Monday 1 March 2021

Indulge Into Invigorating Morning Showers With Aroma of Roses

"Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you forever."

I'm a believer of the fact that healthy, glowing skin is not something to show off, but it's a protective shield you should enjoy to live in. To me, taking good care of my skin is certainly more important than covering it up under the layers of makeup. Because glowing skin is always in. And that's the reason I never compromise in quality of my skincare essentials and choose them with utmost attention especially towards the ingredients. These days, I've been treating my skin with a rejuvenating bathing kit with the natural goodness of roses. I'm so delighted with the indulgent pampering of my body that I couldn't resist introducing you to Delicate Rose Bathtub Spa Kit from the house of Bryan & Candy New York.

To begin with, I was amused by the exquisite packaging of these fragrant bathing essentials in a cute silver bath tub that sits really pretty on the bathroom countertop. The kit consists of four result-oriented products (along with a loofah) that will turn your morning shower into a refreshing experience.

On a morning, when your skin looks dull, you can optimize the appearance of your skin by taking your routine shower the right way. Remember! Getting glowy is all in the way you wash. As a first step to your shower, get the water temperature just right suited for the weather. Cleanse your skin with a gentle shower gel to get rid of dirt, pollutants from the top layer of skin. The Delicate Rose Bath & Shower Gel is one of the most sweet-smelling bathing gels I've used so far. Despite being a dry skinned person, I didn't feel my skin being stripped off natural body oil. Reason being, this shower gel is enriched with moisturizing ingredients Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Organic Aloe Vera along with Rose Water as main ingredient. The loofah that comes along in the kit gives richer lather to clean your body with little quantity. So I'm expecting this 300ml bottle to last for good number of days. 
Once the body skin is clean, that means you've actually primed it up for the scrub to do wonders to your skin. Use lukewarm water to soften your skin so that the open pores may release excess dirt and dead skin cells that have built up. The Delicate Rose Sugar Body Scrub, which is infused with Rose Oil and Argan Oil, has heavenly scent. Its grainy texture feels so good when you massage it on skin in circular motions and its particles dissolve gradually. The oils in the scrub leave my skin extra moisturized and nourished. This practice of exfoliation promotes new cell growth, but make sure not to be too aggressive or overdo it.
After the body, the next step is to splash your face with some goodness. For that, the Delicate Rose Face Wash formulated with Vitamin C, Rose water and Rose Oil is certainly the best deal. As you take out the mild pink coloured, gel-like face wash from the tube; you feel like having some eatable dipped in rose syrup. Seriously, the aroma is delectable and lingers on for hours even in your hands. The face wash maintains your skin’s oil balance with rose petal extracts, so can be safely used by people of all skin types. Everyday use can leave your skin lightened and brightened.
When your body is just out of the shower, it acts like a perfect canvas for moisturization, because damp skin helps you get the most from the formula. I personally adore the Delicate Rose Body Butter for its thicker consistency that seeps in my skin so quick. I'm in love with the feeling of suppleness that it renders after application. Pure Bliss! You may use this body butter enriched with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid on your hands, elbows, legs, feet, neckline and everywhere else. With prolonged use, you would notice your cracked, flaky skin transforming into smooth n well-lubricated skin. Those with relatively drier skin would benefit more from this body butter than their usual body lotions.
USP of Bryan & Candy Delicate Rose Bath Tub Kit: 
Apart from the invigorating rosy scent in these shower essentials, that are destined to instantly uplift your mood, the star ingredient rose offers anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. The rose extract works towards cleansing and toning of your complexion, reduces blemishes and nourishes the skin in totality. 
The entire range of Bryan & Candy Bath Tub Spa Products in this kit is free from sulphate, paraben and other harmful chemicals. The brand doesn't support testing its products on animals. So you feel proud of using cruelty-free products while indulging into time-tested shower ritual with efficacious products.