Thursday 30 October 2014

Sweetest Sweetheart Giveaway Winner Announcement

              Struggling with almost dead-speed net conection at my end since last night, I'm here tonight apologising for the delay of almost 24 hours in declaring the winner. Though the entries were thoroughly checked very much on time, but this internet ditched me ;)

Before the winner's name flashes on your screen, I wish to thank each one of my lovely readers for showering their love n constant support to me since day one....

 It took me maximum time selecting the winner of this specific giveaway coz there was neck-to-neck competition between two of our most enthusiastic participants i.e. Hema and Shyla. Two of them had been very very spontaneous throughout the giveaway duration on my various social accounts, but ultimately one lady took the lead in the game ;)

 So here I announce Hema Thakur as my Sweetest Sweetheart who takes the lovely goodie home !!

Congratulations dear Hema, please do message me your complete postal address with pin code & phone number within 24 hrs, else another winner will be chosen. Meanwhile, let me pack your gift to be carefully delivered to your doorstep.

To rest to the participants, here is a sincere promise to you all that the next giveaway will be live soon with more than one winners & better prizes.
Till then, keep visiting & keep reading !!

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion Review

Every chocolate-lover like me can swear by the quote above and I have been believing it religiously ever. My belief got firmer when a decently looking skin-friendly product i.e.      Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion reached me few days back. Coz like my usual practice, when I started reading the detailed info on the product pack, seeing the same wordings written there left me all amused :)

I'm going to share my views about Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion today.

Look n Feel of Packaging:
The Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion comes in a sturdy plastic liquid dispenser pump bottle of somewhat very pale white-brown color with locking clip that can be rotated clockwise for locking n can be rotated anti-clockwise for opening. The initial discharge for the first use comes out in 3-4 pumps with as enough quantity required for one time usage.

What All ingredients are welcomed?

Plum, with its short yet meaningful tagline "Be Good", ensures to indulge our delicate skin into goodness of genuinely life-friendly n natural ingredients in all their products. Same is true for Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion too, which is formulated with Aqua (Water as a base of lotion), Cetearyl Alcohol (extracted from plants like palm or coconut & used as lotion thickener), Ethylhexylglycerine (works as preservative booster in the lotion), FDA Approved Colours n Fragrance, Glycerin (to attract moisture to skin and to keep away dryness), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (its the similar sunflower oil that is edible),
Phenoxyethanol (again a preservative used to keep the formulation intact), Stearic Acid (works as a softener), Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (commonly named as Cocoa butter, the most tempting n indulgent moisturizer) and Triethanolamine (adjusts the pH level in the lotion formulation).

Digging deep into the finest details of ingredients, it got proved why the Founder of Plum had quoted with great pride that "Goodness & knowledge have one amazing thing in common: the more you give, the more you get."     


What All is not acceptable?

Plum strictly avoids using certain ingredients in its products which are harmful and toxic for human skin like parabean, SLS, DEA or synthetic fragrances etc. Their commitment towards safe ingredients can be read here.

Ingredient List
My experience with Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Lotion
My skin is usually thirsty for more n more moisture round the clock n throughout the year. Yeah... its needs to be fed with finer quality of food in good quantity ;) Plum's Chololatte body lotion came as a healthier solution to dryness of my skin.

Resisting the temptation to lick the creamy textured and deliciously fragrant lotion was indeed a task as soon as I took out few drops on my palm for the first time. Thankfully!! Plum claims it to be "strictly inedible"  ;) After its application on my skin, I was under the continuous impression as if a steaming hot cuppa drinking chocolate is lying beside me and I ended up smelling my wrist quite a few times while being busy with my work  ;)

I had been checking my arms' upper half frequently for those signs of usual li'l dry patches that are generally visible in few hours after bathing, but Plum kept its promise of goodness perfectly, as there was no sign of dryness even after 6-7 hours. 

The lotion's consistency is not watery thin, rather like a gel it quietly stays on your palm till you rub it with bare hands on your external skin. The very very pale brownish toned lotion gets absorbed into skin quite prompt without leaving that usual shiny, greasy layer on the top. It prevents skin breakout also because the moisture is locked in the skin by the use of generous quantity of cocoa butter as an active ingredient.

