Saturday 31 October 2015

Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil Review

By now, I think all you might be knowing that I am a great sucker of massage oils, body butters n moisturizing lotions because these are my everyday companion :P I start and end my day with a generous application of a good emollient all over my body.
The massage oil that I am reviewing today is the one which I received in a contest almost an year ago and I was mesmerized with its lovely fragrance. Today, I am sharing detailed post on Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil.
Product Info:
The Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil does wonders to your mind and body. A calming blend of Jojoba, Almond, Olive, Sunflower, Sesame and Evening Primrose oils, gently de-stresses and tones your skin, leaving behind a nourished radiance.
Almond (Prunus amygdalus) oil helps protect skin by acting as an emollient and skin softener while conditioning the skin. It promotes a clear, youthful complexion.
Olive (Olea europoea) oil helps to create a moisture-rich environment that allows skin cells to rejuvenate and repair. It improves your skin’s suppleness and elasticity to make skin look and feel softer and smoother.
Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) oil helps restore youthfulness while improving general well-being.
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) oil is known for its best affinity to human skin. It brings back the lost glow, shine and smoothness, unclogs the pores, thereby cleaning your skin of impurities.
Sunflower (Helanthus annus) oil offers a range of benefits including skin softening, moisturizing and soothing. Like other oils, it can retain moisture in the skin and provides a protective barrier that prevents skin damage due to pollution.
Price: Rs 128/- Order Here
Pack Size100 ml
Shelf life: 3 yrs.

The packaging of the massage oil is identical to Moha's body lotion with a different print on the bottle. I find it quite comfortable to take out the oil from spritz bottle.

How to use:
Massage gently till the oil is absorbed. Leave for 10-15 minutes; thereafter take bath with lukewarm water.
My Experience with the product:
Moha Rejuvenating Massage Oil is a clear, colorless liquid. Its appropriate consistency gives my hands a smooth glide on my body.The oil gets penetrated into skin with soft strokes and has enough lubrication capability like my dry skin requires. The brand recommends to use it before or during bath in the morning. I follow this recommendation plus I massage few drops of the oil in the night as well. It hydrates my skin and lets me sleep comfortably. It relaxes my mind with aromatic feel on my skin and I may prevent sleepless nights with its application. 
Since the oil is colorless, it leaves no stains on clothes or sheets. But ensure using only the quantity that your skin type can absorb. The oil has some of the best and most widely used carrier oils in it. The infusion of these oil is such that there is no greasy after-feel on skin. The massage oil stimulates the senses and its daily use brightens the skin tone. I recommend this oil to be used in any season by anyone.


  • Tones up the skin giving it a healthy glow.
  • Relieves fatigue, aches and stiffness in the body.
  • Calms the nerves, rejuvenates the mind and body.
  • Promotes deeper and better sleep.
  • Nourishes skin.
  • Easy online availability.
  • Sturdy Packaging.
  • Nominal Price.
  • Versatile oil for all seasons.
  • Enriched with goodness of best oils.

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Friday 30 October 2015

Baby Skin Care Basics

'Baby Soft Skin' is what we refer to when talking about pampered and cared skin. The skin of a baby is as pure as your love. I remember how much I enjoyed rubbing my cheeks to my baby's soft cheeks. But at the same time, I was afraid not to irritate or hurt him. I always took extra care for keeping his skin buttery soft, and followed quite practical tips given by elders in my family ...

Baby Bathing:
Bathing my baby had been equally enjoyable time for me n my boy. I had been really considerate about the temperature of water used for bathing him. My mom-in-law recommended me not to use any baby cleansers in his initial months, because his immune system was still developing. Another care to be taken with baby's bathing routine had been to resist the urge to bathe him very frequently as too much bathing would chip away natural oils from his skin that are essential to protect softness of baby's skin.

