Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sand For Soapaholics Hair & Glory Conditioner Review


I am back with another product review that comes from a brand that is new to me and I have used the first product from their range.

About the Brand:
'SaND for Soapaholics' is the concept of Founder and Chief Crafter Sangeeta that came into existence in August 2014. Their range of products include natural artisan soaps, moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care, their creations contain ingredients like fresh ground nuts, fresh turmeric (ambe haldi), finger millet (ragi), gram flour (besan) and several other such skin-friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. These ingredients are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions such as goat milk, buttermilk, saffron infused water etc. Not only is their entire product range made from scratch, using quality ingredients, but we also do it all by hand, from mixing and blending, to curing and packaging. Once you buy a SaND product, you will get hooked!

Product Claims:
Hair & Glory is a hair conditioner for all occasions and an exquisite mix of ingredients that satisfies all hair types. The magic of this conditioner lies in the Tender Coconut Water, which not only quenches dry and frizzy hair but also improves blood circulation to the scalp. To breathe life into those tresses an herb in-fallible to hair care Nagarmota Oil is added which takes conditioning to the next level by strengthening your hair follicles. Then Ghavla Kachra Powder has also been sprinkled in to protect your glory that is known for its Ayurvedic antiseptic properties! To complete this masterpiece, the scintillating Peppermint Essential Oil has been we’ve blended that will leave you and everyone around you minty fresh!

Recommended for: Light-strength conditioning.

Directions to use: Apply after shampooing. Leave for two to three minutes, and rinse off.

Ingredients: Every 10 gm contains Water of Coconut Fruit (Cocos nucifera) (61.69%), Aloe vera Leaf Gel (18.42%), Nagarmota Rhizome Pdr. (Cyperus rotundus) (2.76%), Ess.Oil blend of Tea Tree Leaf (Melaleuca leucadendron) & Peppermint Aerial part (Mentha piperata) (2.76%), Avocado Oil (Prunus armeniaca) (1.84%), Phenoxyethanol (0.92%), Zeodary Rhizome Pdr. (Curcuma zedoaria) (0.92%)

Price and Qty:
Rs. 168 for 30 gm.
Rs. 280 for 50 gm.
Rs. 560 for 100 gm.
Buy online here or from the store at Garuda Mall, Bangalore.

Packaging:The conditioner comes in a flattened plastic tub packaging in gold hues and bears a tight screw cap on it. The sample pack that I received doesn't lists any ingredients details on it, but I am sure the full-sized packs would have the same,

My Experience:
Hair & Glory is a metallic gray colored hair conditioner which actually leaves you stunned in the first look ;) Even I myself have never seen or used a beauty product that is of such unusual color. But honestly telling you, I didn't put me off, rather turned on my curiosity as to how would that perform..

The appearance of the conditioner gave me a feeling that it would be having some coarse granules in it, may be because I found it similar to sand's color ;) But when I took out little quantity on my finger and rubbed it between my thumb and finger, I realized its quite smooth and creamy. The consistency is just the appropriate that can be applied easily and evenly on hair.
Coming to the scent used, I swear its fragrance is so herbal & minty refreshing, but on strong notes. Some of you might find it not so appealing, but I liked it without any complaints.

After shampooing my hair, I squeezed excess water from my hair, applied a small measure of the conditioner on my wet hair & then using my fingertips rubbed it onto my roots. I left the conditioner on the scalp and then extended through the lengths and ends of my hair for 2-3 minutes. I could feel a cooling effect on my scalp with conditioner on the hair which I believe is due to Peppermint Essential Oil in the formulation. Lastly I rinsed my hair well, combed through and styled as usual. I was liking the lovely fragrance in my tresses even the next day post head bath.

The aftereffects of the conditioner included soft and moisturized hair as promised by the ingredients like Tender Coconut Water, though I felt my hair weighed down a bit. My hair felt easy to detangle and more manageable. The conditioner worked effectively on the dry ends of my hair and kept them softer.

