this everyday hygiene product has to be made from safest fabric that is gentle to touch and does the job. I had done a collaborative post with Bella India few months back and after using their quality sanitary pads, I was keen to try their liners range too. So here is a detailed presentation on the vast offerings by the brand. 
Bella Panty Mini 
This is one of the smallest and most discreet classic panty liners available in India with only 3 mm thickness. It is latex-free, so the women who are allergic to latex may opt for this one without worries of any skin reactions. Just like Bella sanitary napkins, these liners are also made of air breathable material to let the skin breathe and avoid rashes and irritations.
Price: INR 75 per pack of 36 pieces.
Bella Panty Soft Comfort 
Little smaller, unscented liner with a breathable absorbent layer to help keeping your intimate area dry. Thin as its other mates from classic liners category i.e. 3 mm. The best thing is their individual packing. It slips in my sanitary pouch so easily and I feel confident carrying it in the handbag.
Price: INR 55 per pack of 12 pieces.
Bella Panty Soft Deo Fresh
Another variant from classic panty liners is Soft Deo Fresh. As the name suggests, this one has mild floral scent to make you feel fresh for hours. It provides same level of comfort due to 3 mm thickness that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. 
Price: INR 69 per pack of 20 pieces. 
Bella Panty Intima Normal
Intima range is the best-seller product of the brand. These have top sheet made of pure cotton that feels exceptionally delicate, soft. With less than 2 mm thickness and anatomical shape, the liners almost get invisible under clothing. Though nobody gonna see that, but these ultra-thin, super comfortable liners have got cute flower embossing on them ;)
Price: INR 119 per pack of 30 pieces.

Bella Panty Intima Plus Large
This enlarged variant of Intima is designed for enhanced absorption for better security. The liners are infused with natural herbal extracts of rose, jasmine and daisy to give aromatic feel. These too are as thin as 1mm so you barely feel like wearing any extra layer inside. Yet these are ideal to save you from embarrassment of stains/wetness on your pants.
Price: INR 119 per pack of 22 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Verbena
Bella has a unique range of liners enriched with various herbal extracts that offer distinct benefits. One of those is Panty Herbs Verbena. The gentle lemony scent of this flowering plant helps to regulate menstrual cycle and has anti-inflammatory properties. The Odour Stop feature of this liner helps to neutralise unpleasant smell and provides feeling of freshness. These liners contain a special substance that turns moisture into gel. So despite being only 1mm thick, it ensures high absorbency.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Tilia
The Tilia liner variant has got sweet floral smell. This flower is known for its healing properties and soothes skin irritation. These extra soft liners in anatomic shape guarantee no leakage due to magic gel and 100% breathability offers free air circulation and protects against skin irritations.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Plantago
These liners are enriched with the herbal extract of Plantago plant known for its soothing and anti-rash properties. This is an unscented variant for sensitive skin. It comes with an exceptionally gentle top cover and magic gel features.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces
All these Bella panty liners are anatomically shaped that fits the body structure effortlessly. These are made of air breathable material to let the skin breathe and remain rashfree. The edge-to­-edge adhesive beneath the liners helps to keep it in-place all day long. The shelf life is long enough i.e. 5 years so you may stock up as many as you want. Discover the complete range of finest female hygiene products on brand website or order these from Amazon. You may also contact their Whatsapp number 7259001321 to locate nearest store.

I personally don't recommend wearing a liner everyday unless and until it's really needed because it may itch on your private parts. I prefer using a liner when the heavy flow of my period has subsided and I want to avoid any spotting or stains on my clothes. Carrying a few pantry liners in my bag is my habit, when periods arrive unexpectedly or probably to offer one to any of my friends in need. 
Wearing a panty liner is definitely a matter of personal preference, but it's a good idea to handle your daily struggle of wetness.

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Beyond Thankful to My #MobiiStar, Meenu Ji

It is often easier NOT to say 'Thank You' to someone who has been really supportive, becuase we feel it's their duty or we just don't realize the impact of their contribution in our lives. I truly and genuinely love to make people around me feel loved and appreciated for the ways their presence matters in my life. It not only builds a stronger relationship, but I enjoy the feeling of positivity that I get out of these little act of expressing my gratitude to someone :) I'm sure most of you would be able to relate to what I just stated. But how many times do you appreciate or thank a person whose job is to help you at work? I would say I do it all the times. Many a times, I realize I'm fortunate to have some caring people in my life who have given me courage to face the challenges when life could have taken a back turn. One of such influential persons in my life is Meenu Ji who stepped in my life as a helper at workplace, but her elderly advices and support enabled me continue my job after I resumed work after birth of my child.