Baby Massage:
The time that you do all the fun with your baby is the massage time. I truly treasure those uplifting moments when I could look into his eyes filled with love and felt closer to him day by day while giving him massage. The skin-to-skin touch therapy in rhythmic strokes worked wonder to keep him smiling at me all the time and made me feel more empowered as a mom. The payoff of every massage session resulted in his calm, less cranky behaviour and also maintained the suppleness of his soft skin. Remember to choose an ayurvedic, odorless massage oil for your infant.

Clothing Care:
Its a trend in my family to wash new clothes before they are worn, so it was followed for my newborn as well. There have been several friends and relative who gifted beautiful clothes for my baby and many of them wished to make the baby wear their gifted clothes in their presence. But I had been polite to them conveying my plea that we need to wash those clothes in special fragrance free, skin- friendly detergent to avoid any allergens affect my baby's skin.

Outside Excursion Care:
When your baby is around 12 months or so and is ready to see the world around crawling outside the set boundaries, its our job to watch out for the weather. I used to layer my baby with covered clothes and kept some sunscreen with inorganic filters handy that could be used occasionally, if exposure to sun can't be avoided. Moisturize the skin well in time.

Diapering Basics:
Be mindful of a gentle diapering routine for your little one, so that it doesn't teases him every time he needs a change. Never go for cheap quality diapers because they will be in direct contact with your baby skin for quite long and there is great chance of skin-rashes. I chose something as effective and protective as Pampers Dry Pants that kept my little one's skin dry by locking in the wetness due to its Magic Gel technology and proved to be #SoftestForBabySkin. Also be careful to clean your baby's bottom thoroughly and apply a good diaper cream, if required.

There are many more tips I want to share with you all, but will wind it up here and wait for yet another post to cover some more..

Happy Parenting!

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

A Gift of Care To Her : BeingJuliet Box

Gifts are often an expression of love. Today on this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, I received a gift of care from my love. Is it a bouquet of mixed roses or an expensive outfit? Is it an extravagant piece of jewelry or a bagful of my fav makeup? Nope! this time, its something more than what I expected... I got a neatly packed gift box containing every sanitary essential needed by me in those 5 days of month. I was touched since he could understand my pain and had been so thoughtful choosing a unusual gift of love n care :)

Before I could open the box, I loved the cute name Being Juliet on the subscription box that instantly filled my heart with a feeling of pride that I am the Juliet of my Price Charming :)
Let me introduce you to the work model of Being Juliet quickly..Team ‘Being Juliet’ sends you your monthly supplies 5 days prior to your cycle to ensure you don’t have to look for last minute trips for periods shopping. You have the freedom to choose from the subscription period from 3 Months/ 6 months or 1 year. 

What's more! your subscription box is completely customized as per your preferences. You may choose the products, brand, quantity for your box. Not only you get the selected products, but there is a surprise element every time. Your box carries small thoughtful gifts/surprises and pain comforters each month to make you smile through pain :)

Excited to know what all I received in my box? 

Pain Relievers of the Month:
I got a little bottle of Azwain seeds that reminded me of mom who used to boil these for me during my period cycle for helping me prevent bloating. Thanks for the remedy team!

To provide antioxidants, my box contained sachets of handpicked green tea and Kashmiri Kahwa. Sipping these can relieve you from terrible pain.
Sanitation Essentials:
There are packs of intimate wipes and panty liners that are easy to carry and are specially formulated to maintain hygiene of your intimate area even after period days. 