I have used it only thrice for my alternate day head bath and I believe its continuous usage will make my hair lustrous.

Herbal Ingredients.
Suits all hair types.
Moisturizes the hair.
Smells lovely.
Can be used for everyday mild conditioning.
Cruelty free.
Proper consistency.
Gives shine to rough hair.
Doesn't itch the scalp.

Availability can be an issue.
Would be much safer in a bottle packaging.
Pricey (but any thing better comes for a price, you see)

Overall Views:
Sand For Soapaholics Hair & Glory Conditioner is one of the great hair conditioners that is chemical free and is infused with exotic skin-safe ingredients. It actually does what it claims by offering you glorious & strong hair with gentle touch.

Monday 27 April 2015

A Happy Soul In Me

"How does happiness look like??" An interesting yet confusing question from me to me...
We often allow our happiness to be controlled by others. But being happy is nothing, but restructuring our thoughts so that we are able to break our mental barriers which restricts us from experiencing real joys of life. 
There’re tons of simple reasons I take up to alleviate my happiness multifold. Real happiness comes to me when I get a break from routine robotic life and feel myself lucky to spend quality time with family n friends. Obviously, its not a big deal, but ask a person staying home all alone many hours every day and looking for a reason to smile.

A smile spreads my face spontaneously when the beautiful surroundings are calling me to create silent yet meaningful conversation with itself. I soak myself in the purest of positive and pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy in the lap of nature. 

Why go too far seeking happiness?? The 'in-house' reason to make me feel delightfully proud is receiving a motivating compliment on the dining table for admiring my culinary skills, every time I serve a meal to my family. It just gives me the confidence that I am not lacking in my household responsibilities to reach professional heights.

There are times when a guilt overpowers me when a deadline is nearing & I'm yet to accomplish my assigned duties. This realization no longer lets me be happy at heart because of constant brainstorming & I am stressing myself out for obvious reasons. But when I'm determined to hit the hammer on the nail, no stones is left unturned and again a memorable episode is added to my accomplishments :) I laugh at my foolish approach and decide to stay relaxed next time onwards.. What a strange way to come across happiness :)

Lot more to say about my little reasons to be happy...Well, how can I not mention myself feeling soooo happy on the sight of an expecting mummy, a sleeping baby, a rainbow in the sky, a drive with hubby, sharing favourite dish from same plate with my junior, receiving lovely remarks on my articles, visiting my home town, meeting old friends and seeing papa's name flashing on my phone screen for an incoming call ;) ;) The list can go on n on, but I end it here with a reminder to myself that happiness is a blissful state of mind that leads to contentedness. Lets not measure but treasure the happiness.
#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.

Hey, Now 'Fashion' has got personal !!

At one time or another; looking at someone's obsolete dressing style, you might have said, “oops, that looks 100 years old.” But believe me or not; there was a time when 'fashion' was not something with which an ordinary person could ever relate to... 

Even I have happy memories of my childhood days seeing my stay-at-home mom sewing lovely frocks for me n my sisters out of fabric remnants when we were growing up... Most of the times, we the sisters, used to feel happy wearing same frocks without any feeling of awkwardness (like the cute pic below). Well the truth is that we hardly ever thought of buying any designer clothes or branded outfits. We were actually not dying for 'real' labels on our dresses.
But the entire economics of home-sewn clothing changed the day when that poor female tailor settled her workstation with a paddled sewing machine in our lane. The lady simply wanted to use her skills to earn her livelihood. Ultimately my family also became a part of the community who dared to get the stitch-fixed outside the boundaries of house with some novel ideas except for the occasional purchased piece. 

Gradually, the yester-years' fashion story evolved due to the constant changes in the world around us. The fashion of present day gives us more freedom than ever. Today's fashion is dramatically influenced by worldwide events. None of us wants to look same as of other person. Everybody is struggling to make his/her mark in the world of fashionistas. At times, I wonder how major fashion trends get hot n hotter & suddenly cool off and then heat up once again after passage of time. Isn't it a marvelous feeling to witness this cyclical trend of fashion...