Like many women, I had left my traditional fulltime job to raise my son with no intention of returning to the workplace because I didn't want to miss out the key moments in my son's life. I was intensely worried that something might go wrong in my absence. Luckily, I had by my side this affectionate and knowledgeable woman, who supported me the transition to motherhood with great affirmation and let me revive my dipping belief that I was good at my work and being a stay-at-home mom won't let me fulfil the aspirations I had ever had in life. Somewhere in my heart, I was mourning my career ruining and wasn't willing to compromise on the work front. The constant push by Meenu Ji solidified my supressed willingness to move beyond my apprehensions and you'll be surprised to know that in next few months, I'll be completing ten years working in this organization. Many of the emotional, mental and physical issues that made my work so difficult to sustain once seem so tiny now. Just because my heart finds a connection with whatever this lady full of life has to say and I somehow get a dramatic rush of emotions whenever I begin my day seeing her smiling face. I'm blessed to have the brightest #mobiistar in my life who is not aware of her impactful aura that has lend me the realistic surface to enjoy more of both the worlds.   
Having a trustworthy companion in life who serves dual purpose of being a guide and a motherly figure is like having an opportunity to explore uncompromised possibilities similar to the functionality of Mobiistar front, dual selfie camera. Wondering why? Just like my work companion  never leaves a scope for me to miss anything worth grabbing from life, the same way Mobiistar phone’s front, dual selfie camera lets you capture a 120° wide-angle shot without missing the scenic background coming within the frame and having to struggle fitting your family and friends in the frame. Now that's what we call a selfie experience when you need not wait for someone to click the group selfies of entire friend circle in one frame. So, hey you all selfie-lovers! ditch your selfie sticks and get ready to grab your cool new gadget Mobiistar on FlipkartBecause 
Life isn't perfect, but your selfie can be ;)

Happy Clicking!!

Friday 18 May 2018

InstaCuppa Travel French Press - My On-The-Go Partner

I like my coffee only when it's prepared by me. Sounds strange? But yes, I'm as weird as this sounds. This habit of mine stops me from accepting any invites for coffee at my friends' place (but I'm open to fruit drinks/fresh juices, if you're planning to invite me) ;) Even at my workplace where most of my colleagues desperately wait for their coffee during short breaks, I never buy myself a cuppa because I simply cannot manage to drink it. Well! I know there are plenty of options in the market for travel mugs in which I may carry my homemade coffee while commuting and running around at office. But somehow I had a feeling that carrying my drink in those mugs is a compromise in the taste if I get to drink my coffee after 2-3 hours.

To rescue from all my concerns, now I've found InstaCuppa Travel French Press that is a revolutionary product in the sense that it serves me my beverage without using those elaborate coffee machines. Let me show you how...

InstaCuppa Travel French Press is a portable coffee-brewer cum coffee mug made of 18/8 stainless steel that looks classy and won't rust. It's BPA free and is quite sturdy quality-wise. I'm sure it's made to last. Do notice the textured cup sleeve grip in the middle of mug that ensures non-slip grip.

It has a vacuum-sealed, double-walled design that not only makes the beverage retain its temperature for long hours but also stays cool to the touch when you hold it in your hand. Despite containing the hot beverage, the mug remains sweat and condensation-free.
Now coming to the coffee-brewing part, this french press has got a easy-to-pump single arm press on its top lid that needs to be pressed manually after adding the ground coffee powder and boiling hot water into the mug. There is a plunger attched to the arm press that is made of fine mesh in the same way as the InstaCuppa classic coffee maker features.

Mesh Plunger

Once the plunger is fully pressed, the coffee is ready. Just screw-in the tight-fitted lid and drink the coffee whenever you need a sip. The mug serves 400ml of coffee in one time that's enough for 3 cups of serving.

A special mention for the leakproof mug design and spill-proof drink spout that lets you enjoy your beverage with creating any mess.

The dimensions, size and weight of the mug are completely compatible to the mug-holder of my car, so I need not fret for accidental falling of the mug while driving. It also fits perfectly in the pocket of my backpack when I'm on camping or just roaming in local markets carrying it along.
This lovely coffee-maker that saves you from drinking undesired flavoured coffee is easy on pocket too. You may order it at Rs. 1299 from Amazon. Available in black colour also.

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Daily Face Serums ft. Aroma Essentials

Serums are super food for skin. Why? Because they are the water based, liquid concentrate that lets its key ingredients to penetrate deeper and more efficiently than other skincare products like a standard moisturizer.