Beauty Essentials: During these painful days, Team Being Juliet ensures neither your smile fades away nor the glow of your face. So they keep a skin care or makeup product in your box to cheer you up. And in my box, I got a nourishing under eye gel made from the brand Bio Bloom. Its made of cucumber juice, mint and green tea extract so as to soothe your puffy eyes and diminish sagging skin. Great Thought !
Mood Lifters: Though these are the days when you don't feel like dressing up and wear a pleasant smile. But how about decking up yourself with a pretty scarf that adds a hint of charm to your usual outfit :) I loved the scarf in my box which is in my fav green color and is too soft to wrap around my neck. Awesome Choice !
I am so impressed when I learned that there is a stylish pouch in my box that is meant for carrying my sanitary essential in public places. Thank God! I need not to cover n hide your sanitary pads in a newspaper or polybag now onwards. I am glad that it can easily fit my sanitation stuff in it and can be kept in my handbag.
Last but not the least, there are my preferred essentials in the box to indulge myself in safe and happy periods. And now I won't need the last minute period's shopping.
The Being Juliet Subscription boxes are priced quite decently and also yet another variant of subscription is offered called Being Jane. The prices for these are:
So here is what all was my Being Juliet treat ... And I expect some greater surprises in my boxes in upcoming months :) 
I am so relaxed to own a pampering gift box and if you want to gift yourself this happiness, you may visit Being Juliet or can contact them via whatsapp +91-9718866644 You may mention my unique referral code REF000552000498 as well.

Thumbs Up for the innovation team Being Juliet !!
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Thursday 29 October 2015

Under Eye Care Regimen With Ayorma


Getting to try new things is something that excites me a lot as a blogger. There are very few occasions when I resist myself using a product our of inherent apprehensions... because till date most of the products that I have tested and tried on myself come from natural/ ayurvedic/ organic/ mineral range from elite brands.

In past few days, I had introduced a premium brand Ayorma on my blog that is a heavenly union of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda to guarantee you a Spa-like experience at home. I had already reviewed its anti-tan facewash for attaining beautiful facial skin. But there is something on our face which makes it more expressive i.e. our eyes. Besides taking all the good care of our face with religious CTM routine, we need to give equal importance to our eyes too.

Ayorma sent me two of their eye-care products i.e Under Eye Mild Scrub and  Under Eye Cream. Upon receiving these, I was bit amazed to know that the brand has crafted a distinct under eye-scrub apart from the one used for entire face. I'm still not sure whether we really need to have a separate scrub for eyes. But then, I decided to go ahead :)

Ayorma Mild Under Eye Scrub
A mild daily scrub for the eyes that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities around the delicate eye area and diminishes the look of dark circles, shadows and fine lines giving it a luminous glow.
Ingredients (Scrub):
  • Licorice & Turmeric: : It helps remove darkness or tanning under the eyes and reduces melanin production. It has the property of imparting natural glow and radiance.
  • French Lavender Oil is obtained through distillation from flower spikes of certain species of Lavender. This oil is known to soothe itchy skin because of its anti fungal properties. 
  • Orange Peel oil, a well known anti oxidant and anti aging ingredient. It helps the skin to look firmer and smoother by deep exfoliation.
  • Geranium oil for toning of skin.

  • Ayorma Under Eye Cream:
    A moisturizing eye cream that works instantly and overtime to diminish the look of dark circles, shadows and fine lines. The luxurious SPA oils hydrate and calm the eye area.
    Ingredients (Under Eye Cream):
    • Saffron: one of the most expensive spices is said to reduce dark circles extensively. Saffron also protects the eyes from the direct effects of bright light.
    • Wheatgerm oil is a rich source of Vitamin E & Vitamin B. It has anti aging and anti oxidant properties. which helps repair tissue damage and promotes tissue growth.
    • Quinoa: It is exceptionally high in proteins resulting in a good balance of essential amino acids that detoxify and diminish puffiness of eyes.
    • Rose: It treats tired and fatigued eyes and adds a natural sparkle to your eyes.
    My experience with the products:
    The under eye scrub is a formulation made out of mild exfoliant orange peel. The scrub is in lightest shade of brown n offwhite. It has minute exfoliants in red color that you can see after a closer look at the pic below. The scrub gives a cooling sensation on application under eyes. It just relaxes your fatigued eyes and doesn't cause inflammation or watery eyes. I like to have it massaged in gentle strokes as it removes all the impurities to impart smiling eyes instantly. Using the scrub is also helpful in cleaning residue of eye makeup.
    The exfoliant granules may look far scattered and less in number, but they very much feel on skin. Moreover, I think having them more in number will lose the purpose because the skin under our eyes in much more delicate than other body parts.
    Not to forget a mention of delightful fragrance in the scrub which may seem somewhat stronger to sensitive people, but I liked it.
    Post scrubbing, I take a break of few minutes and then apply little quantity of Ayorma Under Eye Cream. The under eye cream is similar to the scrub is color and consistency, but I didn't like its medicinal smell much, but its not intolerable. Since I apply this cream after scrubbing, it gets easier for the cream to penetrate into the skin. The most common issue of puffy eyes can be kept at bay if you strictly go by this routine. This cooling scrub and cream combo certainly does go some way to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eye area and reduces the intensity of dark circles. These hero products from Ayorma, when used in perfect combination help smoothen your complexion of eyes' skin, resulting in a good help to keep your eye make-up in place as well. I can vouch for excellent ingredients like saffron, rose, quinoa etc. used in the infusion of eye cream that are destined to give good results.