Atleast I enjoy speaking of fashion and flaunting it in my way. Though I keep a check on my spending to avoid digging a hole in my wallet because fashion has been called as the force behind most discretionary spending ;) But how can I stop myself getting inspired from extravagantly embellished dressing n accessories of popular celebs of typical Indian cinema (female instinct you see) ;) 

Even I manage to spare some leisurely moments at work to flip my fav online portals like flipkart, myntra, snapdeal etc on my laptop to quickly check out the lucrative deals and order some cool stuff for myself. In recent times, the smartphone apps technology has actually turned smartphone users into smart shoppers as well. I have also got some wonderful shopping apps on my mobile like myntra, and make a point to explore it especially when a deal notification beeps & excites me to the core.
I admit myself being mobile app shopaholic now :P Its not because of the increased comfort level, but because I value my precious time too. The mobile shopping apps help me take informed decisions because I always compare product prices, read buyers' reviews and even get feedback on social media while shopping. Though a nominal shipping cost is payable, I am pleased to use mobile apps to bypass sales people in retail stores. 

Just one caution that I personally take and also suggest to every online buyer to make their shopping experience pleasant, is to be aware of shopping ethics and protect yourself from problems like hacking and identity theft.

Overall, the mobile apps are the next best thing that is the future of personalized shopping-on-the-go that promises to deliver whenever and wherever you want, because when you think of fashion, trust me #ItsPersonal now :)

Sunday 26 April 2015

Ethicare Remedies Hydromax CT Cream Review

Good Morning!!

I am sharing my views on Ethicare Remedies Hydromax CT creams that is formulated for maximum hydrating feel with high concentration of occlusive agents that lock in moisture for longer time.

Key IngredientsCoal Tar, Salicylic Acid.

Coal Tar - Helps slow down the rapid growth of skin cells and restore the skin's appearance and also reduces the inflammation, itching and scaling of psoriasis.
Salicylic Acid - Acts as a scale lifter, helping to soften and remove psoriasis scales. Specially prepared base considering Psoriasis, Eczema & Ichthyosis.
Other Ingredients:
Aqua, petroleum Jelly, Glycerine, Bee Wax, Avocado Oil Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Perfume.

Price: Rs 199
Qty: 100 gm.
Shelf Life: 24 months.

Packaging: The product comes in a usual plastic jar of white color. The labels on the pack give details about all ingredients, price qty etc. The jar has tight screw cap. A protection seal on the neck of newly purchased jar makes the packaging spill proof. 

My take on the product:
The Hydromax CT is a light brown colored cream. In the first look of the cream, I could relate its color to be the outcome of a gentle mix of cocoa butter and coal tar as its ingredients. The consistency of the cream is absolutely appropriate for the purpose of richness. Its neither runny not overly thick that takes extra effort to scoop out of the jar. Talking about the fragrance, I actually found the smell not very pleasant. It bears a peculiar medicinal sort of fragrance that is real turn-off factor for me. Because such smell itches my nose.
Still I managed to apply the cream on my body, reason being I had heard at length about benefits of coal tar in skin care products and was keen to use a product based on coal tar. You might be knowing from my previous posts that I use body butters, lotions, creams etc all the year long because my skin needs intense moisturization. So I can't dare to ignore my skin care regimen.

Anyways, in the first application, the cream felt as greasy as I am using petroleum jelly. But as it got absorbed into skin in a minute or so, it felt extremely moisturizing on my dry skin. It left the top surface of skin quite smooth and imparted a healthy glow to it.

Its staying power is too good. The lubrication on skin remains effective for almost good 5-6 hours, that is quite impressive.

I strongly believe that the regular usage of Hydromax CT can help me get rid of flaky skin during harsh winter season too since it is enriched with emulsifiers too.