1. Natural Ingredients
2. Skin Safe n Environment Safe.
3. Yummiliciously Aromatic.
4. Travel friendly packaging with safe locking.
5. Convenient To Use Bottle.
6. Non-greasy Formulation with sufficient Moisture.
7. Easy Ordering Process & Promise of Prompt Delivery.
8. Not Animal Tested i.e Cruelity Free.
 1. A bit expensive for Rs. 390 for 200 ml (but who won't be ready to pay few extra pennies if the assurance of healthy youthful skin comes along) 
2. Only available online and not at physical stores.
My overall thought is that Plum's Chocolatte lotion can not only repair your dry skin during harsh winter, but it’s light enough to carry you all the way through hot summers too. The high one gets from eating or drinking chocolates can now definitely be enjoyed by wearing a layer of chocolatte on your skin (if you are so calorie-conscious;) ) I'm myself trapped to its addiction now :)

And those who still need a reason to buy from Plum, this one is for you all....Plum gives away 1% of its overall sale to environmental non-profit organizations being a global member of One Percent for The Planet. I salute their involvement in such noble gesture and infact, they indirectly give their customers a chance to contribute for the betterment of our planet.

Now, I've found happiness for my skin. If you are convinced on rewarding your skin with a skin-safe n natural body lotion, you can simply go through Plum's lovely product range on their website here or can just SMS PLUM on 56161 to take guidance from their advisors. The plus point is that Plum charges NO SHIPPING FEE on most products all over India. 

Follow their Facebook fanpage to stay updated about goodness tips !! 
Share your valuable views on how did you feel about the product..

Sunday 26 October 2014

A Gift of Utility: Matrikas 6 Subjects Notebook Review (Vol III)

Hi Friends,

                  Those of you who are regular readers of my blog might be knowing that I had received some exclusive paper products from Matrikas Paper Products,  and before I could write about them, I genuinely enjoyed using them.

                 I had received these three of the Matrikas products, all of them catering to different needs of every individual i.e. a 'Heal The Planet' Ring Book A5 -Design C (reviewed here), a Chanakya Journal (reviewed here) and a Six Subjects notebook which was under the practical use for last few days and I'm ready to express how it impressed me ;)
              The views mentioned below in this review are fairly provided to me by my brother who is studying Mechanical Engg when he happily accepted this 6 subject notebook from me as a gift yesterday on ocassion of Bhai Dooj :)

             I'm quoting his words here  --
"we, the college students do every possible effort to keep our backpack as light-weight as possible...either by renting a locker to keep notebooks there, borrowing loose sheets from friends during lectures or even mischieviously stealing friends' notebooks to make notes when we are not carrying our own notebooks...Carrying multiple text notebooks seems like an increased burden or discomfort while riding from college to coaching institution to home, coz most of the college students either don't carry a backpack... rather a li'l notebook can be seen rolled in their pockets as a handy textbook...Though this culture of carrying that small textbook offers ease and comfort, but I accept the fact that even the person who writes in them can not easily find which important notes are written where in those messy pages...There are even frustrating moments when those sincere students do bring all their notebooks with them and get to know that 2 or 3 of the professors are not present to take the lecture or when they forget any one of the important notebook amongst the stack of notebooks in the backpack. These confusing situations always remind me of my primary school's 3-in-1 notebook which my teacher asked to bring for writing class tests throughout the year and it was so easy to flip pages for different subjects in that notebook. I'm really pleased that Matrikas designed consolidated 6 subject notebooks for students like me and helped us being more uncluttered at studies. I would definitely recommend this gift of utility to my friends n classmates. Thanks."

This Matrikas 6 Subject Toss & Turn Notebook has 5 colored interleaved sheets to segregate the pages for 6 subjects for visible partition. The standard A4 size pages are as apt for even scanning the written matter from the notebook for xerox or some other use. The notebook is reasonably priced at Rs 277 with single ruled 288 pages in white tint color.
I share one more important aspect of the Toss n Turn Notebook now. On my brother's request, we both did a Pen Test on this notebook and used various types of ink pens, gel pens, ball point pens, sketch pens etc to just scribble our heart out on one of the page in the notebook... because at times when the writing impressions do appear on the back side of the page, it is almost of no use. But to my sheer happiness, the paper thickness and paper quality is amazingly smooth that do not let the back page affect :)

(P.S. This post is written for Matrikas Paper Products' Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign and I have received these products for review purposes, and I have expressed my fair opinion about the product reviewed here. )    


Sunday 19 October 2014

Healthy Child, Healthy World : My entry for #immuneIndia

           Motherhood brings in bundle of responsibilities that keeps unpacking itself from one stage to another. When a new mom is preparing herself for a thoughtful upbringing of her child, the most challenging task is the well-being of the infant.

