Wednesday 8 July 2015

Bon Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel Review

An amazing gel made of organic aloe vera that soothes and leaves your skin with a cool and refreshed feeling. Bio Organic & Natural’s lightweight and non-greasy Aloe Vera gel will smoothly blend onto your skin to provide the moisture required while healing dried or cracked skin. This gel is an excellent treatment for first and second degree burns which calms and accelerates the regeneration of superior skin tissue. This natural action on the skin will also recover sunburned or tanned skin.
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.
Price: Rs 119 for 100 gm, Rs 233 for 200 gm.
My take on the product:
Bon Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel is packed in a transparent plastic tub container with screw cap on it. The gel is crystal clear and gives sheer good feeling as you gaze at it. The gel is absolutely colorless and it feels like you have just scooped it afresh from the plant. 
The brand has preferred to keep it fragrance free for all natural feel to it. Still you may experience a faint smell that is almost non-existent. So its a plus for many people who avoid strong scents in skin care products. 

The gel is surprisingly non-sticky and light on skin unlike many others. I had been using aloe vera gel from few other brands in past, and most of them give a greasy feel for few seconds till proper absorption. But Bon Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel is really quick to sink in skin. Its moisturization capability keeps my dry skin deeply moisturized for few hours, but not for whole day, so I feel the need of re-application 2-3 times depending on the requirement of my skin. 
I appreciate the mild cooling effect that it gives upon application and this is why I specially like using it on my face as I reach back home in the afternoon everyday. It has improved the texture of my facial skin. The gel is appropriate to be applied on any part of the body..Since I am extremely conscious about keeping my feet clean n soft (specially the heels), I have made it a routine to massage my feet with this hydrating gel and I swear my feet feel baby soft now :) 
I have used this gel as a makeup remover also. Just squeeze a dollop of pure aloe gel onto a cotton ball and swipe away in a minute. It works better than any makeup remover. 

Purely Natural
Color free and fragrance free
Multipurpose product
Decently priced.
Doesn't cause breakouts
Suitable to all skin types.
No greasy after feel

I would have loved it in a tube packaging.
No ingredients are mentioned on the packaging.

Bon Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a purified gel to counter many skin issues including suntan, inflammation, minor cuts, burns or wounds etc. Its countless uses make it simply awesome to sooth and moisturize your skin with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is even safer to use on delicate skin of children. You may mix it with your fav ingredient to tailor for your own skincare needs.


  1. Currently using Patanjali's Aloe Vera gel and love it a lot. But after reading your review would like to use above product.. Nice review dear :)

    1. I have not used any product from Patanjali ever. wish to give it a try someday

  2. Great review dear...I love ur blog..😊😊😊


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