I can't talk of its effectiveness on Psoriasis, Eczema or other skin diseases as I have no such issues.


  • Good staying capability.
  • Doesn't leave any greasy residue on skin.
  • Gives intense hydration to skin.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Widely available online.
  • Suitable to all skin types. (oily skin people might not like it during summers)

I wish the fragrance could have been something pleasant.

Hydromax CT is a promising product that keeps its promise of long lasting hydration. If you may set aside the fragrance issue, it is worth spending every penny.

Saturday 25 April 2015

Ethicare Remedies Ospis Skin Care Soap Review


Let me review a nice bathing bar today that comes from wonderful product range of Ethicare Remedies. The Ospis Skin Care Soap that cleanse your skin and keeps it free of harmful bacteria with its anti-bacterial ingredients.
Product Claims:
Ospis premium soap with Aloevera - a natural non- sticky moisturizer, hydrates your skin to keep it healthy all the times. It contains chlorehexidine gluconate, an anti-bacterial cleanser which keeps skin free from pathogen diseases. The Silicon fluid is a foam stabilizer & conditioner to make the skin soft and supple. Light perfume and rich foam keeps you refreshing every time.
Price: Rs 59.
Weight: 100 gm
Ingredients: Chlorehexidine Gluconate, Aloevera, Silicon fluid, Glycerine and perfume.
The package contains 1 Ospis Skin Care Soap in a cardboard box. The box has product info printed on either side with detailed ingredients as well as product claims. The soap itself is sealed in a white polythene sheet pack. 
My take on the product:
As I just mentioned that the soap is sealed in white sheet, so I curiously opened the pack to have the first look. The first sniff of the soap on opening the pack was a familiar scent that took me years back. I could somehow relate the soothing, light scent of Ospis to traditional Johnson n Johnson soap.
Its a oval shaped white soap bar and I find this shape better than rectangular or square shape because it easily fits in my palm and doesn't slip easily. The soap has the brand name incised on it. 
The soap lathers reasonably well and feels creamy on skin. Infact I never judge the effectiveness of a soap bar with the quantity of lather it produces. Its refreshing fragrance stays on body for very less time. It would be a plus for people allergic to strong scents. The soap washes off easily with splashes of water and doesn't leave any stretchy dry feel on the skin post application. People with normal skin won't need to serve the body with body lotion as the Aloe Vera effectively moisturizes the skin. But I recommend dry skin beauties to use a light-weight body butter or lotion after shower. 

Suits all skin types
Can be used by Men & Women both.
Goodness of Aloe Vera and Glycerine.
Mild Smell.
Causes no dry or stretchy feel. 
Affordable than other similar products.


Hope you find the review useful.

Friday 24 April 2015

Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil Review

Hello Dearies

Today I am gonna write about how can you get amazingly smooth and youthful skin with the healing touch of Sweet Almond Oil. I am sharing my views on Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil.

Product Info: 
Inatur Relaxation massage oil is enriched with French Lavender that relaxes the body and mind and is renowned for its healing properties. This oil is ideal for a massage. It not only relaxes the body but also refreshes the mind with its sweet, delicate and soothing aroma. Read the details here.
Directions for use:
Take a small quantity of massage oil on your palm and gently massage all over the body with circular and upward and downward strokes.

Ideal For:
All skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil- that moisturizes,
Lavender - that relaxes body and mind.
Patchouli- that brings calmness and peace of mind.
Vanilla- that creates positive energy and uplifts mood.

Price & Qty: 200 ml for Rs 440.
Shelf Life: 30 months.
Availability: you can buy it from Flipkart.

The oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which is transparent and lets you see the quantity left in the bottle. The bottle has got a tight screw cap on the top and an inner dart cap inserted on the neck of the bottle. The packaging is absolutely spill proof.
My take on the product:
If some of you find it awkward to read that I am using a massage oil in summers too, don't be.. because I am always ready for a good rejuvenating massage either for the proper alignment of my body and mind or for pain relief or simply to escape for some peaceful experience. And I actually find it better to take a massage than to swallow tablets for relaxation of body n mind.

