Friday 24 July 2015

IHA Bio Pure Cleansing Milk Review

Hello everyone

Let me present a treat to your skin by one of excellent skin care brand that has stolen my heart. I introduce IHA, a brand that follows vedic essentials for absolute beauty.

About the Brand:
IHA-A line personal & beauty care product is an extension of Authentic Ayurveda into personal & beauty care. All the IHA products are strictly based on the basic principles of Ayurveda & Holistic Healing i.e. Panch Bhootas (5 Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether), Three Life Forces, Tridoshas (Three Imbalances - Vata. Pitta & Kapha), Tridosha correction Therapy & establishing a balance between Macrocos & Microcosm.

The IHA products are made with due respect to ayurvedic traditions & more focus is given on the use of traditional ayurvedic preparations to make authentic, effective, beauty treatments, utilizing time tested & proven ayurevedic herbs & the claims made for their therapeutic values can be tested on strict international parameters of modern time.

IHA vedic Essentials welcomes you to experience the magic of true science of Ayurveda - The only natural & spritual Vedic Route that can fullfil your desire of Radiant Health & Absolute Beauty.
About the Product:
IHA Bio Pure is an ayurvedic, mild antiseptic, creamy cleansing milk that extracts the toughest of dirt, grime, pollutants, toxins & make-up traces, while preserving the moisture balance of dry, sensitive or delicate skin. Infused with pure natural ayurvedic detoxifying actives, this rich creamy cleansing milk gives an instant feeling of comfort and well-being to dry and sensitive skins without any oily or tacky feel. From very first application of this soothing milk you will find your skin perfectly clean, clear, luminous, refreshed, supple and soft.
Packaging: The product comes in a fine quality transparent plastic bottle that makes it easy to see through the quantity left in the bottle. The saffron color screw cap is a 'press-to-open' kind of cap that is easy to use. A mild pressure on the bottle ejects the product without any fuss. Most importantly, the packaging is recyclable and eco-freindly which is a worth-appreciating step by the brand.

Neem Extracts, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Spearmint, Indian Basil, Mango Ginger, Pomegranate etc among others.
Price: Rs 150. 
Quantity: 125 ml
Shelf Life: 2 yrs
My views on the products:
Before I begin to share my views on how Bio Pure Cleansing Milk worked for me, I wouldn't miss admiring the brand for printing such an extensive list of ingredients on the packaging that I feel like gaining complete knowledge of whats going in to formulate the product. I clap for the effort taken by the brand.

Bio Pure Cleansing Milk is a pearly white creamy cleanser. The consistency of this cleansing milk is slightly thicker than other similar product in the line. But it doesn't make the product heavy on skin. It is easier to smear due to its creamy texture. As per brand instruction on how to use it, I applied it on my face n neck area followed by mild rubbing and used soft tissue to wipe it off. It took away dirt n pollutants along with  all traces of makeup. So I may save on some money by not buying a makeup remover separately now. Though I am not sure if it will be as effective on water-proof makeup as well. My skin didn't feel stretchy or dry post application as the cleaning milk is enriched with enough quantity of moisturizing content. It neither causes stingy feel to eyes and is quite gentle to skin. 
How can I forget about the fragrance. Bio Pure is different in the sense that it doesn't make you feel like standing in flower garden. I mean many of the cleansing milks I have used earlier have soft floral fragrance. But Bio Pure cleaning milk refreshes you with its tingling lemony fragrance, which is quite a welcome chance to me. The fragrance doesn't fade quite soon. Even while writing this post, I can smell it from my skin though I applied it almost 2 hours ago. 

I wish to make a point that Bio Pure is best suited to dry and normal skin types. Only the beauties with extremely oily skin may not find it suitable.
Hygienic & Recyclable packaging. 
Pocket Friendly Price.
Refreshing feel and fragrance.
Removes dirt and other impurities gently.
Works as makeup remover as well.
Herbal formulation.
Doesn't break the skin out.
Paraben and sulphate free.

Availability may be an issue. 

Overall Verdict:
BioPure Cleansing Milk is a lovely product by IHA that detoxify the skin without disturbing the moisture balance of skin. I love the lemon extract and turmeric as ingredients coz they will not only give a nice glow to your skin but will also clear the inner layer of skin with their rich properties. I am so in love with the product :)


  1. a new brand for me but your review lured me to try this

  2. I explored another new brand and product on your blog. :D
    A very detailed review it is (y)

    1. I would keep introducing new brands to my readers and share my fair opinion on their products.

  3. I have been using Ayur cleansing milk for ages and I need a break. I will check whether this is available in small trial package before continuing regular use.

    1. As per my knowledge, this is the only package size available with the brand. And is pocket friendly too. I am sure you would like it.


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