Tuesday 31 October 2017

Comfort For Every Woman feat. Bella

Lack of freshness, unpleasant smell, fear of leakage and stains! Yes, most women would promptly interpret what I am talking about. This yucky feel directly relates to women's menstrual days that causes a variety of issues despite using good sanitary products and other absorbent material to collect menstrual fluid. Poor and neglected hygiene during menstrual days may further lead to itchy vaginal area, urinary infection and much more.

To prevent all these problems, the quick fix is to choose your sanitary products wisely. With a vision to introduce all my female readers to a premium brand that claims to be 'best fit for perfect woman', I'm reviewing Bella products in this post.

Bella is a worldwide known brand since its inception 65 years ago in Europe, now selling its products in 80 countries in the world. The brand offers a wide range of products including sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons for intimate hygiene that women may choose as per their liking, needs and lifestyle. 

Check out what I have in store to review today :)
This review post has two sub-sections targetting two broad categories of products I received, one being female sanitary products and another cotton products.

I) Female Sanitary products
I received Bella Perfecta Ultra Silky Drai napkins in two sizes i.e. L and XXL. Both of these are very absorbent sanitary napkins designed for very heavy menstrual flow. XXL size is recommended for Night time to ensure complete comfort while you sleep. The top sheet of these napkins provides dryness. Leakage Control System that is designed with due to magic gel barriers is another unique feature which effectively protects against side leakages. These are the only breathable sanitary napkins in India that let proper air circulation and help your skin breathe easily. It results in protection from unpleasant smell, rashes and irritation.
Price: INR 165 for 14 pcs
Price: INR 55 for 8 pcs 
Bella Panty Intima are really good panty liners with only 1mm thickness for the greatest comfort.
These are covered with 100% cotton and are available in various sizes (Small, Medium, Large) for every need. I received a pack with Deo Fresh feature that has mild floral fragrance. A great pick for routine hygiene other than those special days.
Price: INR 95 for 20 pcs
Bella Ideale Night Stay Drai is double structured, flexi-fit napkin for total freedom of movement. This one is extra long and ultra thin, but handles high flow efficiently. (sample pack)
Bella Senstive Feminine Wash is meant for maintaining the natural microbial flora of intimate area. Especially recommended for senstive skin because of mosturizing properties, enriched with Allantoine and D-panthenol. (sample pack)

                                                                   II) Cotton Products
Bella Cotton Balls are exceptionally soft and absorbent making these perfect to be a part of anybody's everyday grooming essentials. Women may use it for removing their facial and eye makeup without harming the skin and to remove nail paint. Mommies can use these cotton balls for their of babycare needs. Don't forget to keep a few cotton balls in your first-aid kit as these are safe to clean wounds, cuts and scars. 
Price: INR 129 for 100 pcs.
Bella Cotton Pads are seriously multi-utility product for any household. You may use these to ease the job of removing your makeup, to clean a bleeding lipstick or smudged kohl. There can be endless things you may experiment with. The plus point is that they don't leave behind separate fibres on skin and can be used with every type of the skin. The pack I received is in Aloe extract variant.
Price: INR 99 for 70 pcs
Bella Cotton Buds are popular for removing earwax. There are several clever hacks of using cotton buds in everyday life. The buds packed in the plastic box can be placed in the bathroom, but I wish the grip of cap on the box should be tight. 
Price: INR 59 for 100 pcs 
You may order most of the Bella products online. I'm really happy with the pricing and quality of the products and would difinitely like to order some more products pretty soon. 

Tuesday 24 October 2017

DFO 4X Gel Pain Reliever Review

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of India’s premium Pharmaceutical companies recently offered its latest product in the market i.e DFO 4X Gel under a campaign named, ‘Dard Baanton Nahi, Mitao
It's a topical (that has to be applied on the skin, and not to be consumed) pain reliever product that addresses our common pain points such as injuries, muscle pain, sprains etc.

My husband who complaints of pain in his arms and wrist area after his accident has been using the product on a few ocassions when I suggested him not to rely on pain killer tablets frequently. The DFO 4X Gel provided temporary relief from pain and he could sleep without any discomfort. 

