Monday 20 July 2015

Ethicare Remedies FaceMed Gel Review


I had been holidaying since last week and just came back home last evening. I didn't post much in last few days, so here I take time to share yet another product review post today. I am writing for Facemed gel from Ethicare Remedies today.

Product Info:
Facemed with its special non-oily gel base helps to rejuvenate face, lightens dark spots & fights the signs of ageing & fine lines, keeping your skin the way it should be. Regular use of facemed gel gives you perfect radiant skin all year long.
Vitamin C…………………..5.00%
Niacinamide………… …….6.00%
Sodium Hyaluronate…..…...1.00%
Salicylic Acid…………....…0.50%

Price: 250/-
Qty: 10 gm 
Shelf Life: 18 months
The Facemed gel comes in a small soft tube packaging in pink color. The tube has a thin nozzle tip that makes it easy to squeeze only required quantity for every use. The cap on the neck of the tube gets tightly screwed to avoid any spillage. The tube is encased in a cardboard carton. Both the outer carton and the tube have every required detail printed on them. The size of the tube makes it travel friendly as well coz its quite easy to throw in a corner of your handbag.
My Experience:
Facemed is a clear gel in pale golden yellow color. The gel is almost fragrance free, but if you bring it closer and smell, slight peculiar fragrance can be smelt which is not bothering.
The gel is a leave-on formulation and need not to be rinsed off, so I preferred applying it once a day in the night because the skin doesn't attract much dirt when you are at home and night is the best time to help the product work effectively.
On application, the gel causes no sticky feel rather gets easily absorbed within skin with only few gentle strokes. So the claims of being oil-free is absolutely true for this gel.
The skin experiences mild cooling n tightening that I actually like and the face is left with an instant glow. The ingredients used in this gel work towards anti ageing quite deeply. Niacinamide is known for its multiple benefits. It doesn't let the skin lose its water content and improves skin's elasticity. Salicylic Acid exfoliates skin and improves its texture and color. It is claimed to be very effective for the treatment of photo-aging. And in conjunction of these ingredients, Vitamin C is a savior of skin nutrients as we all know. So the formulation is a long term skin friendly product overall.
The only issue that I didn't like much is the quantity offered in the packaging is too less to notice major changes in your skin.

Light on skin.
Soothes the skin.
Absorbs without much effort.
Hygienic n travel friendly packaging.
Effective ingredients.

I wish it had mild fragrance.
Less quantity per pack.

Final Word: 
Facemed gel is an oil-free formulation that helps the skin delay the signs of ageing, but after a prolonged use. It can be used by people of any skin type since its a water based product that doesn't break out the skin.


  1. superb -will be buying it for my gran

  2. Hey,
    I am amazed you review after so much research of ingredients for your readers. :D
    Long way to go lady. All the best
    N keep sharing such lovely reviews since it influences me to buy them. :D
    I will definitely recommend this one to mom.

    1. Thnx for motivation Jaya. I feel if I'm myself not aware of whats gone in the product, then it won't be fair to give genuine opinion. So I research before I use the products and write about them :)

  3. Great review but the product seems to be pricey. I hope they have large quantity packages too and salicylic acid products are to be avoided by permanent ladies. So maybe ladies who conceive late in their 30s or 40s should avoid using such products.

    1. I also found it expensive Sonali and its the only packaging available. Thanks for addition in the post regarding effects of salicylic acid for pregnant women. Even I wasn't aware of it :)

  4. I have been using this gel since 10days, but i did not observed any major change on my face.

    Will it take long time to see the change on my face?

    1. it all depends on the current condition of the facial skin, may take longer.

  5. Can this be used by severely acne prone skin. I have melasma too

    1. In that case, I would suggest using any product after consulting ur doc.


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