Friday 26 December 2014

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Human being grow hair almost on all body parts. The hair at some body part are flaunted with pride like on head and the hair growth at other body parts give us tough time to remeeove them like on arms, legs n armpits etc. 

Most of us are comfortable with our tried n tested hair removal methods like getting them waxed. But don't we want that those hair should remain "gone" for longer time. What if we have some easy-to-use product that affects the rate at which your hair returns. A revolutionary hair-minimizing product that relieves you from getting painful waxing frequently is called "hair-inhibitor".

Today I'm reviewing Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor
thats a cream formulation to keep hair regrowth at bay :)
What is Barever exepcted to do?
Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor is a scientifically designed formulation which gradually restricts the growth of body hair helping you achieve permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. The potent formula of Barever inhibits the follicle cell activity at the root level of hair and slows down the growth of unwanted hair so that you enjoy soft, silky and smoother skin for longer duration.

 Who can use it?
Barever is not a frminine product like most cosmetics available in market, but can be used by men n women both without any restrictions.

What is it made up of?
The first impression of Barever has been an impressive one as I read out the ingredients. It claims to be made from Himalayan Spring water & 100% natural ingredients derived from plant extracts which soothe & hydrate the skin.
Barever comes in a black cardboard carton that contains the pump bottle with nozzle lock system that can be easily rotated to open n close. The nozzle is covered with a transparent cap. The press-to-extract nozzle pushes out desired quantity of hair remover cream as you push it. There is a detailed instructional pamphlet inside the carton that shows the pics on how to apply it effectively.
Usage Instructions
Remove hair with your regular hair removal method.  Take enough quantity of Barever and apply on desired area. Massage gently till Barever is well absorbed.Use Twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session. In case if you used the Hair Removal Cream, use it on daily basis.
Price n Qty:
Barever is priced at Rs 1100 for a quantity of  80 gms that seems on a higher side. But if you compare the reduction is your routine expense of getting the hair removed via wax, shave or depilatory method; the price won't pinch you.

My take on Barever:
I have been using this product since last 25 days. I used it followed by my regular wax sessions for hair removal. Though the product claims to be 100% safe to be used on any body parts including the sensitive areas like lips, eyebrows,chin, bikini line etc., but frankly I am hesitant to apply it on my face. I confidently used it on my arms, legs and underarms area.

The packing also suggests to use Barever for five continuous days after each hair removal session, but at times I'm damn busy (or may be lazy) to spare even five minutes for that, so what I did was to rub Barever cream atleast 4 days. But the result assures that the continued use of Barever shall surely result into permanent reduction of hair growth setting you free from the life long hair removals ritual.

In my clear observation, I noticed that Barever lessens the frequency with which you have to shave. The packaging also reads its reason that Barever is formulated to slow down the formation of new hair at root level and then reduce the density and thickness of hair.

The pearly off-white thick Barever cream is easily absorbed into skin as I rubbed it on my skin and it thankfully didn't cause me turn my nose up at some medicinal peculiar smell :/ It didn't contain very pleasant smell but it contains natural fragrance as an ingredients which will not let you reject this product just bcz you hate the intolerable smells.

I have given my opinion after two regular sessions in this month, and am still continuing using it for better outcome. 
  • Hygienic pump bottle.
  • Smells decently fine.
  • Causes no skin darkening after usage.
  • Feels no burning sensation or irritation.
  • Considerably reduces hair removing intervals.
  • Prevent nicks and cuts that usually result due to shaving.
  • Reduction in hair thickness with regular usage.
  • I wish some floral fragrance in Barever to the hair inhibitor cream more of a refreshing one.
  • Price can be a constraint for some.  
The Barever Hair Inhibitor can complement your hair removal sessions followed by an at-the-home application of this cream to help you achieve silky, hair-free smoother skin longer. Do give it a try and feel the confident!!

(Caution: A person suffering with skin disorder should not use Barever.)


  1. Nice review, though product is a little costly but after reading this review will surly try it specially when I have so much hair growth and I am afraid of getting waxing done frequently

    1. Ys Ruchika, the product is expensive. But actually if you incorporate it in your personal care routine, it will reduce ur expenses spent on salon treatments.

  2. Himalayan Spring water !! Hard to Believe but when I look at the price I have to believe
    An interesting product though

  3. I have used barever for almost a month now
    I had very thick hair on my chin and neck which after using barever has turned thin and also their growth rate has reduced . It has also made my neck and chin smooth which went rough due to frequent pluckings.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Simran. Good to know that you liked the effect of product.

  4. is this product romove inner nose hair permaneny. please tell me

    1. Never thought of trying the product for this purpose in my wildest imagination [-(

  5. Hey Shilpa , i have course hair on my legs as i suffer from PCOD . Can Barever help to reduce my hair growth also ?

  6. Hey shilpa is this product useful for men .. Men can use into his face ... Is this ok?? . Is barever works on 18yrs old children . !?????

  7. Hi shilpa is barever is ok for me . I mean can i use the barever on my face ??? I have been using since december but not result is coming . ???

  8. Hi shilpa is barever is ok for me . I mean can i use the barever on my face ??? I have been using since december but not result is coming . ???


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