                Right after few months of my marriage, I had conceived with my only child and everyone in the family was more than delighted with the pleasant news. But as the time passed, I somehow developed some medical complications which lasted throughout the pregnancy term .... and I delivered my baby in seven n half months weighing 1.8 kgs causing loads of medical problems to myself n him too :(

                After his birth, my premature infant was unable to keep himself warm without help, so he was placed inside an incubator for 12 days and used to be brought to me only for feeding..... I had been dying to hug him, kiss him and love him till the time my heart wanted ...but the doctors weren't ready to take a chance. But finally after spending sleepless nights without my baby & by my repeated requests, the doctors allowed me to stay in KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) ward wherein i made my baby in direct skin-to-skin contact wid me by making him sleep over my breast all the time so that he cud get enough warmth from my body. And i was really amazed when doctors told me that his body temperature got regulated at a better frequency following this method.

              This DIVINE TOUCH of mom n child made me believe the fact that AN AFFECTIONATE TOUCH CAN HEAL ALL WOUNDS N CAN SURELY STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTFELT BONDS. The moment of this self-realization suddenly grew me up with a lifelong responsibility to keep another life not only alive, but provide him a secure, lovable family atmosphere always to feel blessed with such parents My son is my first love today and will always be ... !!! I can't ask for anything more treasured from Almighty ever...

                I still can visualize the early days when I had stepped in this phase of motherhood in my life for the first time, circumstances left me helpless, all alone in a new town away from elders who could guide me how to take proper care of my newly-born...

              Thanks to these reliable telecom facilities that proved to be my saviour that time. I used to make frequent calls to my mum or mum-in-law round the clock and they were always full of ideas that turn as effective as 'Sanjeevni Booti' for my baby...

              I had been seriously apprehensive about how to judge what my child is suffering from, when he was crying; what would be the proper cure to be given to him and will that be available that moment for us and much more...but I believe God gives us that much courage and wisdom to tackle every touch challenge as we become 'Mommies'.

              Few of the 'rules of thumb' that I played with, were pre-decided by me even before I gave birth to my li'l I had promised to myself to leave my full time job to be with my baby; breastfeed him for atleast six months without any reason to leave him on other liquid dietary food, not to leave him at the mercy of any day care centres, not using the feeding bottles (after I stop breastfedding him), using home remedies when fallen sick etc.

                And I swear, sticking to these simple conventions set by myself had been really a job as there were situations when I was lured by good job offers, he was fallen ill & didn't feed himself properly and so on... but I was determined not to be weak and not to compromise in his health.
              I personally suffer from severe hereditical dust allergy and when my son was around 3 yrs old, I could recognize the similar symptoms in him causing runny or stuffy nose at regular instances. Without wasting any more time consulting with so-called trained practitioners, I opted for tried n tested formula that my mum used to implement on me n my siblings ;)

              I taught my son to lick almost half spoon of Dabur Chyawanprash in play-way method as he was not convinced to eat something in such unusual brownish black color. Gradually when his taste was developed, he easily agreed to drink a cup of milk with Dabur Chyawanprash on regular basis.

              Interestingly, not only the internal immune mechanism of my weak child got stronger with natural ingredients of Dabur Chyawanprash, but my own allergies almost vanished.
I can't stop admiring the boost in my son's bubbling energy level that keeps him charged up with positive zeal 24x7 and I'm a content mom who can put this tagline on the door of her home .
'A healthy child makes a happy home'

This post has been exclusively written for #immuneIndia campaign of Dabur Chyawanprash  hosted by  Indiblogger. 