So I made it obvious why I used this Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil. And now coming back to my experience...Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil is a herbal product crafted for the overall well-being of a person.
I pricked a hole in the inner dart cap of the bottle to squeeze out the oil in desired quantity. As I poured some oil on my palm, I was forced to engross in captivating aroma of the oil. It truly smells heavenly and I love the aromatherapy based products. The fragrance instantly relaxes n soothes the mind & lingers on for almost whole day on a mild note.

The oil itself is transparent and is of watery consistency as I could expect of a generic oil. When I applied the oil to my skin, I realized that it is very light on skin and doesn't give that sticky feeling at all. The absorption capability is too good. Only a gentle massage in circular motion got the oil absorbed into the skin deeply.
My skin is on dry side, so I applied a generous quantity for deep nourishment. It not only made my skin feel softer, but also helped in relieving sore muscles and strained joints after a long working day sitting in front of the computer for many hours.

Though I have used the oil for almost two weeks till date, I am experiencing considerable improvement in my energy levels and overall nourishment to the body, because the ingredients like Lavender n Patchouli are best known for pushing away stress and anxiety and relaxing the nerves
with a revitalizing body massage.

Smells Divine.
Travel Friendly packaging.
Deeply Hydrates the skin.
Herbal ingredients
Not tested on animals.
Easy online availability.
Light on skin.
Doesn't feel greasy on skin after application.
Suits all skin types.

A bit expensive.

Overall Opinion: 
Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil is absolutely one of the best in the similar product line of other brands. It effectively creates a protective barrier over the skin surface that minimizes loss of moisture and helps in reducing dryness, chapped skin, itchy or cracked skin. If the herbal ingredients and much of the gentle care is your concern, then this oil is a must try.

Monday 20 April 2015

Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line Review

I usually don't visit beauty salons for facials and my preference is home facial most of the time. So after deciding to go for home facial, the next job is to find the products that don't cause any issues after usage and do not elevate the present skin issues. Though my skin is not sensitive, but you never know when a product may hurt the skin. Recently I received a home spa line facial kit from Aryanveda Herbals in Fruit Secret variant. And as usual I read about the brand before proceeding to use the products.

About the brand: 
Aryanveda Cosmeceuticals blossomed in the year 1997 with a commitment to blend nature with science to perfection and set definitions of quality and deliverability in the field of beauty care products. Aryanveda Herbals is one of those reputed companies which have delivered excellence through ideally formulated herbal cosmetics products of trust-worthy quality. The company has an assimilated experience of more than 17 years of producing fine blends of ayurvedic science & new age cosmetic inventions in skin- safe herbal cosmetic products. The company brings forth a wide range of skin care, body care and hair products to give a complete care to the end-users.

Product Packaging:
Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line kit comes in a cardboard box. It is a pack of 4 products essential for facial. 
The complete kit All the products are packaged in squeeze tube that is a great relief. Because I actually dislike the usual sachet packing which has to be finished in single use and cannot be kept safe for later use. 
You get a free facewash worth Rs 65 with in the packaging. yoohoo ;)

Price: Rs 185.
Quantity: 55 gms.
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.

My take on the product:
So now I am gonna tell you how these cute tubes actually worked for me.. The tubes have proper numbering done on each as per the sequence in which those should be used. So it makes the job easier.

