Tuesday 16 December 2014

Ethiglo Face Wash Review

Face wash is one of the most essential routine face care product for many of us. Since we tend to use it once or twice everyday, the quality of a facewash is worth a considerable point. I have used many facewashes for varied reasons...some suitable to my skin type, some have been picked in specific season of the year, some due to their effective ingredients and at times due to the available deals also ;) But its not always that I find a product so promising to repurchase or recommend.

Today's product that I'm reviewing is the Ethiglo Face Wash from Ethinext Pharma. 

Product Claims:
Ethiglo Creamy Skin Whitening Face Wash, with its deep cleansing & special actives helps to reduce blemishes and lightens skin tone. You would love to indulge yourself in creamy feel and foam of Ethiglo while its special formula with mili globules cleanses and works on improving your complexion and skin tone. Regular use of Ethiglo Creamy Skin Whitening Face Wash will help to achieve the skin complexion most people desire only.
Packed in a pearly white sleek tube, the Ethiglo Face Wash contains 70g. of creamy foam at a price of Rs. 220. The tube is encased in cardboard carton of the same color. The flip open cap of the tube is sealed with silver tape bearing the brand logo on it, that speaks out authenticity of the product. The shelf life of the face wash is 3 yrs.

Key Ingredients:
Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Liquorice, Nicotinamide, Blend of AHA & BHA, Triclosan, Vit E, D-Penthenol. The Kojic Acid is used for mainly skin lightening and to treat hyper-pigmentation. It basically stops melanin production in the upper layers of our skin, resulting in a lighter looking skin. Licorice has a mild smoothening and brightening action and it is useful in treating dangerous skin diseases like eczema. 
How did I like Ethiglo Face Wash
Ethiglo face wash is a rich creamy formulation as the name suggests. The pearly white creamy solution shows minute crimson color granules. The face wash smells simply heavenly and the fragrance lingers on for quite some time. In single usage, the quantity of even less than a pea-size is sufficient for properly cleanse the face as it lathers very generously.

Just few splashes of water take off the face wash from your face unlike most soapy face washes that demand extra effort to rub off the skin. Ethiglo performs its 3-in-1 tasks really well as the pack reads. As I've been using the face wash since last 15+ days regularly twice a day, I got acknowledgement for glowing complexion from my friends and colleagues.

The active ingredients present in the Ethiglo face wash are much capable of battling with environmental toxins entering our skin due to exposure through out the day and washes away the impurities very gently.

The only post-application requirement for my skin type is a thin layer of moisturizer as usual, though beauties with normal to dry skin might not need it.

  • Lightens the skin tone.
  • Suitable for most skin types.
  • Smells very nice n refreshing.
  • Needs very less quantity for one use.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Deeply cleanses the skin.

  • A bit higher on Price (but if I consider the single usage quantity, one tube would last more than a month. So the price can be justified.)
  • People with sensitive noses might feel the smell a bit overpowering (but I loved it)
  • Needs moisturization for overly dry skin type.

Final Verdict:
Overall I'm definitely "IN" for Ethiglo facewash. The thick consistency, creamy touch to my skin and no side-effects on skin make it a perfect face wash for daily use.


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