Wednesday 22 July 2015

Wishes do come true..

It may be hard to believe, but sometime the seed of inspiration is planted in your heart just by coming across a random instance. I happened to watch this cute wishful video clip by Flipkart with its catchy tagline #AbHarWishHogiPoori..
There can be contrasting perspective for what 'Wishes' mean to you. Some wishes turn foggier as the time passes, slowly begin to fade away and ultimately get lost altogether. But whenever a special wish resurfaces, they may bring enormous burst of emotions. And its so natural that when a special childhood wish becomes evident, you are deeply lost into it and you try to snake a path through it to recall the blissful event of your life.

My childhood had been the golden period (whose aura still sparkles my life). The endless reasons to be happy, being adored and most pampered kept me pretty happier every day. I knew deep inside that I deserved my fair share of happiness and I am attaining it. I still remember how my dad was steering the lives of his family members to chart our destiny make us feel reasonably satisfied. 

It was just the another day in the life of small town timid girl when after seeing a TV programme, I was desperate to drop a penny in the wishing well to get my wish granted. The idea of experiencing the real-life magic was absolute childish. But since I actually was a child that time, so there was no point trying make me understand the essence of the virtual story. Anyway's, dad convinced me to drop a coin in the earthen pot kept by my granny to store water in it. I used to cover pot's neck close to my mouth n utter my wish. Dad had become my wishing-well deity and never held me back from asking for silliest things... He fulfilled even those unuttered wishes that could have been ignored by wishing-well when my coins landed tails up. 

As I recall those cherished moments of vitality, fulfillment and enrichment of my life; I feel I need to acknowledge my dad's affection with a wishful gift. For a loving dad who worked too hard all his life and is still continuing to do so, I wish for an Apple iPad to offer him ease at work. 

In the midst of my hunt for this gift for my dad, I got to read a beautifully written dreamy post of one of the most acknowledged Beauty Blogger Jhilmil Saha where she expressed her joy and contentment for fulfilling her dream by owning a Sony Camcorder bought from I knew I had hit the hammer on the nail and Flipkart is the one that can fulfill my wish :)      
My dad, a senior Law Practitioner of the town, never compromises in presenting witty arguement in favour of his client. But it all needs hours of homework finding appropriate rulings n findings suited to the case. I wanted to gift him a gadget that is easy to operate and keeps him less-burdened, so that he may spend quality time with us. This time, the wishing-well knew how much I needed the reciprocation of my prayers for a utility gift for my dad, and I found Apple iPad on at great price. I feel fateful to avail the ultra-cool specifications like wi-fi support and 8 mp camera. Now he need not dig up all his print literature, but can search info sitting right in his chamber and immediately take screenshots of valuable material. 

It could have been an impractical wish to ask for,if Flipkart EMIs didn't allow me to own this Apple iPad. But Now I am more hopeful and can say that Wishes are like daydreams blanketed in the cardboard boxes of your faith. Give them the potential reasons to come out and they will make your life star-studded heavens, and you won't stop asserting #AbHarWishHogiPoori :)


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