For Step 1. Cleanser: Its an orange color gentle facial which smells absolutely fruity. The ingredient list speaks loud of its content that includes papita, shatpatri, tarbooza, kheera, kharbooza, jaitoon oil, gajar etc. 
The cleanser resembles like a gel and is transparent. I massaged it gently on my face for few minutes and it seemed to lift the pollutants away from my skin actually. As per the instructions on the tube, I took the generous quantity for massage. But it gets instantly vanished making it lil difficult to give motion to my hands on face. So I used few drops of water to massage and it worked perfectly well. After a massage of less than 5 minutes, I rinsed off my face. The cleanser comes off quite easily with no need of rubbing. The skin felt deeply cleansed with lovely fragrance.
For Step 2. Scrub:
The cleanser did its job really well. And then I took to exfoliate my skin. because the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin's surface is a must for overall face care regimen.  This scrub is infused with papita, shatpatri, tarbooza,ghritkumari, jaitoon oil, manjishtha and akhrot. 
The scrub is using akhrot among active ingredient which we all know is one of the best exfoliator. This scrub is pale pink color paste. It is too creamy that it doesnt feel like being harsh to skin while scrubbing. The minute akhrot granules are quite gentle for delicate facial skin and remove dead cells successfully. The fragrance of the scrub again is on mild fruity side that doesn't irritate my nose at all. I massaged the scrub on my face and extended it to my neckline as well. It worked even on the tanned areas on my neckline and it appeared cleaner than before. The skin doesn't get over dried, means it retains the natural oils on skin intact.
For Step 3: Massage Cream
For the optimum benefit of facial, the skin needs a thorough massage after scrubbing. However gentle the scrub may be, but I always feel the soft touch to the skin in the next step. This massage cream is formulated with Ghritkumari, Papita, Kheera, Khus, Badam, Olive oil, Gajar.
This massage cream is almost similar in color and fragrance as of the scrub. The consistency is not very thick so as you try rubbing it on skin, the fingers glide smoothly on the face. For me it is the appropriate moderate consistency for a massage cream. It penetrates the skin in no time and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and radiant. I didn't notice unwanted shine on my face after its application, and I am really happy about it.
For Step 4: Face pack 
A face pack is the final step in facial to moisturise, cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin. This facepack is made of masura, papita, santara, manjishtha, yashtimadhu, khus, ghritakumari etc.
Applying this face pack ensures supply of essential nutrients to skin with effective natural ingredients. The pack is dark brick color creamy paste that can be easily applied on the face with a gentle brush or even with your fingers. I kept the pack on my face and neck for almost 12-15 mins till it got dried up and then wiped it off with wet cotton. The ultimate effect I got was the youthful and healthy looking skin with a happy me inside happy skin :)

Overall Opinion:
Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line is worth giving a try for a home facial kit that doesn't dig a hole in your pocket and gives impressive results. I just wished the quantity to be little more so that a regular usage can prove its effectiveness visibly. Since I have used it only once and the kit has the enough quantity for one more usage, I expect better result in the next application as I specially loved the natural ingredients used to make the products. 

For more updates of their products, follow Facebook page of Aryanveda Herbals here

Food Photography & Asus Zenfone 2

"Your camera quality barely matters if you have to click only food pics..." is the most humorous thing about food photographers that I have ever come across. I mean how can people think of food bloggers as amateurs who incidentally or accidentally get to click fabulous food pic :/ The food also deserves to be clicked with perfect shot in much-appetizing & tempting manner. Not all the time, we (the food bloggers) get a chance to strike a balance between the camera settings and the food being presented in front of our eyes..Infact I had messed up many a times just because it took my phone camera a li'l extra time to adjust its exposure, focus, flash, composition etc :( But I believe my hunt for an appropriate camera will end soon with the launch of Asus ZenFone 2 that is said to have critically acclaimed PixelMaster Camera loaded with marvelous features.

So here is why I think the unique ASUS-developed PixelMaster Camera technology will be my rescuer for my food photography...
When my pics get blurred in dim light of a restaurant: The root cause of blurry pics is the lack of enough light getting to the sensor of camera. The potential solution is PixelMaster Camera's Low Light mode which is designed to take brighter images in low light conditions. It basically combines four adjacent pixels into one and applies image processing algorithms to increase the light sensitivity by up to 400% and boosts the color contrast by up to 200%. And the result is ...clearer high quality picture with optimum noise cancellation.