    The best thing about these products is that they are paraben and preservative free. There are many luxurious Spa oils to keep the eyes hydrated and relaxed. They come in a thin nozzled light-weight tube. The product can be directly applied on skin, making the packaging more convenient and hygienic.
    You may include either of the products in your eye care regimen and may skip using both at one time. But it is advised to follow the complete steps to avail expected outcome. These products can be used daily.

    Pricing & Qty: Both the products come in a 15gm tube packaging. The scrub is priced at 299/- and cream is priced at 349/- 

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    Tuesday 27 October 2015

    Moha Foot Care Cream Review

    The skin of our feet has no oil glands, so unlike the other parts of our body, our feet tend to remain naturally dry. Now depending on skin type, people may have dryness on feet on regular or occasional basis. Mine falls in first category. As I mentioned in my foot care regimen in an earlier post that I can never miss moisturizing my feet irrespective of weather. So I always keep some good foot care products in stock..This time I tried a new foot care cream from Moha and today's post goes for the review of the same.
    Product Info:
    Papaya and Aloe join hands to give your feet the soft texture you crave with Moha’s luxurious Foot Care Cream. This luscious, creamy formula soothes away calluses and cracks, leaving your feet smooth and soft.
    How to use?
    Wash feet with lukewarm water and pat dry. Massage gently from toe to ankle till the cream is absorbed. Preferably use at bedtime.

    Price: Rs. 163/-. Available here
    Qty: 100 gm
    Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) offers high soothing, moisturizing & nourishing properties. It improves your skin’s ability to hydrate itself, aids in the removal of dead skin cells.
    Papaya (Carica papaya) promotes skin renewal and cell turnover. It helps in exfoliating the skin to reveal newer cells, and has restorative properties that soften your skin.
    Peppermint (Mentha piperata) oil nourishes & improves the circulation of blood to your feet and leaves behind a soothing, cooling effect.
    The Moha foot cream comes in a beautifully printed tube that has the ingredients depicted on it like water color painting. The tube is a flip-open kind of pack that is easy to use.
    My experience:
    My feet thank me for taking good care of them and not let them crack. What I mean to say is my feet are saved from any severe cracks, but yes there are minor ones that are visible only when I walk barefoot for some time and they get dirty. I don't want the problem to be worsen, moreover I am more concerned about using a foot cream as a foot softener to help myself relieve from dry n itchy soles.

    The Moha foot cream is of off-white color. The smell is something to point out firstly. It has a minty fragrance that is prominently kept to make your sweaty feet smell nice. Some may find the fragrance on a stronger side, but its not unbearable. The cream is thick enough that upon application I feel instant relief.
    I prefer applying it before bedtime on my clean feet since I wear open, uncovered flats all day long and I fear it attracting more dirt onto my feet if applied after morning bath. But its not too greasy to be able to apply in the daytime if you want to. The cream doesn't do overnight miracles, but renders smooth skin and controlled cracks by a continual process. The thick and hard skin around the heels gets softer with lasting moisturization after the absorption of the cream. The texture of the cream won't leave the skin shiny or oily at all.