#GharWaliDiwali never fails to bring smile on my face

                   Diwali is a festival really close to my heart for the reason that it calls for rebonding of people who stay far away. This is the only festival when relative, friends and all near-n-dear ones get together to their homes to celebrate 'togetherness'.  Its the best time when people living in nuclear families once again feel blessed for the golden opportunity to spend few memorable days with family members.         
Reaching home to be blessed by parents on Diwali
                   The colorful surroundings lighting up life reminds me of my childhood days and a lovely feeling of nostalgia takes over me. It makes me feel so deeply connected to my roots as soon as I enter my home town.
Adore the Diwali decor in the town
Rang aur Roshni Bhari Zindagi
attractive eco-friendly earthen Diyas

beautifully crafted statues of your deity

                       Myself being a working woman, its really not possible to go home taking frequent leaves for every festival, but I tell you I have been such a miser in taking leaves throughout the year just to save some for my fav festival and make it worth memorable by making it #GharWaliDiwali :) Coz celebrating the moments of joy n happiness with my mumma n papa is my way to let them feel loved n needed always ....

                      The cozy warmth of mumma's lap can still be felt when she used to cuddle me up as I ran to her feeling scared of continuous whooping sound of crackers. You would feel surprised to know that inspite of so many delicacies being cooked my dearie mom on Diwali, I rarely had dinner ever... becuase Papa prepares such yummy 'Charanamrit' that I cannot resist relishing tummyful of tasty prasad ;)

                   The most excited moment of Laxmi Poojan in my family is when papa puts a silver coin in the Charanamrit bowl and we all curiously expect it to be served in our bowls; coz as per the beliefs the person who gets the silver coin is considered very fortunate :)

                While pining these traditional values from the treasure of my childhood memories, as I came across this lovely PepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali film commercial, it literally left me with moist eyes n choaked throat relating a daughter in so much need of her parents always..  I saulte the idea depicted in the video .... haven't you seen it yet?? then take a look...

                     This Diwali my total commitment is to keep environment n surroundings clean n green. I have been telling imaginary stories to my li'l one to explain how significant impact our efforts can make if we are cautious of our actions on this auspicious day for not spoiling the environment. My junior has happily agreed for not bursting the crackers becuase he doesn't wants to contribute in Noise n Air Pollution :)
                        Infact, One more small initiative that i'm planning to take this year is to move one step further with the national "Swachh Bharat Campaign"  already in full swing in our country, so I have ganged up with my friends and neighbours to clean my locality after the Diwali night, because i have noticed that the next morning goes totally un-attended by sweepers and its too difficult to even cross a road in that situation. Hope my effort will help making the environment cleaner.
                   And yes!! not to forget sharing with you all that this year my b'day co-incides with my fav festival...yayyy!! I am so delighted n excited to celebrate my b'day on Diwali with entire family .. waiting for your good wishes too ;)
My li'l cute composition pours my heart out for what I wish for myself this #GharwaliDiwali...
Itni Si Dua Aaj Khuda Meri Maan Le, 
Pyar Ki Mithaas Meri Zindagi Me Daal De.
Le Aaye Har Uss Insaan Ko Mere Paas, 
Jiska Sath Iss Tyohaar Me Jaan Daal De.
Colorful glimpses of my last year's #GharWaliDiwali

Wish You All A Happy n Safe Deepawali!!
P.S. This post has been written exclusively for Indiblogger #GharWaliDiwali campaign 

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Get to know my 'Ethnic Charmer' look

 Hi Frenz
                   Most of you might be ready with our action plans of how to look the best for Diwali coz for most of us this 'festival of lights' is meant for drench ouselves in fun, frolic n fervor ...
But I'm more than excited this year, bcz I'm getting ready to collect more wishes than you all ;) ;)
                   No, No!! The reason is not that I'm somewhat special than my lovely readers, but  its bcz my Birthday and my Engagement Anniversary are the two occassions which are co-inciding with my fav festival :D So I want to make it a memorable one ... and I have thought of dressing up in traditional Indian style for the day.

                   My festive look would be entirely ethnic coz throughout the year, I feel sad looking at that "unused section" of my wardrobe consisting of my fav sarees which I can't wear at home or at office otherwise. And festivals are the perfect time to dress  to your hearts content :)

                  So I'm planning my festive look wearing a vibrant embellished saree with skillful detailing of somewhat unique craftsmanship on it, that will spontaneously capture the elegance of Indianess <3

                     With such extravagantly bright or showy outfits, I mostly stick to the minimalistic approach when it comes to jewelery (so that i don't look like a dummy exhibiting jewelery pieces outside a store :P ) .... Only a contrasting neckpiece, a pair of danglers n some matching bangles tinkling in my delicate wrist will be enough to do the magic.