When the picture turns out in false colors: Having some more bright areas in a food pic may be due to overexposed areas. Even the Color noise may adversely affect the quality of a pic to greater extent when you find it difficult to relate the picture to 'true-to-life- color. PixelMaster Camera's Depth of Field feature will bring the pic to true colors by helping me click pics to isolate objects from their background highlighting certain aspect of a picture.

When a passer-by ruins the well-captured picture: While attending an event in the town, not enough time is given to every individual to click the food object presented at the center stage. And it hurts when an unwanted moving object spoils your most precious photograph accidentally :( PixelMaster Camera's Smart Remove feature is ready to smartly erase the unwanted moving objects from your photos and hence giving a magically uplift to the pic quality :)

When I want to click a food selfie: Not to forget mentioning my passion for selfies ;) And a selfie with my food preparation is not worth missing actually. But when I get imbalanced due to the difficulty in holding the food preparation for a selfie, onviously it gets shaky. I would love to use PixelMaster Camera's Selfie mode that will help me click wonderful selfies after the acoustic countdown initiation & will automatically take a burst of three pictures to capture the best moments :)

In short, the PixelMaster Camera is a noteworthy tool of Asus ZenFone 2 which proves that one doesn’t necessarily need a super fancy camera beyond your budget to take appealing food pics.

Friday 17 April 2015

My Exquisite Summer Looks OOTD With Zovi

Hello there

The best thing about summers is the presence of vibrant colours in my wardrobe. As the season changes, I can feel the excitement for swapping my clothing range specially to complement the season-friendly look.. This time I took to shop online for some summer essentials for myself from Zovi.

Why only Zovi
Because I was super impressed with their revolutionary concept that Zovi aims at designing and manufacturing high-quality lifestyle apparel locally and then exclusively offers them online at extremely reasonable prices. It really takes great courage to part ways from own business profit and think higher of the benefit of buyers' or customers'.

My Shopping Experience:
Placing an order with Zovi.com came as easy as breathing to me. The product categories are laid in really organized manner with multiple Filters on the left panel. The product pics uploads damn quick as the site construction has been overall kept very light. Since I was short of time due to my packed schedule, I used 'I am looking for...' option to search the items my heart desired for and to my surprise, I got most of the items nearly matching my criteria. Infact, usually I face problems finding appropriate fitting size for my zero-figure kinda appearance, but I applaud for Zovi to provide the apparels even in XS size that fitted me without the need to visit my tailor for alterations !!

The team Zovi kept me updated with emails and SMS regarding the updates status of my order. The order got dispatched with 48 hours and was delivered in two separate packaging i.e. one for appreal and another for footwear. The order delivery was much before the expected day. So I give Zovi a thumbs up for a satisfactory shopping experience overall !!

I know you are not able to control your excitement to know what exactly did i buy. So here goes the pics of my ordered stuff..

After receiving my summer special stuff, I actually could not resist getting myself clicked for a cool breezy #OOTD. So today I wanna make you one-to-one with two of my fav summer season's notable looks..

Enchanted Ethnic Look 
The boldest statements are made with subtlety! It is always a treat to the eyes seeing someone flaunting pleasant ethnic look not only in the summer season, but throughout the year. An elegantly printed kurta tops my choice that accentuates feminine charm when worn with a pair of leggings. 

For my Enchanted Ethnic Look, I handpicked an exclusively designed Off-White Kurta from Zovi. Actually, the first glimpse of the kurta made me fall in love with it for many reasons...I deeply adore exotic Worli paintings wherever I notice it; be it designer outfits, wall paintings, bags, bedcovers or any other decor material. So finding a unique piece of rich Indian Folk Art on a kurta actually was like a long-cherished dream come true. Yet another catchy plus of the kurta was its Khadi fabric in soothing off-white color. To me, the hand spun Khadi fabric is a real blend of flow of one's soul and revelation of one's character.I could barely take a chance to miss stunning addition of a beautifully textured, sensuous and skin friendly KOOL KHADI dress to my wardrobe for scorching summer that will render my skin optimum breathability. So I felt myself on Heaven 7 when my desired size was available ;) I tastefully teamed the kurta with a pair of contrasting leggings to complete the attire for the day and also chose to feel snug as a bug in a rug with this pair of ultimately comfy pair of Copper Plaid Colourful Top Flats in matching colors. These flats looked damn chic n trendy to walk in confidence. To further spruce up my look, I decided to let the vivacious diva in me get a new breath of life with some ravishing makeup and accessories. This attractive look indeed fetched me lovely compliments for my rich sense of style. 
Whoa! Am I not making you girls go green with envy when I style myself in 'Desi Gal' look ;)