    Thanks to an efficacious combination of emollients and exfoliants like papaya and mint that help to get rid of dead skin cells as well. Infact, I am using a foot cream for the first time that boasts of goodness of papaya in it :) I'm happy that I found it and it cared for my feet's good health.

    Softens, soothes and protects foot skin from getting rough and damaged.
    Heals cracked and chapped heels with prolonged application.
    Deeply nourishes, moisturizes and repairs skin.
    Smells good.
    Pretty packaging.
    Infused with great emollients and exfoliants.
    Decently priced.


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    Anherb Oatmeal Scrub Review


    I have been using some premium products from Anherb since many months. Not any product has created any issue, but gave me wonderful results as promised by the product. 

    Recently the brand launched some more products and I got to lay my hands on few of them. Today's review is on the Oatmeal Scrub that I am using for almost a week or so. 

    Product Info:
    Anherb Oatmeal Scrub is a unique blend of natural exfoliate & premium ingredients which unclog pores & gently scrubs away dead cells, black heads & impurities – Leaving your skin smooth, fairer, fresh & healthy.
    It contains Oatmeal, Almond Shell Powder, Golden Pearl, Honey.
    Oatmeal : 100% Natural Exfoliate - firms & smoothen skin texture.
    Almond Shell Powder : 100% Natural exfoliate – removes black & white head.
    Golden Pearl : Provide Blemish free, glowing, youthful look.
    Honey : Imparts nourishment & moisturization.

    Price: Rs. 225 (available at discounted price right now)
    Qty: 150 gm
    Shelf Life: 3 yrs

    How to use: Moisten the desired area & then apply with fingertips. Massage gently avoiding area around the eyes. Rinse well & pat dry.
    The Anherb Oatmeal Scrub comes in a milky white squeeze tube packaging with saffron color flip cap on it. The cap shuts with a click and doesn't tend to get loose. The nozzle on the cap helps to dispense sufficient quantity with total ease. The tube gives you complete description about usage, ingredients etc. The packaging is much more hygienic than jar packs.
    My take on the product:
    Being infused with key ingredient oatmeal, the scrub is meant to be used for dual purpose as a moisturizer and scrub. The scrub is pale brown in color. The dark brown granules are clearly visible in the paste. The granules are not very coarse and actually feel on your skin with gentle rubbing also. The scrub is not a soapy one and you will not notice any foam formation while massaging on your wet skin. I can notice the cleaner and glowing skin post usage.

    The scrub will also be liked more by oily and normal skin people in my opinion. Since mine is dry skin , I felt little dryness after rinsing it off. Despite any stretchy feel on my skin, I follow it up by wearing a layer of mild moisturizer to lock some skin hydration in and my skin felt softer for longer. For others, I believe the honey as a natural antibacterial and healing agent will provide a light, non greasy, soothing nourishment to the skin. 
    The scrub smells very nice and feels even more refreshing when it adds to the squeaky clean feel on the skin. The scrub works against whiteheads very well due to Almond Shell Powder infused in the scrub. The blackheads also get reduced, but don't go completely. May be after few more days, there is better effect. I recommend its usage every alternate day for silky smooth skin. This scrub promises moisturized, problem free, youthful skin with a nourishing formulation, so it will be particularly useful during the cold winter months when skin tends to get dry and irritated. 

    Meant for all skin types.
    Easy to carry packaging.
    Not foamy like a soap based formula.
    No harsh granules to hurt skin.
    Not so expensive.
    Sloughs dead skin away.
    Works well to reduce whiteheads n blackheads.
    Smells good.


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    Sunday 25 October 2015

    I Gifted Him My Signature Accessory : A Smile

    What's in a smile?
    Well, a smile has an amazing curative power that can heal every wound. Making someone smile and brightening their day is one of the most generous things one can do. And when this smile is an innocent one coming from your li'l one, no other joy can fill your heart with the biggest contentment. After a new life is born out of your flesh, you strive to see him smile and the day when he gives you one for the first time becomes the most memorable day of your life. Almost subconsciously, you promise to yourself to give up everything in life to make his smile stick on his face forever and ever...