                     For making up the glam looks, I prefer looking aesthetic with my tresses styled untucked or might me partly tucked just like soft waves. And yes!! I'm passionate for lipsticks, so here I experiment with bolder shades always. A lipliner is a must-use for me even in daily routine (don't know whether its 'IN' thing according to style gurus these days or not, but I love an outline defining my lips clearly n neatly).

                      Lastly, wearing a round bindi, painting my nails, darkening my brows n a hint of body mist spray would complete my festive look.

                    So beauties, how do you liked my ideas of dressing up this Diwali !! Do share your precious views in comment section below...
And I would share my pics post Diwali how it actually turned out :) Till Then, keep visiting n keep reading ..bbye!

Sunday 12 October 2014

Matrikas Chanakya Journal : A Companion Wise Enough (Vol II)

                           Matrikas Paper Products has got me introduced with the exquisitely designed and finished paper products including Diaries, Notebooks, Journals , Office stationery and Social stationery.  The Creative Energies are the real inspiration behind the ideal designing, innovation and expression of these products.
                             I already revealed my exposure to one of their Ring Book here but could not really resist my temptation to write about yet another functional stationary item i.e. a JOURNAL.  So here I go...

                             I had been fortunate to own a masterpiece from their Journals Collection  which are very thoughtfully designed to pay heartfelt tribute to Prominent Personalities or I would better call them as the "Social Reformers" of our nation. A total of 6 designs featuring distinct personalities have been brilliantly compiled by Matrikas as shown below.
Matrikas Personality Journals
                           Chanakya Journal, that I received, left me spell bound with its soft velvetty touch on the cover in subtle sunset golden shade with a maroon motif on the binding edges with cute elephants printed on that. The unique debossing / foil stamping on the hard cover makes the journal a classy accessory when one holds it. And I flaunt it with pride ...

Front Cover Design with Debossed Velvet Feel

As I go through its Specifications:
Model Id: 8906049631552
 Ruling: Single Rule
Dimensions:172x240 mm
No. of Pages: 224  
Price: INR 215

Quotations by the Personality

Short Biography of The Personality

Pages With Monthwise Planner
My exposure with Chanakya Journal:

                      With this journal in my hand, I'm ever-ready to keep my creative juices flowing by jotting down whacky ideas that land my mind out of blue when I am brainstorming for my latest blog assignments & can also manage my priority list with effective planning with the help of daywise planner embedded inside. As an outcome, my confidence level boosts up making me better organized and processing entirely uncluttered thoughts.

                       At times, journaling becomes my outlet for expressing my emotions on paper and treasuring daily life experiences. There is no better way to vent out my innermost feelings n pour out my thoughts in this journal when I need someone (or, something actually). Years from now, when I'll wonder what I had been doing years ago. This journal will remind me of the good and bad times I faced and conquered in past. Well !! I'm determined not to abandon writing this journal in my tough time as well as happy ones to be an authentic record of Self-Reflection :)
                           I feel privileged to gift myself a companion wise-enough to enlighten my path with Chanakya's Pearls of Wisdom on the footer area of every right spread. Because Chanakya Neeti attributes all valuable insights needed to keep me afloat in today's world of competetion and misery!   
                            As my interaction with this journal graduates, I pretend it be a real person and I wanna give it a name too coz I visualize it as my best secret-keeper now ;)          

* Portability (can be tucked easily in bags/briefcases etc.)
* Easy Availability 
* Satin Page Bookmark
 * Excellent Paper Quality to encourage smooth writing.
* Embedded Planner Inside
* Solicitous gifting option    

Final Words:

                     I'm all enticed by the magical experience that I'm enjoying these days with Chanakya's philosophy and getting inspired everyday. So if you are seeking a utilitarian  to maintain your important notes, your action plans, your busy schedule to optimize your precious time, then do own a multi-purpose Matrika Journal.

(P.S. This post is written for Matrikas Paper Products' Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign and I have received these products for review purposes, and I have expressed my fair opinion about the product reviewed here.)             

Friday 10 October 2014

Matrikas Notebooks - Inspiring the 'Write' Side of My Brain

 In this hi-tech era, most of the writers or even individuals rely on their gadgets like smart phone, tablets, ipads etc to mindmap their thoughts. These gadgets are your 'wherever-u-go' kindaa partners for sure; but at times circumstances don't allow these to be your saviour.