Products in this look:
Off White Khadi Kurta With Worli Paintings
Brown Solid Leggings
Copper Plaid Colourful Top Flats

Street Style Look:

For a break free summer style, all that is essential is to bang on-trend with a wishful look like fresh cool breeze. To give an unexpected update to my ethnic appearance, I made an attempt to revamp my look with bit of modernization ;) I thought of creating a look that would let me jet from conservative to casual with some effortless outfit meant for keeping me at comfort all day long...

For my Street Style Look, I wanted to play with summery & feminine laces and nets. A fiery Red Laced Sleeve Sheer Top in the Zovi display got my eyes glued on it. Pairing the spaghetti top with Teal printed casual payjama had been a unspoken promise to stay relaxed on those lazy Sundays by slipping into this street wear ;)

See! how I dissolved myself in Naughty, Sensuous & Playful Street Style Look :)

Just see, how perfect finish it gave when I added a splash of novelty to my everyday look by wrapping a polka-dotted scarf to tie my uncared tresses :)
Hey!! the fun doesn't end here... I doubled my fashion flair by wearing this sassy Red Laced Sleeve Sheer top over the same spaghetti top. The gorgeous band-neck and front pleats enhanced the overall appeal of this waist-length button down top.

Products in this look:
Red Laced Sleeve Sheer Top 
Red Lace Spaghetti  
Teal Printed Pyjama With Pockets

Men Look Book

Hey! don't think of this post only meant for lovely ladies, my male readers are equally valuable for me. Though I had some issue finding male model (hubby being on tour these days), still I managed to create a Summer Look Book for guys too :) Clap Clap...

Timeless Blue Flu Look
Majority of men seem to die for blue. Atleast I have noticed shades of blue dominating my man's wardrobe over years and still unchanged. So why not go traditional yet stylish in a fresh kurta payjama for a summer gathering you would love to attend with grace.

I recommend to ditch plain solid color and go for a printed knee length, straight hem and side slit
kurta with mandarin collar that highlights your charismatic ethnicity side. The churidar payjama goes well as bottom to complete the ensemble. There are wide choice of footwear for this look including sandals, kolhapuri chappals, slip ons etc. I have opted for buckled slip ons with crisscross straps and stitch detailing that looks ravishing for a man who wears with sheer elegance. 
Products in this look:
Blue Printed Kurta: 
Regular White Men's Ethnic Pyjamas
Blue Slip-on Sandals With Buckle Closure And Toe Loop:

No-Sweat Summer Look:
When you like to keep things casual and want to refine your usual appearance, try pairing your essential graphic tee with a pair of tailored shorts and loafers for an off-duty summer-ready look for a multitude of looks.

I recommend a ribbed round neck tee in soothing white rolled up the sleeves teamed with a pair of flat fit shorts blending style and comfort for more off a evening-appropriate look. Feel young stepping in a contemporary pair of casual shoes for ultimate easy movement under the sun.

Products in this look:
Photographer White Graphic Full-sleeved T-shirt:  
Navajo Allover Mens Short: 
Brown Slip-on Casual Shoes With Red Accents: 

I enjoyed every bit to #BlogForZovi and actually realized that I may pose for #OOTD too ;) Lolz ...
Would love to know which look I flaunted better & impressed you more ...