    Quite often, I am burdened with my work commitments and do not get much time to devote to my family..oh! it hurts my li'l boy when he seeks my attention and finds me occupied with my assignments. I feel miserable to see him sad and disheartened, but barely can do any compromise in my work :( 

    Recently I brought some tasty McCain snacks home and handed over the packs to my boy who loves having crunchy eatables with his evening dose of milk. 
    I guess you all can imagine how this foodie could have felt holdingthis big pack of many variants of McCain Snacks. 
    Every single day is now a feast at my home. I feel its pretty easy thing to put a smile on someone face by serving him the food of his liking. I have been enjoying his naughty yet creative ideas on how to present his McCain snacks in different ways every time. 
    A variety of delicious seasoned chunks on his plate just make him go crazy..look at the mischief-monger ..
    OMG!! It can't be tolerated that any of the McCain snacks' variants gets over coz how would he satiate the hungry monster hidden in his li'l tummy ;)  
    But mommy has the guts not to get your smile disappear from your face baby.. So here goes our McCain artistic creation to freshen up your mood :) 
    aww, the taste of these crispy snacks is as good as the love hidden in my hug or a kiss to my boy. A golden bite is here to make our life sunny and dictate another chapter of childhood stories with McCain :)

    Watch this clip to know more about how to make McCain a reason of someone's smile :D

    Moha Moisturizing Herbal Soap Review


    Lets talk about an affordable nourishing soap bar made of herbs from the product line of Moha.

    Product Info:
    Pamper your skin with this rich, luxurious Moha herbal soap. Enriched with oils of Neem, Basil and Aloe that nourish and moisturize the skin leaving it wonderfully soft, supple & infection free. It’s unique combination of plant extracts offer skin care with soothing and cleansing effect. 
    Neem – Antibacterial, Anti inflammatory
    Tulsi – Antibacterial, Anti acne
    Kumari – Humectant, Antioxidant, protects against UV induced stress.
    How to use: Wet the body and face, apply generously and rinse. 

    Price: Rs. 68 for each soap bar of 100 gm. Buy here
    The soap is wrapped in a simple paper bag similar to made of butter paper that is sealed with a paper sticker labeled with Moha. There is an outer cardboard box that holds the soap bar. There is cute colorful leafy print on the box with all details about the product.

    My Experience:
    The soap bar is light yellow in color. The soap is a nice blend of herbs Neem, Basil and Aloe. The scent resembles more of basil. The warmth of the scent effectively helps me relieve from mental fatigue during shower. 
    Neem oil used in the soap is said to have hydrating and anti-microbial properties. The oil is also used in dermatologic products for acne and other skin infections. So this soap can not only be used for personal sanitation, but is a good remedy for acne, blemishes, prickly heat, dermatitis and other skin ailments. 
    The oil infusion of basil leaves helps to stimulate and refresh dull complexions if used in everyday bathing routine. Rich in vitamin E, this oil penetrates the skin to moisturize and soothe. Interestingly, the soap can be used on face as well (which I generally avoid with any other soap).
    Yet another herb, Kumari (Aloe) gel is useful for skin hydration and recommended for dry skin which makes the soap my recent favourite. It is assumed that Aloe Gel present in the soap helps reduce wrinkles on the face and improves hydration, so causes no drying or stretchy feel on facial skin.

    The soap lathers enough and doesn't melts excessively. Just take care to keep it dry in the soap dish after usage.

    Not restricted to use on specific skin type,
    Doesn't harm skin texture and skin tone.
    Strengthens the skin’s metabolic mechanisms.
    Protects skin from infections.
    Protects the skin against allergens, inflammatory substances, chemicals and stress
    Delays wrinkle formation and other skin aging processes.
    Quite affordable.


    Moha Herbal Soap is a good moisturizing soap that is rich in multiple herbals ingredients. The soap is appropriate to be used by anyone for usual sanitation purposed or for special skin concerns. For this price, this soap is a must try..

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