As in my case, being in the noble profession of teaching for so many years and so abiding by all the rules n regulations at my work place, I'm not supposed to use my smart phone during my working hours. Now just imagine, what if those best of the ideas for my stories, characters or blogposts pop into my head while I'm restricted to use my e-gadgets?!!

Then one fine day came in my mail, one of the amazing recycled paper notebooks available at Matrikas which offered me a surface with 'no distractions' to keep me away from what's so important for me and is 'not affordable to miss' i.e. my passion for writing :)

 The First Impressive Look with a short n crisp msg to be 'Eco-Friendly'
Matrikas 'Heal The Planet' Ring Book A5 -Design C

General Specifications:
Dimesions: 147x205 mm
Ruling: Single Rule
Size: A5
No.of pages: 228
Paper type: Maplitho
Paper Color: Slightly Pale Yellow
Unit Price: INR 222

The First Page for Personal Memoranda 
Why I found this notebook 'oh so drool-worthy' :)

1. Wire-o-Wire Binding: I felt so comfortable using this notebook because such bound notebooks can easily lay flat or fold into a single page without closing. I could easily write closer towards the horizontal margins without any hassles, due to its 360 degree page rotation. And it doesn't look like designed for kids, but gives me a feel of a polished, professional look as I always adore.
cover rotated at 360 degrees inside out
 2. Initial Pages For Important Info: The first 4 pages of the notebook are really useful where I may note down important contact details, Names of Books close to my heart that I love to read in my leisurely time, the beautiful unexplored places I always wish to visit and most importantly my 'to-do' list under Works to be Accomplished.

4 initial pages

3.  Pocket inside the back cover: Now this is something unique that I have never found in any notebooks yet. This series of notebooks come with an envelop glued at the inner side of back cover to keep li'l bits-n-pieces of paper holding some specific info. 

pouch inside back cover

4. Elastic Band: The notebook's hard cover is very smartly offering the safety closure using an elastic band. I believe its an added specification to hold the notebook cover closed when I'm not using it and also to save my loose sheets from falling down, if kept inside.

And last but not the least...

5. Nature Quotes: I know its not something unusual and we all find it in many diaries etc., but I love reading interesting, meaningful and inspiring quotes. And when such a quote is there to motivate me on every page I flip, its nothing less than a sheer delight to me indeed. This notebook beautifully presents one refreshing quote on Nature at the bottom of every page on the right spread.

lovely nature quotes at the bottom of all pages on right spread

My suggestions for something that I found "not so appealing":
The Credit Card Info is not something to be shared publicly, so I feel this column should not be present on the Personal Memoranda page to avoid its misuse. And I also felt the need of a bookmark in the notebook.

So, now I'm all in groove to bring alive the writer in me, but I won't leave without telling you that these notebooks are available in not 1 or 2, but 4 gorgeous designs at

(P.S. This post is written for Matrikas Paper Products' Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign and I have received these products for review purposes, but I have expressed my fair opinion about the product reviewed here. )

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Colorbar Pro Mini Truly Madly Deeply Review n Swatches

I came across this interesting quote that instantly reminded me of the "Colorbar Pro Mini Collection-Truly Madly Deeply"  nailpaints. I was so delighted to see the cute packaging in gorgeous red n pink hues that I could take my eyes off :)
I loved how carefully the bottles have been stacked in this handy carton by providing li'l padding in between.

 The pack contains 4 tiny glass bottles in most popular shades interpreted for everyday life and that are always in great demand.  The content is 5ml in each bottle and is priced at Rs. 500/-

The Ravishing Red gives a feel like attending a red carpet event while Captivating Coral takes you on a joy ride of glamour. Peppy Plum rested on my nails for the first time and changed my views altogether that my skin tone can't carry such shades :) And the Passionate Pink also came with a varied blue undertone which looked absolutely adorable.

Colorbar says that this formulation is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free which doesn’t cause yellowing of nails and is chip resistant too.
 Now I'm sure of the fact that "All good things come in small packages" and there is no way that you can escape yourself from fallin' in love with those "truly, madly, deeply" ;)
Those who are about to ask me where they would be able to buy these romantic kit for themselves, You may buy it from all major stores / malls in most cities or can also order online at Colorbar .
 So lets cherish the moments of self-indulgence with Colorbar Pro Mini Truly Madly Deeply!!