Monday 13 July 2015

Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal Review


Looking for an excellent eye-makeup product that commits of no-toxic content?? The answer is Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal that is created with loads of love and care for the most beautiful yet sensitive part of our body i.e. our eyes. 

Plum has been one of the MOST fav brand since the day I started using their products and my affinity is increasing every passing day. Earlier I have been using their skin care products like Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion, Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Scrub and Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer. And today's post is something different bcz its about their mineral makeup product :)
Jojoba oil: a skin-compatible naturally occurring “goody” that resembles the natural chemistry of sebum on skin, it has excellent healing and moisturizing properties to keep your eyes shining through the day.
Macadamia oil: Rich in antioxidants, including squalene, a naturally occurring antioxidant present within our skin.
Chamomile flower extracts: Soothing, relaxing, and calming.
Mango seed oil: a really exquisite source of essential fatty acids and vitamins in our kohl kajal.
Price: Rs 425
Weight: 1.14 gm
Available here.
Why should you buy PlumAngel Eyes Kohl Kajal?
♥ Heavenly soft texture cushions your eye. All-day irritation-free wearing comfort.
♥ 100% natural formula. Free of synthetic preservatives, dyes & fragrances. Suitable for contact-lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes, and everyone looking for an everyday chemical-free kajal.
♥ Rich "True Black" color with excellent coverage & long-lasting application.
♥ Soothing chamomile extracts, hydrating jojoba oil & nourishing macadamia and mango-seed oils for soft, nourished skin.
♥ Excellent skin compatibility, suitable for sensitive skin.
♥ Dermatologically approved.
♥ Encased in a beautiful wooden pencil crafted from sustainably grown Weymouth Pine wood (FSC certified).
♥ Natural Vitamin E antioxidant. Helps against ageing of skin.
♥ Finished product not tested on animals.
♥ Made in the EU and conforms to US, European and Japanese regulations.
My experience: 
Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal is a pencil kajal just like an ordinary pencil used by a school kid. The color theme of Angel Eyes Kohl is identical to what their brand logo follows i.e. cute purple text print on white background that instantly attracted me.
The Angel Eye Kohl is kajal pencil which needs sharpening after the tip gets dense. Though I personally like the twist-up kajals, because the chances are there to get the broken tip leading to sheer wastage. But since Plum's Kajal is a sublime formulation with many natural oils to avoid irritation to sensitive eyes,  I had been dying to try and use it since long.
The kajal is nicely pigmented and I found it easy to apply due to its ease of gliding on the waterline without any fuss. The kajal gives a perfect black tone in single stroke that makes my small eyes look bigger. A repeated swipe twice or thrice can be tried for a intense dark tone specially on lashline.
Talking about its staying power, the kajal remains on my eyes for almost 5-6 hrs without smudging or fading away. It actually won my heart as I felt no temptation to rub or scratch my eyes like I usually feel after applying any eye makeup, neither did it caused my eyes to behave non-sense and water without reason. I completely trust on its composition that claims to use 100% natural ingredients.
The kajal is not water-proof. If you wash your face, it tends to fade away. It comes off easily with a eye-makeup remover or some oils safe for eyes.
The kajal pencil is accompanied with a posh pencil sharpener with dual sharpening holes that works perfectly for 8 mm and 12 mm pencils. A lil fine plastic stick is incorporated within the sharpener to clean the mess if (by any chance) the pencil tip breaks and gets struck inside the sharpener.
The sharpener is priced at Rs 125, but the brand is generous enough to send you one Free of Cost with a Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal :) So its a deal not to be missed !

Natural ingredients.
No chemicals.
Stays on waterline for good 5-6 hrs.
Gives dark black look to eyes.
Causes no irritation.
Easy online availability.
Comes with a free sharpener.
Suitable for contact-lens wearers.

I wish to have another variants in different colors.
A twist up / roll on kajal would be more adorable.
Slightly pricey.

Overall Opinion: 
Plum Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal providing extra care to your sensitive eyes is a lovely makeup product to wear on everyday basis. It causes just bright looking eyes and not inflamed ones. There is no wonder if get to go addicted to it.


  1. Nice review dear. For me it is very important for a kajal to be waterproof so it is better for me to stay away from this product ;)

    1. ya.. thats right. Wish newer version comes soon !

  2. I agree it's pricey but may be because it is made of all natural ingredients. I would have given it a try if it would have been waterproof too and also a budget kajal.

    1. its the only mineral kajal i have used till date.


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