Serum Vs Moisturizer:
Serum is light weight, non-greasy and quick-absorbing. It's main objective is not to hydrate the skin rather nourish it. So if you add it in your beauty routine, the benefits will far exceed beyond softness and suppleness of skin. 

How to Apply?
Make sure to apply the serum on cleansed face so as to provide a cleaner skin for the product to absorb. After waiting for a minute or two, pat apply two drops of serum by patting it all over your face using your finger. For those who have drier or mature skin, serums can be layered under your moisturizer. Another way to reap the benefit is to mix two drops of serum in your moisturizer and massage on the skin.

Frequency of Application:
The right time to use a serum depends on your skincare routine. But it is recommended to be applied in the morning and at night both.

The serums newly launched by Aroma Essentials are non-oily formulas that aim to restore skin’s nutrients. Both the day and night serums come in a small glass bottle having 12gm of liquid. The dropper cap of the bottle makes it very easy to measure and take out two drops of the product as required per usage.
Vitamin C Day Serum has to be followed by SunBlock SPF 30. Keeping this in mind, the brand has sent me their best seller carrot sunblock to be used in conjunction. The day serum smells nice. I somehow find the fragrance quite similar to rose extract.
The Vitamin C Night Serum has been infused with 24k gold leaves and berberries alongwith their key ingredients i.e. Rice Extract and Vitamin C. Sounds luxurious..Isn't it? The night serum doesn't smell pleasant, but can be tolerated reminding yourself the positive after effects ;)
Vitamin C serums help in reducing skin dullness of your skin and controls pigment production too. Rice Extract used in the serum is said to be a smart hydrator that keeps the drier areas smooth. The gold particles give a natural glow to skin when the night serum is applied, though it's not something we're looking for ;)
Indulging into the noble routine of serum application everyday leads to lifting and firming action for your skin thereby making your skin look glowing and youthful.
The Day Serum is priced at Rs. 575 for 12 gms and the night serum is priced at Rs. 975 for the same quantity. 

Monday 7 May 2018

Ethnicity For An Urban Woman - An OOTD ft. Jivaana

There is no substitute for happiness that I get from shopping ;) Come on, knowing your stress-buster is a legit reason to give yourself a high! I simply live by "Shopping is ALWAYS a good idea." And online shopping is the easiest way to treat myself with a relaxing therapy. So this time I shopped at a fantastic online marketplace - Jivaana.
Let's get familiar-
Jivaana offers a wide mix of carefully-curated ethnic clothing, bright jewellery, bold accessories, and playful footwear that are perfect for your special occasions. Whether it’s a lunch with the ladies or a night-time sangeet, you can find something perfect for you.

The portal reveals new designers and products weekly, so you’ll always discover something special and amazing on every visit. Make sure to look in every corner, because around every page, Jivaana is overflowing with treasures that are sure to become favourites in your collection. So come on - shop, explore, or play whenever it strikes your fancy.

What I grabbed-
Bangles are believed to be the oldest of the ornaments that women started wearing ever since the existence of civilisation. Ranging from traditional glass bangles to chunky bracelets, there are perfect accompaniments to traditional or western outfits. During an online jewellery shopping spree, I fell head over heels for this simple band-like hammered bangle for everyday use. 
The uneven, textured finish of the bangle is the catch of this piece that makes it look absolutely distinctive. Perfect to style single or stacked with other bangles with same or different coloured stones would let you ace an on-trend look. This stunning bangle made of brass and encrusted with red stones is an exquisite piece from designer Matree that goes beautifully with ethnic and modern outfits alike.
I personally liked styling it elegantly without any stacking..and needless to say, it added a delicate femininity to my wrist. 

Other than ethnic jewellery, classy footwear are my next love. Those who know me well would understand that I simply can't get enough of these. Change in season, shoe styles, variation in colours/ patterns or any similar reasons - I just look for an excuse to invest in new shoes all the time ;) And why not! good shoes are the ultimate accessories for style-minded women. Driven by the desire to obtain something new, I explored ethnic footwear section on Jivaana and looking at these blue grey heels from the house of Colaba Causeway, I could only acclaim, "oh, these are just for me." 
The laser cut work on the non-glossy sandals looked incredibly attractive.
And hey! how cute are these knotty strings at the back of the sandals. BTW these strings are detachable.

The fantabulous shopping experince I had with Jivaana made me smile from ear to ear. I bet you'd love Jivaana's exclusive assortment of products that you need to be the talk of the town. Other than footwear and jewellery, you may shop for delightful clutch and potli bags, designer clothing and may access to a dedicated section for bridal stuff.
So let your hunt for trendy, affordable fashion stuff come to an end with I'm all ears to know your thoughts on the products I bought and the look I created.