Tuesday 21 July 2015

Explored The Unexplored Brands On Jabong.com


How 'loyal' or 'committed' do you think you are? Don't feel offended..I am not asking about your personal relationship, but I am talking about your loyalty to BRANDS. Sounds baffling?? Don't feel so...Let me tell you why I asked you this cranky question.

What I think of myself is a carefree shopper who never bothered to care for the brand name while making purchases, but recently I realized my affinity towards certain brands when I am looking for something for myself and my family. And how this sudden realization came to me... My little boy is as usual excited for his upcoming bday on 6th August and is eating my brain listing guests to be invited, venue for party, design of cake, return gifts and ofcourse what to wear in his special day. I'm trying my best to plan everything in advance so that any last minute contingencies do not spoil his mood.
While hunting for the dresses he wanted, I was keeping an eagle's eye on some profitable deals on online sites so that I may get him a dress each for school party and house party. It was just the appropriate time that I got a routine promotional SMS from Jabong.com shouting loud about their Buy 1 Get 2 Free offer. I had an impression that it would be applicable with certain T&C like specific brands, categories, gender etc. But couldn't stop myself have a quick look on the Kids collection, since I had to make a timely purchase.
I had been already buying stuff for my son from Jabong.com, but I realized I am consistently buying from my preferred brands. Obviously the reason can be nothing, but the consumer satisfaction. I never faced any issue with any product I bought from Jabong.com. But this time, I was enticed by some un-noticed, unexplored and infamous fashion labels that are exclusively available at Jabong.com in the Indian market.
I spent hours before making final choice and then zeroed upon a trendy n stylish fashion label i.e. Zucchini. The brand is for the smarter mother like me who wants her kids to be well-dressed with latest style, quality and variety.

I ordered a regular-fit chequered Casual Shirt in Pink, a classy black cotton casual shirt in black and an attractive blue tee with quirky print for my boy, all from Zucchini. Buying one extra shirt is the bonus to my little boy that I availed from the offer and still managed to save some good bucks.

For the parents who would love to style their kids tastefully, Zucchini collection is a lovely mix of trendy graphic tees, stylish bottoms, printed dresses and smart shirts fro both boys and girls. The colour pallete including brighter yellows, creamy whites, cleaner greys, sea blues, rosy reds and cheeky pinks is for your little ones every day casual wear to make everyday special. The brand entails a collection that encompasses up- to-date trends with subtle playfulness. I have added one more satisfactory shopping experience to my book of hauls.


  1. Ahaan! Smart hun :D I must say you have a good taste.
    I am going to inform my mom right away about this brand so that even my brother could get similar cool outfits. :D

    1. Thats great! The brand has lovely outfits for both boys and gals :) And there are great discounts too ..

  2. Great choice must say. And yes some brands do go unnoticed because of this big branded world.


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