It's an easy to use squeeze tube that contains the pain-reliever gel. A little quantity has to be spread on the paining body part and a gentle massage lets the gel absorbed in a minute. No excessive rubbing is advised after absorption of product.
The efficacy rate of DFO 4X Gel is 31% faster than normal gels, since it contains ‘high dose’ Diclofenac Diethylamine 4.64 % for direct acting deep penetration of the outer most layer of the skin. It results into instant pain and inflammation relief.
The gel itself is a medium rich consistency, creamy and smooth product in milky white color. It smells strong somewhat similar to camphor, which I like :P
Product features:
  • highly effective in treating short-term as well as long-term pain.
  • works 4 times faster as compared to conventional Diclofenac gels.
  • available in the form of gel and spray.
  • gives fast and lasting results without side effects 
  • has a range of total 5 products specially formulated for all ages from children to elderly which are      
           DFO Gel 30 g / 50g (Rs 85), 
           DFO Nano Gel (Rs 90),
           DFO Spray (Rs 120), 
           DFO Red (Rs 90)
  • affordably priced at INR 139/-

DFO 4X Gel has superior efficacy without compromising safety in case of osteoarthritis pain, acute musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, sprains and strains, sciatica pain, neck pain, back pain, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and repetitive sports injury. 
The efficacy and safety profile makes DFO4X Gel one of the most preferred product to tackle pain.

Saturday 21 October 2017

Oriflame Very Me Candy Gloss Nail Polish Review

"Update your summer nail style with a juicy new look! High-gloss nail polish in fabulous heart-stopping tinted shades."

Oriflame recently launched yet another Very Me Nail Polish range called "Candy Gloss". I so wanted to explore the vibrant shades right during the festive season is still on. And, here is a review on complete set of 4 shades available -
Very Me Candy Gloss Nail Polishes come in little fat glass bottles with black applicator brush. The label at the bottom of bottles reads about shade name. These have quite thin consistency, so 3-4 repeated coates are necessary to pronounce the true colour. You may need to wait only for a minute or two to let each coat dry before applying the next one. Once your nails dry, you get a clean, smooth and glossy look, but without sparkle; which is preferred by many (including myself). The nail polishes don't chip easily and last for 4-5 days without a primer and top coat. It's a fuss-free job to remove using nail paint remover wipes. 

This collection is best choice for those who neither fall for neutrals nor for fluorescent neons. The shades offered in the collection let you try something beyond classic red and brown. The cheerfulness of the shades brings a charming appeal against darker or cooler complexions equally.

Give a glance at how the shades looked on my hands :)

Juicy Pink: 
It's an irresistably appealing shade of bright pink that never goes out of fashion rather gives you the lead in the fashion game. This nail paint builds opacity easier than all three shades. So is an ideal choice when you're low on time.  

Glossy Purple:
It's an intriguing shade that looks so imaginative. It may not seem suited for day-to-day wearability, but is certainly a conversation starter. The only downside is that the ultimate opacity can be achieved after 4+ coates of this sheer shade. But experimenting with this shade can be really fun. 

Orange Syrup
I always feel orange is synonymous of passion, and warmth as a colour, be it in my outfit or on my nails ;) It's an absolute eye catcher and carries a sensational pleasure. I strongly recommend Orange Syrup to ditch your fav Reds to go with your festive outfits this year.  

Blue Candy: 
It has to be considered as the hottest shade of the season. A deceptively gorgeous shade signifying your free-spirited attitude is creating waves among females of all age-groups. Your nails look dressy without even complicated nail arts, when painted with Blue Candy.

Candy Gloss nail paint collection priced at Rs. 299/- each for 8 ml bottle is a guilt-free buy to be added to your nail polish aisle without breaking the bank.

What should be your most loved pick out of these shades? 

Thursday 19 October 2017

Desi Festive Punch For Diwali feat. Triveni Ethnics

Festivals bring you an array of attires in the styles that are synonymous to passion for life. You may go bold with gloriously embellished ethnics or may choose to wear chic Indo-western to make a festive fashion statement. I personally favour an elegant ethnic outfit on all special ocassions that makes me feel special in a way that I don't dress up every day.

This Diwali, I've got myself a beautiful floor-length anarkali in striking skyblue color. I know Sarees are timeless, but I made my selection for so many reasons...

The foremost reason to select it is the embroidered bodice of the outfit that reflects the master craftsmanship and perfectly complements the plain fabric. I simply couldn't take my eyes off the intricate work done in floral motifs with sheer graceful combination.

This floor length anarkali is the ideal choice for females like me who like to keep their dressing simple and suave without compromising on fashion sense. Made from georgette fabric, it's so easy to carry off and extremely comfortable while you're busy in the hustle-bustle of the festival.

The flowing fabric seamlessly conceals the flaws of certain body shape and gives the wearer a majestic and imperial appearance. I, being more on slimmer side, feel and look fuller due to its flares starting from waist line. And it definitely boosts my self-confidence when in public. 
As an anarkali, the outfit is paired with a matching santoon bottom and contrasting dupatta. But the suave and sleek outfit has a touch of western appeal to it and can rock formal parties and informal occasions as a gown ditching the lower n dupatta. Isn't it perfect when you have to hop from puja to office gathering ;)

The key is to accessorize right to amp up the sensuousness of the outfit. Don't feel shy to experiment with fierce makeup at times because life is too short to look same everyday. :)
And to show off some mandatory selfies ;)

Now, if you want a similar ethereal outfit for yourself, but are too tired to go to shopping; checkout all such lovely dressed at brimming deals on my favourite website and buy yourself some 'happiness'.
Wishing Everyone A Happy & Prsoperous Diwali!!

Wednesday 18 October 2017

ITIS Plus Care Eye Drops Review

Happy Diwali to all my lovely readers!!

Though Diwali is the most dazzling festival in the country, it also comes with its cons. Fireworks account for thousands of emergency room visits each year during the festival. The eyes are the second-most common affected area after hands and fingers. The major cause of eye infections and injuries on Diwali is the pollution caused due to lighting of firecrackers. The pollution causes havoc on eyes which are exposed to the polluted gases during this season, leading to several eye infections and disorders.

ITIS Plus Care, one of the recent offerings by Ozone Pharmaceuticals, is one such eye care solution that will keep your eyes clean and safe. It's a herbal nutritional eye lubricant that is a powerful antibacterial, non-irritating sterile solution, protecting against Tear Film loss, while relieving dry, irritated eyes. 
It comes in a small cardboard box within which the little eyedrops bottle is kept. Every detail including product composition, price, dosage etc. is printed on the outer box and bottle. You need to pierce the bottle to start using it.
The herbal ingredients of the eye drop include Honey, Gulabjal, Haridra, Nimba, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Rasount, Haritaki, Mamira, Tulsi Patra, Pudina, Kapoor. 
Price: Rs. 94/- for 10 ml.
Shelf life: 3 yrs.
My experience:
ITIS Plus Care is not recommended to treat any disease for eyes, but can be used by anyone who need to relieve stresses eyes due to excessive screen time, either for entertainment or work purposes. There may be numerous reasons of experiencing itching, dryness or irritation in your eyes. In my case, I scratch and rub my eyes a lot. The problem gets worse in harvesting season when there are more pollutants in the air. My mom has advised me to use medicated eyedrops hundred times, but I never did because the idea of putting something in my eyes always scared me. Thanks to this review opportunity that I started using ITIS Plus Care a few days back. What helped me using the product regularly is that it doesn't sting my eyes. It gives a gentle and cool feel for a few seconds. Being a computer professional and a blogger, I spend most of the time of my day on my laptop or phone. My tired eyes feel comfortable as I use it every night.
The best part is that if you need to use eyedrops for your children for any reason like after they feel uncomfortable in eyes after bursting crackers on Diwali, this product is safe to clean their eyes off any irritants. I have probably heard of a herbal eye-care product for the first time that can be used to relax n lubricate eyes of complete family without worrying of any side-effects.